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Name: MrsRadcliffe31 (Signed) · Date: 08/21/07 18:39 · For: Chapter 13: The Illusion
OH MY GOD!!!!! That chapter was scary as hell! You achieved it! I almost started crying when that devil thing was stabbing Harry but i had the feeling he wasn't dead but it was still creepy! So Vanessa's dead huh? I was sort of hoping she would die because dying would be better than living for her and I hate to see people in pain. One ofthe scariest and creepiest chapters ever! Wow. I am just speechless right now but where was Harry then when Ron was in the room without him? What did he go through? Hopefully you'll tell us in the next chapter! But once again awesome, awesome job! Fantastic!

Author's Response: This, simply put, is awesome. I was hoping to get this kind of reaction from this chapter and now that I got it, it's well worth the effort. As for what Harry went through, actually, I don't think I'll be going through that, to be perfectly honest, though I will address it in the first scene of the next chapter. Thank you again so much, and I'll catch ya next time... OH! and don't forget, if you absolutely MUST read something from me, please go check out the website linked to on my bio page.

Name: astro_wizkid (Signed) · Date: 08/21/07 9:55 · For: Chapter 13: The Illusion
what the heck! i don't know what to say to you right now that does not include some type of swearing! how could you bloody well do that! what is wrong with you! making ron think harry was dead and then using hermione like that (even though it was her) and then having harry be alive! do you actually want your readers to have a bloody heart attack reading what you wrote! i dont' think i'll be able to sleep properly tonight...i won't be able to get the blood river nor the spiders and centipeads out of my head!

alright so i got my little ranting out of the way...two words...bloody brilliant (no pun intended on the "bloody")! i don't know but the discription in this chapter was outstanding, some of your most descriptive work in e3, along with the chapter where ron and harrry go to visit rathborn for the first time. even though it was slightly on the morbid side...i was literally freaking out reading the chapter! and i must say you redeemed yourself in the end by not killing neither harry nor ron...but gave us the urge to have more with your classic cliffie! congrads...i don't think i've been this frightened of fanfiction ever!

Author's Response: hmmm.. Do I want my readers to have heart attacks? Well, I suppose as long as they survive and come back to read the next chapter when it gets posted, then the answer would probably be yeah, I do. To be honest, I kinda didn't know that Harry getting "killed" was going to have the reaction it did, but you're not the first. Red haired mom who posts a running commentary as she reads was all kinds of miffed when harry died, and so was Kneazles. I mean, I guess it crossed my mind, but I just wasn't paying attention of something. You've never been this frightened of fanfiction ever, huh? Awesome! Hopefully I have a few more tricks left up the old sleeve to live up to what we had here. Thanks a lot man, and don't forget to check out the website!

Name: DARKEST ROSE (Signed) · Date: 08/20/07 18:17 · For: Chapter 8: Tempus Fugit
You need to stop putting your writing down, that chapter was great. You killed Tonks though how horribly sad. I love all you stories so far.

Author's Response: Thank you ever so much, I just hope you're still willing to say that after the bumpy ride you have in store for you later on. Again, thank you so much.

Name: KneazleWeazl (Signed) · Date: 08/20/07 17:18 · For: Chapter 13: The Illusion
Holy crap that was scary. And violent. Although it would have been a lot scarier if you hadn't named the chapter "the illusion" because then it was just like alright, it's an illusion. And my goodness do you write long A/N s. I'll try and check out that website you mentioned because as you know, I am one of the people who've been pressing you to write something original.

Great chapter, I loved it. AND O MY GOODNESS! That little monster thing with red eyes has been the focus of like every nightmare I've ever had since I was like five! I even came up with a name for it because when I woke going "AHHHH!" it was easier to tell who ever (if anyone) woke up (we're all very deep sleepers) and came to check on me that I'd been dreaming about it instead of saying "The thing with the teeth that tried to kill me" lol, I ramble. My teachers are gonna love me next year, well actually, i know one of them will as long as i don't call the packets he passes out Nazis, but the others are going start carrying duct tape and muzzles around in case they can't take the noise of my incessant nattering and rambling.

No theories for this one, sorry. Although when you mentioned how smart Dennis was with the "universes mysteries he would unlock" it kind of made me wonder if Dennis is maybe gonna play a bigger part than just being Ron's son.

