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Name: MJ_Padfoot (Signed) · Date: 01/18/07 20:10 · For: Terror At Hogwarts
Ahhh...cute! Leaves me in suspence of what will happen next! Can't wait to read more! MJ

Author's Response: Thanks MJ! I'm glad you like the suspense-fulness of my story! *giggles* ~Lindsey :)

Name: melodyhp (Signed) · Date: 01/14/07 21:18 · For: Life's Meaning Comes From Death
that story had just the right amount of action and romance to be just the perfect story. im warning you, you'd better write just as good stories in the near future. jk~love the story!

Author's Response: Gee, thanks! I'm glad you liked it! I have a story in the queue right now! Read it! *giggles* ~Lindsey :)

Name: Thoughts on Magic (Signed) · Date: 01/14/07 13:43 · For: Terror At Hogwarts
ummm.....you just killed like....alot of the main characters.....that's like.....aweful....good story though.....just alot of dead characters

Author's Response: LOL! Thanks for your funny review, Shane! *giggles* ~Lindsey :)

Name: DogLover4Life (Signed) · Date: 01/13/07 17:39 · For: Life's Meaning Comes From Death
I knew it! I knew they were going to name him Harry. If Harry is a horcrux really in the actual books, that would be horrible. All through it. It would be like poisoning every memory with him. Because through it all there had been no chance for him. This is so sad!

Author's Response: LOL. THanks for reading. I'm sorry that it was sad! :( *giggles* Thanks for your review! ~Lindsey :)

Name: DogLover4Life (Signed) · Date: 01/13/07 17:28 · For: Terror At Hogwarts
Tonks! Percy! Neville! George! Harry is going to die... I know it. The world is doomed. This is bad!

Author's Response: LOL! I love your enthusiasm. Your review made me laugh. Thanks for reading!

Name: ginny_potter72 (Signed) · Date: 01/06/07 21:30 · For: Life's Meaning Comes From Death
how could u kill harry...i am crying right now...but that is a different way to think about it...harry is a horcrux..good idea...but poor ginny...i feel so bad for her...great fic!!

Author's Response: Yay! Another review! Thanks so much. I'm really sorry to have to had killed off Harry.. *sobs*. Yeah, but I thought the story was good for me writing it.. so yeah. I'm sorry that I made you cry! ~Lindsey :)

Author's Response: Yay! Another review! Thanks so much. I'm really sorry to have to had killed off Harry.. *sobs*. Yeah, but I thought the story was good for me writing it.. so yeah. I'm sorry that I made you cry! ~Lindsey :)

Author's Response: Whoops! I hit that twice, I just realized. Mods, I apologize. :) ~Lindsey

Name: harryandginny1165 (Signed) · Date: 01/05/07 6:32 · For: Life's Meaning Comes From Death
that is so sad but it makes so much sense anyway
well done

Author's Response: Er- lol. It was supposed to make sense! *grins* ~Lindsey :)

Name: harryis2cute4u (Signed) · Date: 01/04/07 19:11 · For: Life's Meaning Comes From Death
you made me cry!!!! :( tear. anyway, it was really good.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm sorry about the crying.. lol. Thanks for your review! ~Lindsey :)

Name: SIRIUS WILL NOT DIE (Anonymous) · Date: 01/03/07 15:33 · For: Life's Meaning Comes From Death
Hi Lindsey! Exellent story! I love it. I just had one question about the title, did you get it from Carrie Underwood's song? I like that song, and I was just wondering.

Poor Luna, I like how you included her though.

This was really emotional, Harry died for the people he loved. Touching. And very likely....

Awesome ness!


Author's Response: Te he! Hi Emma! Yes, lol.. the title. My beta and I tried a while to find a title for this... and I really didn't come up with anything.. so yeah. I was listenign to the Carrie Underwood CD, and that's what I came up with. I'm in love with CA and her music, so.. 'Tis only natural that her msyuic be in my fics. LOL, and I have another fic in the queue (Goodness forbid it get rejected...) that is also the title of her song, The Night Before (Life Goes On) The first chapter actually is kind of loosely based on the song. It's about Ron and Hermione, and Ron has to leave to be an become an Auror, and he and Hermione will not be in contact for six months.. emotional.. depressy, that kind of fic.. OK, I'll stop advertising my other work. Thanks so much for your review, Emma! ~Lindsey :)

