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Reviews For Where Luna Lives

Name: Proserpina (Signed) · Date: 04/27/11 20:40 · For: Where Luna Lives
Another wonderful story. It reminded me a lot of "I Would Give You Violets", but this one really did make me cry. They're both about fragile characters who have everything to lose. :) Your writing style is so wonderful, I can't even believe it. The way Luna recalls both the dead and the living is very powerful and also sad. (Again, the parentheses are the best) I love love love love this part:
"She is beginning to fit into the castle as well; not all of it, but she finds Luna-sized places here and there, and she has more people to smile at now... "

Name: EmmyT (Signed) · Date: 02/25/11 11:49 · For: Where Luna Lives
Oh my gosh. This was amazing! Luna is my favourite character in the books, and the way you potrayed her is so true! I wanted to cry at the end, it was so sweet! Well done!

E x

Name: saskiam (Signed) · Date: 10/11/09 12:56 · For: Where Luna Lives
I can't say much except that this is the best fic I have ever read.

I'm in total awe. I love your writing.

Name: DracoGurlFurever (Signed) · Date: 06/26/09 0:23 · For: Where Luna Lives
Reading this nearly made me cry. I'm not too sure why - of course, it deals a lot with death - but I think it was more about the sense of loss that Luna feels rather than the idea of the people themselves dying. I wasn't sure how to feel about Luna at the end of this story - I felt a strange mixture of pity for her inability to relate to everyone else the way they do, happiness that she is finally settled with her own family, sadness at all the losses she has sustained, and wistfulness for her happy times with her parents. You draw a wonderful picture of a Luna who is not the "freak" that most students at Hogwarts probably see but rather as someone who is utterly normal in her own world (someone who fits right in - someone who is cherished, in fact - but only in the world that she draws for herself). I can only be grateful that I got a chance to read this. I read "I Would Give You Violets" and clicked on your author name to see if you had any other stories - and I just couldn't resist leaving you a review for this one, as well! :)

Name: lucilla_pauie (Signed) · Date: 10/30/08 13:25 · For: Where Luna Lives
Did you ever know that you're my hero and everything I would like to be-- I mean, did you know you were the first to give me a SPEW review, Nan?

And not just one, but TWO reviews in one lovely morning. I still hold those two reviews very dear. So I feel so ashamed and dismayed that I'm only reading and reviewing you now. How much I've missed!

I remember recommending Where Luna Lives to a beta-ee struggling with a Luna-centric one-shot. I've scanned this that one time and it has stuck in my mind as the paragon Luna fic.

Who is Luna? What is Luna? WLL captures and conveys the answers to these two core questions in which most fan fiction with their airy-fairiness fail. Luna, the fanciful girl. Fanciful, but the opposite of an airhead. The style you chose to tell her story reflects that. I didn't want to finish reading it. Eloquence, fantasy, affection-- these are the golden plaits making up the braid of the narration, wonderfully woven together.

Luna lives indeed.

I love the repetition and I love how it-- there is no other word for it-- I love how it celebrates Luna. I won't quote any passages, I'll spoil the reader. There is not a single sentence here that doesn't do its portion of the overall magic of the piece.

I sound so fangirly, but I just can't find anything to criticize in this literary rendering of our Lovegood girl. In fact, this equals the quality of the stories I gobble at Fantasy Magazine. Lyrical prose (the names in brackets like a chain of flowers inserted between fleurs-de-lis that is the rest of the storytelling), intelligent voice, emphatic and empathic character... This deserves that blue ribbon of a Feature here and with some tweaks to make it independent of the HP canon, it will of course certainly deserve the $60 or so it will earn from Fantasy.

I'm even talking money. /giggles
Definitely awestruck! ^^,


Name: rrraacchh (Signed) · Date: 11/13/07 2:57 · For: Where Luna Lives

Name: RememberDumbledore (Signed) · Date: 11/12/07 17:48 · For: Where Luna Lives
I've reread this so many times, and I still can't get over how amazing you are at writing!! This still makes me cry.

Name: Valentinia (Signed) · Date: 10/26/07 22:07 · For: Where Luna Lives
Aw. I love how this story is sad in parts, but hopeful, too. The ending is very sweet! I love hearing Luna's story, and I love how poetic the writing is. Really brilliantly done! Your characterization was great, and the fic was a really wonderful read!

Name: joybelle423 (Signed) · Date: 09/30/07 1:48 · For: Where Luna Lives

Oh, Nan! Oh, oh, oh! *tries to breathe* Oh. I think Iím going to have to read this again, and maybe go take a walk, before I can review properly, because oh.

Okay. Letís try this again, shall we? Nan, this is absolutely stunning. If I didnít love this so much Iíd be so jealous of your writing ability. Wow. I donít even know what to say about this Ė I have no criticism whatsoever, because itís perfect. I adore the different sections, and the repetition of the first phrase, and the absolutely perfect ending. Youíve told Lunaís life story in just one short story, and I know her so much better now. Iím still slightly speechless with astonishment, because I cannot write this way at all, and I donít know how you do it. Itís like poetry in prose form. I love absolutely everything about this story, and itís totally going in my favourites.

My little moment of incoherency came at the end, when you repeated the description of her cottage.

The cottage is small, but it is just the right size of small, with two bedrooms and a garden full of roses and a cellar where her husband paints magic paintings that speak and move.

I had been wondering who the man was, but oh, itís Dean, it has to be Dean, yes? Especially after reading DH, even though this fic isnít DH compliant, that just has to be Dean. And even if it isnít you never say, so itís Dean in my head.

My heart aches at the sweet perfection of everything. The castle is being rebuilt, she has a daughter, everything has come full circle, and Luna is complete, now.

