Reviews For The Long Wait
Reviewer: twitchylittleferret
Date: 01/15/05 14:30
Chapter: Epilogue

Well I just finished reading the whole story and....HAHAHAHHAH SHE MADE HIS BALLS COME OUT OF HIS EARS!!! Anyway, that was an amazing story, very good job...Osiris is the coolest...erm...person? ever ~10~

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Osiris is an odd one, I'm not sure what to refer to him sometimes, he's a person, but he's a bird. Oh well, he's fun to write. Thanks for reading this.

Reviewer: mrsfredweasley
Date: 01/11/05 20:32
Chapter: Chapter 1

wow...i loved that was great...i just didnt want to stop reading until i reached the end...i thought the whole idea was great...i love how u manipulated draco's character so that he was actually a nice guy...ron's fate at the end though was a bit harsh i think...but it was funny..and again...great story...

Author's Response: Yeah, I know I was a bit rough on Ron, but hey, somebody had to get hexed. I'm glad you enjoyed this. Thank you for reading it.

Reviewer: Ronishot
Date: 01/10/05 13:54
Chapter: Epilogue

I waited until after I read the whole story to place my review. This was truly an excellent story. One of the best I have ever read. It was well developed and showed what the essence of love truly is. I just love Osirius. He is a remarkable creation. I just have to say thank you for such an inspiring and highly entertaining story.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much for such a wonderful review. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I had hoped to develop their relationship realistically, as well as their hardships. I'm very pleased you liked Osiris as well. I had some tremidation about adding him in the beginning, but thankfully he became a favorite, and I have had a very good time writing him and his escapades with Crooks. Thank you again. I really appreciate it.

Reviewer: Mildly_Orange_Tomato
Date: 01/05/05 20:02
Chapter: Epilogue

I noticed you've replied to all my reviews, thank you very much, so now on with the last one.... Nooo....this can't be the end! Well I'm glad I still have the sequels to read. I think this is one of the best fanfiction I've read, at least in the romance catagory, I often find them a bit too mushy. This one, however, was just right. I'm glad it wasn't all kissing. I rated almost all of te chapters 10/10 I hope to see a lot more of your fanfiction in the future! -Laura P.S. I noticed that after my review on the first chapter you wrote that someone who isn't old enough won't be able to access the R rated fanfiction. Well that can't be right, since I'm 14 and I certainly didn't lie about my age when I entered it. But don't worry about my age, I assure you that your story hasn't me in any way (physical or mental).

Author's Response: LOL, I thought people under 17 wouldn't be able to read the story, but I guess its more a warning. Oh well, I'm sure you know about the birds and the bees. I'm very glad you enjoyed this. I wanted to write a romance, but I really didn't want to fill it with a lot kissing and sex. A relationship is about so much more than that, and I needed to let them actually have a relationship and learn a bit about each other. Besides, I dont' feel comfortable writing intimate scenes. I hope you enjoy the sequels. I've added a few new characters to the longer one called Lestrange days, which is really the 4th installment, if you are counting. Thanks again!

Reviewer: Mildly_Orange_Tomato
Date: 01/05/05 18:17
Chapter: Chapter 21

I noticed the characters cussing a lot more. I think it would be better if they didn't (Severus thinking "What the fuck" was a bit too odd). Otherwise it's great and I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Author's Response: Hmm, too much cussing. Well, I see it as a necessary evil sometimes. I don't believe Severus is beyond a nasty word here and there, especially if he's angry. And he most certianly is angry. He believes they have been laughing at him and using him as the butt of their jokes. I myself try not to have him use swear words too much, because I see him as a very proper person. But like I said, there are times when I feel it would be natural for a cahracter to say something like that.

Reviewer: Mildly_Orange_Tomato
Date: 01/05/05 17:33
Chapter: Chapter 18

I noticed everyone thinking OMG! Thats what I'm thinking too actually, but got to read on now. I hope she tells Severus about the baby!

Author's Response: Well, she doesn't right away as you will soon see. I can't believe you've been reading the whole way through LOL, but thanks! I'm happy yu are finding it interesting.

Reviewer: Mildly_Orange_Tomato
Date: 01/05/05 6:24
Chapter: Chapter 10

Heehee! I'm falling in love with your Snape! Going on to the next chapter...

