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Name: NikkiSue (Signed) · Date: 12/27/07 9:35 · For: Footsteps
Very nice . . . One of my favourite theories is the Butterfly Effect and how the flapping wings of even something as small as a butterfly affects the outcome of things on the other side of the world. I appreciate how your story shows that there is no such thing as a coincidence and something as seemingly insignificant as acknowledgement from an old friend can make all the difference in one's world.

Great Job. I very much enjoyed reading this.


Author's Response: I'm really pleased to see that you interpreted the message of this story so well. Thank you for the review!

Name: Ice Cream Eater (Signed) · Date: 08/24/07 19:22 · For: Footsteps
Beautiful story! I love it.

Author's Response: Thanks very much!

Name: Black1231 (Signed) · Date: 07/18/07 10:45 · For: Footsteps

Author's Response: Thanks!

Name: blondiesurfer11 (Signed) · Date: 07/10/07 20:27 · For: Footsteps
Great story it is really easy to visualize

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

Name: Leviosahh_ (Signed) · Date: 07/06/07 23:33 · For: Footsteps
love it. that's really good; it makes you think, kind of. i like it.
good job.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

Name: liquid_silver (Signed) · Date: 07/03/07 22:50 · For: Footsteps
oh, my God . . . this is so beautiful! the writing in this fic is unbelievable.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

Name: lily_potter13 (Signed) · Date: 07/03/07 10:31 · For: Footsteps
sad but good

Author's Response: Thank you very much.

Name: kassinikki41594 (Signed) · Date: 07/02/07 14:41 · For: Footsteps
This is a really good story. I was very happy with it. It really reminds me of the life of one of my friends. I can really relate to it

Author's Response: Thank you - I'm very pleased to hear that you feel you can relate to it. Thanks for your review!

Name: JustLikeHermione77 (Signed) · Date: 07/01/07 15:08 · For: Footsteps
*SNIFF** great story!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

Name: Valentinia (Signed) · Date: 06/29/07 7:50 · For: Footsteps
Cool fic, sad, but cool! It's really good how there's a vagueness about the whole thing - you don't really know what happened, or if the war is over or still going on or why Lavender's parents died, you just know that they did and that Lavender is dealing with it. And it's amazing how you turned that little bit of information into such a touching one-shot! Lavender's feelings are realistic and very sad and you really characterize her brilliantly! The language really adds to the fic as well, especially Lavender's reflection on the stars! A really amazing fic!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I did try to focus on the emotions of the situation more than the details, yes, because it was really an exploration of Lavender's character more than anything else. Anyway, I'm really glad you liked it, and thank you for your review!

Name: LadyAlesha (Signed) · Date: 06/19/07 13:30 · For: Footsteps
Sarah, youíve got a truly lovely story here. Pat can be honoured to have gotten a birthday gift like that!

She knows she should have expected it. Everyone else had lost someone; whether it was a close friend or just a distant acquaintance does not matter. She could not put reason to it, but somehow she had simply thought that it couldnít touch her. Oh isnít that what everyone thinks? Very well done including that in her thoughts, I couldnít really relate to Lavender before, but thatís one thought Iím very familiar with and it kind of built a connection between me and Lavender and let me feel for her.

For in her mind, if she does not enter the house, it is not real. Yes, another one of these thoughts most people are familiar with. I think itís very important that you put these thoughts in there to make people relate to your character. I hope there are only very few people who have ever had to deal with a loved one being murdered, so itís a situation that is hard to grasp for many, myself included, and I find these thoughts that I myself have had very good to relate to the character and get around the unfamiliar situation.

So, goodbye, Lavender, Iím glad to see youíve survived it all. This sounds as if the war is already over and made me pause for a moment, because from what Lavender thought before I got the impression that it was still raging. But itís not too distracting and what stood out most about this line is how such a simple statement can make a truly big impact on someone. I donít think condolences or a pep-talk would have given her back her resolve, but these simple words did, very well done.

What I have to say though is that Harry telling her he would want to talk if he didnít have something else to do seemed slightly odd. Harry and Lavender have never been close or talked much as far as I know. I think itís perfectly fine for him to say hello and be glad that she survived, but I just canít see him sitting down to catch up with Lavender Brown, there doesnít seem to be enough of a relationship between the two for that to happen.

After all, hours spent in the cold often helps one get used to it. You donít need the Ďsí at the end of Ďhelpsí here, your subject Ďhoursí is plural, so the verb should be as well.

Because of course the stars keep shining even through the dark. I think there should be commas around Ďof courseí to make the sentence less rushed and have a greater effect.

Overall a lovely story, Sarah, I enjoyed reading it a lot.

