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Name: acciobooks1111 (Anonymous) · Date: 10/07/07 17:31 · For: Chapter 14: Internalizing
huh? Im kinda confused about the Anonime Mano spell. Oh well i guess ill figure it out. PS Felt like that chapter was rushed.

Author's Response: Well, hopefully the next chapter cleared it up for ya. As for the rushed. I know the last bit of the chapter was intended to feel that way. It was meant to feel kind of frantic, I think, as they were poring over the clues. Anyway, thank you.

Name: acciobooks1111 (Anonymous) · Date: 10/07/07 10:24 · For: Chapter 13: The Illusion
i really thought harry was dead. And by the way you spelt waist wrong.

Author's Response: Thanks for the tip, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Name: acciobooks1111 (Anonymous) · Date: 10/06/07 21:41 · For: Chapter 11: Deeper In A Hole
that was so scary! They cant manage to save anyone.

Author's Response: No, they can't, can they? glad you enjoyed.

Name: acciobooks1111 (Anonymous) · Date: 10/04/07 18:59 · For: Chapter 8: Tempus Fugit
omg that is soo sad!!! I cant believe it.

Author's Response: Told you you should have enjoyed the fluff and humor while you still had a chance.

Name: acciobooks1111 (Anonymous) · Date: 10/04/07 15:47 · For: Chapter 5: Infinitialus Locusio
i thought this chapter was a little bit fluffy. But I still liked it.

Author's Response: I'm trying to remember the fluff, and coming up all zeroes. Doesn't matter. I will only say that you should enjoy it while it lasts as there is not much fluff left in this story. Again, thank you, and see ya for the next one.

Name: acciobooks1111 (Anonymous) · Date: 10/04/07 14:59 · For: Chapter 4: From Here There Be Monsters

Author's Response: One thing that kinda saddens me is the fact that hte kids did not turn out to be as big of a part of this story as I initially thought they would. I really wanted their personalities to come out, however, I can't say I'm still not pleased with the overall result of what we have thus far, and at the very least we get a good glimpse of Dennis in this story.

Name: acciobooks1111 (Anonymous) · Date: 10/04/07 14:16 · For: Chapter 3: Death Magic
oh no I liked Ratbone at the end!!!

Author's Response: I'm thinking you must have reviews in the wrong chapter or something because you mention the kids in the next chapter, and Rathius in this one, and if memory serves, it's the other way around, but anyway. Yeah, it's weird, Rathius was only intended to be a bit part in the last story and a much bigger player in this one, however, I think it actually switches a little. In any case, we do get to learn a lot more about the guy in this story, which a lot of people seem to enjoy. Thank you so much for the review!

Name: TC Fields (Signed) · Date: 10/04/07 2:06 · For: Chapter 15: Revelations
I cannot tell a lie. I kind of saw the Adam thing coming. There was something I just didn't like about him. And now I know what it was.

I love the way you write helplessness and despair. As I read the description of the massacre ... I felt it. And Ron's anger at learning Adam had killed Tonks, I wanted to cry.

My favorite part though ... : “To impress upon you a simple concept that seems to fail at every juncture to enter that thick skull of yours. You must not proceed alone.” Thank Merlin someone finally put that in Black and White for Ron.

Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the amazing work, and take your time. I'd rather wait for another spine tingling chapter than be disappointed in a rushed one.

Author's Response: You know, an interesting thing. Most chapters only take me a few hours to write. It's just a matter of finding the time, and finding myself in the right mood to actually write a good one. I tried starting on the next chapter a couple of days ago, but I just wasn't in the right frame of mind and scrubbed the whole thing. Given that I've been thinking about the next chapter since back at least half way through writing Part II, it is incredibly important to me that I get it just right, and now that I plan on incorporating a previously unconsidered part, that might slow things up a bit, but I will try not to take TOO long. Though, I must say that this is the first time someone has used the term spine tingling in reference to my writing, and i like it. It's nice to have such a traditionally awesome bit of praise, so I will work doubly hard to earn it (and oh yes, I do intend the next chapter to be considerably... intense). Boo for seeing Adam coming, though I suppose that was my fault, I guess and I had thought about this, I wanted to kind of put him in the story a little more, however, through much of the trials I saw Harry and Ron facing them without him, and I just couldn't fit in more bonding time than I already had. As for writing helplessness and despair, well, you've been a long time reader, and should know I like writing emotions. It's just a trick of getting yourself to feel that emotion to some degree and going from there. For instance, when Ron was bound and lying on the ground, I tried to put myself in a similar situation, to have this overwhelming will to dominate the situation but have the physical world completely opposed to that. With Tonks, it was a matter of tempering Ron with the right emotions. At the time of discovery, I think it right that givent the heat of the moment he would immediately leap to anger, but after all was said and done, when he had time to reflect, there would be a kind of regretful sadness and betrayal. And Rathius, he is cool, isn't he? That is if he isn't the Master of course. Thank you so much, and I'll see ya for the next one!

