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Name: coolcat1000 (Signed) · Date: 08/31/07 10:52 · For: Chapter 28: New Beginnings
is this the end? well if it is it has been a really, really, really, great story to read. and i hope when you do write another one, that its as god as this one!

Author's Response: Hi, Thanks and yes, this is the end. I'm very happy to know you've enjoyed it and I'll probably write another one at some point.

Name: dumbledorefluertwins (Signed) · Date: 08/31/07 5:39 · For: Chapter 28: New Beginnings


I have followed this story from the begining and I'm really very sad that it's ended. Apart from occasional Americanisms (which I am very fussy about, sorry) this story has been absolutely flawless, and I look forward to reading more work from you in the future. :)


Author's Response: Hi Evie, HOLIDAY!! Got it!! It's a little hard to take all of Yankie out of the girl; but for you, I'll make the change. :) Thanks for sticking with the story and me from early on. It's been a thrill.

Name: froshee (Signed) · Date: 08/30/07 6:54 · For: Chapter 1: The Longest Ride
Really great - I have to join all those who say the best fan fic ever (read by me) - and there's one thing I really prefer in your version than JRK's: the Weasley twins rest "reunitied".

Apart from "sending" Harry back to Hogwarts I guess you really got to the bottom of most of the characters, they're funny, witty, convincing and sometimes make you cry.
So just one last thing to say: thanks for sharing your writing with those of us, who have less time and/or are less gifted.
froshee (sorry if I made mistakes, English is not my mother-tongue)

Author's Response: Froshee, You make me smile. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read it and for the wonderful review. I must admit, when I finally read Deathly Hallows, I too, was blown away by the twins. JKR introduced us to some wonderful characters, and I had such fun imagining and writing about this final saga for them all. There's one small wrap up chapter in the queue that I hope you'll also read. Thank you again.

Name: Aria Gray (Signed) · Date: 08/29/07 20:57 · For: Chapter 27: Awakening

This is my favorite version of book 7. You are an incredible writer. This story really touched me and it's actually mingling in my head with the real thing. Thank you for letting us into your version of things...I love it!

Author's Response: Hi Aria, Thank you so much for the heartfelt review. It means a lot, especially since I know most everyone on this site is such a huge fan of JKR and the world or HP. I loved writing this story and I'm glad many of you have truly loved reading this version, as well. It's been a pleasure.

Name: cmel (Signed) · Date: 08/27/07 15:17 · For: Chapter 27: Awakening
Oh one more thing...
If you, for whatever reason, decide to write anything else, please share. I think you've got amazing talent. It's been a long time since I've read a story/book that made me feel so many different emotions all at the same time.

Author's Response: Thanks very much. And yes, I'll let you know when I write something else.

Name: cmel (Signed) · Date: 08/27/07 15:13 · For: Chapter 27: Awakening
I Love IT!!! You've tied up/answered everything I needed and didn't get in JK's 7. I feel so good right now. Thanks :-)


Author's Response: Good. I'm glad. Thanks.

Name: cmel (Signed) · Date: 08/27/07 15:10 · For: Chapter 26: The Wages of War
Okay so, I know I might get a couple death threats but SORRY! This battle was waaayyyyyy better than JK's!!!!


Author's Response: You might get a couple (smile), but I am flattered, none the less. Thank you.

Name: Ravenclaw Goddess (Signed) · Date: 08/26/07 20:45 · For: Chapter 27: Awakening
Brillant!! THE BEST FAN-FIC EVER!!! Well done, really! I loved the ending, it was beyond excellent! well done, and keep writting!!

Author's Response: Many, many thanks...I'm really happy you enjoyed it so much. I had such fun writing it and the months of work feel well worth it when I know others have enjoyed it. Thanks again.

Name: Ravenclaw Goddess (Signed) · Date: 08/25/07 23:40 · For: Chapter 17: Less is More
I liked the little scare with Jillian, very good.

Author's Response: Thanks. And I'm glad you kept reading despite the mix up with Chapter 4. Jillian is probably my favorite new character and you'll find out why soon.

Name: dsljstar5729 (Signed) · Date: 08/25/07 22:54 · For: Chapter 27: Awakening
Really moving...Excellent job.

