Reviewer: Aquamarine39
Date: 05/24/12 12:23
Chapter: Part 2

I've been on a RemusXDora kick lately, and I've read a lot of fics based around this pairing.
I have to say, this is probably the best one I've read.
I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 07/19/08 19:06
Chapter: Part 2

that was such a great fic!! and those ornaments are so cool!!

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 07/19/08 18:50
Chapter: Part 1

that was an awesome chapter!! we saw some remus/tonks and lots of sirius! i love how tonks and sirius' relationship is!

Reviewer: Lucky_13_Girl
Date: 04/18/08 15:37
Chapter: Part 2

I absolutely, without a doubt, LOVE this story. It's really sweet and well written!

Reviewer: AloraLove
Date: 04/03/08 21:50
Chapter: Part 2

Oh, gosh. I'm close to tears! That was possibly the most beautiful, eloquently written story I've ever read. I love how you simply blended it in to the actual happenings of Book Five. Fifty thousand points out of ten.

Reviewer: Gemma Renee
Date: 11/14/07 22:05
Chapter: Part 2

achingly touching (:
i pretty much wish i was tonks.

Reviewer: Gemma Renee
Date: 11/14/07 22:03
Chapter: Part 2

achingly touching (:
i pretty much wish i was tonks.

Reviewer: olderharrypotterfan
Date: 11/11/07 8:59
Chapter: Part 2

Your story is so beautifully and poignantly written. I've reread it several times and I always capture small details I previously missed. I like so much how you characterized Remus and Tonks. Your Remus still had his Marauder sense of humor intact. Your Tonks was so much more than the clumsy, besotted young girl pining for Remus as she's depicted in many fanfiction stories. I like how Remus very gently pursued Tonks, instead of the other way around.

The rapport between Remus and Tonks was so genuine, heartfelt, and bittersweet. I loved seeing the journey Tonks took as she gradually came to realize her true feelings for Remus, and overcame her fears and insecurities enough to reveal these feelings to Remus. I also loved how the umbrella and the wager between Remus and Tonks came to be so important to both of them, and to symbolize so much for both of them. It's as if they both had to risk losing something in order to gain something as important as one another. Thank you for one of my very favorite Remus/Tonks stories!

Reviewer: moony 4eva
Date: 10/26/07 8:42
Chapter: Part 1

wow. all i can say is wow. apert from this, that was the most beautiful stories ive ever read! Great job! :D

Reviewer: The Dog Star
Date: 09/23/07 11:34
Chapter: Part 2

I really enjoyed this! I think it is most probably the best Remus and Tonks fic (not read all of them yet) and all of the swearing and such was in character, so it didn't put you off when you read it.
I don't know if there be an other stories by the same author, but I will definately check.

I want Tonk's umbrella....

Reviewer: chasing_willow
Date: 09/21/07 8:03
Chapter: Part 1

I love Nymphadora's monologue on her incompatibility with umbrellas!
We never hear her utter much past "Wotcher! _insert name here_" and your Tonks seems so believable, she almost jumps off the page.
Your story made me smile and thus I think I shall add you to favorites.

Reviewer: RemusLapin
Date: 09/17/07 12:51
Chapter: Part 2

I just re-read this. I really like it. Great job! Awwwww so sweet!:P

Reviewer: RemusLapin
Date: 09/17/07 12:50
Chapter: Part 2

I just re-read this. I really like it. Great job! Awwwww so sweet!:P

Reviewer: tonks mad
Date: 09/16/07 7:43
Chapter: Part 1

i loved the way you took something so simple; like an umbrella, and made an amazing story from it! FANTASTICO! I also love the way remus fell 4 her first as most start with her.

Reviewer: Leahr
Date: 09/11/07 22:17
Chapter: Part 2

I don't even know where to start, because everything was so good. This is one of those rare R/T fanfics that is just really, really well written. I hate being so unspecific, but if I started detailing what I liked it might take a while, so you'll have to forgive me. Excellent character developement, and its cute how Ginny and Hermione figure out the things on the umbrella before Tonks does.

Reviewer: lovely_witch
Date: 09/07/07 11:39
Chapter: Part 2

I love it!!!! It's so sweet, and I just adore how it's Tonks who is unsure, rather than Remus. I think that's great!

Reviewer: lovely_witch
Date: 09/07/07 10:50
Chapter: Part 1

SO CUTE! I really like how it's more as if Remus liked her first, since most Remus/Tonks stories always have it being Tonks falling madly for Remus. And I really liked how in the beginning it seemed like it was going to be a 2nd War fic, which just made it that much more funny.

Reviewer: Mnemone Radford
Date: 09/06/07 16:58
Chapter: Part 2

This was absolutely amazing! Your word choice was impeccable, the imagery was superb, the plot was clever, the characterization was simply beautiful- the entire story was beautiful! I will definitely be adding you to my Favorites list! E-cookies to you for such wonderful writing!

Reviewer: koolio_jollymints
Date: 07/28/07 9:54
Chapter: Part 2

Oh, my! This is one of the best Remus/ Tonks stories I have ever read! It is absolutely amazing! Very good job on it!!!

Reviewer: werewolfs_fan
Date: 06/09/07 21:35
Chapter: Part 2

This is the most original fan fiction story that I have ever read. And the execution is marvelous! It is wonderfully written from the first paragraph to the last.
I have read this more than once and it loses nothing in the re-reading.
Please, please write more ....

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And yey for rereads! Awesome to know it holds up to further scrutiny. :D I have written quite a bit more (not of this particular story, though) but I'm terrible about getting things posted. I have almost all my fics on my LJ page (website link is in my profile) if you want to read more sooner than I can get them submitted here.

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