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Name: iwishicouldwrite (Signed) · Date: 01/28/11 12:53 · For: A Wedding and a Funeral
sigh...your stories never cease to be perfectly romantic :) The romance was so sweet, I love how you preserved snape's character (and the cloak eris gave him was so perfect) great job and i look forward to reading more of your stories!

Author's Response:

A Severus Snape who falls in love and starts smiling at everyone and being kinder and gentler is the author being like Dorothy in Jerry McGuire saying, "I love him! I love him for the man he wants to be. And I love him for the man he almost is." 

I hate that attitude! You have to love someone for who they are, not who you fantasize they could be if they changed. 

Meh. I'll get off my soapbox and just say thank you for looking forward to more stories!



Name: iwishicouldwrite (Signed) · Date: 01/28/11 8:59 · For: The Slytherin in the Dell
usually I would review at the end of the story (by the way loved the first one!) but I couldn't help saying that snape's comment that all women were hufflepuffs inside was so perfect! Great so far and I'll review again at the end :)

Author's Response: Thank you for taking a break from reading to tell me you liked that line! I think it's true...except when it isn't. :D

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/31/10 21:30 · For: A Wedding and a Funeral
Noo! Last chapter?!?! I hadn't realized..now I'm sad...): But happy, for yes, an end! I mean, you know, things get resolved...oh, I'll just read...
Before I do! Hoping...wedding is for Sev&Eris (but I know it isn't) and I can't imagine who the funeral's for. I'd think Eris but I think there's some other fic of why Eris isn't present for Sev's excursions with the Order....

Scrummy ending, m'dear, as I knew it must be! I'm not much for love potions, I must admit...but...to each his own...these are the Dark costumers, after all...and Romilda Vane...

HAhah. "Hesitate to ask" :D
His dark mood. Ohh Snape m'dear, you absolutely kill me! I adore your dark humor, of course. It's so hysterical!!

Ah, respect for Molly...rising!! :)

JAMES! James, my love! He's my boyfriend even more than Severus Snape is! I spit upon the Potions Master when when my boyfriend's around! JAMEEES!!

Author's Response:

It isn't quite the end, there's still the Into the Dark one shot. ;)

LOL about you and James. That's what I enjoy about writing (and reading) fan fiction. Like the old song says, when you can't be with the one you love (honey) you love the one you're with. :D

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/31/10 21:02 · For: Dealing with Dragons
Isn't Dealing With Dragons another fanfic of yours? ;)

Why does he have to pretend to supervise? Isn't he the master? If he wants to give strategies...can't he just?

And no, she doesn't play WOW or other online games...she just plays D&D with her friends on occasion. But she says it's fun.

AHaha even know he loves the word dunderhead(: and his remake was funny.

HAHAHA. Testing him. I say that.All.The.Time.:)

Oh dear. So sad to be in the mind of a captive. Even just a dragon, I pity him, and wish to let him go. Does he promise to be my best friend??

What was this mystical mission anyway? Ugh I can never follow jobs in fanfics! It's so annoying! Come to that, I can't figure out real-book missions either, so...nevertheless...

Oh no. Don't be ridiculous. People can NEVER be pleased with getting what they asked for....it is so that they must, after all, ask for more...because accomplishing a task is NEVER enough. So sad...Yay scales! ...yay...dung...?

Lovely chap beautifully entwined with fiery love and scorching danger...j'adore, ma belle! (that reminds me. I have a French test tomorrow o_O)

Author's Response:

What can I say, if I like a title, I reuse it. :D

Ah, she's a social player, not hard core, heh. 

I'm sure you are testing people...and I hope they don't fail you. ;)

The dragon would fry you and eat you...or just gobble you up raw. The mission was to see whether or not dragons could be made into allies for Voldemort like giants. The answer was a huge NO! (thank goodness!)

Dragon dung makes things grow like crazy, best fertilizer in the wizarding world. 