Author's Response: Thank you! I think he did like it, hee! I'm pleased to hear that you could relate to Lavender, particularly around such a difficult topic - when I was writing it, these expressions seemed natural, so I'm glad that worked for you. It may be a bit of a bad sign that I had to go back an read it to be sure of this [!], but it was intended to be written about when the war had finished. And I agree that a big long chat wasn't needed at all; and although I had planned the exchange to be a little longer originally, this just felt right in the end. The reason I give for Harry wanting to talk is simply that he would be glad of someone to remind him of how simple life used to be - in my mind, you see, Ron and Hermione are dead, so Harry has to clutch onto whatever memories he can. I've made the improvemnets you suggested - thanks for those. All in all, thank you so much for this lovely review, and I'm really glad you liked the story!

Name: lily_evans34 (Signed) · Date: 05/27/07 14:18 · For: Footsteps
SARAH! *tacklesquish* First off, let me express my regret that Iíd never read anything by you before I read your rare-pair the other day, and my thankfulness that I was presented the opportunity to read and review this lovely story. :D

Let me start by saying how much I luuuurve the first paragraph. I can tell from the gorgeous imagery that Iím going to love this story already. The line There are only a few stars in the night sky, but they and the crescent moon are enough to display the outlines of buildings against the deep blue of her surroundings does a fabulous job setting the scene for me; I can literally close my eyes and picture this. And also; hoorah for present tense! Where it can be rather confusing and angst-worthy to write [or at least thatís my experience], I really enjoy reading these stories. Thereís something so genuine about them that makes me prefer them to past tense fics. It makes me feel like I could be there, really. Therefore I must conclude that you did an excellent job of setting this up so that the reader can really feel for Lavender.

Possibly my favourite line in this fic was: Perhaps she feels nothing because she has no reason to. Such a simple sentence, yet so profound in many ways. Iíve never thought of feeling as something that you do by earning, and yet, the way you present this sentence makes that such a plausible thought. She isnít doing anything, therefore she isnít feeling anything. It makes so much sense that way.

For in her mind, if she does not enter the house, it is not real. Thatís another sentence that I absolutely adore. Lavender in this story seems so real. I love how you used this to portray her as a normal character; someone who never would have thought that she would be affected by the war, because nothing was supposed to happen to her. Going back to what I said above; you did a more than excellent job of making the reader feel like they could be in Lavenderís situation. In the books sheís just another character that I donít really think about, but in this story sheís someone whoís so relatable. Thatís really the key to writing a believable and well-fleshed out character. Kudos my love. :D Another thing that I really liked about this was that it was her parents that she lost, rather than someone that she loved romantically. It added a nice twist to your typical losing-someone-in-the-war story. The denial that sheís feeling is also reallyÖreal? I felt for her when she said that she didnít want to go to their funeral; that must be a hard thing to have to go through, but it must also take courage to avoid it altogether.

Somehow she has found comfort in the complexity of the stars. Another brilliant line. :D I think that makes a lot of sense; finding comfort in something thatís fixed, and will always stay the same, past your life. It does make your worries feel a lot smaller, knowing that youíre such a small part of the world. This really is a comforting thought, and I think the way you wrote Lavenderís acceptance of this was lovely.

But in the morning she will return here and walk through that door, and she will accept what has happened. Thatís really a huge step for Lavender. From what we saw of her in the beginning of this fic, she was afraid and insecure. I really liked how one small event could trigger this courage within her. Though this story was rather sad and angsty [Iím sure Patrick was proud :D], you ended it on a note of hope, which I always adore in fics. Itís such a lovely thought, really, thinking that even though youíve undergone such a terrible tragedy, youíll be able to move on someday. Such a beautiful theme, my Sarah, helped along by even more beautiful writing. I love the way you wrote her encounter with Harry; it was seemingly insignificant, and yet it made her realise, Ďhey, I DID survive, didnít I?í Harryís role was wonderful; important, but not important because it was Harry; he was just another character. If that made any sense. *shifty eyes*.

