Reviews For Love Conquers
Reviewer: heartachin4harry
Date: 08/16/08 23:26
Chapter: Chapter 33: Love Conquers

It's over?! It's actually over?! I just wont believe it! It just seems like so long ago I started, and I guess I thought it would never end! But, it was a great ending, especially teh split second with Lily and the ending with Sirius! I loved it, and I cant wait to see what else you write for us in teh future!

Reviewer: bellatrix-black-lestrange
Date: 08/09/08 17:52
Chapter: Chapter 33: Love Conquers

This made me cry this is how it should be this how the lily and james story should have been you are an amazing writer

Reviewer: SingingBird
Date: 08/03/08 15:57
Chapter: Chapter 33: Love Conquers

Aww, that was such a sad ending, but it was perfect for this story. Thanks for writing it. I enjoyed being able to read it. :)

Reviewer: Prongsies_Girl_93
Date: 07/28/08 20:18
Chapter: Chapter 33: Love Conquers

I guess we all saw this coming.....
It sucks, how a perfect love story had to end like this. Who knows, Harry could have had siblings, and his parents would have lived to see their grandchildren...

Reviewer: Passion For Prongs
Date: 07/22/08 17:24
Chapter: Chapter 19: Birthday Plans

Still love you and your story!!!

~Passion For Prongs

Reviewer: Passion For Prongs
Date: 07/22/08 17:23
Chapter: Chapter 23: The State of Sirius

Good gracious, I didn't leave a review on many of these after reading, did I? Well, I want to tell you I've techniclly been with you from the begining--give or take a few chapters--no matter what the reviews say! Love you!

~Passion For Prongs

Reviewer: Passion For Prongs
Date: 07/22/08 17:21
Chapter: Chapter 27: Goodbye to Hogwarts

Oh my gosh! I just realized I didn't review this chapter! So, just for you, I re-read it and loved it all over again!!!

~Passion For Prongs

P.S. I wanted to make sure you knew, my old username was Lilys Passion, but it wouldn't let me submit stories, and I got this one! Love your fic!

Reviewer: Passion For Prongs
Date: 07/22/08 17:15
Chapter: Chapter 33: Love Conquers

NO!!!! NOT THE END!!! Every one of my J/L stories are ending, and this was one of the best!!! Ug, I have no reason to go on. I hope you're happy for ending this amazing story, and leaving me to cry!

(Seriously, thanks for this absolutely wonderful story. I really hope you kepp writing, maybe another James and Lily? If not, I don't care, I'll read anything you write!)

~Passion For Prongs

Author's Response: Thank you SO SO much for all your wonderful reviews and all your support. i really appreciate that you have stuck by me all the way through :) am planning on writing another fic, not sure what yet but would love you to read it once its done! Thanks again, let me know if there is anything you want me to read, because i would happily do it. Dumbly_Dorr

Reviewer: katepotter4
Date: 07/22/08 15:52
Chapter: Chapter 1: Hard to Get

that was a truely awesome story.

Reviewer: ILoveHarry 3_14
Date: 07/22/08 15:41
Chapter: Chapter 33: Love Conquers

Wonderfully written. I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for writing such a great story!

Reviewer: missacharae
Date: 07/22/08 14:01
Chapter: Chapter 33: Love Conquers

ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod this last chapter made me full-out cry!! well done

Reviewer: lilyrox
Date: 07/22/08 7:27
Chapter: Chapter 33: Love Conquers

Yeah....tissues. WAHHHHHHHH!!!!! That was so sad. But, at least they're up in heaven together. *sigh*

Reviewer: Wicked Wench
Date: 07/22/08 5:59
Chapter: Chapter 33: Love Conquers

Very sad! I loved their last day together and how she thought just come back tomorrow...

Reviewer: seza
Date: 07/11/08 11:46
Chapter: Chapter 32: Harry Potter

wo i have just read this fanfic
and it is amazing
keep it up

plz write more

Reviewer: thewandofdestiny
Date: 07/07/08 2:17
Chapter: Chapter 32: Harry Potter

WOW!!! I just finished reading your story. It's really good. This is the first story that I have read of the James/Lily era that gave me a very realistic picture of what their lives were like. Thanks so much for writing an awesome story, and I can't wait for the next update!

Reviewer: lilyrox
Date: 06/16/08 8:12
Chapter: Chapter 7: The Moon Rises

really great

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 06/03/08 15:07
Chapter: Chapter 32: Harry Potter

poor little harry.. and lily and james will die in about five months, right? thats just so sad...

Author's Response: very sad!! i'm holding off submitting the next chapter straight away because its the last one and i don't want it to end! Thanks for all your comments, btw! really appreciate the enthusiasm and the feed-back - i hope you read the last chapter and leave a final review!

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 06/03/08 15:02
Chapter: Chapter 31: Thrice Defied

lol miss remus! i love it! hahaha...

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 06/03/08 14:53
Chapter: Chapter 30: Twice Defied

its sad they used the killing curse. but i thought it was really funny how she told him! in the middle of the battle she just yells it... lol

Author's Response: Lol glad you liked it!rnI was a little cautious about using the killing curse, but then they are both members of the Order, so using it is going to be inevitable if they want to survive and to defeat Voldemort ...

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 06/03/08 14:44
Chapter: Chapter 29: Mr and Mrs

ah! thats so sweet! its sad that Yves ran away to south africa, though.

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