Reviews For Slainte
Reviewer: marauderteddylupin
Date: 04/14/08 22:42
Chapter: Ellesmere Range

Totally. Awesome.
*gets down on hands nd knees*
*fantasticly begs and cries at the same time* please oh please update soon, with a dragon and pinch of humor on top?

Reviewer: marauderteddylupin
Date: 04/14/08 22:26
Chapter: Lost... Again

love the insignificant cliffie, you just left her shocked

Reviewer: marauderteddylupin
Date: 04/14/08 21:03
Chapter: Breakfast at Hogwarts

*giggles* "joke" *slaps hand over face* "kelly" *laughs* "twins" * rolls on ground in hysterics* "drunk" * gasps for air*hehe that hehehehe is hehehe the best hehehe joke hehehe i have hehehe heard hehehhe in a long hehehehe while

Reviewer: marauderteddylupin
Date: 04/14/08 20:49
Chapter: Hogwarts Itself

i think you mispelled the swear words. on the possitive side. Quote "whoa" unquote. totally true, only apply it to the chapter.

Author's Response: Me? Misspell swear words? *le gasp* I would say that's pretty darn impossible seeing as I swear pretty much 24/7 lol. I'm glad that you like it!

Reviewer: marauderteddylupin
Date: 04/14/08 18:16
Chapter: The Hogwarts Express

you got the characters right, i couldn't stop laughing for at least five minutes.
your writing is genious.
the caps lock is for effect, it is supposed to go slow with one word in each sentance, and slowly get louder and louder.

Author's Response: haha I'm glad that you like it! The next chapter is being written as I type this... sort of lol. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: eaglette with wheels
Date: 03/04/08 15:38
Chapter: Ellesmere Range

AAAHHHH!!! i love it!!!! AHHHHH!!! I think you should change the section, though. You've no proof that all this stuff didn't happen, no one travels in time, and you'd probably get a bigger readership. May I suggest Marauder Era?

Author's Response: Hmmm, methinks that you are right... Maybe I shall! But updates shall be slow in coming anyways because my stupid computer deleted everything! *kicks*

Reviewer: moonstonesilver
Date: 02/03/08 6:17
Chapter: Ellesmere Range

yo, girl or whoever, this story is fantastically fabulously spectacularly fantastic, fabulous, spectacular, etc etc :D :D update soon! p.s. i like the idea of a 'hexagonal room' :D :D lol

Author's Response: lol I'm glad that you liked it! Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Lightrave
Date: 01/19/08 22:21
Chapter: Ellesmere Range

hope you update soon this story is really really good.

Author's Response: Hmmm.... this sounds oddly familiar. =)

Reviewer: Lightrave
Date: 01/19/08 22:19
Chapter: Ellesmere Range

hope you update soon this story is really really good.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm rewriting it right now, but the rest of the story can be found on

Reviewer: abbs866
Date: 10/08/07 17:25
Chapter: Ellesmere Range

Yay Allie! I've been waiting for this since I beta-d it for you in... July? And then since I sent it to you after your computer ate it about a month ago. But I'm so glad it's finally up, and hopefully the next one will come soon as well!
Good job!
P.S. Let me know if you want me to beta the next chapter too, I'd be glad to.

Author's Response: haha, I know! It's been ages, hasn't it? I've had a lot of problems with this stupid chapter. *rolls eyes* It'd be great if you could beta the next one! Did I forget to credit you? *runs to check and edit*

Reviewer: abbs866
Date: 06/16/07 16:01
Chapter: The Hogwarts Express

Heya, Allie! Just stopping by to let you know that your naming Mrs. Potter after yourself was not unnoticed. Good work, by the way.

Author's Response: *snaps fingers* Dang it! lol I was trying to see if anyone would notice that! I couldn't help giving James' mum my name. *sheepish* I even made it so that she couldn't cook like me. I am guilty as charged unfortunately! Thanks for the review! I'm glad that you're reading this!

Reviewer: coolcat456
Date: 06/15/07 16:35
Chapter: The Hogwarts Express

great story!please write more!

Author's Response: thanks!

Reviewer: I Am Peeves
Date: 05/14/07 18:03
Chapter: Lost... Again

It's kind of confusing but I think I like it. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! This is me just wondering... How is it confusing? I haven't really introduced any mysteries yet!

Reviewer: Schmerg_The_Impaler
Date: 04/15/07 20:03
Chapter: Never Alone

Mixed emotions come with this chapter. A 'HUZZAH!" for an update... and a 'NOOOO!' for Connor's death. Awww, now I see what you meant about my liking him only leading to heartbreak.

I like the idea of Peter discovering that Remus is a werewolf on his own and not making a big to-do about it. It did seem a little bit, shall we say, sudden (I kind of would have liked to see Bridget and such's reaction to finding out their meek little friend is a werewolf), but I'm guessing that's coming later. I like your Sirius, he's perfect. Even as an eleven-year-old, he has that sort of moodiness about him that really makes him Sirius.

Well, I can't wait for your next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! I really worked hard on Sirius and Bridget in these few first chapters, I really want to get their characters just right so that later on it isn't as big as a shock when you see them all grown up!

Reviewer: Schmerg_The_Impaler
Date: 04/05/07 8:35
Chapter: Breakfast at Hogwarts

The joke at the beginning was SOOO funny! I've never heard it before. But there is one teeny tiny typo-- you said 1964 one time, then you said 1954 in the next line.

Clive is still my favourite character, which he probably shouldn't be. I just find him terribly interesting. His mum, too. She seems... fake-ish.

"Severus had been the brunt of many of Black and Potters cruel jokes. Unfortunately, he had deserved them." Hmm, we haven't seen him do much yet in this story but be ugly! I wonder what he's going to do in the future?