Name: MrsRadcliffe31 (Signed) · Date: 10/03/07 6:07 · For: Chapter 15: Revelations
Oh my god! I never would've guessed Adam in a million years! I had to say that first! but hello again and that chapter was amazing! rathius is getting more and more interesting. I wish he would just tell who the master is but I guess it can't be that simple can it? The plaza explosion was so tragic! Bodies were spread everywhere wihout a lot of their limbs? That is so sad! But anyway I can't wait for the next chapter and count on me leaving a reveiw! This chapter was sooo good!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad I pleased. I'm also particularly glad Adam came as a shock. I was hoping his last name didn't provide too much of a giveaway, but I made a concerted effort not to remind you folks of it too terribly often, hence the reason why I almost always used Adam or some sort of pronoun to describe him. Now, as for the next chapter, who said anything about an explosion?

Name: acciobooks1111 (Anonymous) · Date: 10/02/07 20:10 · For: Chapter 2: The Grove
ooo creepy!! i love avada kerfluffle! I started cracking up

Author's Response: Again, thank you. Yeah, that little bit was all about just trying to ease you in, as you will see later, things do get a little, darker.

Name: acciobooks1111 (Anonymous) · Date: 10/02/07 19:39 · For: Chapter 1: The Recruit
that was funny. i thought he was gonna die. lol

Author's Response: Cool. thanks, and enjoy the laughs while you still can.

Name: AnaMolly (Signed) · Date: 10/01/07 11:42 · For: Chapter 15: Revelations
Oops! I submitted the review under the wrong chapter. lol silly me I'm still struck dumb with shock because of this chapter!

Author's Response: No worries. The only time I look at what chapter a review is for is when the reviews comments don't sync with what I know of the most recent chapter. In just about all other cases I kinda just figure it's the most recently published. But thank you again.

Name: AnaMolly (Signed) · Date: 10/01/07 11:39 · For: Prologue: Severatum
O..M..G!!...That’s basically what I thought for a good five minutes before I could get my ability to form coherent thoughts. And I even forgot about writing the fourth chapter of my story (I had it all planned out but when I saw you had already updated, the plans all scattered out of my brain! Now I have to go back and think what it was that I wanted to write!) But it was worth it though!! Adam a nightshade?? And all those mangled bodies…wow this was a good chapter, not necessarily one of my favorites but great read nonetheless. And I have to say you scared me! For a moment there I thought that was the end for Ron, I was ready to cry and mourn for probably the rest of the year! (and I’m not exaggerating!) But I was relieved that you didn’t kill him (of course you wouldn’t kill him or Harry, I don’t know what I was thinking) This chapter was wonderfully written like always and I can’t wait for the next one! What did Harry see?? And are we going to see it in the next chapter? Is it going to be scary? Will we find out more about the nightshades? Like who they really are and why they’re doing all this? I know you can’t answer my questions but I’m just dying to know! Also I’ve been meaning to ask, is Ratbone’s character in some way modeled after someone you know? He is just a great character, with a very thought out personality and some of the best lines in the whole series, which of course mean you think of the best (and funniest) lines I’ve read…ever. Anyway, I’ll be waiting for the next chapter!! See ya!


Author's Response: HAHAHAH!!! Come now, I know I don't have THAT big of an effect. No way. Though, I'm sorry it disrupted your own writing if it really did. Of course I wouldn't kill Ron. Remember EDI? This may actually be something of a wet blanket on all the suspense I build up, but EDI will at least confirm a few people make it out alive. Questions. What did Harry see? You'll find out next chapter, in fact, that is ALL the next chapter is about. Is it going to be scary? It depends, I suppose, on what scares you. To me, the scariest parts of this story would have to be the trek through the cathedral BEFORE they meet the Beast, and probably the first part of the party thrown by the Illusion ,when they were in the dark with the little beastie. I find the anticiption the scariest thing of all, and once you get down to the nitty gritty gore, that's more like action than horror for me. That all being said, I'm not going to say, but scary or not, I do expect the next chapter to be exciting. Will we find out more about the Nightshades? Using a very technical definition, I suppose we will, though, I wouldn't ready myself for any earth shattering revelations if I were you. (The chapter AFTER that... different story). Which brings us to Rathius. When the story is over, I'm going to have several in depth posts about the Epilogues and one of the things I'm going to go into in depth will be the entire Ratbone family, including Rathius. But, to be quick here, Rathius is not based on anyone I know, or don't know for that fact. I created him. If he is intriguing and well thought out, good, I hope he would be considering I've spent years creating him. How I've created him will be told, though, in the posts I put up on my site after this story is finished. Thank you so much, and I'll see ya for the next one!

