Reviewer: Lil_bouncin_ferret
Date: 01/06/05 15:37
Chapter: PART TWO

AHAHAHAHAHAH omfg thats so effin awsome eh cutie? haha-blink-yah-blink- haha update soon or suffer the wrath of the atomic ferret girl

Reviewer: HarryisourKing
Date: 01/06/05 14:43
Chapter: PART ONE

It was horrible I didn't even get pass the second paragraph!! You need to get tips or you need not right again. Oh and to tell yuo....this is Hermione and Ron romance..Not Harry and Ron!! ~Cassy

Reviewer: Atarwyn
Date: 01/06/05 11:54
Chapter: PART TWO

I loved to 2nd Chapter! And I really liked the part where Ron called Harry a cutie! HAHAHA! I'll keep reading this story. Do you think you can read my fic? It's called "The Felloship of the Granger". You may like it, or you may not. But you seem to like random stuff so you should like it. Thanks! And once again, great story!

Reviewer: Avian020391
Date: 01/06/05 7:08
Chapter: PART TWO

Chapter 2 was darn funny, but I really didn't like the crude humour. Anyway, i'm giving your story a ten just to boost the rating (because it definitely deserves a better one).

Reviewer: Weasley_is_our_king
Date: 01/04/05 23:11
Chapter: PART TWO

it was alright. a good beginning. dont take this like its not good (cause it is) but it needs more of a story, ya know? more of a point. the funniest part was probably the end of chapter 2. some advice: this does not sound much like ron. try thinking more like him. good beginning. keep adding more. i will definately read on. elizabeth Weasley_is_our_king

Reviewer: Gyllenhaalic
Date: 01/04/05 18:14
Chapter: PART TWO

i thought the story was ok, could be funnier, ignore mean ppl and respect their opinion instead of yelling at them. i mean u dont see jkr firing her mouth off at critics and those antimagic ppl soo yea good luck!

Reviewer: I iz Snape and Hedwig
Date: 01/03/05 13:10
Chapter: PART ONE

I am truley sorry, but I hate it! Goy iz right, you really shouldn't be dising Nintentendo GC and trio mall adventues, them stories iz awesome and betta then tis will eva be! They iz far more succesful then this crap! They iz the best stories on za site!

Reviewer: RandomGirl
Date: 12/31/04 17:05
Chapter: PART TWO

beautiful... absolutely... beautiful...*wipes a tear away* such a work of art! *sob!*

Author's Response: LOL! I love you!oh gosh now your making me cry*sob*this review *sob* means so much to *sob*me!! lol j/k ((im not gay)) lol thanks and happy new year!

Reviewer: Miss_B
Date: 12/29/04 16:53
Chapter: PART TWO

i think ron is a little loose in the head in this fiction but it is a very good fiction none the less!

Author's Response: THANK YOU! if by loose you mean stupid or something like that...i know, you will see more of it soon! She thinks my story is good!! ((Looky there Goy, she actually likes it WOWNESS!))

Reviewer: gerl612
Date: 12/27/04 13:38
Chapter: PART TWO

well, u can read my story, its called 'connection', but u probably wont like it. its a romance. and its really really good considering my age. NO ONE KNOWS MY AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: gerl612
Date: 12/24/04 11:25
Chapter: PART TWO

YOU... NEED... HELP. that was the crappiest diary fanfic ive read yet! its not funny, its just stupid

Author's Response: If you dont have anything nice to say-- DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! I'm tired of everyone saying my stuff is stupid! ((Hedwig the Cat/ Goy or w/e you are)) This is only my second fan fic! I'd like to see some of your writing, its probably just as stupid as you say mine is. As for the other people who LIKE my story, thank you. Happy Christmahaunakwanzaakha! ((or however you spell it))

Reviewer: Goy
Date: 12/20/04 14:27
Chapter: PART ONE

You really should care aboutr it becouse it rox! This is Hedwig the cat BTW. If you are going to be disrespectful to Game Cube, at least consider getting tips from THe author of Trio mall adventured. THat story is more succesful that this too.

Reviewer: Hedwig the cat
Date: 12/19/04 17:20
Chapter: PART ONE

I can honestly say that I didn't like tythiss story one bit. It was stupid and not funny at all. I see that it isn't very succesful, it only has 3 starz. Hary Potter and the Nintendo Game Cube is far more succesful. It has no bad reviews! QueenJKP wrote it, you should get tips from her! She is bloody brilliant! Love, Hedwig the cat

Author's Response: I can honestly say that I didn't like your review one bit. It was stupid and was not funny at all. I DO NOT care about Harry Potter and the Nintendo Game Cube, nor do I care about the author. Also I DO NOT care about getting tips from her. I also have ONE more thing to say: HEDWIG IS AN OWL!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: tonks92
Date: 12/19/04 14:12
Chapter: PART TWO

this story was absoleutly terrible! yuck!

Author's Response: why thank you! (yeah right you big hunk of S***!

Reviewer: Bella
Date: 12/15/04 16:22
Chapter: PART TWO

interesting... very.... interesting...

Author's Response: ok... listen guys i need some ideas for upcoming chapters so tell me some good, funny ideas! please! happy holidays!

Reviewer: Ella Norman
Date: 12/14/04 19:48
Chapter: PART TWO

Not so much. I think a diary ... I mean, secret files work with Hermione. Ron ... well, Ron is much simpler, and has very few deep emotional thoughts, if you know what I mean. It doesn't work for me. Different sense of humor probably, but it's all right.

Author's Response: gotcha ya! i have a...well lets say... different sense of humor... a lot of things amuse me

Reviewer: Goy
Date: 12/14/04 16:40
Chapter: PART ONE

It was dtupid. Love, Goy

Author's Response: do you mean stupid? oh well, ya cant win them all can ya? oh well everyone ELSE liked it?

Reviewer: rgfawkes
Date: 12/14/04 16:39
Chapter: PART TWO

please update soon!!! i love this story it is hiliarious!!! it is a 10!

Author's Response: thank you! you are my favorite reviewer (?) yet!!! happy holidays!

Reviewer: Lady Lupine
Date: 12/14/04 12:41
Chapter: PART TWO

Very, very hillairous can't wait to read what happens when Ron goes to the hosiptal wing

Reviewer: LunaLunitaLunera
Date: 12/13/04 20:06
Chapter: PART ONE

it's ....* loooking for my dictionary* oh, there looks intersting

Author's Response: Sorry i didn't get that (im kinda slow) could you um...tell me what you meant and if that is a good or a bad thing?

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