Reviewer: MaybeOneRaindrop
Date: 01/07/12 11:50
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

Too bad it isn't canon now... it was a great story! It makes me sad about Fred though..
At first I tried to replace names in my head, you know, like Janey was Rose, David was Hugo and all that. But it didn't work, what with Fred being there half the time! It wouldn't have worked with just George. Eventually I just let it be and I tried to forget the Deathly Hallows! That's unusual for me as I am a strict canon follower! But your story was good enough to make me not care, so be proud!

Sorry, I'm rambling! Great story, even if it would never happen.

Reviewer: whenindoubtgotothelibrary
Date: 08/28/11 19:37
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

okay so i was momentarly confused and was about to yell at you until I saw the "book seven disregarded" lol anyway I thouroughly enjoyed your story but I was wondering if you knew that Ron and Hermionie actually had a boy and a girl.....the girls name is Rose and I can't remember the boys name off hand. OH! and i am sooooooo freaking happy that you stuck with the actual couple pairings! made my day! and fred and georges jokeshop and Janeys prank! made my day!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Hiyas-said-hi
Date: 12/16/09 17:52
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

Well. I liked it! Funny. WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!?????

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you think so. And as for what happened ... that's up to your imagination! :P

Reviewer: type-n-shadow
Date: 11/11/09 15:12
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

*cheers* One gigantic round of applause for Pussycat123! I have to say I was smiling and giggling like crazy as I read this aloud to myself. I noticed it in the forums and was so intrigued I had to click on it. I was so glad I did! I love Janey as much as I love Fred and George. I will definitely check out the sequels.
A few notes: You wrote it extremely well, and the way you left out exactly what she did was genius, I loved that too. And I did like the beginning, where you had the whole rumor thing going on, I never thought about the swamp after book 5. All in all, fascinatingly entertaining story, my hat is off to you.

Author's Response: :D Thanks so much, I'm glad you clicked on it too! This was a lovely review, I hope you enjoy the others if you decide to read them!

Reviewer: Helz_Spellz
Date: 08/08/09 10:06
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"


Fred and George make such cool "cool uncles"... I wish I had cool twin prankster uncles... =D

Going to read the rest of the series now. Possibly I'll comment on those too, so you shall hear from me then! :0)


PS: Did Janey sneak some of Fred and George's Speech Control Mince Pies into the kitchens, and thus into the Christmas Feast? I would like that...

Author's Response: Wow, I would like that too! Very creative. I wish I had cool uncles like that too ... especially if they chose me to be their prodigy! Thanks for reviewing, enjoy the rest of the series.

Reviewer: Phoenixis
Date: 08/02/09 3:24
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

Awesome! I really enjoy prank fics and can tell all of yours are gonna be brilliant. I'm going to read all the Janey Weasley ones right one. Thats one great character you've put together.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm so glad you like her! =D Enjoy the rest ...

Reviewer: captburke
Date: 02/12/09 1:17
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

I have a VERY vivid imagination and can picture the Great Hall becoming a mosh pit very easily.

Author's Response: That is SUCH a great idea! I love it! And it's definitely something I can see Janey doing. =D

Reviewer: Kurayumei
Date: 02/09/09 0:38
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

You've characterized Fred and George remarkably well. I really do love their entrance, it's so like them. =D
Though I was a bit unsure about the whole "don't hurt anybody" thing... Wouldn't hurting somebody only make it funnier? Assuming it wasn't a serious injury, of course.

Author's Response: Probably. This is a couple of years old by now, and a little too innocent for my tastes, so I see what you mean. But I'm glad you liked Fred and George! (Oh Fred ... my heart weeps)

Reviewer: Ebony14
Date: 01/29/09 12:27
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

hey...i'm back to tell you that i just had the guts to read all the reviews of this fic! it was fun realizing how you kinda gave up on insisting that this is a one-shot and that will be it for Janey Weasley... :-P
and i felt something else, too...maybe i loved it a little extra bcoz this fic lets us bluntly ignore the fact that even if there really was a little Janey, she would never have an Uncle Fred around. i still can't believe how Jo cud stab on our hearts like that...*sigh*
P.S. yeah it wud be better if Ron was a bit more clueless...which he actually is.
P.S.2 i'd like it if u read my fic...i can't write as well and as much as u though!