Good luck on the French test!

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/28/10 20:58 · For: Bad Moon on the Rise
He'd probs want her if he wasn't dating Eris. He can--you can--tell me anything you'd--I mean he'd--like, but I'm going to believe it because men are easy and like low cut dresses with slits up the thigh ;)

Hahhaha I love all the ways she fails to seduce him and every double meaning; I also like all the ways he turns her down. It amuses me so. He has a partner...je m'excuse...a companion, after all.

AWw that's so funny the way that kitty!Eris gives off heat. I snicker.

Ahahhahahahah she doesn't even care she's under a spell. Eris is being very...I don't know. I guess he'd call it sexy, but sweetie I'm straight and most people don't get it when I tell them that a girl's attractive. I mean, I can TELL, doesn't mean I like it the way men do....
Okay, the scene was hilarious though ;)

I knew he'd use the gift on Eris, but I never dreamed it'd be an accident! I mean, I didn't think that he'd do it on without her knowledge/consent, so I thought she'd ask or something...to, you know, liven the mood...this way was funnier.

Very cute chap:)

Author's Response:

He might appreciate the view, but he's a Slytherin, into self-preservation, and she's deadly, so he'd admire from afar.

When someone's sexy, they're sexy. It's just an observable fact. People who say they can't "tell" if someone of the same sex is attractive or not are either deliberately unobservant (which can be nice when someone only has eyes for you!) or telling a lie for whatever reason (not wanting to be razzed, not wanting partner to notice the attractiveness of competition). 

Thank you for liking the way the spell was activated! Severus needs amusement in his life. He's so serious!

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/28/10 19:44 · For: Birthday Boy
That firegel is so totally cool!(: I love magic!

It took awhile to resituate myself into this story, but even though I'm working on remembering Sev's birthday it was actually fairly easy and this isn't so bad. I really love this story, after all!

Poor Sev. Not used to getting gifts? I want to hug him. Who doesn't get x-mas AND birthday gifts? That's so sad. I love him.

I think he'll feel bad that she'd so scared that he'll end up entwining her hair so that she isn't scared. And of course, Voldy'll never admit that he is:)

I thought it was Lucius, not Bella and yes people still play D&D. Secret: My sister plays.

...she's seventeen.


Okay well I loved Sevsev's birthday! Although I almost agree with Sev's account of children, I think I'm slightly less irritable about them (few aren't) and think they're cute so long as they don't, like, puke on me. And if I had my own it would be even less annoying. I mean, I can go with the parents for a bit because I figure, they're cute and interesting and I'll be the same way in fifteen-20 years.:)

Author's Response:

Severus didn't come from a happy home, that's certain! Interesting that your sister plays D&D instead of World of Warcraft or another online game--or maybe she plays both?

I agree that people find their own children...like their own loved ones, pets, etc...less annoying. You have a higher tolerance--and you can't give them back! LOL

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/17/10 20:53 · For: Father Christmas
Ah, if only her "parasitical husband" was sent into an eternal slumber. Snicker snicker.

Hahaha. Despite how much I absolutely hate Tobias, he amuses me sometimes--if darkly. "I already know my future." Blehehe. Why does someone always hate fortune cookies? I love fortune cookies.

Hahaha. "Bah! Humbug" HAhaha! Especially since, in theory, nobody in that family's read the book. Teehee. Coincidences...:)

Oh! He's so sweet, thinking of her like that and saying "companion" instead of that other stuff he could've. That's so sweet! I love him!

Author's Response: I feel that way about dark characters, too. No one except Voldemort lacks redeeming qualities, even if it's only that they amuse. I thought A Christmas Carol would be read in the mandatory Muggle Studies class so that's why I had Severus quote. He unwillingly found Scrooge amusing, heh.

