Reviewer: cloakxstonexwand
Date: 07/27/07 3:18
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

Wow. that's really beautiful. colorful witing. i would love to see how harriette takes that to heart and how she does in school. very sweet. ron seemed very mature. keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks a million!

Reviewer: Dory Notell
Date: 07/19/07 20:31
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

that was beautiful! i cried . you are an amazing writer!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Its reviewers like you that keep me wanting to write more and more! =]

Reviewer: rowenaravenclaw1
Date: 06/30/07 21:53
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

This is beautiful.

Author's Response: Aww thank you!

Reviewer: magic_of_the_heart
Date: 06/21/07 13:32
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

WOW! that was sooooo good, sad but good! one of the best i've read yet! keep writing X

Author's Response: Thanks a million!

Reviewer: FaunaCaritas
Date: 06/14/07 3:02
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

This story brought tears to my eyes. I loved every word-- definately one of your best stories. Some of the things I liked most:

- The details! I loved the little things, like Ron's Quidditch shirt in the hippogriff picture and the apple-scent of Hermione's hair. Very inspired!

- The medium! The 'unread' letter to Ron's dead love is very powerful. You get a true concept of his grief and his deepest feelings. (That was the part where I started crying.)

- The character of Harriet! She was perfect. I loved her Weasley temper combined with Hermione's warmth and latent sensitivity. Couldn't you please, please, please write another story about her? She is too good to leave in a one shot...

Three quick things:

In the letter: "'She said Dadda.' How I lover to hear her say this." ---- lover should be love.

And earlier: "The ribbon glistened and shined against the glowing wood, each strand illuminated by the sunlight flowing through the open window." --- is 'shined' right? Isn't 'shone' more proper? (I'm not sure myself so ignore me if I am wrong.)

One last thing: would the whole floor around Harriet have been wet with her tears? Seems almost like overkill. I've never seen anyone cry that much (except Alice from Alice in Wonderland-- book, not movie-- err, ahem, pay no attention to the random tangent...)

Wonderful one-shot!


Author's Response: So this one was really that good, huh? That's what I've been getting, and this was the very first fanfic I ever wrote. I'm amazed that it went over so well.

The inspiration for this story came from Taylor Swift's song 'Tim McGraw'. The lyrics- And underneath my bed, is a letter that you never read, from three summers back. I was listening to it last summer and BAM, plotline.

Thanks for the corrections, I never took the time to look this one over, so thanks again!

Reviewer: emeralddaggers
Date: 06/11/07 19:12
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

That is so sad.

Author's Response: LOL, I'm going to take that as a good thing.

Reviewer: fictiouswrighter
Date: 05/24/07 21:17
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

Oh my Godric! That was awsome! I started crying; it's so beautiful!
*Dabs eyes with soaking wet kleenex*
I love this so much! This is the first non MWPP fic that I've read in ages. What a wonderfull fic though!
I'm in love with your writing style!
Keep up the good, no, awsome work!

Author's Response: Aww thanks so much! Now you need to get some published! =]

Reviewer: MagicalMe831
Date: 05/08/07 15:04
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

This was so sad... it made me cry! I still liked it a lot though...

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

Reviewer: Hermione Jane
Date: 05/03/07 14:45
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

That was amazing.....

Author's Response: Thanks a bunches!

Reviewer: TheTrioLivesOn
Date: 05/01/07 19:35
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

aww, i'm like about to cry.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: hansangel93
Date: 04/30/07 19:26
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

it was so good! i cried the who way through when harriet read the letter! it was great and i'll read all your other stories too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Oh thabk you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoy all the others that are out and the ones sure to come! =]

Reviewer: A_Pink_lady
Date: 03/26/07 15:24
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

I swear i wrote a review to this before, but it seems to have disappeard...*Shrugs*
I really dont know how to begin... this was just incredible! I think Hairriet is such a cool character..she really seems to have a mix of hermione and rons personalities, Hermiones (RIP) mothery sort of way..and rons stubborness and other things. I love the way you began this and how hairriet is curious. the letter hit me right in the heart, the way ron speaks to hermione through the letter, asking her things when we all know, and so does he, that she cant answer.. the bit where she says 'Mama' is just so crying here the ending was just so perfect as well.. oh i so hope that none of the trio die...
I absolutley adored that amd are going to send it to all my harry potter fan friends... keep writing!

Author's Response: Oh my God thank you so much! It's been ages since I've gotten a review! This just made my [horrible] day much better! Well thanks again, and hopefully I will be able to get my act together before too long and post my other stories on MNFF! =]

Reviewer: HJPCATI
Date: 02/15/07 23:07
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

Oh my god. This brought a lump to my throat that still hurts. It's amaing except for a few gramatical errors.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, me and my beta already found the errors! Thanks for the pointer though! =]

Reviewer: Heiress_of_Insanity_
Date: 02/05/07 15:46
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

Sweet. A definite tear-jerker. I really liked how you described the first photograph. And the letter...A beautiful work of art!~H_o_I_

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I haven't gotten a review for this in awhile, so this totally made my day! This little one shot did take awhile to write, so I'm glad you approve! :]

Reviewer: mightypatronus
Date: 01/23/07 21:12
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

hey,, thanks for the review

i'm a little on-the-go right now but from what i read, i like your style a lot..

keep it up!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks a lot! :]! I ♥ your story as well! I'm waiting on my humor story to be approved, then when that's over, a three-shot is to come, and then another chapter story! So hopefully you'll enjoy those if you happen to stop by again! :] ♥

Reviewer: MioneJGWeasley
Date: 01/20/07 22:10
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

Awsome. This is very great. You have touched me. Thank you, and again good job

Author's Response: Aww! Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! :] ♥

Reviewer: MJ_Padfoot
Date: 01/16/07 16:26
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

*sob* I'm nearly crying. This was very powerful. It's truely amazing-this fiction is just truely amazing. I hope that you'll be adding and telling of what Ron tells his daughter. The way that you described all of the pain was just heartbreaking. I'm really impressed and I hope that you'll will write more stories and I'll soooo be there to review!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am truly sorry to tell you that there will not be another chapter added onto this story...I know, but please refrain from AKing me! There will be a humour chapter story coming out very very soon, the first chapter is already done and I'm planning on sending it to the Mods tonight, so you might be interested in that one! Well, thanks for stopping by! Take care! ♥

Reviewer: SimplyMe
Date: 01/09/07 18:45
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

Yes, this is very different than mine. In a good way, too! I think I liked the gold ribbon the most. Sometimes, little touches make a big difference. Great work

Author's Response: Thanks very much for reading it! And I agree. The little things sometimes make all the difference in the world! :] ♥

Reviewer: Thespidermanblanket
Date: 01/07/07 21:39
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

oh wow........ god im crying.... that was nothing short of brilliant


Author's Response: Thank you so much! You reviewers just make my day! Hopefully you will enjoy the others that are on their way! :] ♥

Reviewer: ginny_potter72
Date: 01/06/07 16:07
Chapter: A Letter Never Read

omg i was really crying, like tears were falling down my face...that was soooo sad!! it was a beartiful letter...i luved it...oh god i cant stop CRYING sad, but beautiful, story...luved it 100/10

Author's Response: Aww! Thanks so much! I am sorry that it made you cry so much...but then a little glad because that means I got the reaction I was looking for! Thanks for reading! :] ♥

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