Reviewer: Schmerg_The_Impaler
Date: 04/07/07 12:02
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

This is one of your funniest stories yet.

Oh I know this game! We call it Fannee Doollee.

All of your Marauders are great, and they avoid the stereotypes of so many Marauder fics. Your Remus and Sirius are just like two of my best friends in real life (one of whom honestly is convinced that he's a ninja) so I know that the interactions between them are shockingly realistic.

I like your Peter, too. He seems kind of bright. He strikes me as a fairly with-it kid who just happened not to be brilliant at dueling and who happens to be a bit gullible. The idea of him and Sirius wrestling is pretty cute.

The thing about ducks biting off fingers from Peter was some sneaky foreshadowing there. Is Sirius's bat named after Emmeline Vance, or is it a coinky-dink?

The part about all of the types of violence with double letters was great. And I love the fact that James really is clever, even if he acts like a moron. You need to have a quick mind to think of all of those double-lettered words.

This is so, so good. I had to read it to my brother. (He guessed what James liked just about the same time as Remus did, by the way.)

And I can just imagine McGonagall saying, It sounds like Mr Black is being slowly tortured to death by Mr Potter!

Author's Response: *cackles* Thank you! I'm so glad you like my fics, because I adore yours, I think you're hilarious. Fannee Doollee, eh? That's a great name! I just call it ... um ... that game where you like things with double letters. I love writing interactions between the Marauders, because they remind me so much of my own friends ... so much fun! Sirius's bat isn't named after Emmeline Vance, I just wanted a girly name, so I flicked through my pocket sized book of first names. It's served me well ... without it, I would never have found Iola (from L.O.V.E, I don't know if you've read that one or not). I hope your brother liked this too! I know mine did, but he's kind of bias. Thanks for reviewing, again! They're all so long, I love it!

Reviewer: Bertybottaholic
Date: 04/03/07 17:50
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

Funny, very funny. But what about the lollipop song? L O, double L, I- you know? I think this story funny....

Author's Response: Well, James adores the lollipop song, obviously. Thanks so much for reviewing and I'm really glad you found it funny.

Reviewer: Inkie Inks101
Date: 03/28/07 19:26
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

I loved it!!! I got the word game right away because I have had that played on me before, but it was still funny to see how much Sirius and Peter struggled with it. Keep writing!!! =)

Author's Response: Ha ha, yeah, it was great to write, too, really good fun. Thanks so much for your review!

Reviewer: Marauders_Girls
Date: 03/26/07 22:54
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

i dont get it either. mauling??? i doesnt have a double letter. am i missing something. please e-mail me with the whole mauling thing. i dont get the whole double letter thing.

Author's Response: Okay, the mauling thing is a joke. The game is that James is saying things he does and doesn't like, and the others have to guess why he likes one thing and not another. Basically, the answer is that he only likes things with double letters (trees, cookies, killing) but when he is threatening Sirius, he says "Mauling". Sirius, being bright, picks up on this, and points out what you did, to which James replies "This homicide can't spell". Which scares Sirius witless, and he goes tearing across the grounds, followed closely by James. It's just a joke. There isn't any deeper meaning to it. I'm sorry if you were confused.

Reviewer: femmefetal
Date: 03/23/07 19:44
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

aww..that was really good! : ) it took me two years to figure out how that little game worked...

Author's Response: Thanks very much ... it took a long time for me to figure it out too ... in fact, I didn't!

Reviewer: Beegurl
Date: 03/19/07 18:49
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

I really liked it!! Horay for random thoughts!! It was extremely clever and inteesting. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Trust me, I will! There are lots of other fics I have up, and if you liked this, you will probably like those as well - especially the Janey Weasley series, that's fun. *BLATANT ADVERTISING*. Thanks for reviewing, anyway!

Reviewer: hahaheeheehaha
Date: 03/16/07 14:12
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

lol so funny its hilarious absolutely fantabulous ye i know its not a word but i love it anyway
soz im really hyper

Author's Response: Hyper's okay! Thanks very much for your review, glad you found this funny! Yay!

