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Name: GinnyPotter711 (Signed) · Date: 09/21/11 21:06 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
Okay, maybe you're a little too good at writing because this one-shot combined with the song "Faithfully" by Journey playing in the background create an image that could make a grown woman cry... and it did!
More specifically, it was the part that says, "And being apart ain't easy on this love affair. Two strangers learn to fall in love again. I get the joy of rediscovering you, oh girl, you stand by me. I'm forever yours, faithfully." It just makes me really sad because now I'm thinking Sirius had to have had someone in his life who loved him as much as he loved her. There had to have been someone there who he lost because of betrayal and false accusations. And, now, I'm blubbering on like a baby, but it was just a lot all at once to realize. I had never given much thought to it in the past.
Very beautiful story, all three installments... just plain beautiful.
Happy Writing,

Author's Response:

I think in canon Sirius never did have a true love, that he had his friends and his fight against You-Know-Who, and then Azkaban, the escape, and being chained to Grimmauld until he slipped the leash one too many times and died for it. That's part of his tragedy, and why I ended up giving him romance not only in this story, but in my Tonks and Remus series, too (different dimension of the Potterverse, different girl). Sirius deserves love. Sigh.

Thank you for making my writing happier, knowing there's an awesome person reading it! 

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/19/09 10:00 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
That was wonderful--so romantic. I was reminded when I went into Mugglenet that it is exactly a year until DH-Part 1 comes out. My nephew and I will be counting down the days:) As I said, this was so incredible. I'm misty-eyed just thinking of the romance. I'm so glad they got back to Portugal and to know that Rosmerta bought the cottage and is considered Sirius' widow. I chuckled when Grimmy peed on Callum's bedpost. I didn't stop to think that dogs, especially big ones, don't live as long as Grimmy had. Ah, but who cares--Grimmy wasn't a real dog. By the way, my next big dog (either a Newfie or a Golden) will be Seamus Mayhem-Beckett if a male (all my dogs have three names) or Siobhan if a female (I haven't thought of her other two names). Well, I'd better find something funny to read. One person's walked by already and saw me wiping my eyes:) (As a cover I have budget forms and my calculator laid out on my desk:D) So, I will see you soon, I'm not sure where.

Author's Response:

Name: captburke (Signed) · Date: 04/07/09 20:32 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
How did I miss this on ff? I loved it! As always you write beautifully. I'd love to think this is where the tropical bird that made a delivery to Harry came from. Or maybe Sirius used Flores as homebase and made trips further south on Buckbeak so no one would connect him and Rosmerta?

Author's Response:

Me, too, about the tropical bird, and as for Sirius using Flores for a home base, I can't believe I haven't added to the author note what I did on FF. Which is...

If this story continued to slip between canon cracks (Harry doesn't know so it could have happened) then yes, it would be sad, but I've decided this will veer from canon so Sirius doesn't go back to London, doesn't end up under virtual house arrest, drinking in misery, until his life ends in a final, rash action. Instead, he listens to a sensible woman who tells him he can't help, so give the house to Harry and the Order and wait on Flores until Voldemort is defeated.

There's a film called The Shawshank Redemption, and toward the end, when Red is going to see Andy, his words make me think of what Harry might feel after defeating Voldemort, going to see Sirius on Flores.

I find I'm so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend, and shake his hand. I hope the (Atlantic) is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope.

I hope readers can imagine such a happy ending for Sirius and Harry too, at least in one dimension of the Potterverse.

Name: Essence of Potter (Signed) · Date: 02/23/09 15:02 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
Wow. That was such a wonderful ending to a wonderful story. I loved reading Semi Charmed life, Charmed Life and Far Away, for Far too Long. It's funny how, after reading them I have no doubt that Sirius and Rosmarta were together!

Author's Response: That's the best compliment, and since every story creates a new dimension of the Potterverse, they were together, and lived happily ever after, which does not happen often in the others, sigh.  

