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Name: trustsnape38 (Signed) · Date: 12/31/07 9:36 · For: Chapter 17: The Pupil
That was well worth the wait. I can't wait for the final chapters

Author's Response: Thank you so much, as I've been saying a lot lately, I'm really sorry if they are slow in coming, but I promise, while it may seem like I've stopped, they will all come. The only thing that will keep me from finishing this story is death (or a total loss of all internet access for the rest of my life). Thank you so much.

Name: keeper of the sword (Signed) · Date: 12/31/07 0:00 · For: Chapter 17: The Pupil
Though I didn't really like the wait, but after reading the wait was well worth it. Now I really can't wait for more please update soon.

Author's Response: Ah... I wish I could update soon, but as my long absence might have made clear, I was on vacation, and with my normal schedule it is still becoming increasingly difficult to manage out a chapter in a month. Truly, it isn't the act of writing, I would say on average each chapter only took a handful of hours of actual writing. Neither is conceptualizing a time sucking task; this story has been largely conceptualized and choreographed for over a year now, I think. The big time suck is just finding the time, and finding myself in the appropriate mood and mindset to do the work. I won't even start if I don't think I have three or so uninterupted hours, and beyond that, if I'm not in the appropriate mood, I think the writing comes off flat and uninspired. So I will try my best to, now that I'm back home, get back to work, but I'm sorry if it still takes some time. Though, I'm truly glad that at the end of everything you thought the wait was worth it. No sense in keeping you guys waiting so long if you don't at least get something out of it, right? In any case, I do realize that these chapters may come slower and slower, so my feelings won't be hurt if some of my readers take a break until the rest of the story is finished... just so long as you come back and read it when it is all finished and leave a review then. Thank you.

Name: astro_wizkid (Signed) · Date: 12/29/07 16:04 · For: Chapter 17: The Pupil
wow! i'm guessing this is the beginning of the end....amazing chapter...too bad the master killed off the pupil though...would have liked to hear what he was going to say to harry and ron...now after this ending i can't wait for the next chapter! great work and happy holidays!

Author's Response: Well, it was very important for the Pupil to not say two things in the choreography of that particular discussion. The first was to reveal unquestionably the Master's true identity. The second was... well... exactly what I kept him from saying by having him die at exactly that moment. Trust me; before all is said and done, you will know what he said, and I will explain in fuller detail in the notes and explanations I write following the story, but for now, that juicy bit of information shall remain blissfully secret. And yes, this is the beginning of the end, though, knowing how wordy I am, one shouldn't expect the end to be particularly short. There are now five chapters left, all of which takes place in one night. Yes, whether he knows it or not, Ron was definitely right; this ends tonight. And there will be an epilogue to the Epilogues. But, as I have said, there are about five or six chapters left to write, and they may take a while due to the fact that at least three of them will be very action intense, and action always seems to take me a while to write. I hope the holidays treated you well, and while I hope not to keep you folks waiting for too much longer, I have learned not to make such silly promises.

Name: Her My Own EE (Signed) · Date: 12/29/07 7:15 · For: Chapter 17: The Pupil
I remember from earlier in the story that the Mastered expected to kill the Pupil or to have him killed. Yet, I was shocked all the same. It is really making my head spin thinking of who the master might actually be. His genius makes me think of the Rathius Ratbone, but, I think that is a purposeful misdirection. I'll just have to go back and see if there are clues about the master I missed on the first read. :)

Author's Response: It's funny, but I can't speak too much about the Master. One of the greatest challenges about this story is keeping it a mystery. Had I not wanted his identity to be that much of a secret, I think just the slightest sliver of information would give him away, but as it stands, just discussing what you brought up I think would be enough to ruin the surprise. I am glad that the pupil's death came as a shock though. In one of my many influences regarding story telling, one thing I've always seen as a powerful device is building up a character that people can get into and then suddenly killing them off. No warning, just BAM! it's done. It gives a certain sense of danger to the story, as opposed to the more orthodox style of story telling wherein main characters are killed off at momentous occasions. In a way, I think what I was trying to do was give the impression that from here on in, the Pupil would end up being a main character, possibly even a good guy in the end. I still won't say whether this was the Pupil's planned death or if the Master had to do some damage control; that the Pupil actually managed to break from the script. But I wanted to give some hope that perhaps he wouldn't get the chance to kill the Pupil... All so I could kill him off and throw you off your game. Thanks for the review, and I'll see ya for the next chapter.

