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Name: KneazleWeazl (Signed) · Date: 09/27/07 19:38 · For: Chapter 15: Revelations
o ya, i remember more now. is there going to be a big showdown in the next chapter? and i don't mean like any of the one's we've had so far, i mean BIG. because it seems like the nightshades are speeding up and in my nonexperience with these things, when it speeds up that means something is about to happen.

Author's Response: In the words of Rathius Ratbone, "What makes you think I would tell you?" Seriously though, yes, the next chapter is going to be particularly violent, but I won't say how, or even if our heroes will be in danger as a result.

Name: KneazleWeazl (Signed) · Date: 09/27/07 19:36 · For: Chapter 15: Revelations
NOOOO!!! i typed the longest review ever and i hit a button and it all went bye bye!

ok, a) i do remember that review
b) do you remember that review where i asked about adam's last name being benedict? o ya.
c) i don't think their families are in trouble because harry just would've rushed off.
d) good chapter
e) i did really meet a guy named ratbone
f) have you ever had pumpkin donuts? my mom brought one home and it was delicious.

i had more in the other review but i can't remember right now because of stupid MOZILLA! sorry. Great chapter, i loved it.

Author's Response: okay, Charlotte. right click-select all-copy. Then hit submit. Actually, I found this out, if you get the login screen, if you hit back, it'll give you a blank screen or something, and a box will pop up, try to hit "retry" and it'll save your review, I think. A)good B)yes C)boy, are you in for a shock D)thank you E) no way F)you know, I was going to pass this off as typical oddness I've grown accustomed to with you, but then, yeah, I have. And they are rather delicious. Actually, and I wanted to mention this, when you first left in your review about Benedict Arnold, I swear I wanted to just yell, "SHUT YOUR EFFIN TRAP!!! YOU'RE GOING TO RUIN IT!" But then, that's what I get for using that name. But know that sometimes you guys will mention something and I really do have to bite my tongue from giving something away. Luckily for me, there are enough theories out there to make it at least a challenge for someone to comb through and figure which might be right and which aren't.

Name: Ginzig (Signed) · Date: 09/27/07 19:20 · For: Chapter 15: Revelations
Adam is The Imposter...WOW! I want to say I saw it coming, but I can't be sure that's honest. I remember someone saying in a review about Adam's last name being Benedict and if he would be a traitor like Benedict Arnold. So many more dead now. So sad too, some so young and full of potential. What a horrible scene to investigate. I'm curious about what Harry saw that shook him up so badly, considering everything he's seen, it must be very bad indeed. I look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Man, you are quick! Thank you, yeah someone did call it, now it's a matter if she actually realizes she called it or not. This is the tricky part, sometimes you guys hit on the right thread, and I have to sit here and pretend that you didn't, which all lends to the fun. In any case, I've been waiting for much of this story to unleash that particular surprise, and now I just get to sit back and see the reaction! YAY! As for what Harry has seen, I will tell you, that's all the next chapter is about, no more, no less. One unbroken chapter of what Harry saw. Though, I must say, I've been waiting to write that chapter since back when I was writing Ep II, so you'll have to forgive me if I take a little time to, uh... give it the write up it deserves.

Name: akb (Signed) · Date: 09/17/07 18:14 · For: Chapter 14: Internalizing
that was a long one...sorry i havnt updated in so long...im going to blame it on homework.....it was interesting how the nightshades had the letter published about the revolution....even though Rathius said that was pointless, i liked that part....overall good job....not many action scenes....but not all chapters can be like that so i think you did well....good luck for the next!

Author's Response: You know, I'm really glad you mentioned school because I was really starting to worry that perhaps people were losing interest in the story. Even if they really are, I can at least fool myself into thinking really it's just that people are too buys with school work. No there wasn't a whole lot of action, and I'm really kinda trying milk the non action while it's still here because the next chapter has some action, and hten the chapter out of that is... well, severe on the action, then there's a little action, exposition, exposition, and then several chapters of straight up action action action (not exactly sure yet how many chapters of continuousaction, we'll have to see how the timing goes). So as you've said in the past, it's not necessarily a good thing to have non stop action, and so I'm still in pacing before we get tot he exciting conclusion! Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I'll see ya for the next one, which I hope to get in the queue by the end of the week.