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/12/10 6:46 · For: Father Christmas
Why are so many women--why are married, probably happily, women--after bitter, unfaithful, rude, ungrateful, unappealing, snarky (and not in Sev's attractive way!), and all the awful things in the world...Tobias? I just don't understand; the married one wants him, Eileen bewitched him (maybe thinking he could be turned, maybe thinking a bit like Merope Gaunt) and all for a man who only had Severus Snape to rid himself of the image of Claudia Slutinstein? I just don't get it. He, in essentials, raped her; forced her to have sex with him, anyhow. It isn't something to tell your father-in-law, it isn't something to do when angry, and it isn't something to do after you've just yanked her roughly by the wrists off her chair in front of her father. It just isn't.


Especially knowing why he's so bitter. Did he think magic could get him all the riches in the world? Any house he desired? Yes? I hate him.

But for doing that, I love you. Thank you:)

Author's Response:

Bookstores could devote shelves of self-help books to smart women who make stupid choices, who go for Mr. Wrong thinking they can change him into Mr. Right.

Tobias and Eileen have a complicated relationship. He didn't rape her, because she was willing, but it wasn't loving, it was angry, and shows how warped her thinking is that she views even that kind of contact better than living without him. Tobias didn't deserve a wife who loved and supported him at all , much less in the grand style he dreamed about!

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/11/10 22:51 · For: Home for the Holidays
Heheheh.If my mother could read minds...ugh. I shudder to think! We'd be the most boring, well-behaved children on the planet! Ew.

As for Severus, he's clever not to say nothing. I suppose Eileen must know, like a maternal instinct, but that's by-the-by. Even know I know it's her, seeing it from Eileen's eyes is sad to think that Severus's love a disparu and left him, alas, but her cat. *collapses dramatically*

Ahaha. *poor imitation of Sev's voice* "One day, in the far future, a single kitten might be tolerable..." Hahha! He's hilarious. I love him answering both at once. Eris is probably relaxing...

I think their relationship strange, Eil's and Sev's...and yet, to stay with a man she hates...she must be desperate indeed, to tolerate Tobias, and very much in love with her son, to do so for his sake, and very well prioritized, to do so for hers. While I do not envy her life, I applaud it; Eileen is of outstanding character. Sometimes, I find that people with more really should take a lesson or two from people with less...

I like Eileen. Her life has gone horrible and her son seems to rule her, but she's perky and excited and optimistic. She's the embodiment of the emotional wonders, and is the counterexample to every single Slytherin prejudiced ever invented by a Gryffindor. Very good character development!

Aw look, Sev tries for Eris, how sweet!

A cliffie and a promise of Tobias! Very mysterious! More brilliance in this chapter...quite lovely.

Author's Response:

Eek! Save the world from boring, well-behaved children!

There are some guys that don't want kids for whatever reason (can't handle the responsibility, or had a crap childhood and are afraid to repeat patterns) so even though Eris at nineteen isn't thinking about children, it was nice to hear he wouldn't mind one, lol. 

Eileen's definitely made the best of a bad situation. I feel sorry for her, and yet, she allowed Tobias to dominate them all, so she's as responsible for the situation as he is, in a way. Sigh.

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/10/10 22:55 · For: Fenrir vs. Loki
Forgot the mention it last chap, but I adored the whole damned festival!

Ah. Welsh. Wales. DUH! I'm slow.

Overheating computers feel like children with a fever. It's discomfiting as well as discomforting, and it brings on something like the beginnings of motherly instinct, the kind that all women have but don't show up till you're a mother. Like I'm ready for it, but, being 13, I don't have it yet...it's weird. Maybe it's more like I have a fever. S'hot under the covers.

Ugh I could never be an apprentice! I hate people telling me what to do, having to be "obedient" (k--I'm never obedient, but I hate when I'm s'posed to be) and generally giving any sign of respect. I envy Sev his patience!

I love watching them justify things to themselves. Warped views are hilarious.