I like the prank! Ewww, gum.

Author's Response: Severus is going to get interesting, soon! I just him to just stay where he is right now so that I can get everyone eles wrapped up first! lol yep, I had a fun time writing Clive's mum mostly because it was ridculously easy. She'll be back in later chapters with a more realistic side though!

Reviewer: Schmerg_The_Impaler
Date: 04/05/07 8:29
Chapter: Hogwarts Itself

I really like this chapter.

"Resident tofu slinger," huh? I'm guessing there's more to Bridget than meets the eye!

"YOU LIVE ON LAND!" For some reason, I found that vastly humorous. The whole debate between Sirius and Peter... it's funny, because my friend and I had a very similar conversation the other day about whether pterodactyls are dinosaurs. (They're not, darnit!)

Now, I'm a little cornfoozed by the fact that Marie called Bridget 'chubby' and the dudes called her a skinny little grasshopper. I'm guessing Marie was just being mean?

By the way, I still love how loyal James and Sirius are to each other. Hes Sirius Black. That means hes a best friend, psychic, and therapist, all in one. Man, I want to buy one! (It slices. It dices. And it explodes and wrecks your kitchen and your portrait of Uncle Cygnus.)

I think it's cool that you made Peter so knowledgeable about the stock market. I've seen so many stories where he's an idiotic buffoon with no real interests or talents.

You're so good at writing the Marauders! "I'm too handsome to die..." now I know that when I see the OotP film and Sirius is falling through the veil, I'm going to call that out in the theatre and possibly get kicked out. And then I'll blame you! ^_^ No, I'm kidding.

Did you use some of your friends' names for the sorting? I'm just guessing.

I find it a little odd that Remus said "Doesn't look like he'll last long" about Clive, seeing as he's somewhat sickly himself, but that's okay. It's creative license!

More like she cant find her way out with a map, compass and three neon signs saying, THIS WAY. Very vivid mental image there.

I'm guessing there's more to Clive... I don't think we're supposed to like him, but I do!

I think some of-- okay, most of-- the characters act a little older than eleven (when you think about it, that's really young), but it makes the story interesting. My only real criticism is that you have a few Americanisms in there, like saying 'bangs' for what Brits call 'fringe,' but that's really minor, and I'm guilty of the same.

I really like this story (and the title is making me curious about what it has to do with the story)!

Author's Response: Unfortunately, liking Clive is only going to lead to heartbreak. *sad because she knows what happens next*

Author's Response: Lol all my conversations with my friends almost always end up like that. But no I didn't use their names for the sorting... as for Marie, she's not going to be your typical brat; she's just mad and was lashing out at Bridget for t the whole stockmarket rea

Reviewer: Schmerg_The_Impaler
Date: 04/05/07 8:08
Chapter: The Hogwarts Express

I knew this story had to be interesting when I saw how many dreams you had about this story.

I love the interactions in the Potter family, and it's so cute how Sirius is like a brother to James. I do thinks it's a little bit odd that James should thoughtlessly order a house elf to 'clean his room,' but then again, this was far before Hermione's time!

I loved our introduction to Lily. Electro-shock therapy? And magic affecting her hair? I can tell this is going to be a very interesting Lily.

Sirius is hysterical. I like the part where he's talking about all the stuff he did like throwing darts, locking his brother in a cabinet, and all that with a totally casual and unaffected air.

Wait, so Lily knows all about magic, even though this is her first year? Hmmm... that's interesting...

Well I can't wait to read more! I'm clicking the 'next' button....

Author's Response: Schmergo? Reviewed my story? *faints* Yep, Lily knows about magic. We'll find out why in later chapters though! Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: helgaandgodric
Date: 03/23/07 15:41
Chapter: Breakfast at Hogwarts

This is a very good fic so far. Interesting idea, having a fifth Marauder! However, I do have a question. How did Lily know the other girls before Hogwarts? Since she's Muggleborn, she wouldn't have been able to know all about the magic stuff, so I'm a little confused.

Keep updating!

Kate -> Knight of the Turnip Table

Author's Response: Thank you! I had Lily know about magic and all that other stuff, because I wanted something kind of original. But there's a good explanation- Lily's mom was best friends with all the other girls moms when she was pregnant, because she met them at a lamaze class or something (I'm still working it out, there's going to be a flashback later on about Lily's mom) and so when the mom's decided Lily was old enough to keep a secret, they told her. I thought that if she was the brightest witch in her year, that she should at least have a bit of magical background.

Reviewer: lilynjames4eva
Date: 03/19/07 23:42
Chapter: Hogwarts Itself

This story so totally ROCKS!! This is my favourite chater uptil now. I really liked the idea of a girl being part of the Marauders, even if it is OOC. I wish I had thought of that. *wink wink* My favourite line was **Hes Sirius Black. That means hes a best friend, psychic, and therapist, all in one. James said simply.** OMG, I could just go on about this story. I've read the third chapter as well. When is the fourth coming up, cuz I can't wait!! Anyway, keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! :D I've just submitted the fourth chapter and I'm like this close to finishing the fifth. *holds u thumb and pointer finger with incredibly small space between then grins big* I absolutel love Sirius. I have to admit that I gave him all the good lines.

Reviewer: lilynjames4eva
Date: 03/19/07 23:36
Chapter: Hogwarts Itself

This story so totally ROCKS!! This is my favourite chater uptil now. I really liked the idea of a girl being part of the Marauders, even if it is OOC. I wish I had thought of that. *wink wink* My favourite line was **Hes Sirius Black. That means hes a best friend, psychic, and therapist, all in one. James said simply.** OMG, I could just go on about this story. I've read the third chapter as well. When is the fourth coming up, cuz I can't wait!! Anyway, keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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