Reviews For Voldy's Deathpants
Reviewer: Aquamarine39
Date: 06/21/12 23:20
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

One of the funniest fanfictions I've ever read. I love General Uproar!

Reviewer: Mind_Over_Matter
Date: 09/28/09 2:33
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

Wow... I'd forgotten how much fun this story was. Somehow. Heh.
More importantly though - I want to say to whoever reads this, I'm sorry for my neglect for the past... ages. Especially to Shmergo. I've been very flipped about for a long time now, but I appreciate everyone's reviews so much - and the friends I made here, I still love you!

Reviewer: I-luv-Hogwarts
Date: 09/27/09 14:52
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

I like the ending...

Reviewer: Lunar_Essence
Date: 06/05/09 1:21
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

That was brilliant! I wanted to write what my favourite parts are but there's too many of them and I'm afflicted by this terrible malady called laziness. Great job!

Reviewer: hedwig_pigwidgeon
Date: 04/11/09 21:22
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

P.S.I agree with all you people the male Malfoys are both pansies

Reviewer: hedwig_pigwidgeon
Date: 04/11/09 21:10
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

*has seizure*
*has another seizure and dies from laughter*

That was awesome!!! My favorite parts were when you guys made fun of the movie portrayal of were-Lupin.My favorite character was without a doubt General Uproar!!

Reviewer: Cascia
Date: 04/03/09 22:19
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only


Reviewer: HermyStar
Date: 08/31/08 15:56
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

That is the funniest story ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. My favorite character is General Uproar, though I love the Malfoy dispute!!

Huggles From HermyStar

Reviewer: weasleywannabe47
Date: 08/12/08 17:14
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

My mom thought I had gone nuts when I read the part about Voldy and Harry singing together! I LAUGHED SO HARD!!!

Reviewer: ink_daughter
Date: 07/17/08 18:25
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

I would wager a guess that the point of this was, in fact, to be pointless. This was hilarious! *rolls around laughing*

Reviewer: InvisibleAparecium
Date: 07/17/08 14:51
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

Haha, that was HILARIOUS! I really enjoyed it. Rather pointless, though.

My favorite line: "They glanced at Voldemort and Harry, who had their arms around each other and were swaying to “I Believe I Can Fly.”"

Question: Now that Lupin has swallowed the Deathpants, would he be a Horcrux? Or would he have some of Voldy's characteristics, like Bill and the Bludger had Fenrir's? (lol)

Much love and marshmallows,

Reviewer: TuMBLeWeeD
Date: 07/11/08 2:36
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

That was random. Really, really strange. But hell, I enjoyed it. Go you!

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks
Date: 07/05/08 21:50
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

*is hysterical* Now, if you'll all sit here quietly, these very kind people in white coats would like a word. Your padded cells may have walls in a colour of your choice. They also come with a free complimentary rubber frog. And free apples and bananas, as I'm all for five-a-day.


Reviewer: ringobeatlesfan4
Date: 05/21/08 15:58
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!!!! That was soooo hilarious!!! Great job, guys! I hope you can post more co-written stories!!!! I loved the freaky-Mexican-hairless-chihuahua-werethingos of Remus and Fenrir! And the hair curlers on the field! The entire reason/plot of the story was amazizing! (my new word)!!!!! Great job!!!!1 (BeccA}

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Becca! The hair curlers on the field were Mind_Over_Matter's idea, but I came up with the freaky Mexican hairless chihuahua werethingos, as you so brilliantly called them. Amazizing is a word that needs to be used more often. -- Schmerg_The_Impaler.

Reviewer: R_U_LDS_2
Date: 11/10/07 16:44
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

lol i was laughing my arse right off!!!

Author's Response: Hope you find it, then!-- Schmerg_The_Impaler.

