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Name: LovingPotter (Signed) · Date: 06/26/07 20:09 · For: Reality (epilogue)
i just read all your stories at once. and i lovee them. remus and tonks and sirius are my favourite, and your stories about them are lovely. especially this one, because it is so remus. it captures his personality brilliantly! i love it. so yes, excellent job, and i cant wait to read more of your work.

Author's Response: Wow, that's a fantastic compliment! I will treasure it and resist the urge to print it off and show it to people, LOL. I should have Tonks' one shot up by Friday. I hope you'll love it too! :)

Name: Leukhendian (Signed) · Date: 06/26/07 10:21 · For: Reality (epilogue)
Aaaaaaaauw... ^_^ You tease, now I'm even more impatient about the next story, damn you! xD Gosh, is it really only about a month until the HP5 movie and the seventh book? Iiih, can't wait! Everything is just so damn irresistable! I see HP everywhere, rot it all. That's why I command you to get settled faster! =D

Author's Response: I'm determined to have Tonks' pov one shot ready to post this Friday, and, cross fingers, will start posting the Tonks/Remus story the next week! Less than a month now until film and book are released, I think! Good news, I hope? :D

Name: ABrokenNoOne (Anonymous) · Date: 06/26/07 0:00 · For: Reflections...and a Limerick
This is a wonderful story, but I'm really not sure I could hear Lupin speaking or even writing such words. He seems not be a prisoner of romance, or a man of liturature, as you present in this story. Lovely words, though.

Author's Response: Everyone can have their own idea of Remus, because aside from teaching DADA, unable to keep a job because of his condition, being thoughtful and kind, we don't much about him. You don't have to be a Ravenclaw to be smart or study Latin, though, and you sure don't have to be a Hufflepuff to fall in love! ^_^ If you read the story this parallels...maybe backtrack to the first story in the series, Once in a Blue Moon, I think I just might be able to sway you to my view of his characterization!

Name: R_Ravenclaw (Signed) · Date: 06/25/07 12:43 · For: Reality (epilogue)
That was so sad! I really can't wait for your next story...


Author's Response: Ta, thanks. :) It is sad that they have to part, but at least Remus knows that nothing can separate them for long!

Name: Noel Weasley (Signed) · Date: 06/25/07 10:29 · For: Reality (epilogue)
THE END! can't wait to read your next story! i love your storys! they're so cool! can't wait for July! yes, i remembered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

Author's Response: Aw, you remembered! *wipes away happy tear* :D Thank you!

Name: Leukhendian (Signed) · Date: 06/15/07 12:35 · For: Daydreams
I sure hope J.K.R. will leave their lives open to happy endings. Too many cooks - ehh - deaths spoil future fanfics ;D If you are so inclined (as I've begged often) to make a post-7 fic - again, if the book calls for it - would you be writing journal entries to go with it?

Mwuah, looking forward to more Remus thoughts! ^_^

Author's Response: You'll have Remus' thoughts within the stories from now on, and whatever happens in canon, there will be a post 7 fic where Remus and Tonks have a happily ever after, with a few challenges and twists, lol.

Name: jcc (Signed) · Date: 06/15/07 9:15 · For: Daydreams
Lovely! Beautiful, poignant and well-crafted. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you for a review that was fabulously crafted to make my day! :)

Name: R_Ravenclaw (Signed) · Date: 06/15/07 8:43 · For: Daydreams
I love it! I wish it could be like that now...


Author's Response: You have oldie songs going through my brain. "You can't hurry love. Oh, you just have to wait..." and "Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream...dream, dream, dream.... :D

Name: Noel Weasley (Signed) · Date: 06/15/07 8:14 · For: Daydreams
love it! can't wait to read the next entry! love it! :P

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you! ^_^

Name: WackyWeasley (Signed) · Date: 05/26/07 22:00 · For: Moonrise and Sunset
I love this so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: You've made my night, telling me that!

Name: WackyWeasley (Signed) · Date: 05/26/07 21:51 · For: Reflections...and a Limerick
So Romantic and Beutiful!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: I don't mind saying thank you, over and over, ^_~

Name: WackyWeasley (Signed) · Date: 05/26/07 21:51 · For: Reflections...and a Limerick
So Romantic and Beutiful!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Name: WackyWeasley (Signed) · Date: 05/26/07 21:51 · For: Reflections...and a Limerick
So Romantic and Beutiful!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: I see Remus as the thoughtful, romantic type. I'm glad you love it!

