Reviews For Internal Battles
Reviewer: DracoLuva4684
Date: 02/05/07 17:46
Chapter: Chapter 7

What a sexy chapter!
This is my favorite story!
Loved it!
I want to see them actaully kiss (not that we didn't get A LOT of that in this chapter), I mean for the first time!
Can't wait!
Update soon!

Author's Response: Patients till the end love!

I am honored that you called this chapter sexy! That is a GREAT compliment!

Author's Response: I hope you get chills like some of the stories I have read cause me to get! That would REALLY be an honor...if not chills...atlease a belly churn!

Reviewer: durr
Date: 02/05/07 16:41
Chapter: Chapter 7

me gusta!

Author's Response: Gracias?

Reviewer: joeboo
Date: 02/05/07 15:08
Chapter: Chapter 7

Please hurry up with the next chapter and when you finish this story please please please write a sequal please I love your story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Well, chapter 8 is getting a final polish and there is not only a sequel, but a part three (that is written already and going to the beta soon) and a part 4 (still in my head). I have posted the sequel through chapter 5 (out of 13) and it is posted in the POST-HOGWARTS section. The sequel is called Battling Boundaries and I have to warn....DO NOT READ IT IF YOU DON'T WANT THE END OF THIS STORY SPOILED!!!! REad on and as always...tell a friend!

Reviewer: YoMomma
Date: 02/04/07 12:40
Chapter: Chapter 7

YoMomma wont be happy if u dont hurry it up, because i am Yo Momma.Get this poopin thing poopin validated!

Author's Response: You can't rush a good thing...I jsut figure that it is REALLY good and they want to make sure it is PERFECT before they let it go up. I think it is going to be worth the wait...hope you think so too!

Reviewer: Marietta Mink
Date: 02/03/07 14:34
Chapter: Chapter 6

Next chapter...please...

Author's Response: It is awaiting validation! Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Marietta Mink
Date: 02/03/07 14:04
Chapter: Chapter 4

Why do they always have to fight? Ron's such a git. Awesome story though.

Author's Response: Couples have to fight...other wise it's not an honest realtionship and Ron and Hermione would be boring and Ron wouldn't be defending Hemrione and I makes for a better read.

Reviewer: Marietta Mink
Date: 02/03/07 13:56
Chapter: Chapter 3

Aww, it's so good!

Author's Response: I am glad that you like it!

Reviewer: Marietta Mink
Date: 02/03/07 13:22
Chapter: Chapter 2

Very good!

Author's Response: :-) :-)

Reviewer: Marietta Mink
Date: 02/03/07 12:59
Chapter: Chapter 1

Good! I like it :D

Author's Response: :-)

Reviewer: ninny02
Date: 02/01/07 23:59
Chapter: Chapter 7

this is taking soo long =(
I can't wait to read the end

you could post a preview your chapters on myspace or something like that =/

the suspense is killing me LOL

Author's Response: the mod is jsut making sure it is patient some of my favoirtes hafen't been updated since October! but...can't rush a good thing. I think the wait will be worth it.... or at least I hope so! Take some time to go to my page and read up on some of the stories I call favorites...they are fabulous! Then encourage those authors to update...they inspired me to get going in the first place!

Reviewer: wishingforthehallows
Date: 01/31/07 2:13
Chapter: Chapter 7

I am J.K. Rowling and if you do not validate this story I will not write Book 7...
Or I might just be a fan who really likes this story
But do you really want to take that chance

Author's Response: WOW~ I am blushing at the threat in my honor! Mods~I don't think you should take the chance!!! :-)

Reviewer: durr
Date: 01/26/07 18:58
Chapter: Chapter 6


Author's Response: i have and it is awaiting validation. There was a little restructuring to be done because the MOD wanted to make it the best that she could! Patients! :-)

Reviewer: frakkerific
Date: 01/25/07 13:00
Chapter: Chapter 6

keep them coming, it's really very believable, unlike some fics. great job.

Author's Response: Thanks~I need to thank my Beta's Dan and Abigail though! They keep my on track!

Reviewer: YoMomma
Date: 01/22/07 13:00
Chapter: Chapter 6

rons story was as funny as poop! and thats a good thing! but ron has stupid carrer options

Author's Response: Just thoughts...not necessarily his future course of action...I wanted to be a weather girl...

you'll have to read the sequel to find out what he ends up doing!

Reviewer: DarkPrincess0206
Date: 01/21/07 19:47
Chapter: Chapter 6

Omg, did you know that I check my mail everyday, just to see if the new chapter of this story is up? I can't believe the second to last chapter is on its way! *squee*

Author's Response: I am touched! Seriously! I can't believe that you are so dedicated! Well chapter 7 is on it's way! I posted and it will be up soon I am sure. So in two weeks, you will know where I have taken the story! It is hard to believe that it is jsut around the corner! Be sure to tell all our Harry Potter fan friends to read it too!

Reviewer: loony_luna1229
Date: 01/21/07 15:59
Chapter: Chapter 1

this is really good!! you have to update soon, im dying over here!

Author's Response: don't die! Breathe child! Breathe!

Reviewer: his_tru_luv
Date: 01/21/07 12:42
Chapter: Chapter 6

Oh my god! I luv this story. Can't wait 'till next chapter!

Author's Response: Glad you're in LUV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep your shorts on though! Good things come to those who wait... :-)

Reviewer: maze
Date: 01/18/07 0:26
Chapter: Chapter 6

Excellent.Update soon.

Author's Response: Going to add chapter 7 right now!

Reviewer: daniluvsronnie
Date: 01/17/07 16:28
Chapter: Chapter 6

omg! cliffhanger!

Author's Response: killers aren't they!

Reviewer: wishingforthehallows
Date: 01/16/07 21:31
Chapter: Chapter 6

Eeewwww, Dudley and naked girl posters!!! How gross!
Oh my gosh though, I love your story soo much!
Update soon pleeeaassee!

Author's Response: I am so glad that everyone seems to live the posters...

but no one is mentioning Ron's taking care of Hermione, Hermione's chug-a-lug, the confessions, the where baby's come from story...I guess everyone's got there minds on the naked girls!!!

haha...Just kidding! I am just REALLY glad that you are reading and enjoying the story! Keep with it, it only gets better. I only hope that I can keep you all excited through the end! Only 2 more chapters!!!!

Author's Response: like the posters..not live the posters...sloppy fingers! God Bless MY BETAS!!!

Abigail and Dan are the best!!!!

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