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Name: radcliffe4eva (Signed) · Date: 11/29/07 20:40 · For: 27 - Peace
I'm so happy you gave Daniella and Severus another little vacation! I have to admit though, I was cracking up over the swimsuit bit in the beginning... Speedos *are* the greatest sin ever commited by fashion... I can't wait for the next chapter to be approved. :)

Author's Response: I'm forever telling my daughter - "just because it looks good on the hanger, doesn't mean it'll look good on you". Speedos, however, are a fashion faux pas that should nover have happened. Next chapter is already in line for validation. (Usually about a week) Thanks again. Dani

Name: radcliffe4eva (Signed) · Date: 11/29/07 20:37 · For: 26 - Deep In The Shadows
I just thought I'd tell you... this chapter was wonderful, as usual. I have to admit, I absolutely adore the character you've created with Pinky, and I'm loving how you had Daniella interact with Firenze. :)

Author's Response: I'm totally in love with my characters and am beginning to see how JKR cares for hers. They're an extension of who you are. PInky is just a doll. Thanks for the stroke. I really enjoy hearing that people enjoy the story. Dani

Name: GryffKat (Signed) · Date: 11/24/07 22:30 · For: 25 - Doing What Needs To Be Done
Sorry I have been out of touch. Real life getting in the way again. I am just catching up on chapters now. I have a question. When Daniiella says "I instinctively cast Occlumency", Wouldn't she cast Occlumens? Similar to Legillimency and casting Legilimens? O know you do your research so I was wondering because I have never seen anyone "casting Occlumency.

Off to read the next chappie

Cheers, Kat

Author's Response: Must have been a typo that got by me. I can relate to the "real life getting in the way". The past three weeks have been horrendous! Dani

Author's Response: Took another look. No, it's right. If the command was in quotations, then it would be "Occlumens" (italicised), but as it is referring to the spell, it's Occlumency. Take care and have a great week. Dani

Name: mock_turtle (Signed) · Date: 11/10/07 17:09 · For: 25 - Doing What Needs To Be Done
so interesting to hear the events of SS from snape's point of view...

Author's Response: Kind of neat, isn't it?

Name: mock_turtle (Signed) · Date: 11/10/07 16:55 · For: 24 - In Demand
just a question...did dumbledore just want voldemort to think he was desparate for someone to fill the position? because he would have already known there was an opening...because he (voldemort) was the one who put the curse on the defense against the dark arts position in the first place. so there would have to have been an opening.

Author's Response: You got it. Desparation is a sign of weakness.Dumbledore showed himself as weak when he was not. D

Name: Lily Elegance (Signed) · Date: 11/10/07 15:00 · For: 25 - Doing What Needs To Be Done
Brilliant as always, couldn't figure out who Liberman/Lindstrom was at first but then I cast my mind back and I remembered, keep on going!

Author's Response: Thank you. It's always great to hear from a new voice. It seems that the past always comes back to haunt us. I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I love writing it. Dani

Name: mock_turtle (Signed) · Date: 11/06/07 19:56 · For: 24 - In Demand
"He was being cautious, selective, but Albus was tempting his hand, offering an opportunity that he may not be able to refuse. Hogwarts was desperately seeking a Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. Would this be enough to entice the creature? Would his interest be peaked at the prospect of young Potter joining the school in the fall?"

this was the passage that had me guessing that albus knew that voldemort was looking for a body and offered one that he knew voldemort would take, just so he (dumbledore) could keep a closer watch on him. the bit about Albus tempting him, enticing him, just seems as if albus is trying to manipulate voldemort's choice of host in order to predict his future moves better.

Author's Response: Okay, now I get it. Yes, Dumbledore knew that V was looking for a body, but, no, he didn't set up Quirrell. He enticed V to make a move by advertising an opening at Hogwarts, knowing that V would want to get close to Harry and Dumbledore could keep watch over things. More to come. :-) Dani

Name: mock_turtle (Signed) · Date: 11/03/07 15:57 · For: 24 - In Demand
did dumbledore really plant quirrell, like as bait??? good grief.

