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Name: digtal_princess23 (Signed) · Date: 01/25/07 16:54 · For: A Particularly Good Day
ROTFL!!! Oh Lordy, this was funny. I really liked your style of wwriting this piece.

Author's Response: Oh, how generous. Cheers ^^

Name: Feather Hawkins (Signed) · Date: 01/21/07 13:14 · For: A Particularly Good Day
god, thats funny.

Author's Response: God: Really? I thought there were too many cheap gags.rnMe: ... Thank you, Feather.

Name: purple_pygmy_puff (Signed) · Date: 01/16/07 3:18 · For: A Particularly Good Day
Wow! I loved the line, “Your hair is positively thriving today!” It was very amusing! I really liked this story, the plot was entertaining and your writing style was excellent! :)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks!rnHeh, in retrospect, I am proud to have written that line. How 'bout that...rnAnyway, yes. Many thanks to you.

Name: fuzz_nose (Signed) · Date: 01/06/07 16:07 · For: A Particularly Good Day
This is an original idea for a story, but I think the story plot could've been a little stronger. Oh well, it was still a interesting fanfic! And once again, very original idea.

Author's Response:

Oh, absolutely (about the point on the plot). This story is... I don't know, it's just weird. But I figured there was no harm in submitting it, right? At least it doesn't take up too much of peoples' time.
Thanks for reviewing - and I'm glad this story has its good points ^^

Name: GinnyPottergirl (Signed) · Date: 01/05/07 21:51 · For: A Particularly Good Day
Interesting...so he DID strut...

Author's Response:

Yup. 'pparently.

Name: alohamora21 (Signed) · Date: 01/03/07 16:47 · For: A Particularly Good Day
that was a very funny story =3 i look foward to reading more stories of yours ^_^

Author's Response:

Thank you!
*Goes off to... uh, write more stories. Gotta hold up my end of the deal, see.*

Name: _unopened_mystery_ (Signed) · Date: 12/22/06 0:51 · For: A Particularly Good Day
hehe that was very cute!

Author's Response: ^^ Thank you!

Name: Fauna (Signed) · Date: 12/10/06 22:28 · For: A Particularly Good Day

Author's Response: ... thanks?

Name: Pussycat123 (Signed) · Date: 12/09/06 7:49 · For: A Particularly Good Day
Ha ha. that was awesome! Ahem, I particularly liked this bit:
"So what if I’ve decided that today I’m going to play around with my style, and try strutting around the place surrounded by my dear friends,” he indicated Remus, Peter, Lily and Amy, “and, of course, my much valued admirers,” he indicated Sirius, who pulled a sarcastic face.

Heh heh. I love Sirius and James. They're so amazing. And also ... woo, Lily's friend shares my name!! That's always so uncanny ...

Author's Response:

Yeah - they rock realistic humour's proverbial socks.
Thanks for reviewing!

Name: Sekhmet (Signed) · Date: 11/22/06 22:06 · For: A Particularly Good Day
(You must read this as someone saying it with feigned suprise and ignorance) What? You have a story called 'The Harry Potter Literary Storm'? Hmmm, I've never heard of such a story. Why, I must have a look at this story as you have assured me that it is a 'million times more...' But wait! 'More' what?!

HA! Sorry, couldn't help myself. I loved this one, too. Am I suprised? No, because I already know what an awesome author you are! :D

Really, though, Severus was not sure whether to use one of his trademark sneers, or try something a little different and laugh icily. was this really a line from the book?

Seriously, thank you for sharing your funny ficlets with us!

-Your admirer,

Author's Response:

Why, yes! I do have a story of that name. Notice my astonishment at your having not ever read it! But it's a fun story. I have a sneaky suspicion that, if you read it (which you obviously haven't, of course), you might like it.

I'm glad you like this. I wasn't sure whether it was acceptable or a complete load of tosh. But then, sometimes tosh isn't completely useless. Thank you for reviewing. And I'm going to try and pretend I'm not blushing like a tomato at the suggestion that my stories are worth admiration.
Thing is, I'm terrible at pretending I'm not flattered, and even worse at taking a complement without looking like a moron, as I'm sure you've noticed by now.

