Reviewer: Alas123623
Date: 06/19/07 6:27
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

wunnerful but put longer chapies next time plz!

Reviewer: Harry_Ginny_Love
Date: 05/27/07 20:57
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

So cute and sweet, i love it!

Reviewer: Ron x Hermione
Date: 05/05/07 21:43
Chapter: Christmas Morning

This story was really good! You conveyed the emotions really well. I hope to hear more from you!

Reviewer: Gred_and_Forges_girl
Date: 07/25/06 7:10
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

awwwww, so cute!

Reviewer: Slytherins Cobra
Date: 07/03/06 23:57
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

Awsome truly truly awsome

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to leave such a positive review.

Reviewer: orionblack
Date: 05/12/06 18:39
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

So... that was sad but happy. Lily was born and her twin was it a boy or a girl died I see why they didn't want any more kids I wouldn't be able to go on with losing another one. All in all I really loved the story. Especially the last two paragraphs. At the beggining of the chapter I was totaly lost It was not even funny. Well OK it was but... I think I should quit writting now bye I think I'll look for other stories by you see if you have anymore you write really good.

Author's Response: Thank you for your comments. I appreciate that you took the time to write me. I've not written any thing else. Perhaps over the summer a plot bunny will bite me.

Reviewer: orionblack
Date: 05/12/06 18:27
Chapter: Chapter 4 – Harry Remembers

God what a horrible thought, why so negative. It was a good chapter though. Huh sorry I write my Reviews a paragrah before I finish. They already had a kid, I am soooooo confused.

Reviewer: orionblack
Date: 05/12/06 18:16
Chapter: A Conversation Between Husband & Wife

Very good I'm glad Harry's not upset. Two more chapters! I have the distinct feeling I'm finishing this fic tonight.

Reviewer: orionblack
Date: 05/12/06 18:08
Chapter: Good Things Come In Small Packages

I'm back! I honestly don't know how my mother and father put up with me. Anywho I'm really enjoying the story. I really don't want it to end only three more chapters.

Reviewer: kecort
Date: 02/21/05 19:04
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

that was simply a perfect ending. simply perfect. Idk this story could get any better but u better write other stories i am keeping an eye out for ur work ~tasha~

Reviewer: penname
Date: 02/19/05 6:54
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

awwww how sweet! loved the story!

Reviewer: Mfoutch
Date: 02/17/05 23:24
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

I think you should do lily's hogwart PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Reviewer: FantasyFanatic
Date: 02/17/05 18:02
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! I DEMAND A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Rogue wins the boby prize! She hit on the "plot bunny" i mentioned in a previous review response. Thanks so much for the positive reviews, I'm so pleased that you liked the story.

Reviewer: Rogue
Date: 02/17/05 15:08
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

Awww!! This story has been soooo adorable! I really wish you would consider a sequel once this is done about Lily's adventures at Hogwarts! Great Job on this story though hon!

Reviewer: CassandraTrelawney
Date: 02/17/05 14:56
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

Oh my...that was so sweet! Ok this is going to sound very ackward but it did bring tears to me eyes! Very well done!

Reviewer: SweeTLiLy
Date: 02/17/05 12:11
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

that was i good ending...this is a really sweet story!! 10

Reviewer: Huskers
Date: 02/17/05 6:56
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

A good ending to a fun story. I look forward to whatever you write next

Reviewer: pink_jazmin
Date: 02/17/05 2:30
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

awww sweet chappy :D how cute is lily!! they make such a good family

Reviewer: jeweledbuggy315
Date: 02/16/05 22:47
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

okay so there is more cominf to this story right? if not then i'm leaving another review! lol. Please sat there is more and that's sad that Lily lost her twin... must have been horrible for both Ginny and Harry!

Reviewer: theMarauders
Date: 02/16/05 20:24
Chapter: Chapter 5 – Lily’s Birthday

wow. i love the last line of the story--but i think the chapter as a whole could have included more. are you planning on writing any other fanfics?

Author's Response: I have a plot bunny hoping around me at the moment so I'll see if any thing happens with it. Thanks for reading.

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