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Name: miss padfoot (Signed) · Date: 06/17/07 21:09 · For: one-shot
Ilka! *huggles SPEW Buddy* Okay, so I donít read Draco/Ginny fics a lot, well, in fact, this fic was the first Draco/Ginny fic Iíve ever read, I think. That being the case, I had no idea what to expect from a Draco/Ginny fic. When I stumbled upon Journey to Awakening however, I decided to give it a chance and Iím glad I did.

As soon as I finished reading, the one thing that immediately struck my mind was Draco. I admit Iím not a big fan of Draco in canon, and I rarely read romance fics with him in it. But your portrayal of Draco is so accurate that I actually liked reading about him. I liked how even when he is in hiding, heís still got that arrogant attitude of his. All Ginny wants to do is help him, but heís too proud to accept help from her and fears if she might turn him in. Guh. Heís perfectly in character. =]

Moving on to Ginny, again Iím not a big fan of her in canon, and I tend to stay away from fics about Ginny as well. But I liked how well you captured Ginny. Youíve managed to keep her fiery personality as well as show her soft side in her concern for Draco. Ginny is someone who gets OOC very easily, but sheís very much canon-compliant here. =]

I have just one small nitpick to make:

The memories came back to him all of a sudden: He had allowed Weasley to break through his shield charms.

The Ďheí after the colon need not be capitalised because itís part of the same sentence. =]

Overall, great job, Ilka dearest, and you might have just managed to change my mind about Draco/Ginny fics. *giggles*

Author's Response: Preethi!!! *huggles* I'm glad you liked both Ginny's and Draco's characterization even if you usually don#t like them all that much. Let me know if I did indeed change your mind about D/G, that'd be such an honour. *giggles* No seriously, that's the ultimate compliment!

Name: WunderWitch (Signed) · Date: 11/10/06 18:11 · For: one-shot
awwwwwwwww, how incredibly sweet!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

Name: some_kinda_superstar (Signed) · Date: 11/10/06 17:09 · For: one-shot
Wow. That was a beautiful story! I nearly cried a couple of times. I love the way you have allowed Draco to change enough to be with Ginny, while still keeping him perfectly in character. And the bit when he was reunited with his mother was so touching. I love it.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I had my doubts about Draco's character at times, but I'm glad you think he's IC. *is extremely happy* It's not every day I get told that my story nearly made someone cry, that's like the biggest compliment ever! Thank you!

Name: Layhe (Signed) · Date: 11/10/06 14:15 · For: one-shot
is this a one shot? if yes - write sequel, please! it's good, I like the Draco that you shown here :)

Author's Response: Yes it is a one-shot and right now I have no plans to write a sequel, sorry, but there are too many other plot bunnies crowding my brain and demanding my attention.

Name: Marauder by Midnight (Signed) · Date: 11/04/06 12:26 · For: one-shot
Firstly, I want to thank you for doing an utterly beautiful job at this prompt. Seriously. I've read this before, but I know it can do with a longer review to let you know exactly what I thought.

You built your story up from the very first sentence with an ominous setting to match the ominous situation. I liked how you just dove right in the situation without spending too much time on setting, but enough so that I got the general idea. "Apparated," "Aurors," and "Portkey" should be capitalized though.

Poor Draco in the village. I can almost see how desolate and hopeless he was to just give up and let himself be found in the village. It's a wonder how he kept up those shield charms for so long since they sound like such a tough thing to maintain. But then, I can almost see him just covering this up by telling Ginny he'd been expecting her all along to tell him whatever it was and be gone.

Seeing Draco resist Ginny's comments about his mother threw me off. He seemed drunk, but calm, until Ginny mentioned her. Suddenly he exploded. I think it was because of Draco's inability to face the past and the truth, but there seems to be something deeper in the way Draco reacted. It didn't seem...Draco-ish.

Ginny taking Draco to his room seemed so motherly, a great characteristic to give Ginny. After all, she's watched her own mother mother all her brothers over the years. It's no wonder that she has some of these qualities as well.

Putting in that excerpt about Book 5 was ingenius. I'm not sure if that's exactly what happened in Umbridge's office that day (as in, I'm not sure if it's written word for word), but if it isn't, you've had me convinced it was and that Rowling was, all along, supporting Draco/Ginny. The meaning behind both of their words was so heavy and so mysterious, I had to reread it for a while.

Ginny's reaction to Draco shaking her was odd. I would've expected her to snap right back demanding what the hell he was doing. And Draco yelling at her is certainly intimidating enough. Her reaction seemed a bit unbelievable, but I can see how you can attribute it to her tiredness (flying on a broomstick for five days? oye).

Ginny trying to prove Narcissa was alive was brilliantly done. I can see how she was struggling to name characteristics about Draco when she didn't know much about him to begin with. However, portraying Draco through the eyes of Narcissa and the words of Ginny was beautifully worded. I bet hearing himself being described so adequately by someone not in the family must've been unnerving. Draco's reaction to the words was so human, so raw, that I finally accepted him as a character then.

What I think would've empowered your story so much more would be actually describing the scene of the reunion between mother and son. That would have shown the core and the heart of those supposedly cold-hearted Malfoys.

I wanted you to do what I couldn’t, to break free from the hold I had on you, like I wanted to break free from the hold my father had on me.

My favorite lines in this entire story. Absolutely...wow.

I'm just so pleased with this story, the way you brought Draco and Ginny together. It's not easy, since they're so opposite each other character-wise. But you did it. You brought them together in a way that was just so unique - by focusing on something outside the pair to bring them together. Wow.


Author's Response: *huggles* Thank you for the lovely review, Beth! I'm glad you liked what I did with your prompt. About Draco, I love the D/G ship, but I had some trouble keeping him IC here and at times, I felt as if I had lost him and created a new character, I hope he was still recognisable though. I'll correct those spelling mistakes right away, thanks again.

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