Reviews For Predictions
Reviewer: taytay
Date: 07/13/08 15:30
Chapter: Predictions

i loved the ending

Reviewer: Mary Cattermole
Date: 10/17/07 16:15
Chapter: Predictions

Haha! Loved it. Write more like that. You've got skill.

Reviewer: Shadow2007
Date: 04/14/07 17:55
Chapter: Predictions

Lol... Very funny... You're a good writer and I hope you keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks, I hope I will too! :P

Reviewer: lily princess
Date: 03/18/07 12:17
Chapter: Predictions

write more! it ws totally hilarious!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I will write more, just not on this one... :)

Reviewer: lily_007
Date: 02/14/07 0:53
Chapter: Predictions

gud story...i liked it:)

Author's Response: Thanks :D

Reviewer: R_Hr_Fan
Date: 01/29/07 18:28
Chapter: Predictions

I really liked the ending, how you added that little twist in there!

Author's Response: Thanks! My, my...this one's getting popular!

Reviewer: jamesismyhero2
Date: 01/26/07 16:03
Chapter: Predictions

lol awesome ending. And i love how lily was doing all those things!

Author's Response: Yeah. Go Lily! *waves flag* Thanx for reading!

Reviewer: brokenhearted
Date: 12/22/06 22:45
Chapter: Predictions

LOL! Smart. So... maybe it was Lily or maybe she was the "pawn of fate." Bada-badoom.

Author's Response: Well, it came from my twisted brain, so who knows? *rubs hands together like a mad scientist while freaky music plays in background*

Reviewer: Dragon_Spirit
Date: 12/20/06 19:43
Chapter: Predictions

Hey JJ! I thought i would go on a web run! U know i love it! I think that u r a great author and u should keep letting me beta! Good Job!


Author's Response: I'm going to send you chapter eight of my Lily/James fic!! Beta beta beta!!

Reviewer: J_Bird
Date: 12/20/06 16:51
Chapter: Predictions

Lol it was very funny. I liked it. :)

Author's Response: Thanks!! I really like this story, probably best of most of my others.

Reviewer: hermy_loves_ron
Date: 12/07/06 22:16
Chapter: Predictions

That's really funny!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

Reviewer: Lillian Potter
Date: 12/02/06 19:34
Chapter: Predictions

FANtastic. Great job. So..... more?

Author's Response: Sorry, no. But this story is kinda a spinoff of my Lily/James fic. It's just in their third year. Glad you liked it!

Reviewer: no_town_princess
Date: 11/24/06 0:22
Chapter: Predictions

HAHAHA! lol. thats funny! i loved the ending

Author's Response: That does seem to be a fovorite part :-)

Author's Response: Favorite, I mean. I typed that response earlier in the morning. Thanks!

Reviewer: HPwizzzard
Date: 11/20/06 20:53
Chapter: Predictions

Let's make it more than three. That was good. I loved the end! I could see Fudge in his bowler hat yodling till he was red in the face. Was he even Minister back then, I wonder? Maybe Lily actually did all that stuff because of the ball... hmm...

Author's Response: Hmm...that's a plot twist that I didn't really imagine, but a definite possibility. I pictured Fudge yodeling too, but I don't think he was Minister, and that's why I didn't mention a name. Thanks!

Reviewer: LovelyxLena
Date: 11/20/06 17:58
Chapter: Predictions

Oh wow! So, did the crystal ball amke Lily do those interesting things? I wonder.. You should make a sequel about this so we can see if Lily does ask James out, eventually..

Author's Response: I'm not planning on making a sequel, but this one is directly related to my Lily/James fic, only that one takes place in seventh year while this one takes place in third ^_^

Reviewer: lady magician
Date: 11/16/06 10:00
Chapter: Predictions

umm..heres a 4th one ^_^ i wanna add thatur bio is pretty cool but even if i had the time i couldn't keep up my bio like a blog like that.....its really cool to see that u like updating us on like...everything :-)...bluh my tutor shud be here any minute.....can'r wait to c ur next work btw ;-)

Author's Response: It's coming, and the only reason it isn't here yet is my own laziness (I'm not typing it up yet). Thanks for the bio compliment...yours is pretty interesting too (I see that you mentioned Dragon_Warrior on it, if in passing). I like keeping a blog on my writing...I LOVE to write!!! Anywayz, I gotta go. I just learned to knit and that scarf I started is calling...

Author's Response: PS: Did I mention I LOVE getting reviews?

Reviewer: lady magician
Date: 11/15/06 6:18
Chapter: Predictions

u got sum really funny stuff in this and its so in character likie sumthing from Jo!!...oh wow this is definately a 10!

"Yes." Sirius said testily, as if he was trying to explain that the grass was green to a stubborn two-year-old.

this was funnnnyyyyy...

It said that the Minister of Magic, usually quite refined, had broken out yodeling in the middle of a meeting.

this was awesome.period. :-)

Author's Response: Thank you!! I was sooooo hoping you'd review this one, but I thought you only read poetry of something...anywayz, thank you sooo much for the review, I'm really glad you liked it! You're one of three reviewers...sad, I know, but I don't really care...and on top of this I finished my Dream House Project (off subject, but...)! Thanks for the review! ~JJ

Reviewer: Marauder_Princess
Date: 11/14/06 17:22
Chapter: Predictions

Ha ha ha!!! That was so funny! I love it! That story is SO going on my favortes list! Great job! ^_^


Author's Response: Thank you thank you thank you!!! I LOVE to make people laugh, you just made my day!

Reviewer: ginevra715
Date: 11/13/06 16:40
Chapter: Predictions

very cute. i didn't see it coming, either. loved it!!

Author's Response: First reviewer! You get this commerorative author's response! Thanks for the review!

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