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Name: The-heir-of-Gryffindor (Signed) · Date: 11/28/08 12:18 · For: Chapter 13 - Yuletide
bless remus!
tragic.... sniff sniff

another great chapter
so glad that these updates are fast! i couldnt live without my TAABW fix every few weeks.....
exagguration but i love the stroy.
fan for life

best bit was the snow angels
i love the gang!!

Author's Response: I know, it's all very sad :(. Hehe, TAABAW fix, I like it lol. Awww fan for life, thank you! Wooo for the gang, I love them too :D.

Name: Nova (Signed) · Date: 11/28/08 2:09 · For: Chapter 13 - Yuletide
You tempted us all with the preview of the chapter, with us all anticipating that something would happen! They're supposed to get together! Aaargh.

Moving on from the dissapointment...
The story is absolutley awesome. I've been reading since you first published it. :D

Please please please pleeease update soon.
Can't wait!

Author's Response: Hehehe! I know, aren't I evil? Awww, thank you! It's great to see that you've stuck with me for so long :D.

Name: RIP_Fred (Signed) · Date: 11/27/08 20:05 · For: Chapter 13 - Yuletide
Wicked awesome, best fanfic ever!!!

Author's Response: *blushes* Aww thank you SO much :D

Name: kritchen (Signed) · Date: 11/27/08 18:03 · For: Chapter 13 - Yuletide
:O poor Remus! I really want more of this Kirsty and Sirius relationship. :) Blissfully good as always. Thanks for the fantastic reading. It was exactly what I needed.

Author's Response: :O! I know :(. Hehe, bless Sirius and Kirsty. Aww thank you, I'm glad to be of service :) xx

Name: PeaceLovePotter (Signed) · Date: 11/27/08 11:57 · For: Chapter 13 - Yuletide
This chapter was good, it just would have been better with more dialogue. I still can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, I know, this one was very description heavy, which is strange for me as I usually have chapters either dominated by dialogue or an even split. Thanks for the constructive criticism, I'll bear it in mind :)

Name: rayasunshine (Signed) · Date: 11/27/08 11:54 · For: Chapter 13 - Yuletide
Poor Remus! I really thought they were gonna kiss!
Sirius was so sweet! And he and Kirsty interacted perfectly!
Update soon!!!

Author's Response: I know, bless him :(. He doesn't have a good time of it, does he? Aww glad you liked the Sirius/Kirsty bits. Thanks for reviewing :)

Name: kritchen (Signed) · Date: 11/23/08 21:29 · For: Chapter 12 - In the Dark: Part Two
[prods sirius and kirtsy] Just go for it! I fear I've been a very poor number one fan, but you're still an incredible writer. I so enjoy reading this story. :)

Author's Response: Hehe, watch it, Sirius might just snap your fingers off lol. Aww, don't worry about it, glad to see you're still popping in :D. Thank you!

Name: Tariel (Signed) · Date: 11/23/08 21:00 · For: Chapter 12 - In the Dark: Part Two
Please write more soon. :D

Author's Response: Will do! :D

Name: RIP_Fred (Signed) · Date: 11/23/08 15:14 · For: Chapter 12 - In the Dark: Part Two
I need more, write quickly please. I want another run in with the slytherins, nothing better then a good duel.

Author's Response: Don't worry a run in with the Slytherins is in the pipeline ;)

Name: The-heir-of-Gryffindor (Signed) · Date: 11/22/08 9:48 · For: Chapter 12 - In the Dark: Part Two
Finally some movement on the Kirsty/Sirius front

but we need more !!!
kirsty and sirius forver lol

Author's Response: Yes, things are definitely on the move! Awww, woot Kirsty and Sirius *waves flag*

Name: rayasunshine (Signed) · Date: 11/17/08 21:36 · For: Chapter 6 - Halloween
Great way to add some drama!
Great cliffy!

Author's Response: Thanks, gotta love a cliffhanger.

Name: rayasunshine (Signed) · Date: 11/17/08 21:28 · For: Chapter 5 - The Pickup Line
I love all the flash-backs!
Its a great way for them to become friends!
The part where they were running around the common room was genius!

Author's Response: Yeah, the flashbacks were fun to write! Hehe, they're a crazy bunch, aren't they?

Name: rayasunshine (Signed) · Date: 11/17/08 21:25 · For: Chapter 4 - So it Begins: Part Two
Again Hayley’s enquiries were shunned as Sirius protested, “But, Prongs, you love me. At least that’s what you said that night up on top of the Astronomy Tower…”

Lily laid her fork down and raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah, that was a great night,” agreed James nostalgically.

“I am oh so worried about you two,” declared Emma as she approached the little knot of Gryffindors.

“How do you think we feel?” asked Peter, following in her wake, “we have to share a dorm with them.”

I love this bit! Its awesome! James and Sirius are great!

Author's Response: Thanks! Bless 'em they're in loooove!

Name: rayasunshine (Signed) · Date: 11/17/08 21:23 · For: Chapter 4 - So it Begins
“Oh, if I was a girl I’d definitely have a crush on MacIntosh,” he replied completely deadpan.

I love your Remus, loads of people make him nerdy, but hes just as I imagained!

Author's Response: Glad to hear that I did Remus justice :).

