Reviews For Summer Months
Reviewer: Rhi for HP
Date: 04/13/08 18:30
Chapter: Stifle

Wow. Great, great job. This is beautiful and perfectly written. Everyone is IC and what I especially liked was how well you made the heat and actually just images in general come to life with your vivid language. Nice.

Author's Response: Ah, thank you! I think I was experiencing a particularly heavy summer when I wrote this [it was awhile ago!], so it was just a matter of pulling the words from the air. Thanks so much!

Reviewer: petra stare
Date: 12/31/07 20:07
Chapter: Stifle

I feel sorry for Salazar. This was written quite well, your descriptions are so wonderful! *claps* Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so very, very much!

Reviewer: annie
Date: 02/04/07 14:56
Chapter: Stifle

Wow, very beautifully written. The imagery was stunning, and you portrayed Salazar's feelings perfect. I've always been rather fond of Salazar/Godric, but I haven't read very many fics based on that ship. I enjoyed yours, though :)

Author's Response: Ah, thank you! Yes, S/G has been my One True Pairing for almost five years now, and I still get a thrill when I find another story about them out there, as they're so few and far between. If you have trouble finding stories about them, I can point you towards some necessary links sometime. :]

Reviewer: irishileana
Date: 01/06/07 11:19
Chapter: Stifle

I absolutely loved it, honestly. Normally, I'm not such a fan of slash, especially in such a short fic, but I think you captured the romance well.
I've always been a fan of Rowena, and I do like a pairing between her and Godric. I also noticed that your grammar and spelling is amazing.
In fact, I think this story is so good that it should be advertised on other websites. I'm a member of The Final Prophecy, which is an RPG forum for Harry Potter, and I'm a reporter for the Daily Prophet. My job is to go searching for the best Harry Potter fanfiction and promote it. However, I need the author's permission first.
I would love to post your story as a must read. Please contact me if you'll let me. This is standard procedure so that people don't come along and sue us.

Author's Response: Okay, I'm really loathing the fact that I didn't remember to check the reviews here until a year later! If you'll still have me, I'll contact you with the rest of my review response later. :] Thank you so much, I'm completely floored!

Reviewer: Altrn8vIvyLeagueGrrl
Date: 01/04/07 20:03
Chapter: Stifle

I loved it. A very interesting relationship. It adds a whole new dimension to the the disagreements between Salazar and the other three founders. Not only and intriguing idea, but exceedingly well-written. Your characterization is spot-on.

Author's Response: Heh, thank you very much! I am very flattered by your praise, it means so much to me. I like to experiment with varying characterizations of the Founders, so I'm honored that you enjoyed this!

Reviewer: orangemnmz14
Date: 12/23/06 14:22
Chapter: Stifle

Wow. That was amazingly written. You should write more-- you rock at life!

Author's Response: Woah, that's awesome. xD No, seriously, thanks a lot! I appreciate your sweet comment. I do write a considerable amount more, but it's all over at my account [same username], if you'd like to give it a go.

Reviewer: GryffindorGoddess
Date: 12/21/06 10:27
Chapter: Stifle

Incredibly well written! Your descriptiveness is amazing and you really evoke all the emotions that Salazar is feeling in this piece. It's sad but beautiful, and even as short as it is you get the point across without seeming to have left anything out. That's the mark of a truly great writer. Loved this story and keep up the good work in the future. ~GG

Author's Response: Really, nothing feels warmer than discovering a small pile of such luminous reviews after more than a year. Thank you so much for your praise! I'm very flattered. :]

Reviewer: Dumbledore Prince
Date: 12/21/06 5:35
Chapter: Stifle


Being a fan of well-written rarepair (and mainstream) slash, I was immediately drawn in by the summary. I've had vague ideas for writing a Godric/Salazar in the past, but that's not the point.

I love the fast pace of the story. This is unusual for me, because I prefer romance fics that aren't rushed. The way you convince the reader of the pairing in a thousand or so words is really unique and good. Godric and Salazar's secretive relationship seems ... real.

Not only that, your descriptions are well-written as well, and definitely not clichd. I could sympathise with Salazar and his apathetic nature towards Godric and Rowena's relationship. Which is something different for me, because I have not read a story touching upon Godric/Rowena before, and have written Rowena/Salazar into one of my stories.

I normally leave constructive criticism, but in this case, I do not feel there is any need to do so. Well done!


Author's Response: Wow, all right - tremendous apologies for the severely overdue response! I had completely forgotten that I had ever posted this story on Mugglenet, and only rediscovered it while on a quest for S/G fics. Just...WOW, coming back after over a year to such a review has me completely floored! Thank you very, very much! Use and abuse of the Godric/Rowena pairing has led me to detest it most unreasonably, and I suppose I let myself bash it a little through this fic [it was so long ago!]. I'm so flattered that you felt this way about the story, and glad to have stumbled upon this review. Thanks again for your wonderful comments! It will take weeks for my inflated ego to die down after that. :]

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