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Name: SiriusMarauder (Signed) · Date: 11/23/10 11:21 · For: Left Without a Hope
Oh woww

Name: _feather_ (Signed) · Date: 06/12/07 17:57 · For: Left Without a Hope
Me again. Awesome poem! Actually it was very angsty, but I think you captured the drama pretty nicely. Just one thing-I was a little confounded by the tenses in the beginning. Like:

Everyone’s so excited,

And you didn’t know what to say.

You say "Everyone IS so excited" but then "And you DIDn't know what to say".

But that's just me. I probably just didn't understand the whole poem properly.
Nice work!


Author's Response: Again. Having a little reviewing spree? Just idding, glad you stopped by! Oooh, tenses, I'll have to fix those. Thanks for letting me know. *runs of to fix everything up*.

Name: XhayleeXblackX (Signed) · Date: 05/02/07 8:16 · For: Left Without a Hope
This is so unbelievebly good. It was sad yet so incredibly powerful and beautiful. I am reading about the Salem witch trials in english class and this just came at the right time. Just like your other poems I loved this one too. I just got my own poem approved and decided to go and look up some new poems and I'm so pleased to have stumbled upon all of yours. I'm adding you to my fav authors so that I can stay tuned to read your next poem. Can't wait till the next. You are such an amazing author. 1000/10. and that is not an exageration either, your just that good.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I read your poem, as well. It's brilliant! i'm so honored to be in your favs! Thanks again!

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 02/16/07 9:53 · For: Left Without a Hope
i had to misspell the word 'good', right? haha..shes god...thats funny. Well, u know what i meant, but it was just the wrong place for a typo *glares at keyboard*

Author's Response: LOL, it's ok, I know what you meant.

Name: lady magician (Signed) · Date: 02/16/07 9:51 · For: Left Without a Hope
Nice one! Oh cool, euphrates reviewed this, shes god, isnt she? Sorry. This is ur page of praise!

It was really good and i like them when they tell the story in only a few lines, and tell the story very well. It shows how talented the author is because of how much emotion and imagery they can pack into something so small. Fotunately, u managed to do that :-)

heres my fav stanza:
A bonfire was being raised,

All were feeding to its blaze,

Yet nothing came back to you,

In the sun’s unholy rays

Love it! I could picture the scene in front of me very eyes! :-)

GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! Yes, Euphrates is a goddess ;) with excellent poetry. I love good reviews like these. They make me want to sing. But I won't, for the safety of my family. Thanks for the awesome review, and so glad you enjoyed it!

Name: siriusly_ginny (Signed) · Date: 02/10/07 9:59 · For: Left Without a Hope
Hi! me again. I re read your poem. its really good. still. i mean, its still really good. you get what i mean. yup. oh and btw pixichick youre an awesome banner maker! w00t go you!

Author's Response: Uh yeah. Thanks, again, for the third time apparently.

Name: Pixichik118 (Signed) · Date: 02/09/07 18:18 · For: Left Without a Hope
Very awesome poem! The emotion is conveyed quite clearly and it's perfection. I love it. It's so expressive.
I think I have a new favorite genre of HP fanfiction.
I'm awed!

Author's Response: Wow, I changed someone's favorite genre? Or I contributed to the change?? Yay, you made my day! I heard from a friend of mine that you are an awesome banner maker. This IS a small world...

Name: siriusly_ginny (Signed) · Date: 02/06/07 19:43 · For: Left Without a Hope

Hello, Ivy.
*begin rant*
This poem was absolutely brilliant. A work of poetic art. Few of our race give any notice to the eloquent art of poetry. Poems delve into the deeper mysteries of life, they stir the emotions, and I can't tell you how muc stirring of emotions and delving of mysteries has been happening to me and my life since I read this beautiful poem. Tank you for contributing this piece of incredible talent to Harry Potter fanfom, worldwide.
*end rant*
OMG i seriously loooovedd this poem. Good job!!! My brains blowed from all those big words I used in the beginning part of this review. Keeeep it up!!!! ur on my favs!

