Reviews For Lycanthropy
Reviewer: Pbcat
Date: 01/26/11 18:20

Wow, I don't even really know what to say, based on your bio, you're awesome and that poem was completly amazing.

Reviewer: ringobeatlesfan4
Date: 04/17/08 18:43

OK, wow. Strangely enough, this didnt creep me out, like many stories about lycanthropy do...

And Luna's poison clouds their minds;
^^By Luna, do you mean the character in HP, or the moon?

1000/10 {Becca}
P.S. I love your author page. It's... it's... wondefully chaotic.
P.P.S. I heard about you from Schmerg The Impaler, and now I know why she reccomends you. You're great!
P.P.P.S. Niflheim is my new favorite word! It used to be stuff like 'Hoopla' and 'Jeremiah' or 'Wombo' but now it's 'Niflheim'!!!

Author's Response: This review makes me happy. I think I'm going to fly.rnrnIt's the moon, by the way.

Reviewer: Luna_Lovegood11
Date: 04/15/08 18:41

Very dark and well written. I heard about you from Schmergo, and guess what my favorite word is now? niflheim! This poem was wonderful.
P.S. I like your bio. Very ... interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you. It's nice to read such kind words after such a long absence.rnrnNIFLHEIM FOREVAH!!!

Reviewer: ginny202
Date: 02/20/07 17:51

Your welcome for my compliments and llamas. I read your story again and it was just the last time! You should come back to Schmergo's Chat Room/Review Page! We have llamas...

I will remember POTATOES!!!!!!!! Thank you for the reminder!

Author's Response: I wish I could go back, but I'm rather scared that even more of-topic reviews in there will get Schmergo's story deleted. We don't want that.

Reviewer: ginny202
Date: 02/19/07 13:44

Wow... That's really... deep. And dark.

It's going into my favorites! For a humor master, you sure write good poetry!

And now, for lack of anything else to say, I'm going to copy Schmergo and say LLAMA LLAMA DUCK! Because the Llama Song is a beautiful song.

Author's Response: Thank you for your compliments and llamas. And remember: POTATOTES!!!!!!!!!!!...!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: MissyQuill
Date: 02/17/07 8:27

I;m origionaly from pakistan so my family's obsessed with cricket too.

Author's Response: And not from Pakistan so I'm not obsessed with cricket.

Reviewer: MissyQuill
Date: 02/17/07 8:16

Yeah i'm one too.about the poem it was definately...dark.And i
1.think voldy's pokemon would be a mew2 not under any circumstances think umbridge is hot
Thats it for now
Sumayya Ahmed Musani

Author's Response: Walaikum-assalam. Thank you, and I respect your decision to not think that Umbridge is hot. We need more people of that sort in this world.

Reviewer: JewellPotterFan
Date: 01/23/07 10:47

As of today you are favorited.



Author's Response: I'll try to live up to your expectations. (But I probably won't.)

Reviewer: JewellPotterFan
Date: 01/07/07 20:12

Well, that's what happens when I go for months without reading my favourite authors' author pages! :-)

Author's Response: My sense of humility hopes that you do not include me as one of those people.

Reviewer: JewellPotterFan
Date: 01/06/07 23:30

Ooh...even better the second time through. And English is not your first language? I love the line, "An ecstasy of twisted dreams". Sorry, I just like that line (plus it's the only one that's showing up right now).

Author's Response: Thank you. I live in Bangladesh, so English isn't my first language- Bangla is, according to the unspoken laws of linguistics.

Reviewer: Winged Artemis
Date: 12/07/06 13:38

Ooooooooh! Luna's poison clouds? Mwhahahah. I'd like to see one of those.

No but anyway, fantabulistic poem, and your metaphors were muy fantastico!

::coughs:: sorry, i'm weird.

Author's Response: Alea Jacta Est, as I almost never say.

Reviewer: Hedwig with a quill
Date: 12/02/06 19:54

Hey, that was great!! 10/10

Author's Response: Yes, finally people have come to realize that I, Zoheb, am SUPREME!

Reviewer: Yellow_and_Dangerous
Date: 12/01/06 0:39

Okay it works just fine. ^_^

Author's Response: Haleluja.

Reviewer: Yellow_and_Dangerous
Date: 12/01/06 0:38

not a review
still not a review
Still not a review

Author's Response: Lycanthropy's Review Page: Open for target practise.

Author's Response: Dude, they work just fine! I've used them, and they're flawless. They always work.

Reviewer: Yellow_and_Dangerous
Date: 11/27/06 9:56

Now that I understand this whole thingI must say "Powerful stuff Zoheb, truely powerful stuf..."

Author's Response: Almost as powerful as DJuice. ALMOST, But not quite.

Reviewer: JewellPotterFan
Date: 11/25/06 16:38

wow...that's beautiful. Wonderful descriptions. I could imagine the scene.

Author's Response: You know what they say, "One man's treasure is another man's trash". I personally didn't think all that much about the poem when I wrote it. But i have long ago learnt not to trust myself about poetry. People seem to like it, I think I like it, I think the mods liked it, and that's what I tell myself whenever I read this poem. (Or something similar)

Reviewer: xMBx
Date: 11/24/06 8:02

WOW! vey powerful. I cant wait to hear more from you.

Author's Response: Thanks! You will hear more from me, but it most likely won't be poetry. You see, i am a comedian at heart, but ironically the first thing I've given Mugglenet is a dark poem about lycanthropes. Go figure. Anyways, if I'm lyucky, you might see my name in 'Humor fics' in a few days, and if i'm feeling up to it, I might even send another poem.
Here's to wishful thinking (HIC!)!

Reviewer: Yellow and Dangerous
Date: 11/24/06 2:55

Ahem. this poem has got nothing to do with harry potter abd since ur my friend Zoheb I say WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN

Author's Response: Your review is a testimony to your feeble understanding, Spongy.

Author's Response: people, I can taunt him if I feel like it because he's my friend and friendship includes a good round of taunting. Don't be offended.

Reviewer: Lord Unknown
Date: 11/23/06 1:07

Hey, its me, your lunatic cousin... this was really good you know. Just because you don't write poems doesnt mean it has to be bad... anyway... write on and i do hope that your other story gets reviewed...

Author's Response: I hope it shall be reviewed, Unknown Person. But first it'll have to be validated, ya think?

Reviewer: Schmerg_The_Impaler
Date: 11/22/06 11:48

Rats, I just messed up your review page with my faulty html. Sorry!

Author's Response: Hmm... Lets see. I think that might have fixed it.

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