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Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 09/30/08 20:50 · For: Forever: To Remember
This is a truly gorgeous story! Lots of authors write about Remus after all of his friends ~disappeared~, but none of them (that I've seen) have happened more than a week after Lily and James died. It was a nice change, and the setting was perfect.

Poor Remus =( He's my favorite maraurder (auder...odor...however you spell that word-der...) by far, probably because his life was both happy and tragic - and here you portrayed both of these, but everything still had that aspect of grief.

Wonderful job! I will most def. read more of your stories - but now is bed XD~


Name: dulcet_tones (Signed) · Date: 01/27/08 4:14 · For: Forever: To Remember
First off let me say, lovely story! I especially liked the ending, it's a nice thought to think that our loved ones will always be watching over us. Now, on with the review!

I really liked how you characterized Remus in this piece. He's moody and upset but understandably(sp?) so. Personally, I don't like it when authors have Remus try to commit suicide and was relieved when you didn't have him go through with his thoughts. With that said I still think that Remus having some suicidal thoughts, especially so shortly after losing all his friends, is plausible and I like how you talked had him talk himself out of it. Very well done.

The memories, I think was another added bonus to this submission. Everything that you've included in them are significant enough for Remus to remember, to recall why they were such good friends. You've also done a good job at not ignoring Peter in here, as so many of us (me included) sometimes do.

All in all, you did a really good job at presenting a very valid look into Remus' life. I enjoyed it tremendously!

~Stacy~ of the Gryff Review Crew

Name: the_evenstar (Signed) · Date: 03/21/07 15:06 · For: Forever: To Remember
Wow - from the opening description of Remus, I was hooked. (He reminded me of Johnny Depp as Mort Rainey in The Secret Window, who spent a lot of time sleeping as he grieved over his divorce.) Anyway, never mind my Depp-obsession, this story was so beautifully written! I especially liked the flashback-memories. They just felt so real! Good job! :D

Author's Response: Oh, no, a Depp-obsession is VERY good! ('Secret Window' is one of my favourite movies, as a matter of fact!)

Anyway, I'm very glad you liked the story, Brandi, and thank you so much for the nice review. My favourite part of this was the different flashbacks, as well, so I'm thrilled you liked them.


Name: lily_evans34 (Signed) · Date: 03/01/07 11:29 · For: Forever: To Remember
As a matter of fact, I did enjoy reading this as much as you enjoyed writing it! =)

I loved Remusís characterization. Iíve read very few fics about how he dealt with James and Lilyís death, and I really like how you portrayed him. It was right for him to feel hopeless after everything that had happened, but he still had enough hope left in him so not to give up everything. To most, the day after Christmas was like any other day, but to one man, it only gave him more time to think, more time to dwell on the losses of the past year. Such a wonderful line. I really see Remus as a thinker, which is just how you portrayed him in this.

Another thing that I loved was how you wrote the flashback of his school days. You summed up the important events pretty accurately, as I see it. I like how you made it so that the Marauders automatically became friends. It seems unlikely for most people to connect that easily, but the way you wrote it, I can really see it happening that way for them.

The end bit with James and Lily was very clever. It must have been hard for them to watch all of the events unfold below, without being able to say anything. I could tell that James was having difficulties watching Remus consider Sirius being a murderer and not being able tell him what had really happened. I think itíd be hard for people like Lily and James who care so much about their friends to just leave them behind, and I think you managed to capture this part of the story wonderfully.

Overall, you were right on point with your characterization. Your description was simply lovely as well. Lines like these: He liked the way that the snow felt like it could almost cover the entire world and let it start fresh again. He liked the pure, white colour of the snow as it fell over the dirty earth, hiding the bad from peopleís sights, in a way., were so refreshing to read, because of their startling accuracy. You write something as simple as describing landscape in such a beautiful way, but you donít embellish too much, which was lovely.

This was a very enjoyable read, and Iím glad I had the chance to review it. I look forward to reading [and there is a very good possibility of reviewing, as well!] more of your work in the near future!

-Knight of the Turnip Table ♥ Rachel

Name: Moonygirl25 (Signed) · Date: 02/15/07 17:50 · For: Forever: To Remember
Sweet! I luved it!

Author's Response: Oops, double post!


Name: Moonygirl25 (Signed) · Date: 02/15/07 17:50 · For: Forever: To Remember
Sweet! I luved it!

Author's Response: Thanks, Moonygirl. I'm glad.


Name: Pixichik118 (Signed) · Date: 02/13/07 15:26 · For: Forever: To Remember
Wow, this was a great story. It's amazing the way you portrayed Remus and his emotions were so perfectly written. It was really moving when he finally broke down, I felt like crying with him.
Awesome job!


Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much for the great review, Alyssa! I'm thrilled to hear that you liked the story.

~Megan, who loves Remus very much.

Name: rachelprue (Anonymous) · Date: 01/14/07 22:03 · For: Forever: To Remember
I thought it was a really beautiful story. No one really thinks about how Lupin felt after James and Lily's deaths, and I like how you expressed his catharsis of emotions.

Author's Response: Thanks, rachelprue! I'm glad you liked the story, as I really had an enjoyable time writing it; Remus's has always been a favourite character of mine, and I just have a fascination with him after James and Lily's deaths. ~Megan

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