Oh, and finally, I can't imagine Snape ever thinking like that. But it would be remarkably cool if it did say that in the book. It would have to be followed by Harry wondering exactly how he knew of his Professor's very odd thought patterns.

Anyway, as usual, many thanks indeed, darling!

Name: JewellPotterFan (Anonymous) · Date: 11/19/06 9:54 · For: A Particularly Good Day
hahahahaha! Very funny and absurd, in some weird way...that IS a compliment. :-)


Author's Response: 'Tis rather odd, huh? And thanks!

Name: madelynn (Anonymous) · Date: 11/16/06 6:43 · For: A Particularly Good Day

Author's Response: =) Cheers.

Name: ray_16 (Signed) · Date: 11/13/06 6:09 · For: A Particularly Good Day
lol. That was amusing. ^_^ I cant tell you which part of the fic I really love coz if i have too, I would've put the whole fic here.

Author's Response: =) Thanks. And that really makes sense - it's like one running scene... or something. Anyway, yup - thank you for reviewing!

Name: gryffindorgirl531 (Signed) · Date: 10/24/06 18:55 · For: A Particularly Good Day
hahha i really liked it! it was cute!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you think so; thanks!

Name: LunaTuna (Signed) · Date: 10/21/06 0:01 · For: A Particularly Good Day
I like reviewing!

Author's Response: I like getting reviews!

Name: EtherealElation (Signed) · Date: 10/15/06 1:54 · For: A Particularly Good Day
Oh... This was funny, guaranteed. I must say you managed to keep the Mauraders in good-sporting character, even with all the humor thrown in.
Though isn't a pepper-flavoured bean in eggs a good thing?
I want to change forks into cacti sometime, I swear. Give me that ability! xD
Sirius' reaction to being woken up was just so... Sirius. I laughed. (I laughed during the whole thing but - well, I laughed harder there.)
My favorite part was this:

Perhaps it was because Lily Evans had finally accepted that she and James were meant to be together for all eternity, forever remaining passionately in love like any soul mates should…
Well, technically she’d agreed to go to Hogsmeade with him anyway, and that was basically the same thing.

That is SO a teenage guy thing.

Awesome story!


Author's Response:

Wow. I love you.

Definitely feeling more confident with this story now - to start off with, I was almost concerned when it was accepted. Maybe I just read it too many times...
BUT anyway...
I don't know - I assumed a pepper flavoured bean was like... very pepper flavoured - a big chunk of magical pepper flavour. A chilli-like object of doom...

Meh - maybe, maybe not. Personally, I'd be suspicious of anything one of the Marauders put in my breakfast. Again, an absolutely humungous 'thank you'!

Name: _Dumbledores Girl_ (Anonymous) · Date: 10/14/06 18:53 · For: A Particularly Good Day
that was sooooo funny! you got James down perfecto mundo! sorry, I just had to say that! HP and the LS is awesome too!

Author's Response: Funny how these things double up, huh?

Name: _Dumbledores Girl_ (Anonymous) · Date: 10/14/06 18:52 · For: A Particularly Good Day
that was sooooo funny! you got James down perfecto mundo! sorry, I just had to say that! HP and the LS is awesome too!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad you think so - thanks for the review!

Name: Dumbledore Prince (Signed) · Date: 10/14/06 3:24 · For: A Particularly Good Day
Ah, I love the characterisation in this story! It's really light-hearted, and you've brought out James's big-headed nature perfectly!

The story itself was amusing! I love the title! Oh, Snivellus was right about James ... *dies laughing*

I wish I could leave a longer review, but I can hardly think of anything else! This little one-shot was pretty amusing!


Author's Response:

Aww - thanks. I'm delighted that you reviewed at all. This little ficlet feels particularly uninteresting up against... well, just about everything else O_O

But if it's fun, it's absolutely worth it! Thank you!

Name: Ezza (Signed) · Date: 10/14/06 2:41 · For: A Particularly Good Day

Author's Response: Thanks!

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