Reviewer: tatjanablack
Date: 04/11/09 14:18
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

Yes it does because I posted it once you never replied so I thought you maybe had a overlooked it so I posted it agian.

P.S I liked the name blondeD I would never have guessed the ending.

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, I didn't reply to that one? Aw, now I feel like a bad person. :-( I remember reading it... Thanks on the BlondeD thing! I tried to be mysterious, hehe...

Reviewer: tatjanablack
Date: 04/11/09 1:43
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

Hello The Dark Lord (Do you like this better? Well I have you tell you one thing, you were not the first Dark Lord in the world but Sauron from Lord of the Rings is! But he died.

Anyway I loved your list, I loved your comments about Harry Potter and Hermione .

And to Schmerg: You made me laugh with Lord Voldemort comment me to and by the way tel Bellatrix that she can't spell but her comments are fun :D

And the ending is just so fun :D

Author's Response: This review sounds strangely familiar, haha... Thank you, though!

Reviewer: TrueMarauder
Date: 04/10/09 11:08
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

Hilarious! You are a great writer. I never get tired reading your fanfics.

If you ever become an author, post your name somewhere so we can buy your books.


Author's Response: Aw, thank you! That is extremely nice of you! I sent you an email a minute ago, so I guess that'll have my real name on it, mwaha.

Reviewer: tatjanablack
Date: 04/04/09 2:36
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

Hi Mr. Voldemort.

Okay I think I have reviewed this before but I just need to tell you that you are very good at writing. You made me laugh and I love your blog.

~ Tatjana Black

Author's Response: Thanks, Tatjana! I'll forward this to Voldemort!

Right, Voldemort, says: THE IMPUDENCE! I don't care how frequently you compliment me, if you call me Mr. Voldemort again, I am blowing your head off.

Reviewer: delirioustk
Date: 03/06/09 9:11
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

so funny!
its just hilarious - i couldn't stop laughing! my roommate was looking at me weird..hahaha

Author's Response: Why thank you! I'm glad to hear that people who are old enough to have roommates still think that a stupid story that I wrote in middle school is funny!

Reviewer: Magdalene Rose
Date: 01/22/09 23:47
Chapter: Chapter 6: I Sold My Soul on eBay

one of my all time favorites :)  so funny!

Author's Response: Oh, wow! Thank you VERY much! It's a bit surreal to get reviews on a three-year-old story.

Reviewer: majestic_ginny
Date: 12/16/08 11:23
Chapter: Chapter 6: I Sold My Soul on eBay

Hey Schmergo!!! Wow, I mean, THIS WAS ONE OF THE COOLEST HUMOUR FICS EVER!!!! I really laughed out loud while reading! I mean, who wouldn't? Coolest fic ever, and- hey, write more of such humour fics, you're good at these! We could all use laughs! Good job, and keep up the good work!---------Nadia :-D

Author's Response: Dude, thank you thank you thank you! This is quite a compliment, and I love writing silly, ridiculous stories.

Reviewer: shooting_star42
Date: 12/14/08 2:03
Chapter: Chapter 4: Fan Mail

Haha, I love this. I spent about 10 minutes saying "Eek Roose Ee Oh" before I got it XD

Author's Response: Hehehee, thank you! Yeah, I did that same thing with "Eek Roose E Oh" when I reread this story... and I wrote it!

Reviewer: ZomgShaylex
Date: 11/26/08 11:49
Chapter: Chapter 6: I Sold My Soul on eBay

This has got to be one the most brilliant fanfics I've read!

Author's Response: This has got to be one of the nicest reviews I've gotten!

Reviewer: ebony midnight grey
Date: 11/23/08 5:26
Chapter: Chapter 6: I Sold My Soul on eBay

i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVEEE it, and also, i've read it abt a million times(well, no, not really, just bout 7 times maybe but that was a long time ago, even before i made an account here so i could review but yeah, you go girl!)...keep writing stuff like that: 8)

Author's Response: Awww, wow, thank you! Yeah, there are so many stories that I read before I have an account that I just keep reading, like Hermiones_Revenge's stories and stuff.

Reviewer: ebony midnight grey
Date: 11/23/08 5:04
Chapter: Chapter 3: R.A.B. and Romance

oh my god, where did you her of a nehru jacket?

Author's Response: WEIRD AL YANKOVIC!

Reviewer: pikachu
Date: 09/25/08 8:35
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

hey i read it just a few days back
nd its jus so so so wonderful
nd jus for information
r u a medico??