Name: TC Fields (Signed) · Date: 12/28/07 21:50 · For: Chapter 17: The Pupil

Well, you've answered questions and still left me on the edge of my seat. Good job. As someone said before me, the love of a parent for a child is it's own special magic; therefore endangering a child is a dangerous idea.

It was nice to see such a touching moment between Ron and Dennis. Especially considering the rockiness of their relationship, it was good to see Ron understand his son's intelligence and respect it enough to give him a straight answer.

I'm sad the next chapter will be so long in coming, and I await it with bated breath.

Author's Response: I'm sorry about that, I really am but now that I'm coming off vacation, I'm hoping to get back to work on this story again. As for the scene between Ron and Dennis, you know this part of the story, their relationship, and Dennis' character development is all about the stories that I won't get around to writing, but still, the little bit that I've written about Ron and Dennis, the more I like their relationship and find it intriguing to explore. After all, how do you deal with hasving a child that doesn't just grow to surpass you, but is in many ways superior to you from the very beginning? And I'm glad you I got some questions answered but not too many, that was exactly what I was going for. Thanks again, and I'll see ya for the next one.

Name: louiselikes (Signed) · Date: 12/28/07 13:13 · For: Chapter 17: The Pupil
I keep falling in love with this story. A really intriguing chapter, to say the least. I love the twist of the Pupil falling out of line.

I cannot wait until the next installment, and well done for the personal developments with your writing career!

Author's Response: Thank you on both accounts. Yeah, the Pupil's rebellion has been something I've been plotting for some time, but that didn't make the scene as easy to write as I thought it would be. You see, the trick was to let the natural conversation reveal just enough information without letting too much out, and I ended up having to give it a couple of rewrites. Thank you again and see you when I get the next one up.

Name: KneazleWeazl (Signed) · Date: 12/28/07 12:44 · For: Chapter 17: The Pupil
you don't have to respond to this but what're you talking about Aussie Land? I live in Michigan. And the only reason I said you were English was because sometime during the last Epilogue you said something about living in England. Or maybe it was about English politics. IDK. And UoM, you talking about University of Michigan? If so... I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY SAY! THAT MASCOT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A WOLVERINE! IT LOOKS LIKE AN EFFING BEAVER!

Happy holidays.

Author's Response: I'm really sorry about that; I've no reason why, but for some reason I believed you were an Aussie. Oh well. As for England; I think Diamond Quill and I were talking about English politics a bit, not much, just a bit. And yeah, University of Michigan, but we're talking about book publishing and not mascots, though, now that I think about it, wolverines do kinda look a little like beavers.... really angry beavers.

Name: gryffindorboi (Signed) · Date: 12/28/07 11:20 · For: Chapter 17: The Pupil
AAAAAHHH!!! You and your cliff hangers!!! This was a great chapter. Nicely written. I was a bit skeptical of Eric, and shocked when he was assassinated. Poor Neville and the plants! I can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Well, I'm hoping now that I'm coming off of vacation I'll be getting back to work on the final stories soon. ON the other hand, the political season is heating up which is going to be an obstacle to overcome, but as I've said, I'm committed to finishing this story and I will. The next chapter, I think is not going to be as exciting, more of a character study, I believe, but we'll see how it plays out, thank you so much, and I"m sorry Imade you wait both for the chapter and the response to your review.

Name: Silver Whisper (Signed) · Date: 12/28/07 8:03 · For: Chapter 17: The Pupil

Author's Response: Um... sorry?

Name: KneazleWeazl (Signed) · Date: 12/28/07 2:12 · For: Chapter 17: The Pupil

Great chapter. I was sooo mad but not-not expecting Eric to be murdered. Although I thought it might be later, like after the two days that Eric mentioned. Especially after he said "I won't fail" right after talking about the Master's arrogance. Psh.

Anywho, you pay too much attention to politics I've decided.

It's two-fourty am here. I ought to be asleep but do to a combination of caffeine and christmas candy (a merry one to you btw) I'm awake.

I liked the whole "student surpassing the master" thing. Some people are just too smart for their own good. But who knows, he may have just been there to make it seem like some of the Nightshades were ready for rebellion, to give them the whereabouts and whatnot. After all if these Nightshades are as devout as they seem, would they mind giving their life for the 'greater good' ?

