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Name: GreyLady (Signed) · Date: 11/16/06 15:59 · For: The First Day
*squee* A new long Snape-fic! I promise that I'll be more helpful and less fangirlish this time. ;)

As usual, almost everything is fantastic.
I love the humor, the characterizations, the description, the idea. I can't find any grammatical errors, so you're safe there. The only problem I have is this: Ginny and Severus both fit with canon, but somehow have a different flavor. If you know what I mean. They come off as having a bit more compassion and such than in canon. That's not to say I don't prefer this, but I felt I should say something. I can't see Ginny defending Severus in the canon universe because she's never shown the slightest interest in it before. Of course, she could be doing it just to spite Harry because she's seems to be that kind of girl, but I very much doubt that's the way you intend it to be.

Otherwise, though...the passage about blending in with the wall was brilliant, as so much of this is. The dialogue and your sense or language...*sigh* The lioness/gazelle metaphor was very funny, as was Ginny's comment about Gryffindors. I love the humor in your stories. :)

Ginny advent as a lawyer is very convincing, and I very much look forward to seeing how this story is handled plot-wise. It's very different, to say the least. And, of course, I eagerly await my next dose of your Severus. *adds to favorites and scurries off to reread all the one-shots*

Author's Response: I'm not sure how much of Severus' approach to Ginny is more compassionate than he is with other people, and how much is just that she isn't Harry and that's who we're used to seeing him with. At any rate, he'll be wondering about it, too, in a chapter or several. I hope you keep liking it -- thanks for the review!

Name: siriusissexy (Signed) · Date: 11/16/06 7:38 · For: The First Day
Thank you for beginning another multi-chapter story -- although your one-shots have also been excellent -- Through the Eyes of Others is one of the very best stories out there. I look forward to the development of this one. My advice to other readers: if Vindictus Viridian writes a story, read it. Her stories are always well-written, complete with dialog that has an authentic cadence and intriguing plot lines.

Author's Response: Aw, shucks. You're going to give me stage fright and a bad case of the blushes. Thanks !

Name: hermy_loves_ron (Signed) · Date: 11/15/06 18:42 · For: The First Day
This is so interesting! I love the idea, and I hope we get to learn about what's been happening to Snape since HBP soon. Update asap!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're finding it interesting. Thanks for the review!

Name: SiriuslyInLove7 (Signed) · Date: 11/15/06 15:28 · For: The First Day
Oooh i love it! hurry to get the next chapter up!

Author's Response: Working on it! Thanks for the review!

Name: weasleybabe24 (Signed) · Date: 11/15/06 15:08 · For: The First Day
Oh, I loved it. I just love the way you write the chemistry (not THAT kind) between Snape and Ginny.
It had a certain sense of closure about it. Very neatly done.

Author's Response: I'm glad you loved it, and hope a few chapters to come will not disappoint this sense of closure. Thanks for reviewing!

Name: shimotsuki (Signed) · Date: 11/15/06 14:59 · For: The First Day
Oh, hooray, a new "long story" from Vindictus Viridian! Beautifully phrased, as always. And plotwise, a very promising start. I will be watching vigilantly for updates.

I suspect I see one direction in which this story might be going. It's hard to miss the overall similarities between Lily and Ginny in canon, but it hadn't occurred to me to consider that parallel from Severus's perspective until "The Right Questions." Now in this story, it's ten years later, and no one is anyone's teacher anymore.

"People who defend me tend to die."

I'm not one-hundred-percent sure that canon Snape and ItEoO Severus are the same person, but your work has made me love your Severus, and this line was very poignant.

How long could he tell her stories, true ones, without saying anything he wished to keep to himself?

Indeed. I look forward to watching Severus tell Ginny what he needs to tell her, even if he doesn't think he means to...

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! First one! I'm glad you think this has some direction to it from the start. Somehow Harry's relationship to Ginny never seemed permanent to me, to have some elements in it and in each other that each were taking for granted. The idea that Ginny might go to school and stay single for quite a long time just appealed to me. Then she needed a profession, and... Plotbunny. Big one.

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