Reviewer: PotterybarnOwl
Date: 02/14/07 20:02
Chapter: An Angry Exchange and Nervous Pacing

Wow! I haven't even read it yet but I can tell that you are absolutely amazing just by that review by some weirdo named "miss irish" something or another. My only suggestion is that you really need to add a character that is really sarcastic, absolutely hilarious, and totally GORGEOUS! I'd name her..."Freckles" maybe??
Anyway thats just my opinion. Keep up the fantabulous work!!
Oh and...add some "u know" too.
-your secret admirer...(yeah idk if thats even spelled right)

Author's Response: Hmmm...I wish I could base Freckles off of someone but seeing as I can't then I probably won't do a character like her. HAHA! ActuaIly, I will definitely keep that in mind and thanks for the fantabulous review.

Reviewer: missirish98
Date: 02/11/07 19:25
Chapter: Threatening the Whale

ah peanut (butter) ...
i just cant wait for your next chapter that you've been raving (like that word?) about to me! i hope it will be very yummy.

best wishes,

Author's Response: It's almost done...I'm just trying to make this one part absolutely perfect!

Reviewer: phoenix_93
Date: 02/09/07 5:07
Chapter: An Angry Exchange and Nervous Pacing

this is a really good story. it was really funny 2
cant wait 4 more, plz update soon! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Chapter four is about 75% maybe 80% done! It should be into my beta and then the queue soon!

Reviewer: Tina Tissue
Date: 01/28/07 19:42
Chapter: Threatening the Whale

This is one of my fav chapters so far

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I'll be sure to write more like it! Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: sunshine_sparky
Date: 01/26/07 3:41
Chapter: Threatening the Whale

i just found this today and wanted to say that this is hilarious!!!
i was grinning the whole way through and especially enjoyed sirius' numerous comments to vernon "you shake it, and say what your name is" and "nice hard grip." sirius said approvingly, "have you been practicing?" inspired =)
keep on trucking! update please!!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! As I've said countless amounts of times, Sirius is my favorite character to write, so I'm glad you like his comments! Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: Eve
Date: 01/23/07 17:58
Chapter: An Angry Exchange and Nervous Pacing

I love the idea! Sirius was hilarious. That chapter wasn't pointless! I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. great job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the's reviews like this that make my day!

Reviewer: Lily_Flower_Evans
Date: 01/22/07 17:40
Chapter: Threatening the Whale

This is really a great fan fiction. I just love Sirius, don't you? The thing about Sirius's psychology business is hilarious.

Author's Response: Sirius is by far one of my favorite characters, especailly when I can write him! Writing Sirius as a psychologist was so much fun! I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for leaving a review!

Reviewer: hgfanatic
Date: 01/22/07 15:05
Chapter: Threatening the Whale

lol wow i love love love this story.
its so humerous. keep writing! and i'm adding it to my favorites.

Author's Response: YEAH! I love the phrase 'I'm adding you to my favorites'! Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad you liked it!

Reviewer: spazticapple
Date: 01/20/07 21:35
Chapter: Threatening the Whale


Author's Response: I'll try!!! Hopefully, it will be done really soon! Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: spazticapple
Date: 01/20/07 21:28
Chapter: Glares, Glares, and More Glares


Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: liseberg
Date: 01/20/07 17:48
Chapter: Threatening the Whale

OMG!!!!! i love love love love this fic!! ha ha. sirius is a riot. god, lily's mother is an IDIOT.

Author's Response: I'm glad you love it so much! Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: liseberg
Date: 01/20/07 17:48
Chapter: Threatening the Whale

OMG!!!!! i love love love love this fic!! ha ha. sirius is a riot. god, lily's mother is an IDIOT.

Author's Response: I love love love when people review!

Reviewer: MagicalMaddie331
Date: 01/20/07 13:01
Chapter: An Angry Exchange and Nervous Pacing

Awesome idea. It was a nice change to look in the Lily/James section of the archive and find a story not about them falling in love in the typical way. Constructive criticism: Puncuation/quotation marks. You're missing a few. But other than that, brilliant job.

Author's Response: Yeah constructive criticism! Thanks for pointing that out, and I'll be sure to make sure of that in the future!

Author's Response: Thanks again for pointing that out...I think I fixed most of them!

Reviewer: doorknobs
Date: 01/20/07 11:10
Chapter: Threatening the Whale

listen mate, that chapter was not pointless at all! in my opinion it was one of your better was hillarious!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm excited that you think it was one of my better ones because it was by far the most fun one to write! There just didn't seem to be much use of it though except as transitioning to the next chapter though, so that's why I called it pointless!

Reviewer: violagirl
Date: 01/19/07 21:05
Chapter: Threatening the Whale

*laughs* This is hilarious! Keep up the great writing!

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

Reviewer: jandl
Date: 01/19/07 19:19
Chapter: Threatening the Whale


Author's Response: I'm glad you think so! Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: beautifulromantic
Date: 01/19/07 18:31
Chapter: Threatening the Whale

This is going to be hilarious!! James is so SWEET!! I love the psycologist bit. Don't torture us and update!!

Author's Response: I know James is a sweetie...*wishes he could be real* I'm glad you liked the psycologist part; it was fun to write! I'll try to update soon!

Reviewer: Ginny Guerra
Date: 01/19/07 17:41
Chapter: Threatening the Whale

It was fun, anyway. Update soon, please.

Author's Response: Ok! Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: loonyluna63
Date: 01/19/07 17:00
Chapter: Threatening the Whale

haha! I love Sirius soo much! (and James of course) I can't waaait for the next chapter!! : ] update soon pleeease!

Author's Response: Sirius is by far my favorite character to write! I'll try to update as soon as I can!

Reviewer: Banana Shroogle
Date: 01/19/07 16:00
Chapter: Glares, Glares, and More Glares

LOL, I was actually excited on my 11th birthday. I knew a letter wouldn't arrive, but you know. Imagination :P

Author's Response: I totally agree...I wanted my letter! *starts to cry when remembering no letter showed up* HAHA

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