Sometimes Legilimency is described oddly..it sounds like brain sex XD

I love the way Sev quips! The quirk is very attractive. I especially enjoyed the very last one; it seemed wrong to be amused, so, though no one's around, I held in laugher to make myself feel less mean while chuckling inwardly.

Fantastic chapter with, of course, more symptoms of Cliffie Fever! I'm soo excited for a Spinner's End Christmas! I always hated his dad anyway...Lovely chapter! Ta! I'm tired and it's time to put my ailing child (heh, heh) to sleep. (bahaha computer pun!)

Author's Response:

Absolutely Legilimency can be sexy, it's sharing fantasies with visuals, :D.

There's a lot of Slytherin self preservation in feeling motherly toward a computer. You want it to stay "healthy" so you can continue to go online, not because you love it and want it to be happy. It is interesting to think taking care of objects can trigger motherly instinct!

I hope you weren't actually feverish, just hot due to an overheated laptop.

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/10/10 22:29 · For: The Accidental Tourist
I would love Scintillation Solution! I would be like today EVERY day! It was finally decently sunny; three girls were wearing shorts (k, not that sunny, people!) and it was so beautiful, I was *apparently* really giddy, but I didn't notice until my friend told me I was hyper. I was just so happy; the summertime promise is amazing. I imagine my Amortentia would smell like summertime, or maybe the way autumn smells just because it's a beautiful scent, and my Scintillation Solution would make me feel permanently doused in the sunlight!

Ahahaha I Loved her Levitation Solution!

So difficult to have a partner who can read minds, but I suppose she would've just told him...this lovely way, she doesn't have to speak it. I should think that this is much less embarrassing....nonetheless, my partner wouldn't have much to see. have a horrible memory. ;) But I suppose Eris doesn't mind...

Are they speaking Latin? I want to learn Latin. And marry an attractive bilingual Brit..one of the romance languages. Spanish sounds more attractive on women, I think, but I don't fancy my man purring to me in a language that makes me think of cats. French is good, because it's s'posed to sound hot if you're fluent, which I'm not. Italian is tres attractive, and Latin is, too.
I find it a bit scary that you already knew that about me...

Sometimes that's how I feel: terms of endearment don't lighten the mood. My dad always digresses or insults and adds "baby" or something at the end. I once, irritably, told him that saying baby doesn't make it any less insulting; mom giggled, I don't think he's done it since.

Oh--Welsh--not Latin--damn. Wrong pairing XD

I never got the meaning in roses, but I always found it fascinating. I wish I knew the colors, but I don't expect a boyfriend to be as aware. If he is...all the better! If he isn't...oh, well, no big deal!
I loved Eris's countering to every rose comment he made ;) Especially the lingerie one, which made me laugh. Loudly.

Ooh, but to your old Clifftactular self, I see! I rather like it :) To what does he owe the pleasure? I rather await finding out!

Author's Response:

If hyper equals happy, everyone should bounce like Tigger. :D

Autumn's my favorite season, so I think that scent would be lovely, cinnamon and fruit. I think of summertime as cut grass and sea air, salty and a bit fishy.

Puss N Boots has ruined Spanish accents for many women. I saw a study result the other day, and when it comes to accents Irish is ranked sexiest, followed by Italian, Scottish and French. Poor American guys, their accent is ranked tenth . . . but at least they're top ten! :D

Your mom giggled because she's probably said the same thing--and he disagreed, LOL.

If a boyfriend's aware, it's sweet if he looked it up just to impress you and ominous if he knows off the top of his head. . . because he's used it on every girl he's gone out with!

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/10/10 21:29 · For: The Slytherin in the Dell
Ahahha. I loved how he got distracted while trying to prove that his concentration wasn't impaired :)

"Naughty puss" ? XD

I loved imagining Eris's line right before that. How his cauldron might...boil over?...melt. ;)

Aww! AHdorable little girls! I love them! So adorable...Sev is such a freak, but he's an adorable freak.

