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Reviewer: crazy_purple_hp_freak
Date: 10/28/07 6:08
Chapter: Almost

This is the first of your fics that I’ve read, though I’ve heard so many recommendations for your work! This is brilliant, it’s so beautiful. I love your style of writing and the softness that the words seem to feel. Your descriptions, ideas and imagery and so imaginative and seem so real, it really enhances your writing.

She laughs.
This is a fantastic start to the story. I love the simplicity of it, and the way that you then elaborate on these observations with more discovery in the next few paragraphs. It leads us into the story gently.

A beautiful, quiet laugh that drags up memories of summer days and lemonade and swimming in the lake and playing with dolls and hiding from the big kids during a rough-and-tumble game of hide-and-go-seek.
I love the way that here, you’ve managed to capture the essence of childhood in one sentence. We do tend to see childhood as ‘summer’, and all these activities just fit perfectly and allow us to imagine the scene so well.

I used to think that if I could change and escape this city with its confining alleys and choking streets
Again, it’s your descriptive skills which amaze me here. The personification of the streets and alleys are really effective in conveying what you mean. I especially liked the idea of ‘choking streets’ which sound like the streets themselves are actively closing in on you.

The characterisation of Petunia in this story is really well done. I’m glad that Petunia has chosen to be honest with herself here. The only times we see her in canon talking about her sister are really, when she is sort of kidding herself that everything is Lily’s fault and that she, Petunia never like the world of magic and was always normal.

This is so short and yet conveys so much meaning. I think that Petunia does know that it really is herself who was bitter and jealous, and perhaps she could have done it another way. I think that she does now feel some element of regret for the way that she’s behaved, as she knows that there is no way she can take back what she has done to Harry.

I was the one who loved magic and castles and far-off kingdoms and she was the one who got them and that wasn’t fair.
I love the ideas behind this too. It’s every child’s dream to have what they read in fairytales to come true. Petunia is clearly jealous of what Lily has, and it seems that this childish jealously has extended into adulthood.

I love the concepts of this story, especially the way in which such a tiny observation like this little girl has sparked such a reaction from Petunia.

“I’m fine. Some little child from down the street was stealing my flowers.”
It’s quite sad that Petunia has had to throw away all that she used to love/imagine for something so boring and ordinary. I feels as if this last sentence is the ‘unreal’ Petunia speaking, the side that she shows to Vernon. –sigh-

This story has been a fantastic and interesting insight into her character. Well done!

Suzie xx

Reviewer: KASK
Date: 05/13/07 1:25
Chapter: Almost

This story was beautiful. I just have to review, although my words probably can't sum it up. The writing was lyrical and beautiful. It all flowed together and engrossed. I can picture Petunia watching out the window, memories engulfing her. I see everything from her perspective. I see her life with Lily and the twist it took.

Lovely. I can't say anything more.

Reviewer: EtherealElation
Date: 10/06/06 18:33
Chapter: Almost

That's awesome. Lovely reflections - you see Petunia in a new light. Wonderfully written and explained.

Reviewer: Valentinia
Date: 10/06/06 18:27
Chapter: Almost

I really like this take on Petunia's character! She is IC but her actions are explained, and you really can't blame her too much. I really like the emphasis on flowers, especially because Lily and Petunia are flower names, and I can just see them sitting together like little princesses, wearing their flower crowns. "White for her and red for me" - great little addition! Also, the ending is sad... it really makes me feel sorry for Petunia, and the reader also understands why she suddenly remembers everything like that.

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