And my stroke of brilliance is over. Did you hear about Bhutto? World's gone mad. Gonna get madder now I suppose. I was talking to someone about it today and she was saying how the world's gonna dissolve into a nuclear holocaust. Possible, but I'm thinking if anything's gonna happen it'll happen closer to 2012 (NOSTRADAMUS). One thing's for sure the world's ending. Not necessarily as fast as some think, but if you think about it, the end of the world is coming at an exponentially faster rate. But the problem with exponential stuff is, things are never REALLY gone. I mean, the way my math teacher described it to us way back in middle school was, if you keep taking half the water out of a glass, you're still always going to have half left. But then (I'm rambling, I've realized) one could argue that you get down to the last molecule and you split that. Then you've got these two hydrogens and this oxygens, and I think we all know what happens when you split a hydrogen atom (Timmy Turner does). And maybe then that will be the end of the world.

I should cut back on the caffeine shouldn't I? Ah well. Have you ever read the book The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami? Right now I really remind myself of the character May Kasahara, she talks about morbid subjects a lot. But if you have read it don't worry, I miss school and I'm not about to trap anyone in a well or run off to a wig making factory. But if you haven't read it I really suggest you do. It's quite long though, but if you ever find yourself with a few good days of absolutely nothing to do I'd suggest checking it out. It's totally revamped the way I'm rewriting my FF. (The first draft, apart from the first chapter SUCKED) . I'm pretty, excited, the second chapter's been in the works for a while now (after vigorous pride stabbing, ego deflating re-writing). Damn it, I've been writing a review for twenty minutes and most of it's not even on your chapter.

Forgive me if you will and have a happy New Year and fun with your daughters in Disney Land, I've only been to Disney World but they should have fun. I suggest you force them to take pictures with all the characters, especially if they're older than like seven because then they'll be embarrassed. And then make them ride all the scary rides to knock some character into them. That's what my parent's did at any rate, and look how I turned out?

On second thought... nah I'm perfect. But if you ever get the opportunity when they're older, take them to Universal in florida, it's a blast.

Great chapter as always, and I hope you enjoy your holiday.

p.s. is it hard for you to write about Ron, Harry, Neville, Fiona, Ginny, and Hermione having their boys being kidnapped. Sorry for the bluntness but I was just wondering because I know my mom can't watch movies like Silence of the Lambs or anything involving kids getting kidnapped. Unless it's like that one movie, what's it called? three men and a baby? IDK. G'night. Or morning. Whatever. It's probably like seven am in England. But then again if you're in california it'll be around midnight won't it?

I'll stop talking now. G'24-hour-period-known-as-day. And G'chapter.

Author's Response: As if I ever have just a few days lying around to do nothing with. You really don't grasp how little free time I have. And what "free time" I have I need to spend reading the books back log of books that I have to review for my website (it's common courtesy, you get a free book, it's not really free). So I would love to give it a try, but I've still got at least two books I've yet to review and I haven't talked to press lady at UoM press, whose been trying to get me to pick up another book. Since these books are all political in nature, Yes, I would say I do think about politics too much. Which brings me to Bhutto. I heard, though you'll have to forgive me if my Pakistani politics is a little rusty. What I do know is that her assassination has played HELL with presidential politics over in the US as all of the candidates are scrambling to come up with a response and a reasoning. There are a lot of fingers being pointed back and forth, and to be honest, some of them aren't wrong. But still, I don't think the world is ending at an exponential rate. It's ending, don't get me wrong, but that's simple entropy, and we have millions and millions of years before our planet and our solar system succumb to that. Beyond entropy, I think we've always been of the mind the world is ending. Look at Christian Fundamentalists whobelieve that world events have already signified the end of days. Besides, we've been through the threat of a nuclear holocaust before, and I have to say, all bark, no bite. You weren't even born then, but keep in mind I grew up in the eighties when the US and Russia had their nukes pointed at each other. That was a scary time, but somehow, in the end, cooler heads prevailed, and I think it's quite possible they will again. But, and this is the last I'll say on the subject, as the saying goes, "decisions are made by those who show up." I don't know how it is over in Aussie land, but in America, our youth are among the most politically apathetic folks around, and in fact, we've gotten to the point where if only half the people who are elligible to vote do so is a good election year, People would rather focus on what parenting atrocity Brittney Spears committed, or which husband killed his pregnant wife. But at the end of hte day, they all want to sit back and blame the people in power. You get the government you deserve, and I believe that, and it is always important to keep in mind that everyone has the responsibility and the ability to take action, and change things. If you cede that responsibility, you have little room to complain. (Steps off soapbox) But no, I live in neither England or California, but in the state of Virginia, though I grew up in California and lived some time in Orlando Florida, so I've been to Disneyland and Disneyworld loads of times. As well as Universal Studios, MGM Studios, Knottsberry farms (not a bad park really, Epcot, etc. Dead honest, though, never been a big fan of movie parks. I dunno. They just kinda bore me. ON the other hand, I'm a sucker for Disneyland and Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom. And there's no need to remind me about pictures. Even if I tried to avoid them (which I would, I hate pictures, I hate being in them, and I hate posing for them, there really is nothing so stupid as posing for a picture, but that's all beside the point), I'm sure the girl's mother and grandparents will be more than ready to take more pictures than I can stand. And while my one year old may not sit still for them, my three year old will be only too happy to partake in the photo shoot. Ugh, Ihave such a busy day ahead of me, so I'm just going to address one more thing, and then I really have to go. It really wasn't hard to write about the boys being kidnapped, mostly, I think, because I had had it planned for so long. There will be some stuff in the next chapter that may or may not be difficult, but in the end it comes down to, the scene had been written in my head for so long that when I got there, it really was almost automatic. Thanks again Charlotte, and I'll talk to you later.