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 02/21/09 18:09 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
Believe me, if my brother wasn't sitting right there (and if I didn't have a semi-reputation to uphold) I would have cried throughout this whole thing, just like the hopeless romantic you said you were. Going outside to doesn't seem like such a bad idea, actually. This fic was (bitter)sweet, but depressing on so many levels. Now that's just one more reason my heart aches each time I think of Sirius being sent to Azkaban and having his life taken away prematurely. It doesn't seem so farfetched that he would love Rosmerta; I'll bet she had her own look after Sirius fell through, and of course now I'm going to think of her at the Past Line--which is what I call the word/phrase just before/after/during a death, which for Sirius was "the wasted look on his godfather's once-handsome face" and it makes me cry every time. Besides getting off track as I so often do, I loved this fic. Poor...everyone! (and I hate Callum now)

Author's Response: Even though I tried my best to make this story line canon-compliant (what Harry doesn't know could have happened), after writing this I no longer gave a toss about canon. In this dimension of the Potterverse, Sirius and Rosmerta stay on the island and after Harry defeats Voldemort, he goes to see his godfather, who is handsome and tan and very, very, happy. :)

Name: ferret (Signed) · Date: 04/30/08 21:37 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
i really like this story.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Did you read Semi Charmed Life and A Charmed Life too, or just happen on this one? Just curious, and very thankful you spent your time reading my story!

Name: Jailbird (Signed) · Date: 04/09/08 17:12 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
it was realy good. i think you should of made it into chapters though

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, I could have, but at the time I was writing two other stories, so I chose a one-shot over not writing, and I'll always be glad I did!

Name: mock_turtle (Signed) · Date: 09/12/07 23:39 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long

Author's Response: Sirius was in serious need of love, wasn't he? I'm so sad that he never had a true love in Jo's Potterverse, but then again, she left fan fiction writers that joy!

Name: LuLu94 (Signed) · Date: 08/28/07 1:39 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
This is great! It's good you ended it here, if you went up to Sirius's death (sob) then it would have ruined a bueatiful love story.

Author's Response: Thank you! I decided after posting this that I'd prefer to think Sirius gave Harry the house and stayed on Flores with Rosmerta until Harry came to see him after the battle of Hogwarts. I like to think that at least in one dimension of the Potterverse, Sirius lives! :)

Name: ButterflyCobra (Signed) · Date: 07/02/07 22:31 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
I just finished reading your Sirius/Rosemerta stories and I have to say that they are simply amazing. I always thought that they could have been a couple when I read the books, and you portrayed them exactly as I imagined. The stories you wrote about them are amoung my favorite. Wonderful job, your work is outstanding.

Author's Response: You've made my day reading through the stories! If you love Sirius, you might enjoy my R/T series. In that dimension of the Potterverse I pair him with an OC (They have 6 one-shots in addition to the chapter fics in the series. You could give A Dog's Life a read and see what you think!)

Whether you do or not, thank you so much for reading!

Name: R_Ravenclaw (Signed) · Date: 05/28/07 15:08 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
I'm so glad he came back, but it would still suck to have no one know he's innocent. Another great series!!!!


Author's Response: Oh, absolutely, that's what I hated about the beginning of HBP, that Fudge said Black "was by-the-by", of no concern now. Wrongly accused, falsely imprisoned without trial, hunted and hated, and the man's suffering and the Ministry's actions don't matter anymore? I have a hand gesture for Fudge, and it isn't the peace sign!

Name: Valentinia (Signed) · Date: 05/26/07 14:08 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
Definitely touching! Less fluffy than A Charmed Life, of course, but brilliantly so! Wonderfully written, of course, and characterized. Sirius' pride is shown in such a realistic way, and it's great how human they both really are - Rosmerta having a lover when Sirius wasn't there and all. That was a wonderful twist, even though it was so sad, especially knowing Sirius' true fate. Still, a wonderful fic! I'm so sad this series is over now... :(

Author's Response: Sirius after Azkaban wasn't the type of man to have a fluff fest story. They both had issues to deal with and I'm glad you didn't expect Rosmerta to wait like Penelope, chaste and lonely, although Sirius wouldn't be human if he hadn't wanted her too, lol.

Readers on this site wanting another story led to me saying that in this dimension of the Potterverse, the story goes AU, with Sirius and Rosmerta staying on Flores until Harry comes to tell him he's defeated Voldemort. I even copied a response and added it to the ff net story, so I hope it cheers to know he's alive and well, if only in an alternate dimension of the Potterverse!

Author's Response: Ack, no edit function. :D He wanted her to wait chastely, but knew it was too unreasonable to expect, lol.

Name: Angua_rocks (Signed) · Date: 03/01/07 13:12 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
This was lovely, I'ce just finished reading the whole story, Semi charmed right through, and I can't decide whether I'm sadder that the story's finished or that I don't have a Sirius!!

Author's Response: Do you like Remus/Tonks? I have Sirius (same personality, different dimension of the Potterverse) play a large roll in all my R/T fics. The latest one is OotP based Moonlight and Shadow and I posted a Sirius pov one shot in the OP romance cat Off the Leash if you want to check out his characterization and see if you like it! :D

Whether you do or not, thank you so much for reading my stories. You made my day!