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! But, um, what is a medico? I've never heard that word before.

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks
Date: 09/15/08 15:46
Chapter: Chapter 2: A Selected List of Imbeciles

This is what I do when I'm uninspired and plagued by sisters (well, a sister) I read this. And then I feel all better again.

Yeah, apparently the tomato sauce thing only works if you use a glass bottle. And then it shoots 5 foot in the air when you open it...

About the singing: yeah, I know the feeling. I had just learnt to sing how much is that doggy in the window backwards line by line perfectly, and I was made to shut up.


Author's Response: Hahaha, thanks so much. I love to sing my ABCs backward, but it's not quite the same thing.

Reviewer: Equinox Chick
Date: 09/11/08 16:41
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

Of course Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition because their chief weapon is surprise- nothing else just surprise! (and Fear and a fanatical devotion to the Pope).
Sorry I could go on all night- I love MP and I love your blog (Sorry I mean The Dark Lord's blog - you being the mere ghost.) I can't quite believe I've only just got round to reading it.

Author's Response: Bahaha, thank you so much! It's always fantastic to get new readers.I recognize you from the Mad Lib, young lady! (And yes, I do love my Monty Python.)

Reviewer: Andromeda_Tonks
Date: 09/07/08 10:05
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

I'm reading this AGAIN. Mostly because I find it utterly hilarious, but also because I am trying to work out why you this Ralph Fiennes plays Voldy like he is in this. I'm starting to get what you meant. Also, my mum still won't let me try blowing up pop tarts. I was very considerate too. I mean, I never said I wouldn't clean up afterwards, I would pay for the pop tart and duct tape myself. However, she fails to understand that it would be a useful and scientific proceeding. She feels that is would be a waste of a toaster and highly dangerous. I shall have to educate her. She won't let me leave a tomato sauce bottle for 5 years and then open it to watch the ketchup explode everywhere either. It's really very depressing, the family I have to put up with.


Author's Response: Hahaha, thank you so much, Meda. I never know whether I can't take Ralph Fiennes seriously because of this or the other way around, but he just seems so goofy to me. As for the tomato sauce thing... that sounds HILARIOUS. I need to try that. You think your family's insufferable? My brother and sister and I were singing the Ballad of Sweeney Todd in the car in PERFECT three-part harmony, and my parents made us shut up so they could talk about what restaurant we wre going to eat at. Argh.

Reviewer: i AM lily potter
Date: 08/29/08 13:57
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

Hahahahaha. You probably don't read your reviews on this story anymore, but still. You are a genius. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work, especially since you share my love for Monty Python humour. :) Keep it up.

Author's Response: Are you kiddin'? I answer every review I get! ^_^ I get an email every time I get a review, and I still get excited every time I do. Thanks so much-- and it's awesome to see another Monty Python fan.

Reviewer: Magdalene Rose
Date: 08/15/08 21:41
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

this is the BEST story EVER!!!!!!!

Author's Response: WOW! Thank you so much!

Reviewer: weasleywannabe47
Date: 08/12/08 17:22
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER READ!I'd like to go through and tell you every part of the story I liked,but that would be the whole story!Awesome - possum job!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, thank you! This was the first story I ever posted, so I'm glad it still gets reviews. And I love to say 'awesome-possum'-- did you steal that from Haley? ^_^

Reviewer: iranian__rose
Date: 07/28/08 0:19
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

rockin sweet!!!

Author's Response: Awww, thanks!

Reviewer: Raffles
Date: 07/27/08 21:53
Chapter: Chapter 6: I Sold My Soul on eBay

yay, sirius isn't dead. that makes me so happy. i liked him. oh and i would need the address of that psychotherapist in london please. i actually like this voldy. I would have never ever in a million years guessed that blondeD was Harry potter on dudleys account. I thought it was, i dunno, britney spears or something. hehe. that just shows my naiveness.
Is this the end? (i hope not)
socks :P

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yeah, this is the third story I've written in which Sirius isn't dead... and I have a fourth one in the works! Weirdly, I never liked Sirius all that much, but I don't want him to be dead. Weirdly, I like this Voldy, too! I actually found him rather likeable. And I don't think ANYONE guessed who BlondeD is (though a few people did guess Dudley), so don't worry. This is the end, but there are two chapters of a sequel up, called "The E-Journal of An Evil Janitor."

Socks to you, too!

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