Reviews For Breaking Point
Reviewer: slytherin360
Date: 06/16/08 18:36
Chapter: A Promise

That was the best fanfic i have ever read! Please do a sequel, this story is just too perfect to end here! :) Please!
The ending made me shed a tear it was very powerful.

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: cocomaloco
Date: 04/26/08 11:42
Chapter: A Promise

omg, I love this story ,just read it the whole way through and I love it!!!! have you done sequel? if you havent you should, showing hermione nursing bella back to health etc

Author's Response: Thank you for the compliments. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 02/27/08 21:08
Chapter: A Promise

This is the first review I've submitted for this fic because I couldn't stop reading. It's such a fantastic story and it really made me see Bellatrix in a different light. Just a few thought, Bellatrix seemed alot like Harry when she believed everyone who got close to her was hurt. It's absolutely mad that Hermione would be related to Snape and Malfoy, yet you made it totally believable. Snape's opinion of Dumbledore made alot of sense, for him the ends did justify the means. And Malfoy is very fickle, he hated Hermione for years, despite her being such a smart, pretty, caring person and yet all it takes is the discovery of her birth for him to offer a shoulder. I can only assume being with Lupin rubbed off on him. Harry appears to have gone a little crazy, but having him arrested was a little drastic, after all in war the normal rules don't apply. Sadly he seems to be yet another of Dumbledore's disposables. Oh, and that healer was horrid. And finally, I'd love to see a sequel, even if only a one shot, in which Hermione gets Bellatrix released from Azkaban and begins a new life with the Malfoys.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm glad you liked the story.

As for Harry being arrested. Had he killed Voldemort during the war and left it at that, he wouldn't have been. However, he hunted Severus down, after the war, seeking only revenge. That consitutes murder. Of course, there are mitigating circumstances, and it's as easy to sympathize with Harry as it is any other character in this story. He's not really meant to be the bad guy. Just another lost soul. Like you said, one of Dumbledore's disposables.

rnAs for a sequal, I considered it shortly after this story was written. However, I'm now pretty distanced from the story and doubt I'll ever go back to it. But I am glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: i_collect_plugs
Date: 01/12/08 14:31
Chapter: A Promise

OMG! That was the best fanfic I have EVER read!!!!!

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks so much!

Reviewer: Welshgreengrl
Date: 10/18/07 20:50
Chapter: A Promise

I LUV THIS STORY!! it is amazing!! soo good!!! AWESOME!! very well written!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

Reviewer: beautyfades
Date: 09/27/07 17:22
Chapter: The Safety of His Arms

Oh, crap. Lol. The wand drops and she says the same thing that her friend did. Nice. Now I'm paranoid.... >.

Author's Response: Umm...sorry for making you paranoid...

Reviewer: beautyfades
Date: 09/27/07 17:13
Chapter: Bella's Confession

Gah! Hermione?! That's bloody brilliant! Surry I haven't reviewed about anything earlier but there wasn't really anything to drone on and on about.

But Hermione? I still can't get over it. Bloody brilliant. Lol.

Author's Response: Thank you.

Reviewer: kittykat6429
Date: 09/06/07 18:19
Chapter: A Name From the Past

Oooo... Who's Elysia? Luckily, I don't have to wait for very long. Thank God! All I have to do is go click that little button above this box... In fact, thats exactly what I am doing at this moment

Author's Response: Heh. Thanks for the review. You soon shall see who Elysia is. :D

Reviewer: amzing
Date: 06/20/07 17:28
Chapter: A Promise

oh my god this is about the saddset story i have eva should definitely write a thing i just don't believe though is that harry would really go crazy like that and they would put him in jail...but other than that really depressing but up the good i had a great big long reviewi wrote for you but my computer eresed it ..srry but a review is better than none ,huh:)

Author's Response: :D I appreciate all my reviews. It's okay that the other one got erased. That happens a lot on here.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. There is currently no sequal in the works, but there might be some day. I have written a one-shot off-shot about the night Elysia died.