I think we do all have Hufflepuff cores; except maybe for the Death Eaters, because no way does Bella or Cissy have a Huffie core. But it's just Death Eaters, not Slytherins, because I've seen Blaise's Hcore and it's cutesy:) In a strictly straight way...especially since I edited out all the 10 words I used before.

I don't like Tom. He's a cheat. And I [obviously] don't like those.

Wonderful advancement. I love Eris and Sev!

Author's Response:

Hmmm, Bella was insanely loyal to the Dark Lord (literally), and Cissy put her love for her son and family over loyalty to blood purity and Voldemort, so even they have traits that would have fit into Hufflepuff, as much as they'd despise it, heh.

You didn't have to edit! You can love characters and not love them, heh. 

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/09/10 22:24 · For: Popping Bubbles
I keep usual the word "sensual." To my friends, though.

I LOVE Eris and Sev! She's the reason I like him! At all. So I'm very excited for what this new adventure will bring!

Author's Response: Eris does give Severus reason to show a side of himself a lot of people doubted he could have, :D. Thank you for giving him--and the story--a chance! :)

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/12/09 12:49 · For: A Wedding and a Funeral
That was so wonderful. I wish Severus and Eris could live out in the open but I know it's safer if they don't. Eww, Rabastan had to settle for one of the Carrows. That cannot be attractive. I was happy to hear that Eris' disappearance became a cold case. What a wonderful message from her grandfather--to embrace new opportunities. In reading your comments to another chapter, I didn't think of your argument that Severus didn't die. I thought Harry clearly wanted his portrait to hang in the Headmaster's Office but I guess that doesn't mean Harry thought he died. I can totally believe that Severus only let Harry see certain memories--those related to his mother--and that he lived and excapted. How do you explain the doe Patronus:) This was a great story. I'm going to read Into the Dark and then I don't know what. One thing's for sure--I'll be showing up soon, maybe even tonight, somewhere in your section of writings.

Author's Response:


More than one person can have a doe Patronus! As an animal totem, the doe has qualities that fit Severus: perception, ability to listen, ability to sacrifice for the higher good, alternative paths to a goal, physical pacing and body awareness. :D


Thank you so much for being an eclectic reader and wanting to read more stories! I understand when a reader is “into” a certain pairing or genre to the exclusion of others, but I always think they don’t know what they’re missing, and it makes me appreciate you all the more. ^_~


Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/12/09 10:25 · For: Dealing with Dragons
An amazing experience--a dumb idea to "deal with dragons" but an amazing experience. That is so cool that Severus got a scale for Eris. So, am I led to believe that Severus and Eris are bonded for life. Would you believe I also have a morbid fear of heights. It's pretty bad and affects where I can drive safely. I think what I like about Severus and Eris as a couple is that they seem to complement each other--they really are a power couple and seem like soulmates. I also like thinking that Severus didn't pine away his youth following Voldemort and chasing after Lily. Great chapter. I don't know where I'll go next. If I can pull myself away for a while I may go back and finish a story I abruptly dropped when I discovered your writing. Not that that author would notice, but I feel like I left something undone. Although I might go to Semi-Charmed Life. I hate that this is close to over.

Author's Response: Oh, yes, they're bonded. Severus still follows Voldemort until he realizes his actions led to Lily's death, and then spends all those years at Hogwarts in penance, but he's not alone, and he isn't pining for someone who never loved him the way Eris does. I absolutely believe Severus deliberately chose select memories for Harry to view. He was Slytherin, after all, and it was a means to an end...and a new beginning.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/12/09 9:54 · For: Bad Moon on the Rise
Severus' cloak seems quite useful with both Bellatrix and the Welsh werewolf. I was afraid Bellatrix was going to recognize Elpis. I know that cloak is capable of total evil but I'm fascinated by it. At least Severus owns it and not someone disgusting like Voldemort or Fenrir. I may have mentioned before that I'm intrigued by big shows of power, especially if they're accomplished by someone who could be an underdog. I think Severus with his background could be an underdog but he's too intelligent so he'll always come out on top eventually and that's where my fascination lies. Great chapter.