Author's Response: You never actually mentioned the name of the monster, and now I want to know!!!! Hopefully reading this chapter doesn't result in more frequent occurrences of him in your dreams. As for Dennis, well, you'll just have to wait and see. Yeah, I write long a/n's what can I say. thanks both for the review and checking out the website, I appreciate it muchly.

Name: AnaMolly (Signed) · Date: 08/20/07 13:32 · For: Chapter 13: The Illusion
Well I have to admit I was completely disgusted with a good half of this chapter…and at the same time I couldn’t help but enjoy it…does that mean I’m as sick for liking it as you are for writing it? I’m joking of course, but seriously, this chapter was, I think the scariest and the goriest (I might have gagged a few times here and there, mind you I usually have a strong stomach for these kinds of scenes) I have ever read. And then when Harry died I couldn’t help but cry! I just couldn’t believe what I was reading; I even read it over like three times to make sure I hadn’t read it wrong! I distinctly remember shaking my head in disbelief and thinking “this isn’t happening, not to Harry…he’s not dead…this is just an illusion, that’s why you named this chapter so…” I was heartbroken, and then Harry appears again and I’m like “I knew it!!!” I have to thank you though, because if you would have written in Harry’s p.o.v when Ron died I would have been utterly distraught, I might not have even been able to finish the chapter…I found it difficult enough to keep reading after Harry’s death. I think after this chapter there should be a nicer, calmer one don’t you think? Maybe a little Ron/Hermione alone time would be good after all the horrors you put us through in this one. By the way, what exactly is wrong in their marriage? I keep getting the feeling that Hermione and Ron are falling apart, like they’re both so involved with their work that they have hardly any time to spend together and this is turn is taking its toll in their marriage….I hope they find each other again… Anyway another err…good read…disturbing, but overall good. Hope the next one comes soon!

Author's Response: grrrr... no stealing of my thunder, it's not allowed (you'll see what I mean when I post the next chapter. No, Ron and Hermione aren't dysfunctional nor are they on the verge of splitting up, it's just that this is a real adult relationship, one that involves fighting and not necessarily being all happily ever after all the time. Plus, as the investigation of the Nightshades is the focal point of the story, I omit, obviously, a lot of what is going on in Ron's household. Hopefully the next chapter will show that (again, before you get any ideas, the first scene of the next chapter was planned out before you even mentioned what you did). Anyway, I'm glad you were as such effect by this chapter. I had been wanting to write something of this ilk for a while,and to be honest I wanted to go even more insane, but word limitations kind of kept me at bay, probably for the better. It was kind of intimidating because my mental outline of the story simply had, "The Illusion: Ron and Harry go to a house, see lots of scary stuff..." Then it came time to actually write it all, and that became a bit of a burden, and was one of the reasons why it took so long; I had to map out the games to be played. I wanted to do the creature scene because to me that is true scary, not having a clear view of what's going on, only getting still frames, eyes, and a knife, and then nothing. The red hall was largely for visual purposes, and sensory stimulation. I wanted you to taste the thick coppery taste, and see the raging river of red. As for the forest scene, that was to eliminate any concept of safety, to take even the most pleasurable and comfortable of things and turn it hostile. All in all, great fun to write, but not terribly easy. Anyway, thank you so much and since it will be a while, I encourage you to visit the website where I have a few things up already, and may get some more done in the near future. It's nice not having to wait for validation there! Thanks again!

Name: AnaMolly (Signed) · Date: 08/20/07 12:09 · For: Chapter 12: R.S.V.P.
Wow this chapter was just amazingly packed with excitement from start to finish! I loved the beginning where Harry and Ron are fighting, for me this was one of the best scenes in this entire chapter. I can’t wait to read about this “party” and I’m wondering who the party favor is…I’m not looking forward to another death though. And I have to say reading Boris’ dialogue was difficult…of course once I got the hang of it I thought you did a pretty good job of it. As for the scenes with the nightshades…I have conflicting emotions on these because part of me is enthralled by their whole being and the amount of depth in character you have given them, but another part of me (which is the impatient and annoying little girl inside me) just wants to know who they are and why they are doing all this. Then there’s this twist with a survivor, which leads me right to another one of the best scenes I wrote about earlier in my review. That whole part when Ron is using Legilimency and all her memories are flashing to him, I thought that was just simply marvelous! As you wrote in a response for a review earlier, that you played those images in your mind and wrote from there, that was exactly the same way those images played out in my mind while I was reading it. It keeps amazing me how you are able to convey all that in your writing! And it hit me until now that your stories, or I should say this one more so than the other ones, have…further developed…I think is the right term to use here, my imagination. I used to pride myself in being able to read something and play it out as if in a movie in my mind, while still having the ability to remember that I was reading, therefore being able to get distracted by other things. But while I read this story I completely forget that I’m reading at all, its as if a movie starts playing in my eyes, everything and everyone around me becomes a blur, and if I was asked what I had been doing for the past 15 minutes I would be really much tempted to say that I was watching a movie instead of reading. So I have to thank you for your wonderful story-telling ability, oh and also I might add, if it hadn’t been for the fact that Tonks died here before she did in DH, I would have been devastated. In a way, having her die in your story prepared me for when she died in DH (although Fred’s and Lupin’s was just terrible and I was in no way prepared for those) so I didn’t take it that hard. Anyway, before I make this review any longer, this chapter was a very great read and I’ll see you in the next one!

