Reviews For Out of the Blue
Reviewer: JewellPotterFan
Date: 10/21/06 19:02
Chapter: Ginny's Story

terrific! It's difficult to give a rhyming poem feelings of any sort, you have done a terrific job!!

Author's Response: *grins* thanks very much! u just made the rest of my day something to look forward to! yep, the best way to start ur morning is looking at a good review:)...well guys, u know what i say, im happy if ur happy! THANKS AGAIN FOR THE REVIEW and im happy u think i got it right:-)!.......Till next time, Lady Magician

Reviewer: Dragon_Warrior
Date: 10/16/06 7:24
Chapter: Ginny's Story

I know, third time review, but I just read what my friends wrote (Dragon_Spirit) and I'm the same age as you (about), and you R a really great author for your age, I hope you write more! I can't wait for your trio poems to come out! Alright, I'll stop bugging you...*walks away* :-)

Author's Response: ur not bugging me:-)...i like to get reviews from u guys whether its relevant to the story or not....its so cool that im not like the youngest author ever! dont worry ill hav those poems made AS SOON AS I CAN!!!

Reviewer: Dragon_Spirit
Date: 10/14/06 8:37
Chapter: Ginny's Story

that ws amazing! Thanks! You reviewd my story know i am reviewing yours! I like the poem!! you are an amazing author for you age! (but i'm younger!) Hugs,

Author's Response: you're younger? woah..i thought i was like the youngest published author on this site! anyway, thanks for the kind review, and ur story deserved the review it got! Till next time, Lady Magician

Reviewer: Dragon_Warrior
Date: 10/13/06 17:05
Chapter: Ginny's Story

Just thought i'd submit another review to cover some other stuff about it:
Did you get the title Out of the Blue from a certain song? Because there's one i know...
Plz keep writing! Poems, prose, whatever, I want to hear more from you! Oh yeah, and did you know ur the first person to ever review me? *applauds you*

Author's Response: nope actually...i mean i thought it would be a pretty common title, but i only chose it because it was the last line of the last stanza and i thought it pretty much summed up the story i was telling...........i would like to see that song..........YES! i will keep writing! planning to make 3 more poems (each about one f the trio)...and GOD WAS WITH ME LAST NIGHT!!! i was finally able to come up with a stanza to write around for my new poem about Harry! hopefully ill be finished up with it soon! Thank You SOOOO much! and i was honored to be first reviewer, u believe me! It'll only be me ending a response like this, so u know it is I, the one and only, and most sincerely, Lady Magician :-)

Reviewer: Dragon_Warrior
Date: 10/13/06 16:56
Chapter: Ginny's Story

WOW...what can I say to such a powerful, beautiful piece? Usually I can form reviews in my head while reading, but this one is too amazing for words...I don't know how you can think me a good poet when you can write things like this...11/10 ;-)

Author's Response: HOORAY! thanks alot, Dragon_Warrior :-) really happy u think my work is great!...remember guys, im happy if ur happy! LadyM wishes to serve you, sirs and misses!....anyway im off to answer ur other review! Thanks!!!!! :-)

Reviewer: EtherealElation
Date: 10/12/06 14:22
Chapter: Ginny's Story

Oh! That was so... Ginny. I loved it! The rhyme scheme was simple, but utterly beautiful. I love the part about Destiny.



Author's Response: Thank you so much for ur review! I'm delighted that u think my work is grand! i'm always working to please u people!...I'm also happy that u think i got ginny right on que, because we all know it isnt like Ginny to express herself in such a way. :-)....thank u for the compliments!...i love the destinay part too...that stanza was what practically set my story off.... Currently im making the earliest drafts of one from harry's PoV...this includes me stealing my little brother's notebooks, and using old school notebooks *grins*...when i DO get sum real work done, it'll be up...this isn't the last you'll see from me! Thanks again, EtherealElation, and i promise to read any works u might have up/ will write! your's Sincerely, and until next time, Lady Magician

Reviewer: lil_evans
Date: 10/08/06 10:32
Chapter: Ginny's Story

How ironic that just when I'm ready to pull my hair out over my English homework (namely, to write a poem) I read your review and find out that you are a fantastic poet! I absolutely loved this poem. The way it flowed, the desciption, and the language all made me thing I was reading something an established author had written. I'm REALLY not over-exaggerating when I say that it's BRILLIANT. Nicely done. :) P.S. I read all the lovely things you wrote in your bio, aw!! You're very sweet!