Name: red haired mom (Signed) · Date: 09/30/07 22:09 · For: Chapter 15: Revelations
It took me a little while to get here, but I am finally reading this chapter.
I am not sure if I have said this before, but I love how Ron has grown in your stories. You have given him a personality that was lacking so much in the books, and I for one like the Ron you have created.
Adam? Are you serious? Impostor … That is so good, I honestly didn’t see that one coming. I have always thought if you could keep up the constant barrage of spells, eventually one will make it through. Apparently Ron couldn’t block and cast at the same time. Too bad, I really wish he could bring Adam in and show he’s doing something right.
Rathius found him and took him to the Grove? How in Merlin’s name did that happen? I do like his way of speaking though. “I believe one of the more fascinating things about your mind, Mr. Weasley, is that you have the ability to jump from modest brilliance to astonishing stupidity with awe inspiring quickness. If nothing else, it’s entertaining.” Those have to be the best lines yet. Oh, I see how he got Ron out of there. Good job and it makes sense.
Rathius is the one character that doesn’t tick me off by staying out of the fight. He just makes perfect sense when he explains why he can’t do this or he won’t do that. I have to say, you definitely deserved all of the nominations for him.
Your descriptive skills just keep getting better and better. I thought you did a great job with what the Illusion put them through, but this is very chilling to read. I keep getting the flashes in my mind of what they are seeing, and I think it is deeply disturbing. Somehow, I knew you were going to make Ron see whatever it is for himself. Listening to Harry tell it just wouldn’t seem right in this, so experiencing it is the only option.
You have done another amazing job, and I was again on the edge of my seat all through the chapter. I know things are going to speed back up, and I can only hope Ron and Harry are up to the challenge. Rathius isn’t going to make another appearance until the case is solved? I guess it makes sense, but I really do like that guy. Hope you are able to get another chapter up soon, but you know we are here waiting whenever you get the chance.

Author's Response: You folks are good about letting me take my time to write, so I can't justifiably get upset if it takes you a while to read. As for Ron, I think what it is is that I take and make him a real character. No slight on JKR, of course, but he's written kinda missing something. He's just a shade more charicature than character. Which is fine, totally fine, please no one kill me, it's just thathe was meant to serve a certain purpose in the canon books, and therefore you don't really see a full portrait of him so much as a kind of cross section of his personality. And yes, Adam, I've been waiting to spring that little surprise for quite some time now. Though, I hate to disappoint you, I think Ron's intention was to kill Adam. Discovering that Adam was a Nightshade all along had really driven Ron to the brink. As for Rathius, thank you so much. I can't say much about him now because of course it may ruin a surprise or two but I promise, after I have written the last chapter, I will do several posts on my website to clarify any questions you may have about the characters and the plot, including a post I already have planned about the family Ratbone. As for the final scene of this chapter, that and what's to come in the next is perhaps one of the oldest scenes I have in my head that have yet to be written, and despite what I think is a risky last minute addition, all of this has been molded and replayed in my head countless times. As for the purpose of this, for lack of a better term, teaser, the point is of course to get the reader anxious about what caused the carnage as well as to help continue the impression that the Nightshades are indeed incredibly powerful (especially when you take into consideration that as far as you know the Nightshades work alone, so it is very possible that only one wizard caused this entire mess). But yeah, there you go, and of course a retelling won't do, but I have another, probably smaller reason why I didn't want Harry to just tell what he saw. Anyway, thank you for the review, and I'm actually itching to get started on the next chapter, and intend to do so within the next hour or two. See ya there.

Name: keeper of the sword (Signed) · Date: 09/30/07 0:40 · For: Chapter 15: Revelations
I have not yet had the chance to read the latest chapter but you asked a question that I could answer. Though I do not live in England I have been deployed there with the military. The standard British cop carries no Firearm. But there are more specialized units ( like our American SWAT) that carry firearms. I hope that can answer your question and I can't wait to enjoy this next Chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks. Man, now I have to decide if I want to put that in the next chapter or not. We'll have to see. I really appreciate the information, and hope you enjoy the chapter.

