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Name: CheekbonesUnited (Signed) · Date: 12/30/07 13:49 · For: Ron's Rant

Author's Response: ...

Name: emLILY EVANS (Signed) · Date: 08/19/07 21:04 · For: Ron's Rant
wow that was good the first of ur works i have read verry good

Author's Response: See belowwwww ;-)

Name: emLILY EVANS (Signed) · Date: 08/19/07 21:04 · For: Ron's Rant
wow that was good the first of ur works i have read verry good

Author's Response: Thanks alot and I'm happy if you're happy!

Name: Prongs92 (Signed) · Date: 07/17/07 23:11 · For: Ron's Rant
That was absolutely brilliant! I love it.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Prongs92, I'm very glad that you liked it!

Name: the_yaks_second (Signed) · Date: 06/28/07 14:51 · For: Ron's Rant
I love this-especially the second stanza. I love the informal style and the characterisation of Ron. Poor guy :(

Author's Response: I couldn't---just COULDN'T---think of Ron, huddled up in a corner, writing up flowing stanzas of beautiful poetry. I think i'd throw up......This was the best way for ron to express how he feels, because it's not really poetry-like at all, but it completely defines what poetry is--Emotion, strong emotion. This was SO Ron...I know, poor Ron :-(

Name: charlie_the_moose (Signed) · Date: 06/28/07 11:17 · For: Ron's Rant
Cool - I enjoyed the way he's not really complaining, more sort of - asking for a bit of credit.
Charlie ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! Ron's always being.. undermined , i gues is the word,he deserves some slack! :-)

Name: Lalalalatina (Signed) · Date: 04/26/07 15:51 · For: Ron's Rant
He does have a lot to live up to doesn't he? I liked the idea. The format of the poem and wording were also very interesting... they made the poem more "Ron-nish." There is only one suggestion I can make:
Imagine having to live up to all of those people. They ARE quite a group you know.
I think these should be two different lines in the poem. It just makes sense to me if there is an "enter" between "people." and "They."
It's only a suggestion. Anyways, good job! ^_^

Author's Response: thanks for the suggestion! but its early in the morning here so ill probably get on it later, im just so lazy at *checks clock* 8:42 AM...:-P

Name: Hermione499 (Signed) · Date: 03/29/07 8:01 · For: Ron's Rant
hi sarah....whats up??

Author's Response: nm..u..btw..lol..wrong story...

Name: Schmerg_The_Impaler (Signed) · Date: 02/27/07 20:00 · For: Ron's Rant
Awww.... wow, that was great. You really interpreted Ron's character well. (And he's my favourite, so I absolutely adore well-characterized Ron fics.) The only teeny bit of criticism I have is that you said "sometimes you're opinion doesn't matter" when it should be 'your,' but that's just a small thing. I'm alway making stupid typos! I can just see Ron writing/saying this, and I especially liked the rather philosophical stanza about living in other people's shadows being right next to the final rather informally worded verse. Good stuff.

Author's Response: did i write that? seriously? what a stuid mistake!..i probably wont corect it forever, im so lazy, but thanks for telling me! Its so cool that Shmerg is commenting me! ur sooo funny and i love ur voldy stories!!! :-)

Name: Ultimate Reader (Signed) · Date: 02/27/07 3:54 · For: Ron's Rant
this is really good. You really captured Ron's position in the story

Author's Response: Thanks alot! I'm really happy that you liked it! :-)

Name: hollyberries (Signed) · Date: 02/25/07 13:43 · For: Ron's Rant
so true. poor guy, he DOES have alot to live up too. good poem ;)

Author's Response: thanks lots! :-D

Name: hollyberries (Signed) · Date: 02/25/07 13:42 · For: Ron's Rant
so true. poor guy, he DOES have alot to live up too. good poem ;)

Name: Hermione499 (Signed) · Date: 02/24/07 9:36 · For: Ron's Rant
hi sarah...i feel so bad...i missed your b day ... im sooooooo sorry god i know you hate me...........

Author's Response: lol its k..everythings dull these days....i dont hate you lol love you ;-)

Name: Euphrates (Signed) · Date: 02/07/07 15:41 · For: Ron's Rant
OMG. I'm in your bio? And you complimented me? Thank you!!!!

Okay, once more I will review, because I really cannot understand how this poem only has ten reviews. That makes no sense at all.

I read this again, and it is just like Ron. He feels inadequate in every way when he compares himself to Harry, Hermione, his siblings...but he is so awesome in his own way!

Yes, I have another fave part! Yay!

Really. I was laughing so hard...I can just see Ron now...but everything is amazing, too, that part just screamed at me to put it as my fave... :-)

Okay, just a few nitpicks. Sorry, sorry...

*speaks extremely fast* The Boy Who Lived should be capitalized, as should the Chosen One. And the Smartest witch doesn't need to be capitalized, either.

Phew, that's over with. I love your poems, lady magician! Ah! Write more!

