Reviewer: lupins_girl2006
Date: 04/20/08 7:50
Chapter: Chapter 20

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. This was a cute chapter. I can't wait until the one about detention.

Reviewer: Lioness06
Date: 04/10/08 21:29
Chapter: Chapter 18

Quick update - which is good because your chapters are on the shorter side. I'm still really enjoying the story, and I loved the little comment at the end about Sirius making a better dog than human (I laughed out loud :) )

Author's Response: I'm glad you're still enjoying this and I managed to make you laugh xxx

Reviewer: lostinside1
Date: 04/10/08 14:42
Chapter: Chapter 18

hehe siridog. :P

i love this story and you must have one good beta! I haven't found a single error yet.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. I have two betas who are equally wonderful: Megan and Rosie. They have a stamina for my writing that is only surpassed by me!rnrnHope you continue to enjoy xxx

Reviewer: Lioness06
Date: 04/07/08 8:47
Chapter: Chapter 17

Wow you're an amazing writer. I don't usually read slash, but I've enjoyed your descriptions and characterizations, and so far the slash has been subtle.

Author's Response: Thank you for your wonderful review. I don't usually like most of the slash I stumble across as I find it very out of character and too unrealistic in its depiction of a relationship that develops between devoted friends. I hope my story sustains your interest and you stick with it. xxx

Reviewer: ginnyandtonic
Date: 04/01/08 8:22
Chapter: Chapter 15

that was a really nice chapter. im still really enjoying this story :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you stick with this for the duration!

Reviewer: lostinside1
Date: 04/01/08 8:19
Chapter: Chapter 15

:) this one made me smile lots.

Author's Response: I'm pleased I made you smile!

Reviewer: TaiYoukai
Date: 03/30/08 18:32
Chapter: Chapter 14

Wow, interesting story. Could you tell me when you update?

Reviewer: lostinside1
Date: 03/30/08 9:42
Chapter: Chapter 14

awww poor moony. good to see this chapter up so soon. =]

Reviewer: SomethingBorrowed
Date: 02/20/08 9:56
Chapter: Chapter 12

This is a great story. I enjoy it so much that I finished reading it on another site. I look forward to reading it again here.

Reviewer: Rhi for HP
Date: 02/06/08 18:17
Chapter: Chapter 8

Loved this chapter just as much as the last! Great job with Sirius' character, and nice job on the slashy undertones towards the end. :)

Reviewer: ginnyandtonic
Date: 02/06/08 8:19
Chapter: Chapter 8

wow you're really a fantastic writer. im loving this fic. its great the way it builds up....i keep wanting to read on! i think you've got the characterisations spot on and i love your writing style as well. this is definitely one of the best slash fics ive read.

Author's Response: Awwww! Thank you for such an encouraging review. I really hope oyu continue to enjoy it!

Reviewer: Rhi for HP
Date: 02/06/08 0:04
Chapter: Chapter 6

Oh, this poor chapter is so lonely without any reviews... Well, I loved it! The thing with Peter is CREEPY..... Ew. So many more questions... What's up with Sirius? What's between Remus and Eleanor and Remus and Sirius? James and Lily?? I guess I'll have to find out... tomorrow. (I'm going to bed now.)

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing. I hope that you continue to read it and enjoy it. It does mean a lot to me that you do! xxx

Reviewer: Rhi for HP
Date: 02/05/08 23:47
Chapter: Chapter 4

Ooh... loved the tension and frustration!!! Will they hook up??? The suspense is killing me! On to the next chapter, I suppose! I know this is like my third review in as many chapters, but your chapters looked so lonely...

Reviewer: Rhi for HP
Date: 02/05/08 21:36
Chapter: Chapter 3

yay again!! I'm loving this story so much. I totally think Sirius and Remus had something going, even if Remus did get with Tonks eventually. I'm in love with Sirius... lol, I'm just as bad as all the girls who fell in love with him; no, I'm much worse, cuz he's not even in my world! lol

Reviewer: Rhi for HP
Date: 02/05/08 21:27
Chapter: Chapter 2

I loved this! This has gone straight to my favorite stories list!!! YAY!!! But... am I totally missing something here, or far too innocent or something of the like... I totally don't get the thing with the hat! I'm terrible! Like my friend Ghita, lol, who didn't get the *cough* "reference" in Shakespeare, even after we discussed it in class... we laughed at her for days.

Reviewer: Rhi for HP
Date: 02/05/08 21:15
Chapter: Prologue

Hey! What an excellent prologue. I'm already bursting with questions, loving the writing style, and excited for the next chapter! Nice!

Reviewer: VulcanGlam
Date: 02/05/08 16:11
Chapter: Chapter 12

Just when I think this story couldn't get any better--It does. Wonderful work on the argument scene! The small hints that Remus is oblivious to--ahhh! I am enjoying this sooo much.

Reviewer: VulcanGlam
Date: 02/01/08 9:28
Chapter: Chapter 11

There is always a twist at the end! ha-ha. I wasn't expecting that--horrible what he did.

As usual--Your work is good stuff, good stuff!

Author's Response: Thank you for faithfully reading and reviewing. It does mean alot and I really hope that you enjoy what's to come! xxx

Reviewer: VulcanGlam
Date: 01/19/08 22:55
Chapter: Chapter 10

Really, really wonderful! You write so well, I clung to every word.

Reviewer: VulcanGlam
Date: 12/25/07 8:00
Chapter: Chapter 8

This is really wonderful! I love how you've built up the connection between Sirius and Remus. It seems more natural. Looking forward to the next update.

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