Name: R_Ravenclaw (Signed) · Date: 05/26/07 12:56 · For: Weddings and Werewolves
I never really even realized Remus wasn't in the wedding pictures with Sirius, James and Lily. Now I feel bad that he was excluded!


Author's Response: They were living in such dangerous times, they couldn't take the chance, but it had to have hurt his feelings, even though, as always, he understood.

Name: moony101 (Signed) · Date: 05/26/07 12:14 · For: Valentine and Loss
A situation where Remus might be idebted (and probably already thinks he is) to Snape I might have known.
little did you know (or am I becoming that predictable by now) that you played right into my hands and have given me the oportunity to comment on your last responce *sighs, taking a deep calming breath, rubs temples, places head on a cool desk while thinking how to word this without ecessive profanity or other things that could cause me to get kicked off this site* ;)
Your credo may well have merrit you don't have to be a nice person to be a decent human being but you do have to have a very different idea (than most) to think that Severus Snape fits that bill
First of all most decent people aren't likely to take the dark mark in the first place and before I have a chorus of Snape defenders going on and on about the manipulative tactics of Voldy and how he uses those closest to his targets to get them to comply with his orders, I doubt 2 things the most important being that anyone held him down and forced him to take the mark or that Voldy would want him that way and secondly that he cared enough about anyone to allow his feelings to land him in such a situation (you have to have some before that can be the case
Next decent people usually aren't prone to willinly handing information to an egomaniacal maniac that even possibly could lead to the death of an innocent child and again before i get a chorus of defenders those who say- or Snape himself if the information is ever given to us- that he couldn't have possibly known what Voldy would use it for even if he only heard half of it how thick can you get? And there has been no indication given that Snape might have known who this child's parents could possibly be so it really can't even be blamed on his "justified" hatred of James that would at least make limited sense rather readers of JKR and fan fic are left with the facts (as seen) that point to him betraying an innocent child he didn't know to the clutches of evil decent people DON"T do that.
That being said and if Dombledore was corret in his regret over what Voldy did and tried to do to Harry you would think he would have learned his lesson on being an accessory to murder never mind commiting it
And yes Dombledore (don't think I don't have issues with that man as well) trusted Snape right into the Avada Kadavra that ended his life!!! that picture alone speaks volumes and again to the defenders who say it was planned just because your freind or mentor askes you to throw them off a building exc. it doesn't mean you do it for those who have suggested there was an unbreakable vow- it would seem that if Snape was as good as some think he would have prefered death or if he really wasn't a coward as he was so fond of yelling at Harry that he would have offed himself rather than be a part of anything like that again
Decent human beings don't usually terrify and torment children either put aside how he treats Harry for a moment and think of others Neville Longbottom and the boggart come to mind with all else that was going on in his 3rd year with the impact Voldy has had on his life his greatest fear is a teacher who atempts to poison his pet if Hermione hadn't been there that toad quite possibly could have died or so damaged it's life would have had to be ended (that he got away with it is a whole other can of worms)
Oh and in case this has gotten a little long for you to remember your last comments or mine or you wonder if i've lost the thread of what I'm doing typing all this I think i have figured out why Snape agreed to teach Tonks he would then have smothing to hold over her head if she got too nerve racking and he might find informantion he could use to get at Lupin (he had to have a reason thae benifited him)
Oh and lest I forget Snape outed Lupin to the house he was in charge of and thus the whole school out of not much more than pure spite DECENT people again usually don't like to leave panic stricken students in their wake let alone for the love of a grudge
No if you want decent look at Remus Harry Mad Eye most of the student body of Hogwarts or any number of other charaters but not Snape (unless your rewriting his character more to your liking) they just will never go together
And yes I HATE Snape with good reason(if you'd ever like to hear the full case i have on the subject, which i'm sure you don't- just let me know)
and lest you think I just like to rant on the subject(well I do but that's not the point of this) I once remember someone not so long ago warning me of their fan fic about a certain billowing bat in a more flattering light I am only attempting to return the favor with some good points and hoping some of it seeps through before books 7 arives incase his vindication is not found within those pages I'd hate to see one of fan fics greatest lost in grief over that billowing bat :)