Author's Response: Thank you ever so much, and I suppose I should apologize to JKR for stealing her thunder in regards to Tonks. Also, thank you so much for the nice and juicy review. The two scenes that you point to as the best in the chapter, those were really the focal point, and everything else was kind of filler really. As I think I've said before, I needed Harry and Ron to fight, though they are partners in this story, the narrative is largely internalized inside of Ron, and so we haven't explored their relationship as partners and friends, which is something I really like doing. As for Vanessa, she served many purposes, from allowing me to set the mood for the next chapter to providing a very important bit of plot progression. I also find it interesting what you say about the movie in your mind because that is essentially what happens as I write, at least at the very best of my writing. I plot out what's going to happen, and when I sit down to write, it's much like watching a movie and simply explaining what is going on. Okay, gonna try and squeeze out a response to your other review before I have to go.

Name: EmeraldFlame (Signed) · Date: 08/20/07 3:17 · For: Prologue: Severatum
Whew! Scary!

Author's Response: HAH! I'm loving this. I've gone for eerie before, but not outright abject terror, and it does the heart good that I seemed to have succeeded. Thank you.

Name: TC Fields (Signed) · Date: 08/20/07 1:25 · For: Chapter 13: The Illusion
If fear was your mission, consider it accomplished.

Author's Response: Thank you so much.

Name: Igo Retla (Signed) · Date: 08/19/07 22:33 · For: Chapter 13: The Illusion
"Ron’s site" should be "sight".

I'm going to have to mull this over.

Author's Response: Uh-oh... What's up?

Name: red haired mom (Signed) · Date: 08/19/07 22:24 · For: Chapter 13: The Illusion
Ron really knows what he is talking about. No matter what happens when they open the door, they still have to check it out and quite possibly avoid being killed. When you stop to think about it, it really is funny.
The Illusion is actually a nice respite from the ones who came before. They were maudlin, and scary, this one is fun and upbeat. Which in itself is pretty scary when faced with it.
Not many people realize casting light away from you will help you see better. Most people will hold a light, lantern, candle, or whatever, right in front of their eyes, and not understand why they can’t see very much.
The creature, whatever it is, is slightly terrifying. They can only see it for a millisecond at a time, and every time they do, it has moved. I guess it’s a good thing Ron trusts Harry so much. He wouldn’t have moved quite so quickly if he didn’t.
I can’t believe you did that. Harry was left out there with the creature, and you let it kill him? That’s awful, and cruel, and every other foul thing I can’t think of at the moment because I am so upset.
I hope Ron finds a way to ‘kill the son of a bitch’ as he said. Killing other Aurors upset them, killing Tonks hurt them, but killing Harry enrages Ron enough to take on Nightshades, and Master by himself. I like the line, “When they arrived, he might have thought that he had seen enough death for the day, but now he was sure he needed to see one more dead body before he could go to sleep tonight.”
That seems so apropos for that situation.
That hallway is just wrong. Having the bags filled with blood and bodies, that is just disgusting and wrong. Then again, you know that, that’s why you wrote it. To be disturbing, right? Floating along in a river of blood and knowing you are about to die, has a way of waking you up to the fact that you aren’t dead yet.
Sink into a whirlpool and end up in a mountain stream? And Hermione, younger and completely immodest is there? Ewwwww, centipedes and spiders coming out of her mouth, ears, and nose. Completely disgusting. Thank you for letting Ron see that before he kissed her.
Lightning? You really are sick and twisted. All of these games came from your mind. Definitely sick and twisted.
Harry’s alive! They each saw the other die, and had to find their way through the ‘games’. But still another dead Auror. No, two dead Aurors.
You did an amazing job with this chapter, even though it was completely insane, I loved it. You definitely had me going with Harry dying and Hermione being there. Excellent job and very well paced. I know you can’t be hurried, but please if there is any love for us mere readers in your heart, please write quickly. See you then.