The creatures Luna believes in are beautiful Ė Starbringers, Mistwalkers, Wingriders Ė and the Snorkacks that live in Sweden. =) Just, oh, every single word of this fits so perfectly, like it was designed to be this way and no other way, and I donít know how you do it Ö Okay. Probably a really pointless review, and Iím sorry I have nothing to offer in the way of crit, but itís perfect the way it is. Unless you want to make it DH compliant Ė I wouldnít complain, hee. And by the way, Iím very impressed with your ability to write in present tense. Thatís hard to pull off, but obviously, it works so well here. Iím also impressed with your writing in general, in case you couldnít tell by my incoherency. Really, this is probably the most beautiful fic Iíve read in a very long time, perhaps ever, and itís like a perfect piece of art. Wonderful, just wonderful. Nan, youíre so talented. *hugs*

~ Abigail

Name: smiley10792 (Signed) · Date: 08/07/07 19:17 · For: Where Luna Lives
I really, really love this story. Your writing style paints a simple, realistic picture, but there seem to be billions of tiny little meanings hidden within every word. This is one of those stories I could read again and again, and still find something new every time.

Name: ama_cinoskham (Signed) · Date: 07/30/07 2:16 · For: Where Luna Lives
This is absolutely beautiful! Very moving and sad and lovely language and descriptions. Keep writing!

Name: Schmerg_The_Impaler (Signed) · Date: 04/05/07 17:19 · For: Where Luna Lives
Oh my gosh... you have the character of Luna down perfectly. Are you certain that you're not actually her? This is incredible. This is incredibly descriptive and dreamlike, and I think I drooled a little on the keyboard while reading this because I was so slackjawed the whole time.

Brilliant, brilliant piece of writing. Please, write more!

Author's Response: Thank you - I was really shooting for the dreamlike quality here, so I'm glad it came across.

Name: Fantasium (Signed) · Date: 03/25/07 14:34 · For: Where Luna Lives
Nan, dearest Nan. Your stories are always so difficult to review, because I canít ever find anything to critique about them. Not even a single typo to point out! But I shall do my best anyway, because it depresses me to see a beautiful piece like this with only four reviews.

It seems that you have a thorough understanding for every character you work with, and Luna is no exception. I have never seen anything written from her point of view that made so much sense. She is a bit of an enigma in the world of Harry Potter, and, if one wants to put it that way, a real oddity. But here, you show us that to Luna, it is the rest of the world that is odd, that doesnít make sense. But there is always more to your writing, and you make me feel not only for Luna, but for every Ďunusualí and eccentric person out there who isnít accepted.

Having read quite a bit of your writing, I know that you have a real knack for repetitions and patterns, and Iím glad to see that you use this gift well in this fic as well. Both the returning ĎLuna lives iní and the size/space concepts are genius, and as another reviewer said, it gives that poetic flow to your writing. Well, that, combined with your excellent descriptions and word choices.

She is happy because sometimes her mother looks up from the potions and smiles at her, a special smile,

- I think this is wonderful. I can see Lunaís mum before my inner eye, deeply concentrated at her work, but taking a moment to look up from her potions to look at her daughter, to know that she is so loved. And itís true Ė little things like that are what matters to a child. Attention and interest, not fancy things or big castles.

Their hands fit together nicely, fingers wrapping around each other like toes wiggling in warm boots that are just the right size of too big, because theyíre her fatherís, and anything that is her fatherís is just the right size for her.

Ďjust the right size of too bigí Ė Nan, you make me smile. You really know how to write affection, and true love.

I really like how you mentioned the names of her friends throughout the story; it is a nice way of including them without spending paragraph upon paragraph of telling your readers about them.

Öeven the ghosts have left them.

- Oh, that is so powerful. To a ĎMuggle mindí, ghosts would typically haunt a ruin, but in the Harry Potter stories we have learned that they quite like interacting with people who are still alive. A Hogwarts without ghosts is truly a Hogwarts utterly and completely deserted.

The ending is excellent. We know that Luna is a curious witch, always searching for one unbelievable thing or another. I think itís a beautiful thought that after looking for the unknown and unseen for so long, she finds the way back to her own home. To herself, I guess.

Nan, you know I will never forgive you if you donít publish an original novel, right? ;) Wonderful work, dear.

Author's Response: Oh, Anna, do you have any idea how happy your reviews make me? Somehow you seem to have a tendency to pick out the bits of my story that I like best and comment on them. How do you do that? The "just the right size of too big" was actually the first thing I wrote in this story, and the rest sort of came out of it. As for the idea that to Luna, it's the rest of the world that is odd, that's something I was planning to write another story centering on. Very interesting, that you caught it here! An original novel? My goodness, that's a tall order. In my dreams, yes. In reality, well, we'll see. *hugs*

Name: Arial Felchem (Signed) · Date: 03/09/07 18:05 · For: Where Luna Lives
Wow...i really loved this story, it was almost poetic...really good, you should definitely write more...sad and happy at the same time, just a really fantastic story

Author's Response: I definitely will be writing more. Thanks!

Name: Trucker (Signed) · Date: 03/06/07 16:22 · For: Where Luna Lives
Thanks for writing such a moving story, that places Life and Death into a new perspective, one that makes them both easier to understand and endure with courage and hope.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Name: Linda_Carrig (Signed) · Date: 03/06/07 5:51 · For: Where Luna Lives
Just beautiful. Thanks for writing it.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

Name: echoreyn (Signed) · Date: 03/05/07 16:31 · For: Where Luna Lives
This was such a touching story! It actually made me cry because it was so beautiful.
Thank you for writing it. Its message of hope through adversity truly brightened my day.

Author's Response: Thank you! Always happy to hear I've made someone cry (well, in a good way, of course).

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