Author's Response: Wow. You do hate Snape, and you have lots of reasons for it. :D

I'm happy to agree to disagree, because I think "decent" people are human, that they make mistakes, sometimes huge ones that result in tragedy. I think that they make bad choices as well as good ones, and have negative qualities that are sometimes more apparent than the positive. I hope that Jo shows in book 7 that Snape has changed since he first took the mark, and Dumbledore's faith was not misplaced. If DH doesn't vindicate Snape, however, I won't be lost in grief, I'll just be very disappointed in J.K. Rowling.

Name: Her My Own EE (Signed) · Date: 05/26/07 9:54 · For: Valentine and Loss
I almost couldn't read the second half. I think of all HP cannon deaths, Sirius' is the one that I found the most sad. He was a complex & flawed character who deserved a chance to actually live. He remains my favorite of the "adults". Your writing was better then any other I've seen at showing grief. Also it was easy to believe the small amount of background on the veil. The lack of extraneous detail was refreshing.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading even though it was sad! You're right, his was the most sad. He fell behind a stupid veil. There's no body to say 'he's dead', just emptiness and the desperately sad longing for him to come back.

When it comes to men, I've noticed they're only rarely given to extraneous detail. They're more concise, relating facts, simply instead of going into great detail about how they feel and what others might be feeling. It wouldn't ring 'true' to me if Remus' entries were longer, so thank you very much for finding the length refreshing!

Name: Leukhendian (Signed) · Date: 05/25/07 16:13 · For: Valentine and Loss
Oh God, more sadness... Damn you, woman! :P It still surprises me how well you do Remus though, and this was very good. Kudos to you for that. But still... *shakes fist*

Author's Response: If Remus didn't make you sad, he wouldn't be the werewolf we know and love, putting others ahead of himself and containing his sadness. *sniff*

Name: solemnly_swear73 (Signed) · Date: 05/14/07 20:56 · For: Moonrise and Sunset
How brilliantly written! It is heartbreaking to see how Remus had to deal with such a heavy weight on his shoulders so young. I do think Tonks hit the nail on the head as only she can.......for better or for worse, the wolf is a part of who he is, not a completely separate monster, and it is something he is going to have to come to terms with, if he ever wants to feel peace inside. Oh, the last sentence just says it all-simply and beautifully:-) Makes you love Remus even more, doesn't it??

Author's Response: You made me think of the Lifehouse song, so it's your fault I'm compelled to quote it!

I'm falling even more in love with you

Letting go of all I've held on to

I'm standing here until you make me move

I'm hanging by a moment here with you

I think when Remus and Tonks are together, the next lines are for both of them. :)

Forgetting all I'm lacking, completely incomplete

I'll take your invitation, you take all of me now

Name: solemnly_swear73 (Signed) · Date: 05/14/07 20:26 · For: Reflections...and a Limerick
Wow, this is absolutely, completely and in all other ways...scrummy!! I love it!

I do adore the way you write Remus and Tonks *sigh*.......in many ways they are so different, yet so perfectly matched it can take your breath away....*another sigh*!! The combination of intelligence, wit, passion, kindness and humour make Remus one sexy man!!

I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Scrummy is an s'awful nice word. Thank you! I think it's so sad that Remus doubts his worth, when most women would gladly tell him what he has is priceless!

Name: Leukhendian (Signed) · Date: 05/11/07 11:31 · For: Fears and Christmas
Aaaauw. Remus dreaming of family. How sweet is that. If Jo leaves them both alive in the end of Deathly Hallows (I'll stalk her if she doesn't), then you better give them a kid in your post-7th-book story! Lol ;P A boy or a girl, I don't care, I just want to see Remmy lusting for a certain Mum's lips, hee hee hee... xD

Author's Response: It's a mutual admiration society. I have Tonks thinking lusty thoughts about his lips in 29, lol. Got to have some happy moments before Sirius is gone and the world starts to turn grey. I will definitely give them a happy ending complete with baby whether Jo does or not! :P *me, sticking my tongue out at Jo* :D

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