Anyway, thanks for the review and I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Reviewer: Love_Sirius55
Date: 06/13/07 13:38
Chapter: Punishment

I never liked Bellatrix....will she get what she deserves??? I must read on....So far it is good.

Author's Response: *giggles* I love Bella. Anyway, thanks for reading.

Reviewer: Beowulfx
Date: 05/15/07 10:14
Chapter: The Vow is Revealed

i like how you did a little go back in time to tell the story from both sides. also how you cast snape in a good light

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. You are my 100th review. :D

Reviewer: padfoot_returns
Date: 05/10/07 17:02
Chapter: A Promise

Why do my reviews keep getting cut off?

Author's Response: I would guess because technology is somewhat evil. :D

Reviewer: padfoot_returns
Date: 05/10/07 17:01
Chapter: A Promise

Half of my other review was cut off so I am typing it again.

Wow, I have quite a lot of comments on this:
-I had a feeling Remus was the one taking in Draco and Cissy. It makes sense since there is no one else there.
- I really like the idea of how you made Draco the one to tell Hermione about her family. I didn't see it coming and it was a nice surprise.
- ďIím sure you need some time alone, but if you need anything Iíll be here. We are family.Ē

Author's Response: The first review wasn't cut off when I got it. I have responded below. :D

Reviewer: padfoot_returns
Date: 05/10/07 16:56
Chapter: A Promise

Wow, I have quite a lot of comments on this:
-I had a feeling Remus was the one taking in Draco and Cissy. It makes sense since there is no one else there.
- I really like the idea of how you made Draco the one to tell Hermione about her family. I didn't see it coming and it was a nice surprise.
- ďIím sure you need some time alone, but if you need anything Iíll be here. We are family.Ē

Author's Response: *smiles* Hermione's family is rather dwindling. There weren't many people to tell her and Narcissa wouldn't have been in a condition to do it.

It actually took me awhile to decide who would be hiding Draco and Narcissa, but finally I concluded that Remus would be the most charitable in that situation.

Thanks so much for the lovely review.

Reviewer: padfoot_returns
Date: 05/10/07 16:48
Chapter: Consequences

Poor Bella. I knew Snape was going to die; you foreshadowed a few chapters back, but its still saddening. Harry was SOO cruel, but it maked sense and you needed him to be for this story. Awesome chapter!!!

Author's Response: Harry's been through a lot and he certainly has reasons to hate Severus and Bella. But it was sad to kill him off. Thanks for another review. :D

Reviewer: padfoot_returns
Date: 05/10/07 16:46
Chapter: The Safety of His Arms

Heehee. I was waiting for that to happen. Another great one.

Author's Response: *giggles* Yeah, we all knew it was going to happen, they just had to get there. Thanks for another review. :D

Reviewer: padfoot_returns
Date: 05/10/07 16:43
Chapter: Severusí Confusion

Love how Snape took in the whole thing. Exactly how I imagined it. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks for the compliments.

Reviewer: padfoot_returns
Date: 05/10/07 16:42
Chapter: Bella's Confession

*jaw drops* OH. MY. GOD.!!!!!!! I can't believe that. That was a HUGE shocker. Great twist.

Author's Response: *smiles* I have a strange mind. Glad you're enjoying it.

Reviewer: padfoot_returns
Date: 05/10/07 16:41
Chapter: Awakened Feelings

AWW, thats so sad. I knew she was gonna die, but I didn't think it was gonna be this sad. Great job.

Author's Response: Thanks so much.

Reviewer: padfoot_returns
Date: 05/10/07 15:46
Chapter: Saving Bella

"It was simple. Try to save Bella, and you die. She was like poison." I really like how you fit that into the story with Dumbledore and Elysia. As always, this was another great chapter. Can't wait to read more. =D

Author's Response: *huggles Bella* She really does have a rough time. Thanks for the review and I'm glad you liked the chapter.

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