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Name: rushinma (Signed) · Date: 02/28/07 21:15 · For: Comfort Me
Wonderful job!!

Author's Response: ;)

Name: rushinma (Signed) · Date: 02/28/07 21:14 · For: Comfort Me
Wonderful job!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you!

Name: inthewrongera (Signed) · Date: 02/28/07 21:12 · For: Comfort Me
I liked this a lot, because it was so realistic, at least for me. There are so many stories out there where the characters are COMPLETELY different people, which I can't stand!!! So, good for you! and btw, i looked at the list of movies and actors that you like, and it is practically identical to mine! It's so cool that you appreciate Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen!

Author's Response: ;)

Name: inthewrongera (Signed) · Date: 02/28/07 21:12 · For: Comfort Me
I liked this a lot, because it was so realistic, at least for me. There are so many stories out there where the characters are COMPLETELY different people, which I can't stand!!! So, good for you! and btw, i looked at the list of movies and actors that you like, and it is practically identical to mine! It's so cool that you appreciate Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I really wanted this to be in character. I'm pleased you enjoyed it! And woot for Austen and Wilde!

Name: The Marauderettes (Signed) · Date: 02/28/07 13:26 · For: Comfort Me
Oh, that was SOOOO sweet! I went to your bio and noticed you've never written a Ron/Hermione fic before. This was a really good first R/Hr fic!

Keep up the awesome writing!

-Hermione (aka Hannah)-

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it. I think I might have to try another R/Hr!

Name: wodcdre (Signed) · Date: 02/27/07 13:12 · For: Comfort Me
That was a nice flowing story. Didn't have any breaks that were jarring to the reader, but kept the story simple. I liked it very much. Jo would be proud.

Author's Response: *dies* Jo would be proud? *dies again* That must be the best compliment for a fanfic writer. Thank you very much!

Name: maze (Signed) · Date: 02/27/07 1:04 · For: Comfort Me
that is nice and sweet.i like it.good job.

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks for reviewing!

Name: HPLoverForever (Signed) · Date: 02/26/07 2:22 · For: Comfort Me
Awww! How adorable!

This really was cute. I'm not normally a fan of Ron/Hermione stories, but there are certain ones out there that, if written correctly, can sway me to think differently. Your story did that.

I like what you have them talk about. It's not all completely lovey-dovey and it includes conversation, which, even in a romantic one-shot, is still important. I also enjoyed their playful flirting, when it came to calling the other thick. It just seems like such a Ron/Hermione thing to do, because they always seem to be butting heads, don't they?

It was a very wise decision on your part to select this particular point in time for their alone/confession time, considering the circumstances. They both have their guards down, making it much easier for one to admit such feelings. I applaud you. :)

Great work.

Author's Response: Thank you! I used to love Ron/Hermione, but they were getting old. I wanted to do something more real and different with this. I'm so glad you think it worked! Thanks again!


Name: electronicquillster (Signed) · Date: 02/26/07 1:46 · For: Comfort Me
I really like what you've done to shape that lovely little drabble you turned in into this beautiful fic. Seriously, it's beautiful. And, I'm going to take like 1.274657% credit, because I gave you the "trees" prompt. The slow, yet natural, uncovering and exploration into their feelings for each other is so intricately simple and beautiful. I enjoyed every moment of it. A couple of things I wanted to comment on...

Their hands played together, stroking and exploring. It was the most intimate thing Ron had ever done, even more so than anything he’d ever done with Lavender.

Agreed, it's definitely intimate, and so simple, and just a very lovely action. I think it might sound better if you don't repeat "ever done" so quickly. I'd suggest perhaps, "...Ron had ever experienced, more so than anything he'd ever done with Lavender." I also took out the "even" there, simply because it seemed like over-emphasis, but that's just my own stylization input.

And then. The kiss.

Squee! I know you were totally agonizing over it, but it was brilliantly written. I was totally squeeing whilst I read it. Lovely, lovely. I can't wait for the next things you'll be writing for my class. Brava!

Author's Response: Thanks, Professor! *squees* I am so relieved about that kiss, you have no idea. And you're absolutely right about that repetition. I saw that, but then was so tired when I posted that I forgot to fix it ... oops. And you of course can have credit! I would never have attempted to write this at all if you hadn't poked me! *loves Mar*

~ Abigail

Name: danbarn (Signed) · Date: 02/25/07 22:53 · For: Comfort Me
Great one-shot Abigail! I really loved your take on this little lost Ron and Hermione moment. It's hard to belive those two can be so clueless! Any other fun oneshots you're working on?


Author's Response: Thanks, Dan! They are so clueless, aren't they? I attempted a Draco/Ginny oneshot a long time ago, but I haven't revisited it since it got rejected. But I think I'm going to keep trying more of these. They're not as hard as I thought!

Um ... and I'm working on your chapter ... sorry!

~ Abigail

Name: hallie_p (Signed) · Date: 02/25/07 22:46 · For: Comfort Me
WOW! Really awesome job.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! *blushes*

~ Abigail

Name: DogLover4Life (Signed) · Date: 02/25/07 17:09 · For: Comfort Me
Now where have I seen this before? *giggles* I just want to state my absolute favourite line is:

"Hermione blushed but tugged Ron back. ‘Alone … with you.’"

It's just so sweet! Even if Hermione is just using Ron as a comfort blanket *cough* I mean; Hermione just shows her need for him.

The kiss seemed very natural and as you said, relaxed. They weren't first realising feelings for each other. You had them ease into it. It wasn't quick and reckless. It was caring and respectful, exactly how a kiss between two people so close to each other should be.