Author's Response: You know, I did the humor bit with Ron at the beginning for that exact reason. I reallize that the nature of the story kind of develops a pattern and if I let my writing slip, you may be jogged out of the narrative long enough to notice that, so I kind of preempted the reaction a bit here. What I do find funny in this review is that you start off by saying that you thought the Illusion was nicer than the previous two nightshades that we've seen before, and then that seems to have changed. Also, I knew that there would be a large reaction to Harry's death, and only just now did I really give away the fact that he wouldn't die, after all, he doesn't die until Everybody Does It occurs. As for being sick and twisted and insane, I don't think so, but it's possible. I think it true that if you want to know what true good is, you should know what true evil is, and perhaps that is the frame of mind with which I adopt this stuff. I don' t know. What I do know is that through this chapter, I wanted to continuously take you guys off of your guards and definitely make it known that at last in this game here, there is no safe spot, there is no solice or sanctuary, which was why I used Hermione specifically. Now, yes, I would love to get the next chapter to you as quickly as possible, but not only am I on a weird shift at work this week, but I have company staying with us, so my life won't return to normal until Tuesday of next week, hopefully that is when I will start writing the next chapter! In the meantime, you can stop by my website and I got a couple other little things written there for your perusal!

Name: Ginzig (Signed) · Date: 08/19/07 21:49 · For: Chapter 13: The Illusion
uh... wow... Very grisly, thanks for the warning. So far I think the Illusion is the worst Nightshade yet. To play with the mind like that... As always, the descriptions were amazing, maybe too amazing. I hope I don't have nightmares tonight.

Author's Response: I beg forgiveness, but I kinda hope you do have nightmares... Not really really bad ones that make you stop reading the story, but just bad enough to know that the thing was scary enough! I'm sort akidding of course. I knew from the onset that this was going to be a gory and scary story, I wanted to do that, and so there you go. Hopefully I got the scary just right and you do keep coming back. If it makes you feel better, my plans for the next chapter are a little easier, just to let every catch their breath before I do it again. Thanks and I'll see ya next time!

Name: MrsRadcliffe31 (Signed) · Date: 08/19/07 15:06 · For: Chapter 12: R.S.V.P.
Hi this is my first time reviewing and I thought I should submit one review before the story ends! Let me tell you. i have been following the whole Epilogues series since June! I read the very first one and then I read all the other ones. This story is one of the best fanfiction I have ever read! It might even be the best but I've read a lot so can't really say. I can't wait for the next chapter because I love action stories and mystery stories so however scary the next chapter is ( which must be pretty scary since all your other chapters are plain freaky which is a compliment) I will still read it and it'll probably be magnificent! So anyways keep up the great work because this story is unbelievable!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, and I'm very glad you are enjoying the stories thus far. Though don't worry, you should still have plenty of chapters left in which to leave a review! As for the next chapter it is up, and from the other reviews that I've seen so far, it apparently is very scary, so I hope to please in that regard. Anyway, thank you so much and I'll see ya for the next one!

Name: louiselikes (Signed) · Date: 08/10/07 15:53 · For: Chapter 12: R.S.V.P.
Wow, I love this story arc. I love it all. You should really update soon, maybe even start posting it on other fic sites. I've already shared your link with a few people, it really is an amazing piece of fic!

I really need an update!!! :D

Author's Response: Initially I did start posting on a few other sites, in fact, I didn't even come to MNFF until I had the first few stories written on a totally different site. To make a long story short, I intend to finish out the entire Epilogues Story arc here first and then I'll consider posting it on other sides. After all, I'll have the things written already, shouldn't be that much more work. so thank you very very much, I appreciate it immensely. As for this particularly story, I'm going to focus a good portion of the rest of my evening on finishing it so hopefully that goes well. I can already see one problem in that I'm not even a third of the way through and I'm already over four thousand words... so there may be some emergency editing when I'm done. Also I want the warning made now. This should, unless I failed as a writer, be the single scariest thing I've written, and definitely gross in some areas.... OOOh, glad I responded to this, I'm kinda amped to go back to writing again.