Name: jediprankster (Signed) · Date: 09/12/07 19:00 · For: Chapter 14: Internalizing
Another thing. It occurred to me in 'Deeper in a Hole' that the pimple faced regular, Eric Solstrom, could be the Eric that the Master addressed by name. This is in keeping with my idea that it is someone familiar with forensic magic that is involved.

Edgar Eton - found in a GRAVE
Vanessa WarGRAVES - victim in next incident.
Also, Eton spelled backwards, is note. A note was found on his body leading them to Priscilla Payne.
The next encounter with a Nightshade was filled with lots of emotional pain.

Pattern? My imagination?

One question. Didn't Ratbone have an older brother who also died? I think I remember reading that in Part II. Could he, like Ras, also be alive, and be the big bad behind all of this.

Author's Response: Just so you know, I'm not blowing you off, I just only get once every couple days lately to sit down and answer reviews so I will answer them all. But as I pointed out to someone else with Rath and Ras's older brother, I actually kinda forgot I wrote that bit in there. Also, it's interesting that you go through the name game. I actually intended it to end with Tonks, but now that you mention in, it's very odd that there's some more there, but again, as I say, more later.

Name: jediprankster (Signed) · Date: 09/12/07 17:28 · For: Chapter 14: Internalizing
This story is the best you've written so far. You have a very well planned, and well thought out mystery going here. I really love the clues at the crime scenes. I expected the method of Tonks' death to be the clue to the next victim, but there was no clue. I seem to remember, from several fan fictions, a street in London called Charring Cross Road. Maybe my memory is off but the street has char in it somewhere. Tonks was charred. Naturally, I thought the next victim would be an Auror that lived on this street. I was wrong. The clues have not disappeard, however. A victim is found buried alive in a GRAVEYARD. A clue is found on his body that leads them to an encounter with The Wall. Those two deaths would be one instance. The next victim was named Wargraves. Her death was tied to an instance where another victim was found. Each instance involving Ron and Harry running some type of gauntlet, and failing to save someone. Maybe I'm seeing a pattern that isn't there. I still think I need to go back and read the scene where Peter is found dead to see if I can find a clue.

I especially like the bit about elemental magic messing up the Anonime Mano spell. That would seem to indicate that the perpetrator(s) have some knowledge of forensic magic. Perhaps the Master was failed out of Auror training? Could this all be a huge grudge? Maybe this someone is a Auror? Maybe a disgruntled Auror that is angry at being passed up by two 'kids'. That makes sense. An Auror that has been repeatedly passed over for promotion, and the last straw was a couple of 'kids' passing him up. Maybe (s)he believes they got where they are on fame and name recognition alone. There's a motive for you. I'll keep reading to find out how right or wrong I am.

Keep up the superb writing. You are doing surprisingly well without a Beta, and I wonder how much better you coulc be with a good one.

I now sit back to eagerly await the next chapter.

Author's Response: Okay, you write so much and address so much, but to respond would really risk spoiling the next chapter, so I'll make you a deal. Leave another juicy review fro the next chapter, and I'll go ahead and answer and address some of your theories here, okay? As for when the next chapter will be done, I plan on having it in the qeue next week. I just finished the first scene, and the second scene is going to be I think a little character development, filler, not sure exactly how I want to proceed yet.

Name: jediprankster (Signed) · Date: 09/11/07 4:14 · For: Chapter 1: The Recruit
AVADA KERFLUFFLE! That was funny.

I really like how you started with an apparent raid on some criminals and reveal that Harry and Ron were just listening to their students. The photos in their office (and the reason they weren't paintings) was a great touch. Ron not liking Adam because he reminds him of Percy was another great touch. As with all of your other stories, you show a great attention to detail (but not too much, which is good). I'll probably just read straight through the rest of the chapters that you have posted so far before leaving another review, but I will review again.

Author's Response: You know what's interesting? I never really thought of it as a misdirect raid. In fact, as I wrote it, it was more kinda like Ron and Harry in the halls of Hogwarts up to mischief, that's what I felt. It was almost like, you know those cheesy movie devices where they'll show someone as a kid and there will be a fade and all of a sudden they're twenty years older but still doing the same thing? In my head that was what it was kinda like. Anyway, yeah, and these early chapters it was really important for me to set the stage properly particularly because as we get further down (as you'll see), the action gets more intense, and you can't spend two or three paragraphs describing an office or something when you are in the middle of an action scene or watching as the Auror's frantically pore through notes, you know? Anyway, thanks and I'm off to try and squeeze in one or two more responses.