Author's Response: I'm not sure where you get that idea from? When Daniella and Dumbledore meet and she gets her instructions, Dumbledore asks her to find out who V's next target will be.

Name: GryffKat (Signed) · Date: 10/26/07 18:27 · For: 23 - Pineto
After reading the two previous reviews about the time jump, I went back and re-read the chapter to check it out. The four year jump didn't really bother me. I think it was handled well, within the narrative, and I didn't find it jumpy or creating a continuity problem. There is certainly precedence in fiction and cinema for taking a time leap for the sake of moving the story. It worked fine for me.

I liked the parts about what was happening with Voldemort. I think it adds dimension to the story to see what else is up in the wizarding world while our hero’s parallel timeline takes place.

Thanks for sharing how old Harry is (in a review resonse) at this point, too. That places the ages of Severus and Daniella in their early thirties? I like knowing how old they are now. I found myself thinking about how "mature" they seem. It must be a “love in the time of war” thing.

I wish your chapters could get through the queue faster. I find myself trying to wait a couple of weeks before checking for updates so that I could read more than one chapter at a time. I actually don’t even read at MNFF other than coming back for your story.

The most fun part about coming to your trilogy when I did was that it was more than two thirds of the way finished. Although, reading them did lead me to staying up too many nights until past 3 a.m.!

Cheers, Kat

Author's Response: Thanks for your support. I knew the jump in time would upset some people, but I felt that it needed to be done, and yes, it does place the couple in their early thirties. I once read that Severus was the youngest member on staff and that he was 36 when Harry is at school (during which year,I can't remember). So at this point, he's younger than that. More in PM Dani

Name: radcliffe4eva (Signed) · Date: 10/21/07 22:43 · For: 23 - Pineto
I agree with mock_turtle. I was very surprised when you just skipped for years. The chapter was wonderful, as usual, but it seemed sort of - abrupt? I'm not sure, I guess I'm just used to your longer chapters. :D I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Update on the way and I think you'll like what's coming up too. This story is VERY long and detailed but I can't put everything in. It would never end! :-) Dani

Name: mock_turtle (Signed) · Date: 10/21/07 21:50 · For: 23 - Pineto
I'm worried that snape really is becoming his greasy anti-glamor persona. sigh. I was very surprised that you just skipped 4 years into the future; I did not anticipate that at all! how old is harry now?

Author's Response: Sorry, but it was the only way to move things along at this point. It would have just been dibble anyway...passing time. I think you'll appreciate what's coming up though. This is all before Harry starts schol, so he's about 9 or 10 at the moment. Dani

Name: riderofdragons (Signed) · Date: 10/16/07 12:35 · For: 22 - Home Is Where The Heart Is
I won't even try and compete with some of the reviews left on here! They are good tho, very good.
I just realised that Lupin lost Alicia/Dani to Snape twice! Aw, poor him, but Dani & Snape all the way, you better not break them up again, I'll cry if you do! But you'll do what you, seeing as you've already written most of it by the sounds of things. Keep writing/posting.
Oh and I love the bit with Prof Kurtz at the end.

Author's Response: Good to hear from you again! Poor Remus can't catch a break and Kurtz is just so much fun to play with. This story is long though, with many twists and turns. I'm up to chapt 50 and now, finally, on the last book. sigh. Keep in touch. Hope you like what's coming up. Dani

Name: mock_turtle (Signed) · Date: 10/15/07 22:28 · For: 22 - Home Is Where The Heart Is
love it...
you know, I never considered house elf reproduction before...

Author's Response: Okay, the mind doesn't want to wrap around that one. *shudder* Nasty visual image of Dobby. *another shudder* I think I'll stick with humans. ;-) Dani

Name: mock_turtle (Signed) · Date: 10/09/07 15:45 · For: 21 - Stolen Moments
who is spying? is it pinky? so cute....