Name: lily_writes (Signed) · Date: 02/21/07 18:35 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
That was so beautiful.... I've been in tears since somewhere around the middle. You're definitely a powerful writer, able to move me to tears that are still falling. Will you write more, perhaps to cover Harry's fourth year when Sirius is in that cave on the mountain in Hogsmeade? Or even her reactions to finding out Sirius' death in the Ministry? Pretty please?

Author's Response: Thank you so much, but I can't do it. I can't have Rosmerta go through more hell by sending Sirius through the veil. This was fourth year, and as far as I'm concerned, he stayed on Flores with Rosmerta until the end of the war and Harry came to visit, bringing with him an official pardon from the Ministry of Magic. :) If you want your heart yanked out when he falls through the veil, read my R/T fic and you'll eventually see how big a hole he leaves in everyone's lives. Sigh.

Name: Gin_Drinka (Signed) · Date: 02/18/07 20:10 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
It was touching!!! Oh, it was so bitterweet. Lol, I love that kind. Sorry it took so long to review this, but I had a ton of troubles and...well I reviewed now. It is beautiful. I am glad that they could have a happy ending in a way.

Author's Response: I hope your troubles have all been resolved and didn't cause you too much pain and suffering! Thank you for being touched by the story and reviewing when you got a chance to read. It means a lot. *hugs*

Name: Chaser921 (Signed) · Date: 02/10/07 17:57 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
Wonderful, wonderful! As good as your other stories! I like the way you blended it with PoA so convincingly. It kind of brings things full circle, since that's what inspired Semi-Charmed Life. Nice touch there. Makes me want to cry when I think of how Rosmerta will lose him again in OotP.

Author's Response: Aw, you've made me very happy! Thinking about Rosmerta losing him again, this time for good, made me want to cry too, so that's why I decided to end the stories on Flores. If I wrote anothe one, it would be AU, where Sirius was persuaded that he would be of no help caged up in Grimmauld, decided to wait until Voldemort's defeat before leaving the island. Rosmerta would have Maisie and her husband run the pub and 'retire' to Flores, to manage their friends' bar in Lajes part time and spend the rest with Sirius! A happy ending for all, at least in this alternate dimension of the Potterverse! ^_^

Name: Hogwarts Alumni (Signed) · Date: 02/05/07 23:47 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
I have to say, I think this was the perfect ending to an awesome story! I've said it before, you are awesome at giving life into every character, not just the main ones, and this was such a good ending! It was the kind where you want to cry at the end, even though it's happy! GOOD JOB!

And I agree with pussycat123 - I was skeptical at first too, but you had me convinced after the second or third chapter :D

Author's Response: It's definitely a rare pair, Rosmerta and Sirius, but I'm glad you became convinced! ^_^

Name: Hogwarts Alumni (Signed) · Date: 02/05/07 23:34 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
I have to say, I think this was the perfect ending to an awesome story! I've said it before, you are awesome at giving life into every character, not just the main ones, and this was such a good ending! It was the kind where you want to cry at the end, even though it's happy! GOOD JOB!

Author's Response: That makes me so happy! I heart Sirius so much (I'm gonna cry buckets when he goes through the veil in my R/T story) that I want to do him justice. Thank you for saying that I have!

Name: Pussycat123 (Signed) · Date: 02/03/07 14:51 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
Yes, it touched me. I've read this, A Charmed Life, and the rest of Semi-Charmed Life in a day - my internet broke for two weeks, so this has been my first chance to catch up with all the fics I was deprived of.

I loved them all, I really like the idea of Sirius and Rosmerta now - I was originally sceptical, but you convinced me, so kudos to you!

Thanks for writing these great fics, I take off my hat to you. Or I would, if I was wearing one. A job well done, I do say!

Author's Response: I'm partial to musketeer hats, with dashing feathers, but any hat you doff is an honour and I thank you! ^_^ Thank you for looking up the stories once your internet was fixed. I really appreciate the time you spent reading my fics and that you like the idea of Sirius and Rosmerta now! Merci beaucoup!

Name: A House Elf (Signed) · Date: 02/01/07 20:13 · For: Far Away, for Far too Long
That's the third flippin' time I've had to reread that story. *moan* Sirius....

Author's Response: Doesn't he need the biggest, glomping-est hug in the world? *glomps*

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