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Name: DarkPrincess0206 (Signed) · Date: 12/22/06 17:38 · For: Chapter 3
You are the best author I've seen for the Ron/Hermione category. What's taking chapter 5 so long? I can't wait!

Author's Response: I truely appreciate the praise (Emily Jayne Curtsies!) To help you pass the time over the break - and to keep you interested in MNFF...here are some other stories that you might enjoy...(they are not ALL R/Hr, but I am a huge R/Hr shipper, so most of them are...To Love and Back Agian, More than Treasure, The Time is Now, Don't say a Thing, Hermione at the Burrow, Beauty and the Git, Fear of the Heart, The Time in Between, No More Memories, When Is Too Late?, Awkwardly Ever After, When It Comes, The Wedding, A Fair to Remember, Tangled(This is a GREAT ONE!!!!) I hope you enjoy your holiday!!!!!

Name: DarkPrincess0206 (Signed) · Date: 12/22/06 17:35 · For: Chapter 1
You are the best author I have seen for the Ron/Hermione category. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! There was an oversight in the pucntuation and capitalization area in chapter 4, so it was rejected...but it is submitted now and should be fine. I had 2 seperate beta's look at it, so it should get approved over the break!

Name: DracoLuva4684 (Signed) · Date: 12/16/06 20:30 · For: Chapter 3
This story is AMAZING!
Please update ASAP!
I NEED to read more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I am hoping that the chapter is validated before the break. Then Chapter 5 can be submitted before the vacation and (EmilyJayne Crosses her fingers) hopefully get validated over the vacation! I am gald that you like it!

Name: danbarn (Signed) · Date: 12/14/06 20:41 · For: Chapter 1
Where is Chapter 4 going to reposted? I can hardly wait as this is one of my favorite Ron/Hermonie stories. Congrats of a well written tale.


Author's Response: Why thank you! I am not sure what the hold up is! It has been in the queue since 12-7-06. I am waiting...not so patiently...but I imagine that the queue is pretty loaded in the holiday rush (however it's been more than a week!) but Patients is the key! The good news is chapter 5 and 6 are ready (checked with my Beta) now too and I made a modification and now there are only 8 chapters total...but they are nice long ones! I figure...hey...the story's done...might as well get it to you all as soon as I can! I am glad that you are enjoying it! Tell a friend and "share the enjoyment"!

Name: maze (Signed) · Date: 11/29/06 10:01 · For: Chapter 1
chapter 3 is great.i love it when the chapters are long.waiting impatiently for chap 4.

Author's Response: I am impatient too!!! things get more heated as chapter 4 contains a row and the the make up in chapter 5!!!

Name: Wynterfraust (Signed) · Date: 11/25/06 5:50 · For: Chapter 3
Oh, I love this story!! I do hope this is going to be a long one..... :) Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

Author's Response: Your welcome, Your welcome, Your welcome!!! There are 9 chapters in all!

Name: amsies360 (Signed) · Date: 11/22/06 22:56 · For: Chapter 3
I love your story. I'm adding you to my favs..... can't wait for more chapters..

Author's Response: Oh thank you! (Emily Jayne curtsies gratiousley) Chapter 4 is already in the que and there are 9 so we are almost half done! There are 4 stories in the "series" and two is already done and I am waiting on a Beta! I am glad you like it...Keep letting me know if you do or if I get out of line! Happy Thanksgiving!

Name: Weasleyboyfreak (Signed) · Date: 11/11/06 19:33 · For: Chapter 2
I love it! I want more!

Author's Response: P.S. Chapter 3 is REALLY REALLY long!

Name: Weasleyboyfreak (Signed) · Date: 11/11/06 19:30 · For: Chapter 2
I love it! I want more!

Author's Response: Chapter 3 is in the que...it is hard to be patient...isn't it!

Name: maze (Signed) · Date: 11/10/06 10:28 · For: Chapter 1
I love it.....the story is well written and it is so believable.Cant wait for updates.Definitely one of my fav.

Author's Response: Great! I am honored! Chapter 3 is awaiting validation and 4 and 5 are back from the beta (the Fabulous Sheri164)...there are 9 total! Keep reding and let me know how I am doing!

Name: knc91 (Signed) · Date: 11/09/06 16:47 · For: Chapter 2
cant wait for the next installment =]

Author's Response: Still Glad you found it! :-)

Name: knc91 (Signed) · Date: 11/09/06 16:46 · For: Chapter 2
cant wait for the next installment =]

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you found it!

Name: inthewrongera (Signed) · Date: 11/08/06 12:21 · For: Chapter 2
the last line of the story is classic!

Author's Response: She rounded out the door into the hall and into something solid.... Classic... I am confused... did you mean Hermione specualting about she and Ron's future home together? Because that WAS meant to be funny...I can picture her "picturing it" now! And then being discusted because she was letting her Brain go that way! I love writing Hermione!

Name: Jocelyn25 (Signed) · Date: 11/08/06 3:24 · For: Chapter 2
Ahhhhhh i cant wait til you update!!!! I love it. The way you describe everything is amazingly. It feels just right! Keep up the good work and upppppppdaaaaaate. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks you! I am hoping to submit today again! The story is complete...spell and grammer checking with a beta and then validation are all I am waiting for...Chapter 3 is REALLY long! Thanks for the compliments!

Name: joeboo (Signed) · Date: 11/07/06 19:15 · For: Chapter 2
please hurry up I am begging you I am tierd of waiting for other people to update and I really have nothin to read and like your story.

Author's Response: I will try! The story is complete and I am jsut getting things spell checked with my WONDERFUL beta Sheri164 and then awaiting validation! I hope to submit yet again today! I am glad that you like it!

Name: inthewrongera (Signed) · Date: 11/05/06 16:07 · For: Chapter 1
i like this! and apparently you're submitting chapter 2 on my birthday! so now this is in my favourite stories category.

Author's Response: Well happy birthday and I hope that you enjoy the rest of the sotry!

Name: Weasleyboyfreak (Signed) · Date: 11/04/06 21:48 · For: Chapter 1
I love it! I cannot wait to read more of your story!

Author's Response: YeaH! I am glad that you are excited! I am submitting chapter 2 on 11-6-06 so read on!

Name: Sammi 1992 (Signed) · Date: 11/04/06 14:13 · For: Chapter 1
i have looked for soooooo long, trying to find a fic that starts at the dursleys and yours is the first i have found!!! good fic!

Author's Response: Thanks! I was/am hoping to expand on a portion of time that is very important to me (as I am a HUGE R/HR shipper) and I am sure will not get as much attention in book 7...and shouldn't because it is Harry's story. I hope you enjoy and keep my updated if you like it!

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