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates

Author's Response: *snort*..ah, its ok, maybe this one ust doesn't deserve as many reiews................WELL YOU DESERVE COMPLIMENTING! sheesh ur one of the best poets on the site!.and thanks again!

Name: Euphrates (Signed) · Date: 01/29/07 17:54 · For: Ron's Rant


That would be just like Ron....if he wrote poems....yeah....but it is otherwise canon....

Just because it isn't your 'normal, deep stuff' (which it still is, even if it isn't talking about love or death or anything....feeling unimportant is very deep, too...) this is still amazing. Spectacular.

Favorite part:
When you’re the youngest boy,
Of 7-bloody-kids?
When you are forced to be Bill,
And Charlie,
And Percy,
And Fred,
And George?

And don’t say that I can take it out on my sister, guys,
She’s Ginny.

That shows how little Ron thinks of himself....though really, where would we be without him? (I'm not kidding. He doesn't look like much, but friendship is sometimes the only thing that keeps people [Harry] going....whoa, plot bunny...)

Great job. Fantastique! (I didn't spell that right. Oh, well. No one ever said I was French, anyway. Or is that Spanish? JK.)

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates

Author's Response: *yay* :-)! i love your reviews, they make me UBER HAPPY!!! i can't get this smile off my face since i started answering ur reviews!. Anyway, when i said my normal, deep stuff, i meant the this poem wasn't going to have such strong, moving lanuguage. Quite the contrary, IMO, because all i wanted was for ron to talk about how much he feels belittled by all who are close to him. But feeling unimportant is still very strong, i know. Anywhoo, i completely agree! i think ron is the only reason harry hasn't thrown hermione off the top of the north tower yet/gone mad!!!........Thanks again, and i don't parle francais that much either, im taking it at school :-)

Name: J_Bird (Signed) · Date: 01/27/07 10:53 · For: Ron's Rant
I think you pictured how Ron felt very well. It is time someone looked into his jeolousy. Loved it! ;-)

Author's Response: thanks again! yea, i know what you mean, ive never read a ron poem that has him actually talking about his jealousy, which we saw just atad bit of in GoF. And when i decided to make a poem for him, he just wouldn;t stop nagging so a nagging poem it became!! Hence the chapter title Ron's Rant ;-)

Name: Hermione499 (Signed) · Date: 01/26/07 11:27 · For: Ron's Rant
I swear to you Sarah that i am NOT late...i remeber leaving a review 10 days ago, i never chequed if it was there and IT ISN'T THERE...WAHHHHHHHHH...anyways i'll repeat what i said

OMG!!! Such a GREAT chappie LOOOOVED IT... I swear you described Ron almost perfectly, honestly I think that Ron wrote this...lol 10/10!!! haha...neways by love! =]

Author's Response: lol! okay i believe you, u dont need to swear, heather! anyway, im really happy that u reviewed (again, even if i didnt get it last time), and im reallllllly happy that u liked it!I tried to make it as ronny as possble and what came to kind was hi nagging about well, having so much to like up to :-)...............................................Happy u like it, heather! luv u ;-)

Name: hogwartsrules (Signed) · Date: 01/25/07 15:02 · For: Ron's Rant
yeah, the DEFFINETLY describes what Ron feels like. (as portrayed in Sorcer's Stone and Goblet of Fire) You matched the poem to the exact way Ron might've acually said them... except they flow better! Awesome. 10/10.

Author's Response: Thanks so much again! im happy that you like it! One more's coming up as soon as i can fin some new inspiration, u can see more info about it from my bio. By the way, ur bio is hilarious, especially the writer's block thing, cuz its so true!

Name: saveginny417 (Signed) · Date: 01/21/07 18:52 · For: Ron's Rant
Ooooh yay! the perfect end to a perfect weekend, Sarah! Ron has got to be the coolest guy ever- especially when he's speaking through your words. you make him sweet, yet cynical- just the way I think he should be. YAY and a bazillion/10 for you! And thanks for the lovely notes on your bio =D

Author's Response: LYKZOMG hiii JULI!!!~~~ im happy u had a great weekend and im happy i ended it nicely for ya! *blushes*, thanks so much for making me feel spayshal ;-)....THANKS FOR THE BAZILLION AND NO PROB FOR THE BIO! UR REALLY THAT GREAT!!! wuv ya ;-)

Name: lil_evans (Signed) · Date: 01/21/07 16:55 · For: Ron's Rant
Hi Sarah! I'm sorry I haven't left you any reviews in a while, but I'm so happy you decided to do a Ron poem, cos he's one of my fave characters. (I love the Weasley's!) This poem was different from your others, but your writing is always full of empathy, and I love how you put it into Ron's chatty language. So, keep up the good work and well done!

Author's Response: HI SARAH! long time no see! how r u? :-)....im happy you like it, and i hope i did ur fav character justice. Thanks for the compliment as always and im happy ur back (again) ;-)

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