Reviews For The Valiant Never
Reviewer: SkivingOffSpiffingly
Date: 04/01/07 16:21
Chapter: Chapter 11: Bound & Determined

I would just like to say that I have been following this story on and I am thrilled that you have posted it here! I LOVE THIS STORY! So geat...So beautiful...So- So-... Well, I think it's safe to say that I hope you keep writing and I wish you luck in your endeavors.

-Skiving Off
A.K.A Mackenzie

Author's Response: Thank you! What a wonderful and thoughtful review. I am so glad you are enjoying my little tale, and that it's occasional odd style and frustrating cliffhangers haven't warded you off, yet! ;-) * Chapter 12 should be approved soon. * If you've any further comments or questions, feel free to e-mail me or post to my Live Journal page. Thanks, again! ** (P.S. - cool pen!)

Reviewer: mock_turtle
Date: 03/29/07 21:19
Chapter: Chapter 11: Bound & Determined


Author's Response: Thanks... ;-)

Reviewer: austengirl
Date: 03/25/07 0:02
Chapter: Chapter 11: Bound & Determined

Kat, you are doing great. Maybe you'll give it away later, but did Sirius notice the painting Hermione was looking at? Did he buy it for her? Will that be revealed later? Aaargh, I wish they would go ahead and post the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you. ;-) * No, Sirius wasn't too concerned about the painting she was viewing, though he did take some notice. He was more interested in her, specifically. He had no reason to purchase anything for her, as he didn't know who she actually was, nor did he trust her, but he did know he had seen her before. Yes, more info on the painting will come to light later though; bravo for keeping it in mind. ;-) Only Chapter 12 is in queue; after that, you lot will be up to par with everyone, and waiting for me to finish actually writing the chapter. Right now I am about halfway through Chapter 13. * Thanks, again!

Reviewer: Wicked Wench
Date: 03/23/07 16:42
Chapter: Chapter 10: Calculated Risks

I love her interaction with Atilla!

Author's Response: lol... Yes, well, keep an eye on Atilla. You've not seen/heard the last of him yet. ** And don't you know she simply *abhored* dealing with him, particularly like that.

Reviewer: kris1985
Date: 03/23/07 14:32
Chapter: Chapter 10: Calculated Risks

This is sooo good. I'm calling JK we're setting up a meeting. This should be book 8!

Author's Response: *Throws back head in laughter* That is probably the single highest compliment I have ever received for this work. Thank you!!!!

Reviewer: mock_turtle
Date: 03/23/07 1:53
Chapter: Chapter 10: Calculated Risks

Ooooooohhhh!! this is so exciting! I cannot wait for the next chapter. I love the way you write so suspensefully. this story is just so original and mind boggling. I am so excited to hear their conversation.
and I want to know who raj is. there is something creepy about him.

Author's Response: Excellent! I am glad you are enjoying it so. Ah, suspenseful at times, mushy at others. ;-) Raj... where to begin. He's an interesting character. Yes, a number of people have said that about him, that he's creepy. I will only say that he is an important part of the story. Thanks, again. Cheers!

Reviewer: tar
Date: 03/14/07 21:12
Chapter: Chapter 9: Troublesome Discoveries

very very nice i absolutly love it!!! A+

Author's Response: Thank you! It's about to get more confusing and a bit deeper into the plot. Glad you are enjoying it. Thanks, again!

Reviewer: mock_turtle
Date: 03/06/07 19:56
Chapter: Chapter 7: Of Logic & Intuition

so...where is the REAL stubby boardman??? (and why didn't I think of that before?)

Author's Response: Hmm... funny you should ask. Chapter 9... ;-)

Author's Response: Oh, and if you're *really* just dying to know what happens next, e-mail me and I will e-mail you as many of the next chapters (up through chapter 11) as you would like. It does take a while to get these validated here, so just let me know. If you'd rather wait for their individual validations, that's fine, too. Oh, and excellent question. You're thinking, and that's great. ;-)

Reviewer: mock_turtle
Date: 03/04/07 22:42
Chapter: Chapter 7: Of Logic & Intuition

oh my god i absolutely cannot wait to hear what happens next!!!!!!

Author's Response: lol... glad to hear that! ;-) The new chapter is already in queue. Hopefully you shall not have to wait long.

