Reviewer: darkchocolatemntn
Date: 09/14/09 20:07
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

how could this story ever be forgotten? its amazing, and ive read a few fan fics that referr back to this. i absolutley loved it, especially the reviews. they were hilarious.

Author's Response: Ahaha, oh thank you so much. And there are other fanfics that reference this one? I would kill to read one of those? Can you possibly give me a link? ^_^

Reviewer: Saif
Date: 08/26/09 6:55
Chapter: Chapter 6: I Sold My Soul on eBay

LOL! Filch bought his magic?!! I was laughing hysterically throughout this!

Author's Response: Thanks! For some reason, I just love Filch. I think he's hilarious. Adding him to any story ups the quality of the comedy, I think. ;-) I always meant to write a whole story about Filch, but it never happened... however, he does appear in one of my other stories, "Nott On Your Life."

Reviewer: Saif
Date: 08/26/09 6:49
Chapter: Chapter 5: The Plot Sickens (Or: Not-Fan Mail)

Rosy and the Giant Squid!


Reviewer: Saif
Date: 08/26/09 6:41
Chapter: Chapter 4: Fan Mail

Just laughing it up!

Author's Response: Why, thank you!

Reviewer: Saif
Date: 08/26/09 6:30
Chapter: Chapter 3: R.A.B. and Romance

LOL! 'Master, not to offend you, but your taste in girls when you were young left something to be desired.' Haha!

Author's Response: Well, what do you expect from a guy who's incapable of love?

Reviewer: Saif
Date: 08/26/09 6:10
Chapter: Chapter 2: A Selected List of Imbeciles

Death Nibblers! Haha! By the way, can you forward this to Voldy:

Why is is that you, despite being the most powerful wizard in the world, were defeated by a one-year old? I mean, come on! If it was Dumbledore I'd understand. But a toddler??!!
Love your blog by the way Voldy.

Author's Response: Dear ungodly Mudblooded bit of gutter-crawling filth, I was not in any way defeated by a one-year-old. No, not even close. I wasn't defeated, I was merely PRETENDING to be defeated so that I could strike at the opportune moment when least expected! I never so much as STUBBED MY TOE ON HARRY POTTER'S CRIB. I just wanted everyone to THINK I was gone. Now, while we're clear on that, let me just add that if I WAS defeated that horrible Halloween night, which I most certainly was not, it would not have been Potter that did it, the litle brat, but his much MORE talented mother, who was clearly NOT a toddler, and who didn't even know what she was doing. If she did it, which she didn't. Because nothing can stop me, I'm Lord Freakin' Voldemort! Love, You Know Who. P.S. I've placed a handy little curse on this website, so if you try to read my blog again, your eyeballs will melt and run down your face. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Reviewer: Saif
Date: 08/26/09 5:58
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

OMG! I can't believe I never read this. I'd often see The Dark Lord's Blog in the Recent Stories section and for some reason, I would be under the impression that I'd already read it. And apparently I hadn't.
First of all, I am impressed! A staggering 1308 (1309 now) comments! And you've responded to all of them?! Wow!
Second, Wormtail is hilarious! That's so typical him, getting the first post and feeling all proud and happy inside!
And poor Bella must be heartbroken!

Author's Response: Hello! Ooh, it's always exciting to get a new reader! And yeah, I do respond to every comment... I'm kinda a freak that way! But I get them kind of spaced out ver about three years, so it's not too much to handle! And there are so many Wormtails on the internet, who get their kick out of posting 'FIRST!'

Reviewer: thenewriddle
Date: 08/23/09 18:26
Chapter: Chapter 6: I Sold My Soul on eBay

come on nagini illl give you seventy bucks for dracos baby pictures!- pansE_slyherin_ponys

Author's Response: Ahahahaa, that's awesome.

Reviewer: emmeline6620
Date: 08/20/09 21:53
Chapter: Chapter 4: Fan Mail

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: emmeline6620
Date: 08/20/09 21:43
Chapter: Chapter 3: R.A.B. and Romance

Loved this chapter.

Author's Response: Awww, thanks!

Reviewer: emmeline6620
Date: 08/20/09 21:35
Chapter: Chapter 2: A Selected List of Imbeciles

Once again amazing chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

Reviewer: emmeline6620
Date: 08/20/09 21:30
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

Hilarious chapter!

Author's Response: Why, thank you!