Name: MagicalMaddie331 (Signed) · Date: 12/27/07 22:23 · For: Chapter 17: The Pupil
Wow, this chapter just turned everything around. It cleared up a lot of things. I did notice that in the beginning, in the little scene between Hermione and Ron, you said "waste" instead of "waist." That was it, really. Nicely done, I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Have a nice vacation :)

Author's Response: I've noticed now that waste and waist seems to give me problems. I'm pretty good on there, they're, and their. I'm okay with its and it's. But for some reason, waste and waist kick my ass repeatedly. I'm glad the chapter cleared a lot of things up. A lot of folks said I need to eventually be forthcoming with the Nightshade info, and so here we are. Writing the conversation turned out to be trickier than I thought it would be, pacing and making sure we didn't get to certain questions until a certain point so that we don't inadvertantly give up information that we wanted to keep hidden all proved somewhat complex, but I made it through. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it,and I apologize for the wait I"m going to put you through for the next one! Thanks again.

Name: Ginzig (Signed) · Date: 12/27/07 21:17 · For: Chapter 17: The Pupil
As a parent myself, I can fully understand how Ron is feeling at the end of this chapter. I still can't believe they took the boys. I think that was the biggest mistake the Nightshades could have made. A parent will stop at nothing to get their child back. I think that kind of love is a special magic itself. There were a lot of elements I liked in this chapter. The next chapter promises to be exciting. Looking forward to it!!!!

Author's Response: I think it might have been a pretty big mistake myself. Unless, of course, it wasn't, then it wouldn't be a mistake. But it probably is, unless... Nah, I'm just playing around, they screwed up. Though it is possible they didn't. Heh... Sorry about that, thank you so much, and I'm very sorry but it looks even more likely that I'm not going to get to start on the next chapter for a while as I've been informed that I won't be taking my laptop with me (which severely sucks). Thank you again!

Name: Sus (Signed) · Date: 12/19/07 6:22 · For: Prologue: Severatum
Oh yes you did! Rasmussen is mentioned in the very last chapter of part 2, when Ginny and Ratbone say their goodbyes....
Rasmussen polling? as in the danish Prime Minister?

Merry Christmas

Author's Response: Oh... I did, didn't I? I forgot about that. Wow, good catch. And no, not in the Danish Prime Minister. Rasmussen polling is, I believe, an American polling firm, and one of the leaders like Gallup and Zogby. Just another company that periodically puts out all those percentages that political junkies like me like to stare at. You have a Merry Christmas too, and with any luck, the next chapter will be up before then!

Name: Ginzig (Signed) · Date: 12/18/07 16:07 · For: Chapter 16: The Reaper
I've tried to be patient, I really have! I do hope you will have the next chapter up before the queue closes, but if not, can you give us some hints, please? Otherwise, have a great holiday and I'll wait to harass you again until the queue reopens.

Author's Response: HEY! I'm really... really... really sorry about that! I just finished writing the next chapter last night, and I intend to put it in the queue in a couple of hours when I can string together enough time to do a quick read through, correct errors, and write up the author's note. So, at the latest, the next chapter will be in the queue tomorrow, and with any luck it will be ready to go before the site undergoes it's winter shutdown. But just in case it doesn't, you wanted clues, and I'll give, but only because I feel lousy for taking so long thus far. The chapter title will be "The Pupil" but I think you will find this chapter to be quite different than the usual Nightshade chapters that you might have gotten used to. Okay, I'm stingy about giving away too much information before the actual chapter comes out, so that's all you get, but hopefully I won't keep you waiting for too much longer!