Name: jediprankster (Signed) · Date: 09/11/07 3:31 · For: Prologue: Severatum
Hmm. Good beginning. I like how you have set up a suspenseful situation right from the start. I will hazard a guess that the man with the walking stick is none other than Rathius Ratbone. But is he really a bad guy? Maybe not. He could be someone else entirely. I have liked all of the other stores in the Epilogues series. And, although this one will have a different flavor than the rest, I like your writing style so much, that I know it will be good anyway.

Author's Response: Alright, let's see ifwe can't get some of these reviews knocked out, shall we? First, as always, thank you. Now, and i think I say this in the author's note, this was just a teaser... I had always intended to write it, but at the time it was something Iput out a couple months before I was ready to actually start writing, primarily because Ididn't want to lose too many people from Part II. As for who's the man behind the mask, you know I won't say, though you are also not even close to the first to suspect Rathius.... Wonder why I did that... hmmm... Wish I knew what I was thinking half the time. Anyway, again thank you, and off to the next one.

Name: louiselikes (Signed) · Date: 09/08/07 19:27 · For: Chapter 14: Internalizing
*Most sorry about the short response there but I couldn't think of anything else to say. This is, by far, my favourite fic. I'm usually one for Dramione (what with all the Hr/R shipping in the canon itself), but this is an exception. You should definately update soon.

Sorry again.

Author's Response: Nononononon, no need to apologize. Honestly. I'm truly honored to hold such high esteem with you, and so, who am I to look that gift horse in the mouth? Regarding ships, I typically prefer the canon ones, though I don't read a whole lot of fanfiction, so there you go. As for updating soon. Well, I don't update often enough as is, and I already know a major obstacle in the way of me updating quickly here on in and that's going to be plot timing. We are quickly building up to the climax, but that still leaves some questions on how I'm going to get there. I'm actually contemplating shorter chapters for a while, giving each scene it's own chapter as opposed to usually having three scenes give or take per chapter largely due to the timing of the story. I don't like doing that though. But if that's what the story needs that's what it needs. But basically the next few chapters contain three or four events that I want to have in their own chapter, it's just a matter of how to do that which has really been one of the major challenges of writing this story is not the individual scenes, but getting from point a to point b without leaving anything behind. Anyway, thank you for both reviews, and I'll get the next chapter up as quickly as possible.

Name: TC Fields (Signed) · Date: 09/08/07 1:29 · For: Chapter 14: Internalizing
Well, I couldn't help but rub my own eyes as you described poor Vanessa gouging at hers. Wonderfully disgusting imagery.

And damn it! Ron has to stop running off on his own. lol. I can't wait for the next installment; you constantly leave me in a state of extreme anticipation.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. That is what I'm trying to do, you know. Of course, he has to stop, but I have to keep making him, otherwise, the scene's I have planned out will never be, and I can't have that, now can I? As for Vanessa, well, you knew I wasn't just going to leave it at "She died" did you? Thank you so much for the review and I'll see ya next time.

Name: louiselikes (Signed) · Date: 09/06/07 19:04 · For: Chapter 14: Internalizing
Wow. Just wow.

Author's Response: I'll take it as a compliment, thank you.

Name: AnaMolly (Signed) · Date: 09/06/07 13:48 · For: Chapter 14: Internalizing
Well, at least I got to read Ron and Harmione spend some time together…even though I was left a bit confused, not to mention hooked, by the abrupt ending to this chapter. But I have a question, what exactly did you mean by not stealing your thunder in the response for my last review? Did it have something to do with Ron and Hermione spending time together? Anyway, I have to tell you I absolutely loved the way you wrote the beginning with the memories and the present combining together, I thought that was wonderful (which gave me an idea, I’m writing a story, nothing related to HP, and I was having a difficult time including the memories of the character within the story and I would love to try it your way…if you wouldn’t mind me stealing your idea that is) Umm…I liked the chapter although it felt a bit like a filler for me, but then again it might be because the last one was so packed with action….well what ever the reason may be I still thought it was a great read! Speaking about great reads, I’ve been meaning to check out the story you have on your website but other things keep coming up. Then I read a little part of it and came across the word “war” and I’m not so sure I want to get into something like that at the moment…not that you’re not a good writer, I mean I’ve said it countless times, I think you’re a great writer, but I don’t know…a story about war?...after something as intense as HP, and part 3 of Epilogues, I don’t think I have the energy to get into something like that… But then again the curiosity is killing me! So I might just swallow my last few words and go ahead and read it…yeah I change my mind about every thing like that *snaps fingers* Anyway, see you next chapter!