Reviewer: KaileeA42
Date: 10/10/07 22:30
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

OMG that was hilarious. It caused me to snort in an unlady-like manner on numerous occasions. Loved how you made fun of the werewolve in POA I think that they are stupid lookinf to. I mean they don't even have fur, what the heck is that about. That was awesome!!!!

Author's Response: This looks familiar!

Reviewer: KaileeA42
Date: 10/10/07 22:12
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

OMG that was hilarious. It caused me to snort in an unlady-like manner on numerous occasions. Loved how you made fun of the werewolve in POA I think that they are stupid lookinf to. I mean they don't even have fur, what the heck is that about. That was awesome!!!!


Reviewer: harrypotterfangirl21
Date: 08/11/07 3:21
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

That. Was. HILARIOUS! Seriously, I'm still laughing. My favourite part:

Moody swooped around the pitch, normal eye on Nagini, who was balancing on her belly to ride the broom, like a caterpillar on a twig. Nagini hissed at him several times, and Voldemort let out an unusual laugh.

“How dare you!” Harry snapped angrily. “And I demand a FOUL! Parselmouth on the pitch!”

"Takes one to call one," Voldemort said to Harry in Parseltongue. "And by this, I mean both the name and the foul."

Harry pondered this thought. "True, that," he replied submissively, also in Parseltongue.

I'm not sure why, but that line ALWAYS makes me laugh. Seriously... the people who wrote this (Mind_Over_Matter, cmwinters, wendelin the wierd, and Schmerg_The_Impaler, respectively) are the funniest people on the planet!


P.S. I forgot to ask... what is "Round Robin format"?

Author's Response: KATIIIIIE! The bit about her riding on her stomach on the broom was by the lovely and talented Mind_Over_Matter, but I came up with the later part, with the 'takes one to call one' and all that. Sadly, it actually took a lot of thought. Round Robin format is when one person writes and the next takes over, and it alternates. So if I wrote "Once upon a time" and you wrote "Schmergo wrote a terrible story" and then I wrote, "In which Katie got disemboweled with a cheese fork" and you wrote "and her ghost haunted bad writers for all of eternity", then that would be a round robin! --Schmerg_The_Impaler

Reviewer: MissyQuill
Date: 08/01/07 10:25
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

Hey guys, this story is really brilliant and never gets old. Though this wasn't the fist time I read it, it made me lough non the less.

Now on to a more important matter. I am currently writing a short humor fic and can I please, please make a short reference to Deathpants, please?* crosses her fingers for luck and makes puppy dog face at whoever is answering this*=Sammy

Author's Response: Wow, it never gets old? That's saying something, thanks! Now, this review is ancient, but if you're still writing that story, feel free to mention the Deathpants, so long as you put it in bold. You know how susceptible I am to those puppy dog eyes!-- Schmerg_The_Impaler.

Reviewer: potterscouse
Date: 07/24/07 15:21
Chapter: Chapter 1 and Only

brilliant. That was pure entertainment guys i laughed so much

'Rodolphus did a spectacular little pirouette in midair and hammered the bludger that Fenrir had bitten over toward the goal hoops, trying to knock Ron Weasley away.

But the Bludger didn't attack Ron's shoulder like it should have. Instead, it simply hovered in midair and... licked his arm?

"Oh, Gladys mother of Merlin!" swore Voldemort. "When Greyback bit the bludger, he passed on some of his more idiosyncratic traits. That's not possible... unless the bludger was tampered with...

Rodolphus sighed. "Bella, what did you do?"

Bellatrix smiled slowly. "Tee," she said. "Heeteeheesnortysnortchucklygigglesnort."

"I was afraid of that," replied Rodolphus. '

wow that was the best side splitting fanfictionaction iveevereverever come across. so many random twists and turns. BRILLIANT

Author's Response: I'm happy and surprised that you liked this so much! Honestly, it's bizarre! My co-authors will probably kill me for slapping their names on this. I came up with the crazy little bit that you quoted there, but don['t blame me for it!-- Schmerg_The_Impaler.

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