Reviewer: mock_turtle
Date: 03/03/07 21:08
Chapter: Chapter 6: To Fear the Unknown

I really love this story. i just have to know what happens next.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying my little tale. ;-) Just *have* to know what happens next? As soon as it's validated, you'll be further confused, amused and, well... frustrated. Enjoy!

Reviewer: Wicked Wench
Date: 02/28/07 21:08
Chapter: Chapter 7: Of Logic & Intuition

Love it!

Author's Response: Thank you! ;-)

Reviewer: kris1985
Date: 02/07/07 10:24
Chapter: Prologue: Through the Love of a Child

This is sooo great. I'm dying to ask a million questions but I'm in a love/hate relationship with surprises. For now I'll wait. :-

Author's Response: lol... Yes, I know what you mean. I want to be surprised, but I so very much want to get answers to specific questions, too. Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying it. If you have specific questions you'd like to ask (thus not spoiling the plot), feel free to e-mail me. Thanks again, Cheers!

Reviewer: Moonlight Goddess
Date: 02/06/07 16:41
Chapter: Chapter 5: Encore Presentations

update soon!

Author's Response: I've another chapter ready to be put into queue. Hopefully it should be verified within a week or so. Thanks!

Reviewer: Moonlight Goddess
Date: 02/06/07 16:40
Chapter: Chapter 4: Sleight of Sight

cool! keep updating!

Author's Response: Thank you! Shall do so!

Reviewer: kris1985
Date: 01/23/07 12:05
Chapter: Prologue: Through the Love of a Child

I read your bio as well as your fanfic and I think I know the solution to your problems. Write a book. I know writing fanfics are usually just creative outlets but you are extremely talented. So write a book make millions to increase your sense of humour and update as often as possible. I can't wait to read the rest of this story.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, that would indeed help my sense of humor;-) Actually, I've already written a 170,000 + word novel (completed nearly 3 years ago), but have been lazy on securing an agent (I've applied to one) or publishing house. I've even started on a second novel - completely different from the first - but instead have been putting my creative efforts toward TVN. Once this is finished, I will most likely return to the second novel. As for TVN, I'm currently fighting with Chapter 11, so you will see the previous chapters up as soon as I've HTMLed and submitted them. Thanks again for the encouragement, and I hope you continue to enjoy the story. E-mail me or post to my LJ if you've any questions regarding the story. Cheers! kat

Reviewer: Soap
Date: 01/23/07 11:03
Chapter: Chapter 3: Misconceptions & Other Half-Truths

Very interesting! I like it, and I'm eager to see where it leads. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying the story. I've already written through Chapter 10 (fighting with Chapter 11 as we speak), so as soon as I can HTML everything, I'll submit the next chapter. Thanks, again! kat

Reviewer: Wicked Wench
Date: 01/21/07 19:28
Chapter: Chapter 2: Conversations Left Unsaid

I liked the reference to Stubby, and I like the ending of this chapter. I want to read more.

Author's Response: Thank you! It's great to hear from readers, and particularly to learn what they do/don't like. The Stubby reference is quite important to the story. I've actually written the story up to Chapter 10 (I'm currently battling through Chapter 11 right now). If you are in a rush to read further, e-mail me and I'll get you onto the other chapters. If you're not in a hurry, I'll be putting Chapter 3 in queue tonight, but it's been taking about 1-2 weeks to get them through. Thanks, again! Cheers! kat

Reviewer: mock_turtle
Date: 01/17/07 19:07
Chapter: Chapter 1: Fringes of Reality


Author's Response: Thank you! It gets more complex as we go along, but you'll also start to see the bigger picture. Chapter 2 is now in queue, and hopefully will be up soon. ;-)

Reviewer: DogLover4Life
Date: 01/14/07 16:15
Chapter: Prologue: Through the Love of a Child

Whoa, I'm still thoroughly curious about Donovan waking up with black fur. I'll take your word on it when you say this will be less confusing. I wonder how fleeting and how crucial he is and will be..

Author's Response: Trust me, it will grow less confusing, and this prologue does tie in with the rest of the story. In fact, you'll see the results of Donovan's 'dream' in the next chapter. Thanks! -kat

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