Author's Response: Hello. Well first, and I just recently updated that site, you know it's not all just one story, it's me kinda stretching my legs I guess. I got some interesting news recently that I'm going to keep private for now, but it has put the impetus upon me to branch out and test new waters. So don't think it's just going to be that story, or even that I'm going to finish that story at all. I've been working on the third part of the chapter for what you have read and to be honest I am not sure I can make that story the way I want to be, at least not without seriously hashing it out more first. So yeah, please go check it out, and please leave comments, it's terribly lonely over there (which is stupid. I write for a pretty popular political blog and I'm not employing any of the publicity seeking techniques I learned for that over on this personal fiction based blog...). As for this chapter, I wouldn't call it filler as much as exposition. A lot of the information we have here is important; the bath scene was important not only to keep Ron from going completely nuts but also so that we got a chance for Ron to realize that one of the Nightshades is a Metamorphmagus as well as putting to bed what happened to Vanessa. Ratbone, as i'm sure you have picked up, is a useful bit of deus ex machina/exposition/ etc. for my stories. He definitely spruces up what I think would be a very boring means of conveying information, while at the same time adding a little mystery of his own. And you may feel totally free to use whatever device you want. I think the only thing I would really want someone to ask permission for is the use of my original characters; everything else is fine. What I meant by stealing my thunder was exactly that. Before you left that review I had already planned the bath scene out as a way to give people some breathing room following what will probably be one of the most grizzly chapters of the story (though it has stiff competition as you will eventually see). When I read what you had written I was just like, "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Anyway, thank you for the review, and take care of yourself until I hear from you next.

Name: MrsRadcliffe31 (Signed) · Date: 09/05/07 20:05 · For: Chapter 14: Internalizing
Hello! It's MrsRadcliffe again! Wonderful chapter once again! It's funny how sometimes in the author's note you say that sometimes the chapter could be sorta boring because the ratbones are in it but i find rathius to be the most interesting character in the story besides Harry and Ron of course. But you left us at such a cliffie! I need to know where Ron's going so I hope you're working on the next chapter but no pressure or anything! As for Vanessa's death, that was absolutely horrible how she died like that! I was hoping that she'd just die in her sleep or something less painful! But at least the pain's gone now for her. A couple more things. I have no idea how Harry and Ron are going to defeat the Nightshades, I have absolutely no idea but it looks like we're getting that some of that solved in the next chapter. It's also so weird how the other two epilogue stories were like fluffy and romantic and then this one is so violent but I'm not complaining; I'm hooked until this is finished! And last but least; best fanfiction story i have ever read!

Author's Response: Well, I most definitely don't think the Ratbones are boring, or else I wouldn't bother putting them in the story. But their appearance thus far does typically mean exposition which isn't quite as blood pumping as rivers of blood, now is it? So that's that. Actually, considering what's going on in the forums lately, I must have done something right with Rathius, so I'm uber pleased. As for the cliffie... I wonder if anyone can make the mental leap that Ron just made. I don't leave as many clues as I did for the last game, but I think that if someone were to use their brain, they can figure out what has Ron eager to leave. As for Vanessa, yes, that was particularly cruel of me. I knew she was going to die before I laid pen to paper, figuratively, on this whole story, and perhaps of everyone in this story, and trust me, there's still some sick stuff up ahead, I don't think anyone suffers quite as much as Vanessa does. Poor girl. When it comes to Harry and Ron beating the Nightshades, there are so many interesting questions that stem from that, it's not even funny... unless you happen to be the author and happened to orchestrate all those questions in the first place, at which point it becomes an absolute RIOT! As for the differences in tone between the three stories, you have to understand that in at least one way, part II was a failure. Part II was supposed to be a romantic comedy and turned into more like a romantic tragedy of sorts, likening it very much to the first part. In truth, the first part was supposed to be dark and anguished (ahem, read: dark/angsty), while the second was supposed to be funny, separating it wildly from the first part, and then we were supposed to dive into this story, totally off guard. But as I say, Part II turned into that darker, angsty story I wasn't really expecting, and as a result, you actually have a chance to get used to the tone of the two stories before getting to this one as opposed to always being on your feet. Anyway, thank you so much for the review, i appreciate it ever so much, and am honored you call this the best.

