Reviews For Butterfly Summer
Reviewer: SparksOfWater
Date: 12/14/06 18:42
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

so sweet and really well written! I like your choice in location too!

Author's Response: It sounds like a real estate ad 'location, location, location' LOL but it sets the scene, and I'm so glad you liked where they spent their 'honeymoon!' =]

Reviewer: Aethonan13
Date: 12/13/06 18:10
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

Very sweet moment. I particularly liked "the firmness of rock". (-;

Author's Response: thanks! Better than 'the limpness of noodle' by far! :D

Reviewer: brokenhearted
Date: 11/24/06 19:52
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

Aww. They're so cute. I like reading things from Remus' point of view. We always get Tonks', and sometimes I wonder if Remus feels the same way or he's just being sweet.

I don't know though... I guess I'm just always disappointed when people loose their virginity. =(

Author's Response: You mean without the sanction of marriage? I tried my best to show that they're mates for life, not just having it off...and I'm sure they're married in God's eyes!

Reviewer: Narcissa de Noir
Date: 11/11/06 18:46
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

Aww... You know, reading your Remus/Tonks-stories I've started to want to write my own one. I've written other stories, but one about those two never crossed my mind. You have me convinced, though, through sheer writing talent. Keep the amazing work up!

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliment! The Remus/Tonks cat needs more fics, so write one! ^_^

Reviewer: obsessedwithron
Date: 11/06/06 12:15
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

Worth the wait!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Wow! I just got through asking if you read Remus and Tonks in The Things We Do For Love reply! *smacks palm to forehead* D'oh!

Thank you so much for encouraging so well in every review, whatever the category! =]

Reviewer: remus R us
Date: 11/06/06 6:43
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

How do you describe a moment so priceless, that has lead us up from their first kiss? It painted a beautiful picture in our minds, that we filled in a lot of strokes with our own colours!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you found the picture beautiful, and that you have a wonderful imagination to paint in what was left undescribed with vivid colours of your own. Thank you! :)

Reviewer: remus R us
Date: 11/06/06 6:42
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

How do you describe a moment so priceless, that has lead us up from their first kiss? It painted a beautiful picture in our minds, that we filled in a lot of strokes with our own colours!

Author's Response: Yay, you got a chance to read! *does happy dance*

Reviewer: Maeve_Issyra
Date: 11/03/06 7:23
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

Yes! Yes! It's finally up! But I thought I got an email when you submitted a new story? *casts nasty looks at mailbox*

Anyway. Yes, it was worth the bloody wait! Ah, lovely. I had shivers up and down my spine from the first word until the last. Wonderful. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Hmmhmm. Continue on this path (as always...) and a great job done!

Author's Response: Sometimes the email system works, and sometimes its wonky, lol. I'm just thrilled I had *four* stories (3 and a poem, actually, lol) posted in one week! And I'm even more thrilled you found this worth the wait! : )

Reviewer: Indigoenigma
Date: 11/01/06 20:58
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

I'm so glad it finally happened!!!!

Author's Response: Me too!!!!! Ta, Thanks! ^_^

Reviewer: Indigoenigma
Date: 11/01/06 20:58
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

I'm so glad it finally happened!!!!

Author's Response: It took nine months of 'GoF' time- they could've had a baby, lol, but I'm glad Remus and Tonks 'birthed' a strong, intimate relationship....they'll need it in the future!

Reviewer: Leukhendian
Date: 11/01/06 6:23
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

What else can be said about a wedding and a "wedding"? Hahah, just thought of something... Well, not really funny, but still.
There was Tonks' cousin, Tonks' friend and Tonks "herself" (well, possibly a real one sometime?). Then there is Dumbledore's funeral coming up. *sniff* And I believe she'll be going to the Weasley wedding in the future, too...
Four weddings and a funeral. Do I really need to say more? Lol. Just thought it was an interesting coincidence.
And again, looking forward to the new story!

Author's Response: LOL at Four Weddings and a Funeral! At least Remus won't have to hear a litany of past lovers from Tonks the way Hugh Grant's character did from Andie' McDowell's! :D

Reviewer: mock_turtle
Date: 10/31/06 1:31
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

definitley worth the wait. I find that fics that have their characters sleep together really soon usually don't have much substance.
and I hate that bishop from the princess bride. he's worse than the six-fingered man.

Author's Response: I'm the old fashioned romantic who thinks love should come before sex, and that it makes the physical an expression of love instead of a leg over, lol. The six-fingered man was hilarious. 'I swear it will be done' makes me laugh every time.

Reviewer: 7thofconte
Date: 10/30/06 21:26
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

I liked the switch to Remus. It's nice to hear from him sometimes because he's so quiet that you can't tell much about his personality by observing.

Author's Response: Quiet people tend to fade into the background, especially when outgoing, vibrant sorts like Sirius are around, don't they? Good thing Tonks (and us too) take the time to find out more about him! ^_^

Reviewer: purpleplastisine
Date: 10/30/06 17:09
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

Kerichi, I love this story! Not just this one, mind you but everything that was in the 'Lovers Moon' series. Since they took that away from the site I've been thinking that it will be alot harder to find out when you post your nextbit of what USED to be that series, can you leave a note in your profile? Princess Bride is Amazing!

Author's Response: Have you watched The Princess Bride so many times you can quote all the good lines? LOL It's an inspiring film. :D If you check this cat, I promise to always have a chapter on the first page if the mods are willing, but that's a good idea about the note. Thank you!

Reviewer: Augusta Wilfry
Date: 10/30/06 16:38
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

i think it is the perfect ending-but maybe you could make a sequel with chioldren? i really liked this one part and the other three series, please write more.

Author's Response: I've started the sequel to Spring Moon. I'm just waiting for the transition from GoF to OotP one shot, Three for the Road to post before I submit the first chapter of Moonlight and Shadow! :D I think after book 7, if Jo doesn't give them kids, I will, lol.

Reviewer: ccsahplvr1
Date: 10/30/06 16:21
Chapter: Butterfly Summer

This moment was so worth the wait, I loved it!

Author's Response: I'm so happy you feel that way. Thanks! :)

Reviewer: ginnyp_harryp
Date: 10/30/06 15:04
Chapter: Butterfly Summer


Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so happy it validated so quickly- I put the other one shot 'Three for the Road' right into the queue! ^_^

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