Author's Response: Sarah! nice to hear from u again! I'm sooo happy u stopped by to read my little poem and im really happy u like it! hehe does poetry come hard for u? i think u might just need an inspiration..or sumone to pressure u..i work very well under pressure....i love it that u think it's a professional author's work!...but i am no big-shot author:-D....though i think i got a poem published from this competition i entered once but that was no big deal..i've done wayyyy better since this piece...i'm proud of it coz u guys are proud of it! and now it's time for me to say i'm not over-exaggerating when i say that everything in that bio about u guys are true! u really are a great author, urself, sarah! i could never write the way u do! Thanks for the compliments! i wrote before that im planning to write out 3 more poems from the trio!.... thanks again and good luck on ur poem! Love you!

Reviewer: Wise Owl
Date: 10/06/06 1:20
Chapter: Ginny's Story

hahahaha ok I just read your bio with all the updated stuff about the whole gang...and me of course! Bless your little heart! You had me giggling and just plain wearin a goofy grin on my silly face!!! I had to let you know that on *YOUR* review pages! I hope you keep writing missy. I remember that you had a story that got rejected...why don't you re-edit and submit that? ***GLARES*** That was not a suggestion! ;) Love your biggest fan ~*~Wise Owl~*~

Author's Response: *cries*...aww ur my biggest fan! *signs an autograph that looks alrmingly lockhartish*....*MY* review page! im not yet used to that term but i will be! yup guys im planning to make others from the POV's of the trio! i just love making ui guys happy!....and no, Rania, *glares back...and then breaks into laughing hysterics* not gonna submit that story had no real plot, and the one i told u about is only half-finished, in one of my little brother's notebooks under my bed...anyway thanks for the 2nd review! as i said b4, u made my day! i really was crying today, having to switch schools...again...and u should see those textbooks *stomach lurches*...i seriously dont know what i would do without u guys! LOVE U SO MUCH!

Reviewer: Wise Owl
Date: 10/06/06 1:17
Chapter: Ginny's Story

Ahem......that was BRILLIANT!!! Sarah you wrote with such eloquence! I loved the emotion you portrayed (and you TOTALLY got it right)! The poem just flowed so beautifully! Not only that, but you managed to capture Ginny's fighting spirit and her undying hope! You PERFECTLY displayed Harry from her eyes! I am so impressed that you got her perspective even at times when Harry and JK were not concentrating on her in the story (like when she goes with other guys!) You can't imagine how proud of you I am right now...I'm just gushing!!! As soon as I saw that you published something I dropped everything to run and read your poem and I AM SO NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! KEEP are so talented!

Author's Response: *death by happiness*....OH RANIA! *hugs*....i was ecstatic to see u review! u guys are the best, all of u, and im sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that u think that i wrote with (using ur word:-P) eloquence!...i really love ginny, shes my fav character, so it would be great to see how she feels....and i had an inspiration and was feeling very potter-ish at the moment :-)....and i just scribbled, dotted all my i's, and crossed all my t's and it began as all of my works do! went through a few changes in the process, i was even fine-tuning it after i submitted it...anyway metinks im talking too much and i still hav ur other review to answer! THANKS SO MUCH! love you!

Reviewer: saveginny417
Date: 10/05/06 13:55
Chapter: Ginny's Story

Oh, Sarah, that was beautiful. really and truly. I'm so glad you got this up! and keep writing! you're wicked good at poetry, you know. I can't ever think of things that rhyme or i dunno what else... A Zillion out of ten, dearie! XOXXO Juli

Author's Response: thanks so much Juli! U guys make me feel so happy!...and i did NOT have a happy day today, mind you...anyway im so glad u like it! my stomach gets a nice warm feeling when i see u guys supporting me, and it feels great to know that i'm good for SOMETHING on this website :-) u! ;-)

Reviewer: Hermione499
Date: 10/05/06 11:06
Chapter: Ginny's Story

I'M FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, what a honour!!!!
Omg, Sarah, your first publised fic...BRAVO!!!! So amazing!! I really liked it, I looved how the words rhymed and fit eah other perfectly, I also really liked how you made Ginny feel, to lose her love, but they'll be together soon!!! I'm amazed at how this came this fic came from a 12 year old mind, your sooo talented...really beautiful story. YAY! For Harry/Ginny!!!! 10/10~

Author's Response: *squeals like a five year old on christmas morning* thanks soo much for the 10! now i know how all the authors feel whne they get good reviews:-D...ohhh im soo happy ur first heather! Rania might be the best storyteller, but ur one of the best reviewers i know!...this is even better than talking to u about it on msn messenger (lol), and im really, really ecstatic that u think this is great work!(especially from my 12-year-old min:-P)...i'll write a sequel from harry's POV, just for u! (when i get settled into my new school of course)...thank u sooo much! love you! XOXO

Author's Response: mind***...god help me...

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