Name: KneazleWeazl (Signed) · Date: 09/05/07 14:44 · For: Chapter 14: Internalizing
Great chapter! Ya, I'm guessing I'm not one of those two astute reviewers. Anyways, I have no theories that weren't dispelled or confirmed while I was reading the chapter, bummer. However, I do think I should tell you that I met a man name Ratbone. I almost laughed when my mom introduced me because he looked like how I imagine Ratbone to be. Oh, and that monster I was telling you about was called the Gnasher and I'm thinking about using it in a fanfiction that I've been toying with so no stealing!

Author's Response: There is actually a term for my general state of being right now. It's called *facepalm*. That's because you actually do happen to be one of the astute readers, silly. Do you remember somewhere in the past mentioning how curious you thought it was that the more recent spells were elemental in nature? That' s what I was referring to. As for your Ratbone, I refuse to believe that, seriously. I can't buy it. But your Gnasher is perfectly safe. I have no further need for anything even remotely like that anymore anyway. Thanks Charlotte, for everything.

Name: red haired mom (Signed) · Date: 09/05/07 10:05 · For: Chapter 14: Internalizing
Oh my god! I actually read all the way through without stopping to make notes. Going back through it now though.
The tub scene was written perfectly, with a few typos, but otherwise done very well. While I have never been through anything remotely as terrifying as Ron was, I know when bad things happen your mind will jump from the reality of the moment back to whatever it is that happened. Having Hermione as calm and understanding as she was, helped the scene immensely. She did what any good spouse would do, allow him to deal and be there for the breakdown. Great job.
The descriptions of Vanessa and the way she was found were sufficiently gruesome. Being locked in a nightmare and having no way out but to scratch out your own eyes has to be one of the worst possible ways to die.
You set such a frenetic pace with your story, I have a hard time remembering how much time has passed until you mention what all has happened in one day.
The letter from the Nightshades was a good touch. It gave more weight to the fact Ron and Harry are the main targets, not the general public. The Ratbone brothers definitely have a unique relationship, given that one of them has no discernable emotions, they bicker just like any other siblings.
Rathius does have a way of steering them to their own conclusions, and making sure, they find the right ones. Harry would know all about how Voldemort rose to power, and that seven is the most magical number. And Ron using chess to come to his conclusions is just so right. They shouldn’t have to have it pointed out to them their families are going to be targeted. Having been through what they have, they should already know that. I do like the way Rathius gets his points across though. He knows there is only so much he can give them without endangering their case.
In the office, they get on the right track, and then mess it up. Then back on the right track again. Such a simple thing, yet they didn’t put it together until Ron looked at the book. And it seems Harry is still in the dark, at least for now.
In my last review, I said the Illusion was nicer, I only meant he wasn’t such a doom and gloom type of personality. He was upbeat and happy. That in itself made him more terrifying than the others. You did such a great job on this, and I was happy to see the references to your earlier stories. Harry gone to live among the muggles. From jump, you grabbed us all by the throat, and haven’t let go. Keep up the good work, and I know it is useless, but update as soon as possible, please. See you then…

Author's Response: Regarding the typos, I plan on fixing those sometime today or at least this week. But this is the torture I endure for the sake of you guys. I hate going back to edit something because if I try and do it in site, the formatting gets all kinds of weird, which means I have to copy and paste the entire thing out onto word, fix it, and copy and paste it back. Sigh... is there no end to my hardship? Okay, back to the rest of it. Yeah, the tub scene was, well, I was running out of time in that day, and so I needed to let our heroes go home and have a rest, didn't I? And you know, a lot of people have been worried about possible tension between Ron and Hermione, and whether they were having troubles, and they weren't, they just act like a normal married couple who don't go around singing each other's praises continuously non stop. But like the first scene in the bathroom, I wanted this to be a reminder that this is a couple that is still very much in love with each other, even if I don't dip down to taudry teenage cuteness to prove it. Not much more to say in this chapter, though I suppose there is something of a game to this one too. Where exactly is it that Ron's going, and why? Again, I fear I might have made this too easy, but we shall see. Thanks again, for everything so much.