Author's Response: nice rant. I had to stop reding it cuz it blowed my brain, too. LOL I meant blew... I think... Ahh, grammer senses aren't working. AHem... anyways... tyvm!!!

Name: siriusly_vic (Signed) · Date: 02/06/07 18:44 · For: Left Without a Hope
hi again, will u read my poem "quidditch" wen and if it comes out probably on 2/7 or 2/8 ok then byebye
p.s. oh and plz review it
p.s.s. i rock ur socks yay!!!!

Author's Response: Sure thing. Will you read A Single Note when it comes out, probably around the same time yours does?

Name: Euphrates (Signed) · Date: 02/06/07 16:35 · For: Left Without a Hope
Hey! I see you checked out the tenses. You fixed them all, and the poem makes a lot more sense now. (Oh, now that you fixed this, there are exactly 100 words... :-))

Gosh, I still feel all this emotion coming from this poem. How amazing. You portray the pain and anger perfectly. Very good job - your wording is amazing, too.

Your ending is so...wow. (That sentence was very smart, wasn't it? Here's another-) Like...wow. :-) It is so emotional. I always love the endings of poems. I love it!

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates

Author's Response: Oh no, 100 words?! Now I have to change my authors note! Ahem, anyways... I'm so ecstatic that a prolific author such as yourself has ACTUALLY reviewed! I feel special! Yay, you rock my socks, Euphrates! For the record, I'm one of the few girls who doesn't care about Abercrombie and Fitch. I can rip my own jeans. :) *0*

Name: siriusly_ginny (Signed) · Date: 02/05/07 19:04 · For: Left Without a Hope
oooh, great job, Ivy! Its reallllly good. I like the topic and stuff. And I loooveee rhyming poems, they're just soooo in.
I mean, un-rhyming poems are soo like, kinda uninteresting. Ok I'll stop now. before I scare you more. Bye Bye!1
PS-You should write loadsss. Siriusly (I don't know how to spell the other way of spelling the word siriusly. Sorry. Can't bother to find a dictionary right now. ok bye for now!)

Author's Response: You don't like unrhyming poems? LOL I just wrote one and sent it to Mugglenet. It's not validated yet, but since you don't like unrhyming poems, I guess you don't care *sob*. Aww, you're so sweet, you're also on my list for people who rock my socks (which consists of Lia, Ivi, Euphates, and you, LOL)!

Name: siriusly_vic (Signed) · Date: 02/05/07 17:36 · For: Left Without a Hope
hi "ivy" this is MI!!! this is an awesome poem. i really luv it. *jumps up and down* i give this 7 stars yes 7 it's amazing

Author's Response: Hey, MI! You so rock my socks, I feel too honored! *jumps up and down, too*

Author's Response: Oh, you added me to your favorite authors? Yay, you rock my socks, again!

Name: Euphrates (Signed) · Date: 02/05/07 15:45 · For: Left Without a Hope
I don't know why, but I love the word 'rend'. Your screams rent the air,
Good description.

This is such a powerful piece. Imagine how someone would feel if their loved one were unjustly burned...a ton knew, in fact...

Everyone’s so excited,
And you don’t know what to say,
You just cannot remember,
What’s so special about this day.

That would have to be my favorite part. It is such a great way of describing how someone would feel on such a day as that. Great job!

My only problem with this is that you seem to switch tenses in this, from past to present and back again. It confused me for a moment, and I wonder if you did that purposely...?

Okay, so as not to leave on a bad note, because this was a great poem...

Awesome job!

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates

Author's Response: I love that word, too. Hmm, tenses have always been a problem with me, I always switch around. I must make sure to fix that. Thank you soooo much for reviewing. I nearly fainted at the sight of such a wonderful review! So glad you enjoyed it!

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