I really enjoyed reading this story, my love, and look forward to reading more of your work soon! *squishes*

-your destiny twin

Author's Response: Yay! You picked this story! I must say that although this story only has a few reviews, those ones are fantastic. :D I'm a firm believer in the first paragraph being a good one - you really have to entice the reader in order for them to properly enjoy the whole story - so it's lovely to hear that you thought I wrote a good one! And whee for present tense! I love writing it and I love reading it. One of the things that makes this story amongst my personal favourites is that the words just flowed out when I wrote it, and that actually seems to have worked! [And I love it when people pick out sentences that they especially liked so hee!] I'm pleased that you thought the loss of parents was appropriate, because I just felt it seemed better under all the circumstances to do that. I actually think it's not really appreciated enough in writing that losing your parents at such an age often is much harder than losing a lover. So yes - I'm not sure it was necessarily a conscious decision, but it's nice to know it was a good one. Yes, having Harry walking down that street seemed the best way to go, as he's the sort of person who would be rushing to somewhere with only a little time to stop [ and I tried to keep the encounter as short as possible, since it didn't really need to be lengthy] and I agree that when it comes down to it, it matters very little who the person actually was. [ *giggles* Yes, you made sense!] Thank you ever so much for this fabulous review, and please do go read some more! It's wonderful that you liked this. :D

Name: Dory_the_Fishie (Signed) · Date: 03/31/07 17:57 · For: Footsteps
Sarah! UmÖI donít know why Iíve never read anything by you before. Well, I guess Iíve read drabbles and stuff, but never an actual fic. So here I am. And, like, Iím so glad you told me to read this one, because itís positively lovely.

Iíve written Lavender once, and I found her difficult. I think that we see a lot of shallow, teenage girl in canon, and people take that too far; authors forget Lavender is a real person, too. But you really pinned Lavenderís character down here. I feel like sheís genuine, and thatís great. Everything sheís feeling sounds exactly right. The not wanting to go inside, because sheís afraid it will make everything real, is especially great. Oh, and the idea that her parents have died is also great (I realize that sounds morbid, but you know what I mean, I hope). Thinking she was somehow immune from the deaths, wondering why it had to be them, everything in this is so heart wrenching. Perhaps she feels nothing because she has no reason to. That line stuck out to me in particular.

I adore the way you start this: Lavender Brown sits in the dark. Itís chilling, and it perfectly sets the mood for the rest of the fic. Your writing is so delicious. All the words fit together in the loveliest of ways. Itís simple, but so descriptive (completely opposite of my own writing, which is overly complicated and not at all clear). Youíre able to say so much in just a few words. I envy you!

Why me? Do I not get a choice? There seem to be subtle ideas of suicide in this fic? I think that suits Lavender really well here. And the fact that Harry is the one whoÖtalks her out of it, in a way, is wonderful. It just shows how one person, one moment, can really change your entire life. Lavenderís change of attitude at the end of the fic is great; it gives the whole thing a more positive spin. Itís like weíre worrying about Lavender the entire time, and then we can finally rest easy.

And if nothing and no-one else, Lavender can trust the stars. I love it. For some reason, I have a certain penchant for star references in writing, and so naturally, I loved them here. They just fit in perfectly. -sigh- I basically love everything in this fic. Youíre amazing, Sarah. I must insist you keep on writing beautiful things like this. =)

Author's Response: Squee! A Leanne!Review! I'm so thrilled that you think I've captured lavender character too - seriously, I was so worried about it once I'd finished. *blushes* You envy me? Really? Hang on, let me rephrase. You envy me? I can't quite believe that, but it's made me so happy anyway! Finally, just some general huggles for all your complimentary and encouraging words, and thank you so much for the review!

Author's Response: Do you know what I've decided? That response wasn't half of what is adequate in proportion to your review. So here I am again! I can't express how happy it makes me to see that I didn't screw Lavender up. Her character as we've seen it so far in the books is just so easy to abuse and make shallow that it was important I achieved something different to the norm. I was actually pretty pleased with that first line myself, if that doesn't sound too bigheaded. >> << But of course that hardly matters if the readers don't like it - so I'm very pleased that you liked it too! :D Yep, we do see a bit of a suicidal side to Lavender in this story, basically because that's just what comes when you feel like there's no-one left. I'm happy that Lavender's turnaround seems natural, because yes, I was trying to convey the notion that small thingsdo make the difference,whether people realise it or not. Another fan of stars? Squee! Wwe should so form a fanclub. Thanks you like woah for this heart-warming review.

Name: TheVanishingAct (Signed) · Date: 03/25/07 14:55 · For: Footsteps

Sarah! My, my, my. I HAVE missed reading your work. When I read this the first time, I hearted it. Now that I have read it a second time, I must say, Iíve discovered approximently [damn Word Processor, saying that isnít a word. Which it IS, I just donít know how to spell it. -_-] about 3,600 more reasons to heart it on to infinity. What a splendid birthday present. :D First off: Lavenderís character was quite well done. I, understandably, get nervous when others write her. ďWill she be too whiny? Will she go Ice Queen on me? Oh no! Sheís going into SLUT MODE? Oh no, todayís the day, I know itÖ theyíll make her Ronís bride. *sob into shirt*Ē You, my dear, handle her very well. I applaud you. Sheís depressed in the correct way. No, sheís not going to go crawl into a corner, slit her wrists, and listen to ďI Who Have NothingĒ. Sheís going to go through the same things we all will go through when someone leaves us. Very well done, dear. ;) ButÖ I do have to wonder about Lavenderís sanity in moments. XD