Name: Ginzig (Signed) · Date: 09/05/07 10:00 · For: Chapter 14: Internalizing
Oooh, I thought that was very exciting. the chapter felt like it gained momentum right to the end. I don't like the sound of this phase coming to the end. At least I know that Harry and Ron survive, but will Adam be so lucky? Four more Nightshades left for Harry and Ron to meet. If the others have been bad, I worry how much worse these last ones are. Fabulous chapter! Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Well, you'll find out very very soon. Or as soon as I can hammer out another update. Though, I can agree that at least some of the Nightshades are much... much... worse. As for Adam... I really can't say... But I guess after showing his worth, it's kinda hard not to root for him, huh? Thanks so much, and I'll see ya for the next one!

Name: red haired mom (Signed) · Date: 09/04/07 22:44 · For: Chapter 13: The Illusion
Quite a few nominations so far... congratulations. Rathius, and Epilogues, PartIII: The Nightshades. I really hope you win, I even said good luck to you in my reasons for nominating both. See you at the end of the next chapter...

Author's Response: YAYAYAYAY!!!! Yeah, I saw that and I truly appreciate it. This'll be Rathius second go at that category, so hopefully he gets it this time around. Again, thank you so so much.

Name: Phoenix3 (Signed) · Date: 09/03/07 15:43 · For: Chapter 5: Infinitialus Locusio

I just l o v e reading your Epilogues. You’ve done such marvelous work, filling in all the details of your little world around the (well-developed, engaging, endearing) characters and stories, knitting everything together like a great cozy blanket like one wants on rainy days.

I only wish I had that chilly, cloudy weather to read with, instead of this hot, overly-long summer. Eh, California, what else should I expect.

Even though it’s been at least a month since I last read, all the intricacies of character and story are still with me, attesting to the fantastic writing =]. I love how Fred and George still have all their youthful mischief and are even passing it on to the next generation. It’s nice to know that someone, some author, had faith in Neville to grow up to a responsible, successful man; it does seem to be a way of life that we grow into confidence from the insecurity of youth, yes? And that aging into maturity is mirrored in Ron and Harry as well (even if Fred and George missed out). As a young-ish person myself, it’s reassuring to be reminded that it’s okay to not be perfect now.

But perfect or not, perhaps I should return to my academic reading, so that when my perfect rainy is here I can enjoy it with some pleasure reading!

Au revoir!

Author's Response: Well, not gonna get any political writing done this morning, so time to answer some reviews. Man, you just kinda come in and out of my life don't you? Sigh. I'm glad you're enjoying the story, and you have yet to even get to the exciting bits yet! Luckily, we should be getting some nice dark and gloomy weather going within the next few months. Hmmm... Halloween is coming... Perhaps I can have something special planned by then. Actually, depending on how the next chapter goes, I might have something VERY fitting for Halloween when it arrives! Thanks so much, and can't wait till you peak in in a couple of months for the next review! ps. No, nobody's perfect, and I think I like it that way. Leaves me to enjoy being perfect all by myself! (/sarcasm)

Name: bstybyz (Signed) · Date: 08/27/07 15:52 · For: Chapter 13: The Illusion
ive been waiting for this chapter for a while now and this was not what i was expecting cought me completely off gaurd but well done of a job

Author's Response: Er... Um... well, I'm sorry it wasn't what you expected, but hopefully that was a good thing and not a bad thing. Thank you for the complement, and hopefully I'll see ya for the next chapter.