Name: akb (Signed) · Date: 09/28/07 17:38 · For: Chapter 15: Revelations
HA! i knew adam had something to do with something!....well that was really....gory....and bloody...and gross.....but i guess thats what you wanted right?.....nice how they left a muggle instead of a wizard this time...i wonder what will happen?.....the thing that harry saw reminded me of the scene with vanessa when Ron went inside her head....but im guessing this is going to be slightly different.....great job and good luck with the next!

Author's Response: Something to do with something! Nah, I'll lay off. Yeah, Adam was a Nightshade all along. And yeah, gore gore gore. I love gore. Really, I don't find gore in fiction to be particularly scary, at least not how it is commonly used. Here, I think the big effect is that you are being treated to the aftermath of something, and readlly, considering how quick I am to update anymore, you folks are going to be forced to sit and dwell on what could cause all of that damage for weeks! It'll be great. Though it will be a challenge because now I have to come up with something that outdoes all of your imaginations, but for that I gladly accept. As for seeing Legilimens from the outside this time. There are several reasons why I did that. The most prominent reason should be clear by the beginning of the next chapter, but I will explain in more detail in responses to reviews should anyone need clarification. But also, I don't know, I also wanted to see what it looked like from the outside looking in. Again, that's more of the investigative side of my writing, and trying to learn more of the human condition, I suppose. Anyway, thank you so much, and I'll see ya for the nextone.

Name: louiselikes (Signed) · Date: 09/28/07 16:17 · For: Chapter 15: Revelations
I think this is one of the best chapters. I know nothing particularly forward happened or anything, but the way it was written... The twist... That last bit... I really cannot wait until I find out exactly what happened at the Plaza that day.

This is my favourite fic. Ever.

Author's Response: Hahah. you know, having someone tell you that what you've written is their favorite fic ever never gets old. Never. And I'm with you here. I don't know why but I just seemed particularly satisfied with it, and that's great. Hopefully, the rest of my life will die down to the point where I can get cracking on the next chapter some time next week (which is important because the next chapter will be complex) Thank you so much.

Name: Silver Whisper (Signed) · Date: 09/28/07 8:36 · For: Chapter 15: Revelations
well...they must beat the Nightshades right? all your stories are interconnected, so in "Everybody Does it" Harry and Ron are alive and happy, so they must live......and defeat the nightshades...


Author's Response: Well, in the interest of accuracy, it would be a bit of a stretch to say that ron and harry are both alive and happy each in EDI, but I get your point. Okay, so yeah, we know they make it through, and I'm beginning to wonder about the wisdom of having EDI be part of the Epilogues storyline. Ah well, it's not like their survival has anything to do with the surprises I have in store. In a way, this is kinda funny, but Part III is definitely an example of the journey being what matters. We do know the ultimate end, but how we get there, well now, that is getting interesting isn't it?

Name: astro_wizkid (Signed) · Date: 09/27/07 23:18 · For: Chapter 15: Revelations
great job! i have to appologize for my extremely short review.....i'm supposed to be studying chem...but when i saw that you updated i was like "chem....i can take a bit of a break" the plan was to read the chapter in parts between studying....but alas, it was just too good to stop! keep it up and cant' wait for more!

Author's Response: okay, let's get our priorities straightened out. What's more important? REading one of my chapters, or studying for chemistry... come on! Besides chemistry is easy. It's math with weird symbols which is pretty much any kind of math once you get out of grammar school, so it's a wash. Nuclear chemistry, now that's the fun stuff. er... right, story, yeah. No, I'm going to probably take my time on the next one because I've been waiting to write it for, gosh, must be getting upwards of a year now, and i would hate to disappoint.

Name: MagicalMaddie331 (Signed) · Date: 09/27/07 20:29 · For: Chapter 15: Revelations
Hm, didn't see that coming. This was a really excellent chapter, and I didn't see any errors at all with grammar. It had a really good ending, and I can't wait to read the next chapter. Keep it up! :)

Author's Response: Really? Didn't see it coming? Actually I responded to this yesterday but the machine ate my response, so sorry about that. As for no grammar errors. I think there's acouple I noticed after posting, and I know there are a few sentences I would probably like another crack at, but still, even after a third and fourth reading I thought it held up which is saying something considering I usually don't like a first read through of what I write. Thanks again, and I'll see ya for the next one.

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