Author's Response: I tried not to get him too OC, but I had to do it somewhat. I guess I just tried to create my ideal Snape.

Reviewer: Mildly_Orange_Tomato
Date: 01/04/05 20:29
Chapter: Chapter 9

"soft and touchable, just in case" -I love that line...

Reviewer: Mildly_Orange_Tomato
Date: 01/04/05 20:27
Chapter: Chapter 8

I suggest you put some kind of a warning before some of the things you write. Gosh, my eyes are still watering from laughing so much at Rosemerta and Malfoy. I love the new Draco!

Author's Response: Aww, come on, Lucius needs lovin' too. I'm glad you like Draco. This of course is my image of him. And I love him with Ginny. So you want a warning? Okay, make sure you aren't drinking anything once Osiris meets Crookshanks. Those two are trouble with a capital T!

Reviewer: Mildly_Orange_Tomato
Date: 01/04/05 20:05
Chapter: Chapter 7

That's called a short note? I wish I received a short note like that...

Author's Response: Yeah, if that's a short note from him, what would a long one look like. Sev put a lot of effort into that note. After all, he's asking her out, but trying not to make it obvious. I'm glad you're enjoying this.

Reviewer: Mildly_Orange_Tomato
Date: 01/04/05 19:08
Chapter: Chapter 3

Dumbledore's response was so unconvincing, I'm sure he did it on purpose. In both letters he clearly stated she was needed to be Minerva's assistent, is Dumbledore really that forgetful? Hmm...must read on....

Author's Response: LOL, oh yeah, he did it on purpose.

Reviewer: Mildly_Orange_Tomato
Date: 01/04/05 18:24
Chapter: Chapter 14

Loved how careful and loving Snape was, so much unlike his old self. I was just wondering, if Hermione is 22, how old would that make Severus? I was so relieved her first one wasn't Ron, would have killed me :) Anyway, I'm off to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Snape is about 20 years older than her, so about 42. I think if your going to have a big age difference in the wizading world, about 20 years is pretty good. Its not too much for it to be strange.

Reviewer: Mildly_Orange_Tomato
Date: 01/04/05 18:16
Chapter: Chapter 1

Great chapter and I can't wait to read more. I have often wondered what would happen to them once they left Hogwarts. Just one thing, why was this chapter rated R?

Author's Response: I had to put the R rating because the first chapter is what gives you the information for the whole story. So since there is an R chapter, I had to let it be know this story would have an R rating eventually, even though this particular chapter isn't R. That way, if your like 13 you can't get into the story and read it if you aren't old enough. LOL, did that make sense. I'm glad you liked this chapter.

Reviewer: Soulful
Date: 12/31/04 18:01
Chapter: Epilogue

I don't want it to be over, damn it! I loved it soooo much. And I think that it was a very sweet and incredable story!

Author's Response: Thanks, I"m so glad you enjoyed this. I had a great time writing this, and was pleased that so many people liked it.

Reviewer: Soulful
Date: 12/31/04 17:53
Chapter: Chapter 28

Raven Snape...awesome. It was sooooo great! The whole Draco-Ron thing was funny, poor Ron though, wait never mind he deserved it! 0:-)

Reviewer: Soulful
Date: 12/31/04 17:46
Chapter: Chapter 27

They are soooo sweet together! I can't wait to read the last two!

Reviewer: Soulful
Date: 12/31/04 17:39
Chapter: Chapter 26

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That was so incredably awesome! Severus is such a sweetie. ((When he wants to be))

Reviewer: Soulful
Date: 12/31/04 17:32
Chapter: Chapter 25

It just gets better and better!

Author's Response: Hey, so glad to see you back. I'm anxiously awaiting the next chapter to your story btw. I"m glad you have enjoyed this so far. Yes, Severus treated her really crappy for a while, but things always work out in the end.

Reviewer: Soulful
Date: 12/31/04 17:27
Chapter: Chapter 24

AWWWWW!!! I love this story! So much! Osiris is awesome!

Reviewer: Soulful
Date: 12/31/04 17:13
Chapter: Chapter 20

I love Crooks and Osiris they are so cute when the insult each other

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