Name: Helbie (Signed) · Date: 12/12/07 23:30 · For: Prologue: Severatum
I'm up to chapter 15 now. Mate I am really being sucked in. I have been going slow so I don't catch up too fast. This is an unreal story. I have also been listening to nothing but death metal. It really sets the scene on the bus ride home. All your villians are getting me psyked up, you have an awesome imagination mate, a pleasure to read. Anyway I'll stop talking S#*t and get back to it. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, but I must advise you, if you're on chapter 15, I would take my time on 16 since I'm still struggling to get 17 done (or at least find the time to work on it). I hope to make a little headway today, but we also got a new advertiser on my political site which means I need to ramp up the writing if at all possible this week. We'll have to see. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it, specifically the villains. It sounds like the care and effort I put into creating them is paying off, and I can't wait to talk about the general inspiration in them. In fact, I'm kind of eager to get the whole thing done with so I can move on, but there you go. I can see how death metal can get you in the mood for some things, and I have to admit that for about seventy five percent of the story, the hard and angry music is what I listen to get me psyched. That might be why I'm struggling with the current chapter; it's neither all that emotional nor action packed so it's hard to get into the "mood". Anyway, I better get to it myself. Thank you again, and see ya for the next one.

Name: tilli (Signed) · Date: 12/01/07 14:23 · For: Chapter 16: The Reaper
hey... please update soon... these stories are kinda really addictive...

Author's Response: Sorry! Sorry! I know, I'm late. I promise, I'm going to try and get the next chapter up before the queue closes for the Christamas holidays. In fact, I'm going to work on it this week in fact. I"m half way through, but the bit that I'm in right now requires a certain amount of choreography, which is about all I can say right now without giving up the ghost. Again, thank you and I'm really sorry.

Name: Sus (Signed) · Date: 11/30/07 16:28 · For: Chapter 4: From Here There Be Monsters
Why the name Rasmussen? Where I come from it is a very common surname...
I thought about it when reading part 2 as well, but I forgot to ask then...


Author's Response: Part II? I didn't introduce Ras until part III. Anyway. I just kinda picked it. Though, subconsciously, it may have had something to do with RAsmussen polling, given my political background and all. Thanks for the review!

Name: Helbie (Signed) · Date: 11/29/07 19:52 · For: Chapter 8: Tempus Fugit

Author's Response: Heh, thanks... though, I'm not sure which chapter you are talking about (you already left a review for chapter 9). Thanks again.

Name: Helbie (Signed) · Date: 11/29/07 19:46 · For: Chapter 8: Tempus Fugit
Hey Mate,
It has taken me a while to start reading this story, but up to this point it has been unreal. That was hard going through Tonks's death again, far out. You definitly had me panicking there with Ronny. This story has been pretty engrosing and interesting. I am liking it being told from Ron's angle, he is also seeming a little bit more relatable to a muggle like myself. Swearing and losing his temper and panicking etc, I guess you have definitly made the hero's seem human not like invincible legends. I listened to Iced earth through your deadly action packed chapter and it was perfect, I am often listening to heavy metal when reading your stuff and it definitly creates an atmosphere. Anyway I had better get back to reading but keep up the good work man, you definitly have some talent.

Author's Response: First, thank you, and I'm very sorry about how long it's taken me to respond to your review. Iced Earth? Never heard, I'll have to check it out. Yeah, much of this story I imagine could be set to heavy metal, but I'm not a big fan of the traditional heavy metal. Nu metal,slash, hardcore seems to fit the personality of the story a little better in my opinion, but that's just me. As for Tonks' death, yeah, sorry about that. Hopefully the following chapter will make it all worth it. Thank you again, and see ya later.

Name: TC Fields (Signed) · Date: 11/18/07 22:56 · For: Chapter 16: The Reaper
It took a couple read throughs for me to fully digest this.

So much gore. So much horror. How I long for the light hearted days of Right Here!!! Will peace and harmony ever be restored?

I almost wish Everybody Does It had not been written yet. There would be a greater sense of ... fear and suspense. That's the only downfall to this arc.

I eagerly await the next chapter, as always.

Author's Response: I AM SO SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG TO RESPOND TO YOU! Man, I'm one week short of a month, and I feel terrible about it. You know, I'm beginning to see the wisdom in waiting on EDI, or at least taking it out of canon with the rest of my stories, but these are the strains we put on ourselves. Besides, as was always the point, this is not the main story! As for peace and harmony... Well, yeah, I suppose, maybe, I don't know... do you think peace and harmony is something I'm likely to do? thank you and again SORRY!

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