Reviewer: lily_007
Date: 03/16/07 10:15
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

its awesome.....i luved it....continue writing plz..

Author's Response: I will do! I've got a lot going on at the minute, but I'll try and write when I can, so don't worry about that. Thanks very much!

Reviewer: lily princess
Date: 03/11/07 20:36
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

laughed my head off keep on writing

Author's Response: Will do! Thanks very much.

Reviewer: writersdd
Date: 03/08/07 11:49
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

Excellent! Excellent! :D

I'm laughing out lout at work!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you very much *bows*. Hope I didn't get you into trouble with your colleagues ... =D

Reviewer: MissyQuill
Date: 03/08/07 3:30
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

A good story but the best part was the way you described Remus.=Sammy

Author's Response: Okay thanks. I like Remus. He's fun! And I can totally imagine him being like that. Thanks very much.

Reviewer: Shakespearesfrysauce
Date: 03/06/07 17:02
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

Funny keeps me entertained until the last foot note 25 stars. and the key to the code thats a knee slaper hahahahahah

Author's Response: Lol, thanks. Yay, 25 stars! *cherishes* Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: eviltwin2000
Date: 03/06/07 16:17
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg, that was soo funny. that just made my day. you are really good at writing.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm really glad you think so. :D Thanks for reviewing! Yay!

Reviewer: AprilPotter
Date: 03/06/07 16:02
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

That was funny, but I wonder what happened to Sirius. James is gonna kill him after he kissed Evans. : D

Author's Response: You betcha! Thanks for reviewing, glad you found it funny.

Reviewer: notevil
Date: 03/06/07 10:19
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

really really enjoyed reading this, funny and original! you really nailed the characters too. great job!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks very much! I appreciate it. =D

Reviewer: MagicalMaddie331
Date: 03/05/07 14:39
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

Ha ha fun game. Nice little one shot. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you think so! Try it on your friends some time!

Reviewer: quiggler
Date: 03/04/07 18:14
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

Absolutely brilliant! Words can't describe how funny this is!

Author's Response: Aw, I'm touched, thank you so much!

Reviewer: eowyngirl
Date: 03/04/07 15:35
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

Well fanfics kick homework's butt!! lol Well this was great... I am totally adding it to my favorites... You characterized everyone so well, which is something to be admired... Also you made Peter somewhat likeable, also a feat worthy of recognition.. Good job!

Author's Response: Yay! After years (well, maybe only one or two) of trying, Peter may have truly come across likeable? That's great news! Thanks so much! No, really, I mean that. This was a lovely review, thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked this, and am honoured to be on your favourites. Thanks so much.

Reviewer: Chomione
Date: 03/04/07 7:52
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

Teehee, Dumbledore a "ruthless teenage miscreant"-though I don't think the word "teenage" existed when he was one (a teenager), just a bit of random info...Mwahaha, I feel so clever solving the puzzle out before it was revealed!

Author's Response: Did you really? Congratulations *rolls eyes*. Only you, of course. Yay for the review! Thankee!

Reviewer: Bookwormy
Date: 03/04/07 3:01
Chapter: Trees But Not Forests

Wow..I really liked the idea of the whole double-alphabets words...and Lily sure was clever to work that out! lolzz...anyways...good work. I envy u 4 getting plot bunnies just like that while I sit around for hours trying to think of something....! Nice, enjoyable fic

Author's Response: Lol, thanks very much. The best thing to do for inspiration is to not sit around waiting for inspiration. Seriously, it throws any hope of creativity out of the window. Just let your mind wander, observe every day life, that sort of thing, and eventually something will come to you. Like, I was just remembering this word game my uncle did with us YEARS ago, and then I thought "Heh heh, that could make a good one-shot" and then I thought "OH MY COD, THAT COULD MAKE A GOOD ONE-SHOT" and then I abandoned all maths homework and wrote this instead. You see? Anyhow, thanks very much for reviewing!

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