Author's Response: Oh cod, for some reason your point about Uncle Fred almost brought a tear to my eye. Yeesh, hormonal much? On the point about Ron ... well, yeah, he should be more clueless. I have never been able to write the trio in the least bit convincingly (if you've read some of my fics, which I think you have, you'll notice that they very rarely turn up ... I just can't do it). As for your fic, I'd love to read it (although I'm currently using my brother's computer because my own BROKE and still won't be fixed, so I might not get round to it straight away. But I'll try to eventually).

Reviewer: Ebony14
Date: 01/29/09 11:52
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

Omigod!!!! loved it! :-D
i especially loved that it's a girl...and i totally imagined her to have flaming red bushy hair! :-)

Author's Response: Oh, it was DEFINITELY time the girls of Hogwarts started having as much fun as the girls! I'm glad you liked it!

Reviewer: Goodbye_Earl
Date: 10/24/08 14:55
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

Great story - I especially loved Fred and George in it =]

Author's Response: Well, they are possibly the best characters ever - I'm glad I did them justice!

Reviewer: weasleywannabe47
Date: 10/18/08 18:29
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

I bet Janey bizzard-ed the common room when the Slytherin team was wet,so they'd freeze worse!
Good job!
~Southern belles follow the Son~

Author's Response: =D It's very possible; who knows? Thanks for reviewing, and I hope you carry on reading the rest of the series!

Reviewer: phoenix_fille
Date: 08/27/08 20:17
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

Instant Blizzard Powder – when global warming gets you down
That's a great line. Okay dokey, I'll go read the series now...

Author's Response: That's great! Have fun. And if I'm not mistaken, this is review number 100. Woo! *Raves* Have 100 Padfoot Points! And cyber cookies for all! *Pulls party poppers*

Reviewer: malfoy_felton
Date: 08/06/08 11:02
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

This is pure gold! I could read it all day! Boy what I wouldnt give to be hand taught by fred and george weasley! Great idea, Great story! Keep it up!

Author's Response: I know! And she's so worthy of them too ... I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much!

Reviewer: Sylladi
Date: 07/08/08 20:21
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

To be honest, I loved the idea, but not the actual story. Sorry. The letter from Ron is actually what turned me away, it sounded too out of character. The flow of his words, and the words themselves, were too pompous for Ron. It almost sounded like Percy or Hermione. If this was intentional, it wasn't well explained.
Sorry, not my cup of tea. I'm glad other people like it, though. You can never please everyone.

Author's Response: Fair enough, I was never entirely convinced by that part either, to be honest. Thank you for explaining why you didn't like it properly and politely ... not everyone would do the same. =)

Reviewer: lupins_girl2006
Date: 06/29/08 13:20
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

wow... that was funny... you know every now and then it's good to get away with everything and read something funny...

Author's Response: Isn't it, though? It's even better to write something funny (whether other people agree or not. If they do, that's when it starts to get REALLY good ...) Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 05/20/08 17:39
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

You know, I've read this before, and it's no less funny the second time around. Absolutely Amazing!

Author's Response: Wahey, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: darknessofnight
Date: 04/19/08 16:05
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

Great title. Good idea. Boringly written.

Author's Response: Well, I'm sorry you felt that way.

Reviewer: SteakZ
Date: 04/18/08 15:03
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

brilliant cant wait to read the rest

Author's Response: I hope you enjoy it!

Reviewer: dinos4sale
Date: 04/17/08 16:45
Chapter: "It Unscrews The Other Way"

Speech Control Mince Pies... interesting.
that was rather funny. I didn't catch, though, whether or not Fred and George ever noticed that their hair had turned blue... I'm guessing they did, but I still feel that I missed something.

Author's Response: Yes, they did. She felt they were holding back on her, um, "apprenticship" and she realised they were waiting for her to show some initiative. Then when she did, they came up to her all proudly and told her she had earned her right to learn the secrets of their success, or something like that. So yes, they noticed, that's why they decided they could teach her all they know. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Thanks for reviewing, though!

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