Name: rayasunshine (Signed) · Date: 11/17/08 21:17 · For: Chapter 3 - Professor MacIntosh
“Personally,” contradicted Sirius with a big mischievous grin, “I prefer masturba-"

LOL. This cracked me up as well.

Author's Response: Hehe! I love that line too!

Name: rayasunshine (Signed) · Date: 11/17/08 21:15 · For: Chapter 2 - Genius Meet Lunacy
I like how you describe everything very well. Especially the way they were tangled togeter. Also the flying scotsman bit was so original it was great!

Author's Response: Thank you, description's fun :). Yay for the flying scotsman lol.

Name: rayasunshine (Signed) · Date: 11/17/08 21:05 · For: Chapter 1 - The Gathering
Lol, this is great! It reminds me of me and my friends at the beginnin gof the school year!

Author's Response: Aw thanks!

Name: rayasunshine (Signed) · Date: 11/17/08 20:20 · For: Chapter 12 - In the Dark: Part Two
Aw! I love the reunion scene!
Sirius/Kirsty is perfect! If only they'd get there act together....

Author's Response: Glad to hear it. It's great that you love Sirius/Kirsty I do too :).

Name: timidcat (Signed) · Date: 11/12/08 0:26 · For: Chapter 12 - In the Dark
Poor Sirius and Kirsty! I do hope things turn out all right... at least, I hope Sirius doesn't do something he's gonna regret..

Author's Response: I know :(. Thanks for the review!

Name: Afifa (Signed) · Date: 11/03/08 19:12 · For: Chapter 12 - In the Dark
I'm here as promised. =p And, once again, no mistakes at all! =D

“You’re lovely, do you know that?”
Finally he decides to blurt out the truth.

“I like Sirius!”
So the both of them realise it at the same time? Lol.

“Oh, I can’t believe this is happening! Why the hell didn’t you tell me?” demanded Kirsty.
What the heck? Lol. She doesn't know, her friends know. =/ Lol.

I mean, it would have been like telling the guys, ‘Hey, you like to pull pranks.’”

“Are not. I mean, come on, you’re not the first girl to have fallen for the sex-god that is Sirius Black.”
“But I don’t want to have fallen for Sirius Black!”
Emma gave a derisive snort. “Kirst, you fell for Sirius the very first moment you clapped eyes on him!”

Apt description of Sirius, I must say. ;] Lol. Kristy is... unbelievable.

“How can I have fancied him all this time without fully realising it?”
My question too.

“I see. I just thought you’d be doing something a little more touchy…”
Lol. Ah... that explains the messy hair and clothes. =p

“And if I were you, Sam, I’d take more care with Emma’s jacket in future. After all, we wouldn’t want you to rip it in your haste now, would we?”
Lol. Uh... I don't think that that would happen. =p Sam strikes as a... controllable person to me. LOL.

Lily and Emma underwent one final round of tongue wrestling with their boyfriends.

“Hayley definitely likes you, mate,” chimed in both James and Peter. Remus looked more than a little shell-shocked.
Why is everyone so thick? =O Is it so difficult to realise that some person likes you too? I mean, just look at Kristy. She doesn't even know that she likes Sirius until she tells him that she doesn't, breaks his heart, then realises that she likes him. Really!

“Yeah, I miss her,” admitted Sirius.
Aw, poor guy.

“No, I’ve gone way past that stage. Believe me, I’ve wished it was just a crush myself.”
So someone's finally admitting. Took long enough.

“No, I don’t think so, guys. You see, the thing is that I love every single thing about Kirsty. I just love the person she is, and in my mind, no one can compare.”
Love. Sirius is in love. Awesome. =D

“Might I be so bold as to suggest that getting a girlfriend may not be such a bad idea? Maybe having someone else to focus your attention on would help to keep your mind away from Kirsty.
Okay, I have a bad feeling about this. Sirius decides to try to get over it, and gets a girlfriend before the girls come back? When Kristy is about to tell him how she feels about him, he intoduces her to his new girlfriend? Then Kristy ends up with a boyfriend? Lol.

“No!” retorted Sirius vehemently. “I don’t want just any old girl! I want her. I want Kirsty! And yes, I realise that I have to move on and get over this, but I’m just not ready yet. I’m not!”
Sweet. =] Love the Sirius who's desperately in love. *sigh*

And so, off the four boys walked into the night, their arms draped companionably around each other’s shoulders.
I love how always show the tight circle the Marauders are. There are the girls and all, but the guys have to stick together no matter what. I wish I had real life friends like these. *Sigh*

Nice chapter. =] [I'm getting out of ideas now... nice, awesome, fabulous, blah. Lol.] I really loved it. The fic is moving on in a good pace and now that the two finally know that they love each other, I'm impatient about the next chapter. *hint hint* Lol. But no pressure. =p I'll just run away with your characters, and give them to Voldemort. /lameness

It's time to end the review. =p

- Afifa

Author's Response: Phew! Finally read through it all :P, not that I'm complaining, I love your reviews! Yes Sirius and Kirsty are certainly dancing circles around each other lol. I can't really think of anything to say, my brain has been fried by exam revision. But thank you so much as usual, you always bring a smile to my face without fail. xx

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