Author's Response: Thanks. This one is definitely one of my favorite chapters. It and #26 had been drafted since the beginning and I was really glad to get them submitted and posted.

Name: dsljstar5729 (Signed) · Date: 08/25/07 22:53 · For: Chapter 26: The Wages of War
Awesome!! I love the way you interpreted the clues and storylines from books 1-6 throughout this story. This chapter was so cool, I had to read through it twice.

Author's Response: Thanks very, very much.

Name: vboy (Signed) · Date: 08/25/07 22:39 · For: Chapter 27: Awakening
I love this story. I didn't think you could top the battle chapter, but you did. This was such an emotionally charged chapter. I cried and smiled throughout the entire thing. You are amazing.

Author's Response: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Name: Ravenclaw Goddess (Signed) · Date: 08/25/07 21:12 · For: Chapter 4: Figg, Anyone
I'm Confussed! When did they go back to Hogwarts! I think there was an heir with the chapters, they seem to be out of order!!!!

Author's Response: Hi, I'm so sorry. That is certainly confusiong. I'm not sure what happened, but chapter 4 was overridden with a later chapter. I have restored it. And the answer to when they decide to head back to Hogwarts is in a later chapter, #8, Life Anew.

Name: Stubbornly_appeared (Signed) · Date: 08/25/07 18:00 · For: Chapter 27: Awakening
Oh. Oh.

I really enjoyed this fic. I liked the beggining a lot, but the middle just didn't do it for me; nor did the final battle.

But this chapter made up for it. It was so amazingly perfect that I don't know what to say.

Thank you.

"Harry was different. It took a little longer for him to smile and a little longer for the light to reach his eyes."

"It had all come full circle. Everything had ended where it began."

Author's Response: Hi, I'm glad this chapter didn't disappoint you. I have some of my own favorites as well, and this is one of them. Thanks so much for the review and for sticking with the story.

Name: monkeymonk (Signed) · Date: 08/25/07 11:06 · For: Chapter 1: The Longest Ride
AMAZING!! Definitely one of my favs

Author's Response: Hi, I'm glad it made your list of favs. Thanks for taking the time to read and review.

Name: Chalondra (Signed) · Date: 08/25/07 9:36 · For: Chapter 27: Awakening

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it. Thanks so very much.

Name: ibrooks (Signed) · Date: 08/20/07 10:00 · For: Chapter 26: The Wages of War
YOU DEFINITELY ROCK, J4FUN!! This entire story is wickedly creative. I've loved it since I first started reading it and every time I think I have a favorite chapter, you come out with something else. That battle scene was fantastic and I felt like I was right there with Harry and the others.

Author's Response: Thanks a million. I appreicate you sticking with the story. It's been loads of fun and we're almost done.

Name: Lost_Wizard (Signed) · Date: 08/20/07 1:05 · For: Chapter 26: The Wages of War
Bravo,bravo!!! Very powerful and wonderfully written story and this chapter is a master piece. I just love how you brought the story full circle by setting it in Godrics Hollow. I hope you intend to go on writing continuing the Harry Potter saga if not you should think about writing fantasy/science fiction of your own creation. You got loads of talent and you are a brilliant writer and not to do so would be a crime.

Author's Response: Okay, now I'm blushing. Thank you for reading and reviewing and for your very kind words and encouragement. I probably will attempt something of my own in the near future.

Name: vboy (Signed) · Date: 08/18/07 14:31 · For: Chapter 26: The Wages of War
Whoa!! Now that's what I call a battle! You write vividly and your story literally jumps off the page. Now hurry up with the next one so I know if Harry made it through or not.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. And the next one is in the queue.

Name: Crimson Fire (Signed) · Date: 08/17/07 22:13 · For: Chapter 26: The Wages of War
Oh Wow. I just finished reading the last approved chapter you have up (26 I think) And I can not wait for more! You have a wonderful eye for detail and a great plot line!!

Author's Response: Thank you. Thank you very much. I've had a lot of fun with this piece of fanfic. I adore HP and am happy when other fans find this story enjoyable. There are two more chapters, so stay tuned.

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