Name: Greenelfhpfan (Signed) · Date: 08/08/07 19:06 · For: Chapter 12: R.S.V.P.
Omigod...that was such a freaky chapter...It was amazing- as always- but really creepy...Great job!

Author's Response: heh... Thank you so much, and I'm glad you thought the appetizer is freaky... wait until you see the main course.

Name: KneazleWeazl (Signed) · Date: 08/08/07 17:32 · For: Chapter 12: R.S.V.P.
i cannot remember for the life of me if i reviewed this and im afriad to touch the buttons on my keyboard because it keeps sending me backwards. i don't think i reviewed this because i haven't had my computer for a while but i did read it. no theories though. scary stuff though, scary stuff. i like it though, i can't wait for the next chapter. how did you like the last book if you've read it yet? hm, rambles. i was gonna say something... oh yeah! i wanted to say thanks for updating the day before my birthday, little early bday treat for me!

Author's Response: Hey Charlotte. No, you haven't reviewed this chapter prior to this one. I would have known, trust me. Especially now; I would be lying if I didn't say that the low review count for this chapter has been a little... disheartening. Oh well, I suppose it happens from time to time. As for the bday thing... what can I say... I was planning it all along... yeah, that's the ticket! I'm glad you found it scary, as it's a very meager taste of what's to come in the next one. Which, for anyone who goes through and reads my responses to other reviews, please take heart, I've started working on the next chapter in earnest, and if things go my way this weekend, I may even be able to finish it by monday and have it all nice and shiny and in queue then. I have read the last book finally, and I guess I liked it just fine. I'm not thrilled that there are more than a few bits of my story that are now pretty far gone out of canon now, though there were a thing or two, like the movie, where I kinda thought to myself (Ha! I did it first!). But it was interesting. Since about the third book, the entire series had gotten very historical in nature, and Dumbledore's past was something I thought rather intriguing, and and proved to be one of the aspects of the sixth books I thought went highly underspeculated. But then, I honestly don't get too heavily into HP fandom (I know, I know, i write fanfiction, but OTHER than that I don't ) so I wouldn't know. The most disappointing thing I think was the epilogue, but the reason why was because it was so... sterile. You have all these characters with all these vibrant pasts and for some reason it just kind of irked me that you could put virtually anybody in that scene and it would be the same. Compared to the rest of the works, it was very cookie cutter in my opinion. But that's me,and it's probably the kind of reaction you might get from someone writing a series of stories entitled, "Epilogues". Anyway, thank you so much Charlotte, and I'll try and have the next one up as soon as I can get it done!

Name: potterwidow (Signed) · Date: 08/05/07 17:47 · For: Chapter 12: R.S.V.P.
wow - i guess the party will be on burnt hearth road? this is turning scarier by the moment!!!!!

Author's Response: Ayuh, that'll be the place, and if you think you've seen scary. heh ehehehe MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA... oh, um... sorry bout that. Yeah, I intend for things to get creepier.

Name: bstybyz (Signed) · Date: 08/05/07 11:44 · For: Chapter 12: R.S.V.P.
all i can say is WOW.....cant wait till the next ch. hope it comes soon !!!!

Author's Response: Thank you thank you thank you. I intend to start writing it this week, maybe even tonight. It's looking to be a slow news day in politics, and I'm pretty well caught up so hopefully that will clear some room for later tonight. Thank you so much, again, and I'll see ya there.

Name: bstybyz (Signed) · Date: 08/04/07 19:06 · For: Chapter 10: Brothers
i have a feelin that later in the story Ras will come to be a ally of some sort but thats just me speaking out loud

Author's Response: It's possible. it's also possible he won't. You'll have to wait and see, won't you? heh... Thank you so much!

Name: bstybyz (Signed) · Date: 08/04/07 8:33 · For: Chapter 1: The Recruit
liked the ending to this one :)

Author's Response: thank you. I had fun with it.

Name: bstybyz (Signed) · Date: 08/03/07 21:38 · For: Prologue: Severatum
after reading this for the first time i know who the stranger is but i wil just keep reading your ARC because so far it is excellent and by far one of the betsi have read.

Author's Response: are you sure about that? I mean, it could be who you're thinking about, it could not. never really any telling what i got up my sleeve, is there? Thank you ever so much.

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