Author's Response: Wowee-zowee.. I like typos! It should be listening' and music' instead of msyuic.. wow. LOL, anyway... ~Lindsey :)

Name: amsies360 (Signed) · Date: 01/03/07 1:33 · For: Life's Meaning Comes From Death

Author's Response: Te he... yeah.. I'm sorry that it was.. but it was a good story, right? Tra la la... thanks for your review! ~Lindsey :)

Name: alohamora21 (Signed) · Date: 01/02/07 19:03 · For: Life's Meaning Comes From Death
that was really good =D

Author's Response: Thanks! Read my chappie 2 if you will? Thanks for the review! ~Lindsey :)

Author's Response: Oh, oops. You did read chapter 2! LOL. Nevermind! *bangs head on table for stupidity* ~Lindsey :)

Name: SingingBird (Signed) · Date: 01/02/07 18:51 · For: Life's Meaning Comes From Death
Aww, I loved it! I wish Harry hadn't died, but if he hadn't then the story wouldn't have been the same (obvioulsy). Good writing. :)

Author's Response: Te he! Thanks so much for reading the entire thing! 'Twas fun to write! Thanks for both of your reviews! ~Lindsey :)

Name: joybelle423 (Signed) · Date: 01/02/07 18:49 · For: Life's Meaning Comes From Death
Woo-hoo! *squee* That was so fast! I just love this fic, as I'm sure you know ... and great title!
I really felt Ron and Hermione's pain ... and I liked that you focused more on their perspective, since most Last Battle scenes are told entirely from Harry's point of view.
I'm just so excited for you! Great work, Lindsey!
~ Abigail

Author's Response: Te he! Thanks Abigail! Everyone, this fic would be absolutely a big fat goose egg with this girl! *huggles Abigail* Thanks so much for doing this, and thanks so much for your loverly compliments! ~Lindsey :)

Name: WunderWitch (Signed) · Date: 01/02/07 18:38 · For: Terror At Hogwarts
too cool!

Author's Response: Te he! Thanks! My chapter 2 is up now! It's been like.. er- ten minutes! Please review! Thanks!

Name: SingingBird (Signed) · Date: 01/02/07 17:15 · For: Terror At Hogwarts
Aww. I feel like I'm going to cry. :'( I like the story though. I hope that the others make it out alright!

Author's Response: Thanks! Te he.. I'm sorry to make you cry. The other chapter is in the queue as I'm typing this! Thanks for your review! ~Lindsey :)

Name: lunalovegood97 (Signed) · Date: 01/02/07 15:51 · For: Terror At Hogwarts
I really like this story so far. I was wondering what is the name of Harry and Ginny's child? Brilliant, Bloody Brilliant.

Author's Response: Name of Harry and Ginny's child.. Hmm.. Well, I hadn't really thought a key plot! LOL, ummm.. Let me think up one of the top of my head - uh...Jenna. Yeah, that's cute. LOL. I'm glad that you thought that it was brilliant! ~Lindsey :)

Name: Winged Artemis (Signed) · Date: 01/02/07 14:52 · For: Terror At Hogwarts
I love it, hunny. Beautious. I must go do dreaded homework, I shall comment again when I get back later...

Author's Response: Hannah! Yay! I'm so glad that you are reading my work! It makes me very squeeful! *squee squee squee* LOL, thanks for your review, sweetie. Have fun on your homework. I don't have to go back to school util Thursday.. I amazingly just found that out today. Thanks buddy, and the second chapter is in the queue as I am typing this! ~Lindsey :)

Name: Gin_Drinka (Signed) · Date: 01/02/07 11:16 · For: Terror At Hogwarts
Ohh...how sad...George is my favorite. But you did a good job with it, so well done, very well! It was realistic, and as much as I hate to think this I bet there will be just as much losses in JKs version too.

Author's Response: Yay! Another review! Thanks so much for it! Yeah.. I killed off Percy, I felt that George had to go too.. Chapter 2 is in the queue! Thanks, ~Lindsey :)

Name: Wmaster (Signed) · Date: 01/02/07 10:27 · For: Terror At Hogwarts
aww! that was so sweet! write more please!
dont let harry die!......

Author's Response: Te he! It is going to be two chapters. Thanks for your review. I already have the next chapter written. I just got it back from my beta; so that's what I'm doing now. I should have it submitted today. I'm really glad you liked it! ~Lindsey :)

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