Author's Response:

Eris told Severus she had to "hide" the cat because her father wouldn't approve (that's putting it mildly, heh) so Bellatrix never saw Elpis, and Lucius forgot her after Severus used a Memory Charm on him.

Severus is still an underdog because everything he's ever achieved he's had to work hard and even fight for...and he'll never truly have the recognition he deserves. Jo should've let him live, and imho, since his portrait wasn't mentioned in the epilogue, it's because Snape's body "disappeared" mysteriously and Harry realized he'd survived--and respected what he'd sacrificed enough to allow him to let people think he'd died, so he could finally live (with his cat, lol). 

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/11/09 21:15 · For: Birthday Boy
Severus had such an eventful birthday. I'm not sure what his best present was. I'm sure he loved learning to brew firegel. It was funny when he thought the cauldron had some explosive potion and it was a stew for lunch. Eris' present sounds pretty amazing. That cloak is very creative. She is so talented. Together they are quite the wizarding power couple. How fortunate is it that she decided to stay and help with the new baby. I never expected Bellatrix to show up as the messenger. I'm sure Severus will be able to deal with her. But how awful just the same. Maybe he should model his new cloak for her. Last chapter for the night. I loved it. I just love Severus and Eris as a couple.

Author's Response: Thank you for loving them as a couple! Canon characters are already known and liked or loved, but the OC is a stranger you get to know and (hopefully!) not just like, but love as the canon character's love interest. You've made me a happy writer, and I wish I had a bluestone to give you so you could always find your loved ones. :)

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/11/09 17:54 · For: Father Christmas
I am all misty-eyed. There were several beautiful parts in this chapter. I'm glad that Severus had that last big conversation with Tobias. I got really weepy when Severus and Eris exchanged gifts. The pendant for Elpis was wonderful, especially the sentiment. I felt sad for Eileen when Tobias died. After all, he was her husband and they'd been together a long time. The end was sweet with Eileen offering to be her son's secret keeper. I'm so glad she knows. Now I must close before I cry all over my computer keyboard. Excellent chapter.

Author's Response:

Robert Frost said, "No tears in the writer. No tears in the reader." I get weepy for characters, and sometimes I think I cry harder for the ones who choke back tears, who try to put on a brave or stoic face to the world...or themselves. *sniff*

Thank you for being an empathetic soul!

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/11/09 14:41 · For: Home for the Holidays
Having Severus quote Dickens was great. I could see him looking the part. The funny thing was how everyone thought he was playing the role of Scrooge. Actually, isn't Alan Rickman a Shakespearean actor? Dickens isn't Shakespeare but I can see him playing many of those classic roles. I'm really liking the idea of being able to pack your partner up in a carrying case and going somewhere. What will Sev say to his Dad? After all that time you have to ask why Eileen entranced Tobias? Now it seems like such a poor idea. Great chapter.

Author's Response:

I think he's a theater trained actor (he had the stage role in Dangerous Liasons and would have been much sexier in the film than John Malkovich!), but I don't know what Shakespearean roles he's played.

Eileen was the classic fool for love and married in haste only to repent at leisure. 

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 11/11/09 12:57 · For: Fenrir vs. Loki
If it's possible for Eris to be Fenrir's daughter, that explains the cold relationship between Eris and her father--Danica's husband. Despite his claims of playing "Good Auror, Bad Auror" I can't help but wonder if Severus is just trying to warn people to keep their kids in around the full moon. I'm sure Fenrir has turned his share of people. I can't imagine a death over the holidays to be any sort of fun at all, no matter who's involved. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Severus likes to pretend he's doing it for ulterior motives, but he isn't heartless. No, death isn't fun, but it can bring people closer together.

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