Author's Response: Woo Hoo! Long time, no hear. I'm not telling...yet... :-D Dani

Name: Sariana (Signed) · Date: 10/07/07 19:44 · For: 21 - Stolen Moments
Uh-oh. I hope that is "I'm so happy for them" shock and not "I must inform his enemies" shock.

Author's Response: Tune in for the next episode... You'll see. :-D Dani

Name: GryffKat (Signed) · Date: 10/07/07 14:29 · For: 21 - Stolen Moments
Oh, you are evil, evil, evil! Now I have to wait, again!

I was happily surprised to see the update. Of course I rushed right through the newest chapter and gasped at the end. Did I mention you are evil?

There is a quote from Kate DiCamillo on my profile that, I think, suits your writing style. It explains exactly why I read and why I like your stories.

I actually think I like the reference to Boccaccio the best. I know. That it sounds strange. Now, just so you know, I had no idea who Boccaccio was. I quickly went out on the net for some research, because if it is in your story, I knew you put it there for a reason.

“Boccaccio's characters are notable for their era in that they are realistic, spirited and clever individuals who are grounded in reality”. Well, isn’t that just the best description of Daniella.

I found the description of Boccaccio as a Renaissance humanist an interesting parallel to Severus. I read Renaissance humanism defined as the philosophical outlook which encompassed human dignity and potential and the place of mankind in nature, valuing the witnesses of reason, and the evidence of the senses in reaching the truth. Beauty was held to represent a deep inner virtue and value, and an essential element in the path towards God.

I found the invocation of Boccaccio as an allegory for Daniella and Severus really touching and compelling. Just that small reference added insight and dimension to the characters. Wow and Brava!

I enjoyed the dancing scene a lot. I could really see in my minds eye all the women fluttering around Daniella after her dance. It was amusing and sweet and funny.

I also enjoyed the valentines exchange with Stark and the presents. I felt you conveyed Daniella’s longing well when she discovered Stark actually spends time with Severus in his rooms. I loved that Stark calls Severus “the dark one”. I got shivers. And that spell, naughty, naughty. I hope you have a reveal on that in the future.

One criticism? And well, it suits me because it will mean you will have to write longer. Heh, heh, heh…..

I think the scenes where Daniella isn’t with Severus would be improved if they were longer. It would develop her and her life away from Severus more.

I was hoping that the Remus scene would be longer since they had been so close. I would have also liked to actually see a manifestation of a dinner scene with Colin and Emily, rather then just using the library as a vehicle for getting the owl. I think a muggle dinner could have been very funny. I believe you could write humor as evidenced by Yule celebration at the Society’s Manor House scene. I did laugh out loud during that one. I “know” Daniella has a busy and rich, albeit lonely, life away from Severus. I would like to hear more about it. I think it would give their time together poignancy.

I probably won’t be speaking out so much with each coming chapter. I mean, how much can you actually stand? If you don’t hear from me via a review, know I am reading and I support this story.

Cheers, Kat

PS: I think I have figured out who is in the corner but the big question is “why”? The implication may be staggering and dangerous?

I can’t wait for more, but alas, I know I will have to.

Author's Response: *grins, grins* write as much as you want. I love hearing from you! Sending a PM. Hope you don't mind. Dani

Name: GryffKat (Signed) · Date: 09/23/07 14:19 · For: 20 - The Messenger
Dear Dani;

I was happy to see the recent update. I have enjoyed this series from the beginning. I think many writers could do well by looking to your writing for good examples of story development, character development, exposition, and descriptive writing of place, people, events and ritual. The very nice touch you have, combining the narrative with dialogue, is an example of how well this can be done. You have expanded on the magical world and made it with even more depth. Your writing adds new insight to characters we all thought we knew and have given them new dimension and interest. I find your OC of Alicia/Daniella original; not flat, one dimensional or stereotypical