Name: akb (Signed) · Date: 08/22/07 17:33 · For: Chapter 13: The Illusion
hey....well that was definately intense...though since i was reading it in broad daylight I wasnt as scared as i would have been if i was reading it at night...so i think you got the scare factor right....the creature that you made up with the red eyes was really awesome...he kind of reminded me of gollum from lord of the rings the kind of thing that does everything possible to reach its goal...so great job with that ....one question i have is that how did all the illusions just stop ....when harry was slapping ron...was it because the auror was dead or something else?...i didnt expect the auror Jurjovich to die ...but vanessa was...kind of a lost case i guess....okay so about this illusion guy...i have NO idea how you came up with such a mentally sick character but you definately pulled it off well...whenever he comes into the scene its so... unnerving...i think that the way you represented him personally bothers me more that the stuff he does to others ( by "bothers me" i mean freaks me out) ..so overall a great chapter....and im sure you are going to keep it up as always!

Author's Response: I don't know exactly where the inspiration for the Illusion came from, but I do know that it's an idea that has been floating around in my head for a very long time. The most raw of conceptualizations is just this purely psychopathic/sociopathic(I don't do paths, I don't know for sure) being. I know that a friend of mine is creeped out by evil children, so that might have something to do with it. Anyway, the concept is this childlike person who has absolutely no concept of right or wrong, exactly, and as a result kills in the most dramatic and fantastic of ways. When I sat down to really hash out the organization of the Nightshades (and in the somewhere in one of the final a/n's I'll talk more indepth regarding the inspiration there) you know I was trying to come up with all of these different personalities, and fortays. This was important to me because you really don't see a great deal of them through the story, definitely not of any one particular Nightshade, but I had to make them as developed as possible so that when you see them you don't simply think that, oh, here's a cookie cutter bad guy. So when I sat down to create these guys, this concept kinda popped up in my head, and considering I wanted a Nightshade that focused so much on illusions, I figured the two were a match (we'll see some exposition on this in story). As for the things he does, that bit is easy, just take any inhibitions you might have in concocting something gross and scary, and there you go. When you think that most of what Ron is seeing is really just an abuse of his own senses, then you can do just about anything. Granted some scenes were planned. The beast with the knife was planned solely for it's capacity to instill fear. I believe very much in the concept of "hiding the monster" That's to say that you can describe in infinite detail the scariest monster you can think of, and it will still fall short of the fear inducing reaction as something you can't see, something you can't trace. So this was my exploration with that. I think for the most part, the description with the exception of specific features, features I wanted you to hone in on, I left his description rather vaguish, focusing more on the movements. I wanted you to get this primal realization that something was coming... something very very bad. Of course, when we go into the red hall, that changes... I know longer want you to be afraid of the creature so much as want you to feel the same level of helplessness that Ron feels. The Hermione scene, and I talked about this in a different response, that scene was definitely scripted and planned, the purpose to remove all concept of safety and comfort. The lightning scene too was planned, though I will defer the reasoning behind that until later in the story, when all will be made clear. The blood river, however, was very much off the cuff, and to be honest, I kind of borrowed that from the scene of red that was tucked away in Vanessa's mind. I thought, well, maybe I should take that too, and expand that idea, and this is what I got. I loved it because it allowed me to do so much, provide a stark contrast to the room Ron left, perform what I thought was a kind of cool bit of imagery with the Illusion, and then just get completely and totally gory and crazy with the blood and bodies. As for the illusions stopping, here's what Harry sees towards the end. Even my head kind of has a hard time getting around it, but just as Jurjovich dies, Ron collapses right before him at his feet. Ron is taken nearly to death by the bolts of lightning. The moment Jurjovich dies, the party is over, and the Illusion has served his purpose. As we know he was instructed not to kill, though he would like to play some more with the aurors, Ron is brought nearly to the point of dying, and he deems it too big a risk to take the game further. He does, after all, fear the Master's wrath. At this point, it should be said that the Master is a better illusionist than the Illusion, as evidenced by "the dark place". So he just stopped everything. Ron, who we notice has already picked up the pattern of the Nightshades, picks up on this and deducts that the goal of this episode was to kill Jurjovich while toying with he and Harry. With jurjovich dead, he rightly assumes that the game is over, for now. Finally, I'm glad the illusion was scarier than his illusions, I think I was kind of hoping for that. Anyway, thank you so much, and you're welcome to check my website while you wait for me to get to work on the next chapter!

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