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Reviewer: KrumEvilPointyBeard
Date: 10/23/07 17:18
Chapter: Chapter 1


Author's Response: With the holidays coming, that might be a possibility. Only time will tell. :) Cyns

Reviewer: Masked One
Date: 12/24/06 2:00
Chapter: Chapter 1

Very sweet :) You took the challenge quite literally - it almost seemed a little forced. It might have been nice to have some more natural dialog, and perhaps a flashback or two to break the pattern. However, the story is very warm and fuzzy, and the mood is good. I like it :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. I was going for warm and fuzzy! :) Cyns

Reviewer: crazy_purple_hp_freak
Date: 12/10/06 14:57
Chapter: Chapter 1

This was such a pleasure to read, and really well written! I really liked the links between the ornaments and memories/events. The way that you gradually let the reader know what had happened to certain characters was also quite clever. Hmm…I actually can’t decide which ornament was my favourite; probably the shrinking sweaters or the baby toys, though the glass orb really made me go “aww”…

Tears filled Remus’ eyes as he saw the ornament. He held it close to his heart a moment before passing in on.

I really liked this line. It was so moving and I felt that it really showed exactly how much Remus cared and still cares about Lily, James and Sirius.

I noticed that you left some Americanisms in… It took me years to work out how to get the colors right, but I was finally able to do it.” Molly smiled with tears in her eyes. . Here, “colors” should rightly be “colours”. Another thing is that you mention “fall”, which though technically is correct, we rarely use this term in Britain. Simply “autumn” is a lot more common.

Only the Weasley’s, Remus Lupin, Remus’s wife Tonks, Neville, and Luna had been present. Here, I don’t think there should be an apostrophe in Weasleys.

One of the best things about this one-shot is the way that you showed how all the characters can still be happy and can still pull through despite all the pain and suffering that they have been through; quite touching really. :p Another one of my favourite parts was where you write about Fred. It must be really hard for him to cope without George, but you’ve made the situation really believeable. Well done. J

Laughter was the best medicine after all.

How very true! …this story was a pleasure to read. Good luck in the challenge! Woo! Slytherin! :D ~Suzie xx …(oh yeah, and what does “wassail” mean?) Just curious! :p

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review!! I try to get the British right, but since I don't even know someone from there, I forget sometimes. I'll go try to fix those mistakes. I'm glad that you enjoyed the sentamental parts. That was what I was going for! :) Go SLYTHERIN!! hehe was·sail (courtesy of –noun 1. a salutation wishing health to a person, used in England in early times when presenting a cup of drink or when drinking to the person. 2. a festivity or revel with drinking of healths. 3. liquor for drinking and wishing health to others on festive occasions, esp. spiced ale, as on Christmas Eve and Twelfth-night. 4. Archaic. a song sung in wassailing. –verb (used without object) 5. to revel with drinking. –verb (used with object) 6. to drink to the health or success of; toast.

Reviewer: Cwiddy
Date: 12/07/06 22:06
Chapter: Chapter 1

Great story sis!! the joy of the holiday season and the importance of family and friends shines through!

Author's Response: Thanks SIs!! I'm glad you had fun reading it! :)

Reviewer: Gmariam
Date: 12/07/06 16:21
Chapter: Chapter 1

Hi there! Lovely job, this was a really sweet and heartwarming story. It was sad to learn that George, Percy, and Charlie did not survive the war, but it could very well happen that way, and it was nice to see the family reflecting on them fondly. I thought this line was great:
It was just hard to live their dream when one of the dreamers was gone.
I really liked the small Weasley sweaters, and the ornament Harry brought out at the end of an early Order photo was wonderful. As usual, your poem/carol was a well done and very fun! Great job with the story prompt - good luck in the challenge!!
~The Order of Ravenclaw House Elves

Author's Response: I'm very glad that you enjoyed this story! I had a great time writing it. It is actually a prelogue to my Hermione/Ron wedding story. :) Thank you so much for reviewing. Cyns

Reviewer: Sly Severus
Date: 12/07/06 15:24
Chapter: Chapter 1

Yay! It got validated! I like the changes to the first couple of paragraphs. I really did enjoy this story. It has a nice nostilogic(bet I spelled that wrong) feel about it. Well done! :D

Author's Response: Thank you for beta-ing it for me!! You were a big help. :) I'm glad I made things a little clearer in the first few paragraphs. I'm also glad you enjoyed it! I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Potter Kids
Date: 12/07/06 13:13
Chapter: Chapter 1


Author's Response: Well, this is actually just a one-shot. If you want more, you can check out Hermione and Ron's wedding, which can be found on my authors page.

Author's Response: Oh, I forgot to thank you for the review!! Thanks VERY much!

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