I really did like Creating a Ghost. I especially enjoyed the scene atop the astronomy tower. I also liked your depiction of the Marauders and Hogwarts during that time. This was a very good story. I think I will re-read it tonight!
One thing though, I did think the tone of the writing for the first Severus/Alicia “love” scene at the end of Creating a Ghost a little mature. Not so much what happened but the style and tone of how you wrote. It felt like I was reading about adults rather than teenagers. The scene in Dumbledore’s office at the end also felt a bit mature as far as tone. I am not taking issue with the content only occasionally the tone/style. Otherwise, I think the tone and style of the story was right on.

With Life in the Interim, I was reading along when suddenly, I had the realization that, Oh no! I’m reading a romance novel and um, I like it? I think? Well, I did like it, especially the family bits with the Snapes’ at home. Some times it felt like you were writing a scene to use it as the mechanism to get to the sex bits; that maybe the story wasn’t advanced by it and it was sex for sex sake. But in retrospect, I think it all helped to add dimension to the characters, plot and story. And even though initially it felt a bit gratuitous to me, it was all just so well written I really couldn’t put it down. I stayed with the story and I was rewarded. Hmmm, I think I might re-read this one tonight, too.

Like many, I did not like that you killed Saxon. At first I thought it was an easy out, thinking you could have spirited the boy into hiding or some other plot device. But, I think I have come to an understanding as why you may have done it. I find you have written Severus as the ultimate tragic Hero. Beginning with Creating a Ghost, whenever something good comes into his life, it is stripped away from him as he slowly becomes more dark and bitter with each event. The only ray of light in his dark life is Alicia/Daniella. And it is doubtful how long even she is destined to remain. As Severus’ life grows darker and more dangerous, my compassion for him grows. Your writing presents him as dark and evil and strong and brave all at the same time. Your characterization of Severus is sympathetic and compelling.

With Life in the Shadows, things started out pretty sad and seemingly hopeless for Daniella. I liked how you added Remus and wonder if he is ever going to find out her true identity, although I don’t think it is necessary or important to the plot. I like the raven, Snark and I am glad Daniella has him as a friend in her sometimes lonely life. I am happy that Daniella and Severus seem to be finding a path back to each other.

I suspect that Severus is destined to die or at the very least there will be permanent separation from Daniella. I can just sense that the tragedy is not over for these two. , As you move towards the conclusion of your tale, maybe you can give one gift to a faithful reader? Could you let Daniella get pregnant and give us all a piece of Severus to go on with into the future? And think, you could do a next generation Snape family series.

The publishing of this series beginning almost 18 months ago, shows a deep commitment by you to your story and your craft. You are to be congratulated.

Cheers, Kat

Author's Response: I've tried three times to write a response deserving of such a wonderful review and each time the site logs me off before I can post it. Thank you so much for the comments and encouragement. You can't imagine what it means to have someone takes so much time to write such an indepth review. "Life in the Shadows" is up to 48 chapters and still not finished. It blends JKR's books with the story and takes it right to the end of DH. I hope you enjoy the rest and keep in touch. Dani

Name: riderofdragons (Signed) · Date: 09/17/07 8:49 · For: Prologue
Wow, I've been away and now there's loads to read, better get caught up!

Author's Response: Welcome back. LITS got nominated for Best Female Original Character. Keep your fingers crossed. Dani

Name: BeatleManiac (Signed) · Date: 09/09/07 15:54 · For: 18 - Hail The Conquering Heroes
Thanks so much for the chapter!!!! I read it in about two minutes flat.
~This is BeatleManiac signing off

Author's Response: So happy to please. Glad you enjoyed it. Dani

Name: Hectate (Signed) · Date: 09/06/07 4:15 · For: 17 - Syria
ha ha but what about remus?

Author's Response: Oh, you'll see! Dani

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