Reviewer: rebelangel110192
Date: 10/19/07 16:53
Chapter: A Gift

yes! haha, im rather glad that youre now doing short and more frequent than long and 2 wks between each chapter. *nods* yes...i like this way better. =]

Reviewer: Lee_chic
Date: 10/19/07 14:54
Chapter: A Gift

My heart is beating quite quickly right now. OMG! I cannot wait to find out what Draco is going to do. And Harry and his bubble of affection...-sighs- I LOVE this story. I cannot wait for an update. Seriously. Wow. This was awesome. I loved it. Simply fantastic. Please update soon!

Reviewer: Sing Hallelujah
Date: 10/19/07 8:48
Chapter: A Gift

Jusr re read it
It is one of the best chapters


Reviewer: La_Rubinita
Date: 10/19/07 7:51
Chapter: A Gift

AHHHHH! You're such an amazing author. My insides have been turned to mush. This story is like a drug, every new chapter is a fix, but it's over much to quickly and always leaved me wanting more. I am not above begging, so please, please, please hurry and update soon.

Reviewer: Sing Hallelujah
Date: 10/19/07 7:47
Chapter: A Gift

First review
o yea
one of the best chapters in my opinion
soo far of course
I bow down to your betas!


Reviewer: rebelangel110192
Date: 10/16/07 16:37
Chapter: A Visit

wow. this was short. awesome, as usual. =]. but really short, for you.

Reviewer: riderofdragons
Date: 10/16/07 12:37
Chapter: A Visit

Love it, the whole story, that is all. :D

Reviewer: i_love_harry_potter
Date: 10/14/07 20:48
Chapter: A Visit

hah! harry embraced draco like he would've done to ginny!

lovely chapter, as usual, but i'm a bit upset too.
i waited forever for it, and it's much shorter than usual!!!

i can only hope that the next will be coming soon!

Reviewer: sahra rose
Date: 10/14/07 20:41
Chapter: A Visit

This is the best slash fanfic I ever read. it's so cute :)

Reviewer: Lee_chic
Date: 10/13/07 11:45
Chapter: A Visit

'Immediately, he was enfolded in an embrace that may or may not have been tighter than necessary. '

I love this story! I got the alert and in my mind was this chant, like 'Some Kind of Miracle' over and over until I clicked it. Woohoo! I love when Harry hugged Draco after he visited his mother.

'Then, after a very tense moment, literally every muscle in Draco’s body relaxed, and he all but melted into a very surprised Harry.'

I love their interaction and how you can see their relationship advancing and just everything! I cannot wait for an update!

Reviewer: La_Rubinita
Date: 10/12/07 21:03
Chapter: A Visit

You've turned my insides to mush... again. Poor Narcissa, I always liked her. There aren't many people in the world who deserve to go like that. I love the part where Harry comforted Draco - too sweet. What's in Harry's bags? I can't wait until Boxing Day! It should be interesting. Absolutely brilliant chapter. I can't wait for the next installment!

Reviewer: snapefan2007
Date: 10/12/07 20:38
Chapter: A Visit

poor draco. i feel bad for him. this was a good chapter. can't wait for more!

Reviewer: rebelangel110192
Date: 10/04/07 22:51
Chapter: A Wish


But it seemed too short! :P
Yay! Draco has FINALLY realized that he likes Harry. But what about vice versa? Cant wait for the next chapter! SOON please! :)

Reviewer: specialgirlvihas
Date: 10/04/07 0:57
Chapter: A Wish

great chapter!
i especially liked the last line: "Harry had finally fractured his self-control". shows how close Harry n Draco were getting.
Can't wait for the next one!!

Reviewer: i_love_harry_potter
Date: 10/03/07 21:58
Chapter: A Wish

ok so i'm definitely in love with this story!!

i check like every day hoping you've updated.

it's bloody amazing!!

and how far are you in the writing? do you post as you finish writing, are you chapters ahead, are you almost done?

keep up the amazing work!!!

Author's Response: Thank you :) I think I'm about halfway through chapter 19... I'm not sure; I haven't had time to write for a while. I generally post chapters once my beta reader(s) get them back to me. I'm definitely not almost done, though; I'd say that I'm about three fifths finished.

Reviewer: snapefan2007
Date: 10/03/07 15:15
Chapter: A Wish

i finished reading this chapter about two hours ago and have been pondering it while reading the sweetest sin... anyways, i find it sad that draco is in so much denial of his innocence. at least harry is starting to get through to him though... oh and the part in mcgonnagals office made me crack up. and i find it very noble of harry to give up his plans for malfoy. so anyways, i'm happy you updated and i can't wait for the next chapter and i can't wait until it's all done so i can read it all at once instead of having to wait! anyways good chapter. keep up the good work.

Reviewer: Sing Hallelujah
Date: 10/03/07 14:51
Chapter: A Wish


Reviewer: Lee_chic
Date: 10/03/07 14:23
Chapter: A Wish

Amazing chapter! I'm sorry to say I've been neglecting my reviews again. XD Anyway, I love the Harry Draco interaction, the stolen glances, the whole 'getting caught staring' and how Draco was turned on by seeing Harry blush. LOVED IT ALL! This fic is really great, and now I think I'm a bit obsessed with Harry and Draco. Together. Really great, and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: claymor
Date: 10/03/07 8:52
Chapter: A Wish

Today is my birthday and I must say that finding your update was a very, very nice gift. Thank you

Reviewer: emolove182
Date: 10/02/07 21:21
Chapter: A Wish

I loved it so much

thanks so much for updating
it's getting really really good


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