Everyone gather Ďround, for Patrickís nitpick extravaganza has begun! It is shaped into a crude smile, similar to that of a babyís as it learns for the first time. The entertaining world of colour in her head is making her laugh, and soon the area is filled with a careless, child-like laugh. Now dear, you are a fantastic writer who is clear and can make oneís heart wrench with happiness or sadness. This little bitÖ worries me, though. I really donít see how it fits in with everything else. It is a good conductor for what happens next, but if you could clarify why she suddenly sees color and is laughing like a madwoman, than I would be forever grateful. The imagery, however, is gorgeous. One more little nitpick: ďOh, no, I like the fresh, crisp air. And Iíve not been out here long.Ē We do not use coordinating conjunctions at the beginning of sentences! *burns ďandĒ with happiness and laughs insanely*

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I can focus on what makes this fic fantastic: everything else. First off: You know me like a hand knows a glove. I mean, I LOVE the stars. And you not only packed Lavender into a fic, you packed into great star reference. It is so much love that it is amazing. Because of course the stars keep shining even through the dark. From the little she remembers of Muggle education, she knows that they must be thousands, even millions of miles from here, yet she can still see them. And that, more than anything she has ever considered before, fascinates her. Somehow she has found comfort in the complexity of the stars. This whole paragraph, I think, is a really amazing example of how great the fic is and how you used imagery and similes to weave a perfect pattern ofÖ amazingness. [Omg, Iím starting to use words that donít exist because my adjective vault is out of words. X.X] I like how you are able to convey that Lavender herself is a star - sheís surrounded by darkness. She canít excuse herself from that. However, she manages to shine on, not letting the darkness overwhelm her. I also like the little inference that she once went to Muggle school. ;) And she is fascinated by them! How true. Arenít we all, if we take the time to glance up and look at them?

The other thing that makes not only this fic really good but most of your work [including A Stab At Where The Heart Should Be] is the simple prettiness of the words you put together. Something about the way the words flow is insanely fabulous. For instance, my favorite line is : She has survived! She knows this should be a happy thought, but she canít shy away from her own mind. And it is screaming at her. It gives a healthy balance of plot-ishness, shiny words, and artistry. Itís gorgeous. :D

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. It was wonderful. :D /the review

Author's Response: Oh, Pat. You just utterly and completely made my day with this review. Seriously, just - *freak out* - I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it this much. Whee! As for the nitpicking, you know I value your honest opinion, so thank you! I've edited the part of Lavender's speech starting with 'And', and I've taken it into account for another time. Oh, and you've taught me a new term - 'coordinating conjunction'! Let me just say that I am absolutely over the moon that I have managed to write Lavender to your approval. I mean, I'd never expected a review as lovely as this. Every time I read it through I can't stop myslef from grinning like a maniac. But most of all, I'm so so so happy that you enjoyed your birthday fic, and thank you very much for such a wonderful review. *loves Pat*

Author's Response: *shifty eyes* I read your review again and found I had even more to say... My Pat is making up words in order to describe my story! *feels honoured* It makes me very happy to know that you enjoy my writing like this - and you're even finding deeper meanings in it that I, as the author, hadn't really noticed whilst writing it! Oh, and yes, the stars are possibly one of the things I love most about nature. *grin* I love that you like the way I use words, since this is so important to me and I genuinely adore writing them. You should know that anytime you've compliment me on this in particular,I can't help but beam. *huggles*

Name: DogLover4Life (Signed) · Date: 03/02/07 4:57 · For: Footsteps
I'm so lucky to have found this beautiful one-shot. The flow of your writing is beautiful; you had so many descriptions that you set a tone and a setting without going overboard. Then the way you portrayed Lavender's emotions seemed so true and realistic. I understand what it's like to lose someone and then having to face being alone. Throughout the entire story you have Lavender tumble deeper and deeper into self-pity and despair. But you were just building us up. When Harry came it was as if Lavender had an epiphany. She saw that she really was lucky to survive and it's okay to be sad but she can't let it consume her. I love how you made Lavender a real person instead of the stereotypical stuck up person we usually read about. You gave her insight while keeping her realistic and true to herself. Thank you so much for writing this, Pat is lucky.

Author's Response: Thank you for all your wonderfully kind words! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it this much - and you have described the emotion of it just as I had hoped I portrayed. Thank you so much for you review.

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