Reviews For The Long Road Home
Reviewer: Sweet Lily
Date: 06/21/10 13:35
Chapter: Epilogue

i thought this story was very well written. I wasn't sure if i liked that harry lost all his powers and couldn't get them back, but i think you made it so it worked anyways. I loved the ending. Also i thought you made harry's and later ginny's transitions into being muggle completely believable. this was a great story!

Reviewer: Karya
Date: 07/02/09 1:51
Chapter: Epilogue

Wow... Where do I begin I read the story before this and this one, and I can honestly say that I really don't like that both of them lose their powers. In al honesty I thought that it would be a total fluke. But I am obviously not a seer, because in the end you really brought it together. I would have been here at the very beggining if I could have, with the anticipation and excitment for the next chapter, writing review after review for you to tell you how much I really do love this story. And now all I can say is bravo! So talented and determined to finish... There are very few people that would have wrote this story to the end. I am so glad you did so so glad.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 20:39
Chapter: Epilogue

I love the whole story. It was amazing. The characters were done perfectly. I love everything. It was so much fun to read.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 20:22
Chapter: Chapter 28

I'm so glad that there is no more Rita.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 20:08
Chapter: Outtake: The Reception

I like this chapter.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 19:51
Chapter: Outtake: The Reaction

I just love Ron so much. I love this chapter too.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 19:32
Chapter: Chapter 27

I hope they get in trouble. It would be funny.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 19:10
Chapter: Chapter 26

I wish I was there to witness the last part. It would have benn so funny.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 18:32
Chapter: Chapter 25

The L.A.U.G.H. thing was halarious. Very very funny.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 18:00
Chapter: Outtake: Victor's Story

I'm glad that they are all good.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 17:40
Chapter: Chapter 24

I'm glad she's awake.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 17:20
Chapter: Chapter 23

That was a big letter. It was cool.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 16:47
Chapter: Chapter 22

I hope it worked.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 16:30
Chapter: Chapter 21

That's not good for Ginny.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 15:36
Chapter: Chapter 20

This is a cool chapter.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 13:32
Chapter: Chapter 19

That's really not good.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 13:09
Chapter: Chapter 18

I hate it when they are appart. It sucks.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 07/01/09 12:48
Chapter: Chapter 17

I'm not liking Ron that much now.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 06/30/09 12:44
Chapter: Chapter 16

I feel bad for Molly.

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 06/29/09 22:30
Chapter: Chapter 15

I really like Ron.

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