It wasn't too happy or too fluffy for the occasion. Through the entire fic, there was a mild undertone of fear and darkness. Almost desperation? Time is running out to be able to just sit with the person you love, and death surrounds them. You capture the emotions and the essence of the time brilliantly.

Now you know I'm not a R/Hr shipper, but this was lovely. It proves me wrong when I say Ron is a git... He's just been a teenage boy for far too long.

Sorry if my review doesn’t make much sense, I tried. :D

Author's Response: Elle! Yay! I'm glad you didn't hate Ron here. Personal issues, much? *giggles* And you're completely right about the darkness and fear. I had to cut out a scene because it was too light-hearted. Thanks for the review, dear! *hugs*

~ Abigail

Name: Fantasium (Signed) · Date: 02/25/07 17:00 · For: Comfort Me
Well, Abigail, what do you know? Here was I, browsing through the Recently Updated stories to find something to review, and what did I find? This!

I should start by telling you that I used to be very fond of Ron/Hermione. Well, I suppose I still am, but it has been months since I last browsed that category. But you’ve made me remember why I like this pairing so much. I also like the ‘missing moment’ concept, because since the time in which the author can set an event is limited, and so they seem to put more thought and feeling into that very moment – just as you have done here. Every step of the scene seems to be carefully thought-through, and there is nothing about Ron’s or Hermione’s character that contradicts what we have learned from canon. Your personal style is quite lovely, and the only criticism I’ve got to offer is some boring nit-picking. Well, I shall try to get it over and done with quickly. =)

I’m not sure about your use of ellipses. You seem to always have a blank space before them, even when they mark the end of a sentence. I was taught that they should always follow straight after the last word, without any blank space. But perhaps both are correct?

‘When did you get so smart, Ron Weasley?’ she asked, her mouth curving into a trembling smile.

It seems to me that you have aimed to write your story with British spelling, judging from the fact that you spell ‘criticising’ with an s instead of a z. And while I know that it’s common to use ‘smart’ with the meaning of ‘clever’ in England these days, I think that Hermione is very aware of her language and word choice and that she would probably use ‘clever’ rather than ‘smart’.

You’re fulfilling your own prophesy that way.

At first I thought this was another issue of British/American spelling, but then I realised that ‘prophesy’ with the s is the verb, while ‘prophecy’ with a c is the noun. I’m assuming that you meant to use the noun here?

‘I’m not sure, exactly,’ she said, dodging the question.

‘Oh, yes, you do,’ he countered, pulling away so he could see her face.

Ron’s ‘you do’, doesn’t really make sense here. Hermione says that she’s not sure, so a natural response from Ron would have been ‘yes, you are’. But if Hermione had said ‘I don’t know, exactly’, then Ron’s reply would have worked. I suggest you change either of the lines.

Okay, now I’m done with the boring stuff. Let me point out a couple of things that I really liked:

He knew he wasn’t brave, and he knew that anything he said to her, she’d probably find an argument against, anyway.

I would perhaps consider removing the first two commas from this sentence, but the actual content is absolutely wonderful. You’ve managed to show us Ron’s self-doubt and his complicated relationship with Hermione, all in one sentence. Great work!

Her hair tickled his arm, but he didn’t mind. It was her hair.

This is what love is all about, isn’t it? The things that can annoy you, or even drive you crazy, when other people do it, can be the things you love most about the person you belong with. I love how you have included this, because the tickling of hair on an arm is the sort of thing that not all authors seem to have time for in their fics, but that I think gives a story flavour and originality.

All in all, this is a well-written little story, and I can see why Mar has such great things to say about you. I hope I will be sensible enough to take the time and read more of your writing in the future. =)

Author's Response: Anna, I am so thrilled and honoured to get a review from you! Thank you so much -- especially for the nit-picking. We authors never catch our own mistakes, do we? You are right about the word "prophesy" -- I actually didn't know about the different spellings/meanings. And you're also right about that dialogue. I was really tired when I wrote that scene, and I think I cut some dialogue and never checked it!

Your review has brightened my whole day, Anna. *hugs* Thank you! I admit I was worried about the believability and characterisation. It's so wonderful to hear that it worked!

~ Abigail

Name: Gmariam (Signed) · Date: 02/25/07 14:58 · For: Comfort Me
Wonderful job, Abigail! That was so sweet. I love missing moments and I could absolutely see this happening at the end of HBP. You did a fantastic job with Ron's character in particular. You captured both their banter and hesitation, and their kiss was lovely. Great job, I'm glad I stopped to read this cute story! ~Gina :)

Author's Response: Gina! Thank you so much! I had so much trouble with the kissing part ... And I was worried about them being in character too. Thanks for the affirmation! *hugs*

Name: goGinny_84 (Signed) · Date: 02/25/07 14:24 · For: Comfort Me
This is wonderful! I liked how Hermione was a little hesitant at first. You really did well with her character. Good job!

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks for reviewing! I'm so glad to hear you liked it, and relieved that Hermione was in character. Thanks again!

Name: lucilla_pauie (Signed) · Date: 02/25/07 12:20 · For: Comfort Me
sweet! i loved this. your dialogue rang authentic, specially ron's daft parts, hehe. ^_^ except that "can i kiss you thing" though, because well, i don't think he could have born saying that without exploding with shame and--and...wealey nerves! still, over all, this was sweet. just what every ron-hermione fic should be.

Author's Response: Thanks! You have no idea how hard it was for me to write that kiss scene. I know it's not quite right still, but according to Mar, kissing is Week Six of the class! I'm hoping to fix that part.

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