Reviewer: James Jameson
Date: 08/13/09 13:42
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

I would just like to say that I was in Florida recently, and I went to a store, and there was a stack of superhero shirts, and I bought MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS >:]
I thought of this story and just had to review :)

Author's Response: GO YOOOOU! I was actually on the phone last night with my friend, and she was talking about her friend named Kimberly who thinks her name is too 'manly,' and I was like, "What, Kimberly was the pink power ranger! She was like the best!" And then... we started talking about Power Rangers for like an hour. So it's so weird you'd give me this review now, because I haven't talked about Power Rangers in ages! ... now I want one of those shirts. ^_^ Though my favorite superhero is Iron Man.

Reviewer: fawkeshermione221
Date: 07/23/09 21:32
Chapter: Chapter 1: Don't Try This At Home

This fic was hilarious to the point where I was laughing so hard my brother came over to see what I was reading. Not only was it hilarious, it was creative and (very) unique.
I was reading some of the reviews below and saw that you said it was, and I quote, "a stupid story" :o But I don't think it's stupid! Ridiculous, maybe, but in a good way. :)
I loved how you included so many random pop-culture references. I adore Pirates of the Caribbean, The Princess Bride, and Monty Python especially (What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?)
Also, Bellatrix's comments made me laugh out loud!!!!111!!!!11?!!!
If you get the chance, could you tell Smolderin' Volders from me that I really quite enjoyed his blog? Thanks!

Author's Response: Oh, wow! I am so pleeezed that you like it! And yes, I think it's stupid, but stupid in a 'delightfully, entertainingly stupid' kind of way. Then again, I DID write it my freshman year, so I'm glad that someone other than me thinks it's funny! And it's great that I'm not the only human being in the world who likes POTC, Princess Bride, and Monty Python!

Voldemort says that he feels unclean and dishonoured that anyone whose username contains the names of both the mascot of the Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter's Mudblood sidekick would read his blog, and he's going to go scrub himself in Lysol. That's his way of saying 'thanks!'

Reviewer: Lily Cambers
Date: 07/22/09 3:09
Chapter: Chapter 6: I Sold My Soul on eBay

awwww........I'll miss the blog.....

Author's Response: :-( Me, too.

Reviewer: Her-my-oh-nee
Date: 07/20/09 12:11
Chapter: Chapter 5: The Plot Sickens (Or: Not-Fan Mail)

Wow - this fic is amazing, definitely one of the best (if not the best) I've read so far.
One of my favourite parts was the Pirates of the Caribbean bit: 'So, really, we’re all men of our word, except for x_voldy_is_teh_hotness_x, who is, in fact, a woman.' hehe
The bit about Bella and Rodolphus was really unexpected (I'm sure you've heard that before).
Please say hi to Voldykins for me, and tell him that at least one person in this world knows he's not truly horrible, just misunderstood. And ask if he can send me a signed Tom and the Riddles t-shirt. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I love POTC... I want to watch it again today, actually. And ha, it's so nice to get a review on this story. I wrote it years ago, and I'm glad its not forgotten!

Reviewer: Josephine Granger
Date: 07/02/09 14:41
Chapter: Chapter 6: I Sold My Soul on eBay

OMG that was hilarious! :D

Author's Response: Why thank you!

Reviewer: The_Dream_Team
Date: 06/27/09 1:32
Chapter: Chapter 6: I Sold My Soul on eBay

That was fantastic! Very funny and I was laughing out loud thebentire time. Pure genius. Oh and I was reading your athors page and I have to tell you that I have alsobread sleeping freshmen never lie and I love it! I love that blondeD ended up being harry. I thought it would be mrs malfoy but I like harry better! Great job and keep writing!

Author's Response: Ha, cute username! And I'm so glad that you liked this story... and Sleeping Freshmen is such a good book, even though when I read it, it made me paranoid that my freshman year would stink. (I actually loved my freshman year.)

Reviewer: Roonil_Wazlib125
Date: 06/26/09 12:31
Chapter: Chapter 6: I Sold My Soul on eBay

Wow, Schmergo, that was REALLY FUNNY! You should totally write a sequel. I would definetly read it! It was very surprising with Bella being good and Sirius (yay!) not being dead, and blondeD being Harry. Lots of twists and hilarious all the time! Great work!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I tried to write a sequel... but it didn't really work out. So glad you liked it, though! I wrote this fic four years ago, so I'm glad it's staying fresh.

Reviewer: ray_16
Date: 04/29/09 10:59
Chapter: Chapter 4: Fan Mail

What do you have against us Toasters? Haha! Love the blog.

Author's Response: Aww, I love the Toasters. I love every Hogwarts house! I didn't even know Toasters were affiliated with Gryffindor until long after this story! (Shows how much I know... durrrr!) Thank you so much!

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