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Name: Wanted (Signed) · Date: 01/12/11 10:53 · For: The Epilogue
I loved it. Cried three times. Thats a good thing btw :) haha

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I'm glad you liked it it :)

Name: katerinapatrova (Signed) · Date: 12/25/10 20:41 · For: Prologue
I don't know how to explain how awesome this fanfic is!! you are an amazing writer. The marauder era is my favorite in the series and the way you portray each character is EXACTLY how i imagined they would be.
I especially loved the Sirius and Lily in the broom closet scene. It was hilarious and cute at the same time.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it and you think I portrayed all the characters well :) That scene in the broom closet was one of my favourites to write, so I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Name: Bexia (Signed) · Date: 12/20/10 8:49 · For: Prologue
Overall, I really loved your story and admired your writing style.
The way you develop characters is spectacular in every way except perhaps Lily and James, coincidentally. They were a wee bit too whiny and the change happened much too fast.
You paint scenes very clearly and, as a reader and writer, I can appreciate that.
I particularly like the way you portray Sirius. Some people make him out to be flippant and carefree, but you showed a much deeper characterization of him that makes you stand out.
Keep writing. Every day. You have a gift, so don't waste it. I really loved reading this story. It is wholly unique:)

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it for the most part, even if you didn't much care for how James and Lily were written.

Name: I hate Tuney (Signed) · Date: 12/18/10 8:38 · For: Chapter 7: The First Day
Oh!!! I so looove spontaneous Lily!!!!!!

Author's Response: Me too! :)

Name: LightningBlast_99 (Signed) · Date: 12/10/10 1:39 · For: The Epilogue
Oh i forget to mention ill pick u up was AMAZING too!!!

Name: LightningBlast_99 (Signed) · Date: 12/10/10 1:36 · For: The Epilogue
i know its a bit late to post a review now seeibg as u wrote this ages ago but i really couldnt resist
This i by far da BEST lily james story i have read
I especially loved the part where sirius insisted that they had eloped
Your other stories were absolutely amazing too
Like uncle fred calls him dick
Long distance extendable ears
Hats off to you and i hope you dont stop writing any time soon!

Name: proud_to_be_a_muggle (Signed) · Date: 11/25/10 19:35 · For: The Epilogue
Yes, I have read every chapter and can't say that DISLIKED any of them (except mabe the epilogue because it really was pretty depresing and I could have lived beleiving in a sort of happy ending even though it was so believable. It was so depressing because it WAS so believable.). But I so wish you would add few more early, happy memories in the epilogue. I loved his proposal scene! And not just that he proposed but what he said about to her. And I also really liked the scene with Dumbledore and Lily when he asked for her to join the Order and his explanation about her actions. And I really liked that Serius was trying to convince Professor Mcgonagal that Lily and James had eloped but it didn't seem real how she and Dumbledore seemed to stay light and not to worried and not threatening and pressuring them more. I am so glad you mentioned Gabby Lewis at the end because it wa bugging me that James had not revealed Ted had lied to Emma and Lily about his family and I am glad that such a sweet deep girl does not really know what happened to her brother. It is sad to me that Alice and Julie just slipped out of Lily's life even though they had tried so hard to stay in but I guess that just happens. And I love all the completely wierd nicknames for Lily like -my darling lamb-, -my flower-, and insults like -being a lemon-. Anyway there was a perfect balance of humor, happiness, and tradegy through most of the story and THANK-YOU for the amazing read!!!!!!!

Name: dilu98 (Signed) · Date: 11/23/10 7:57 · For: Chapter 1: A World Turned Upside Down
U r the best. I love ur stories they are so exciting and it is also very touching.

Name: proud_to_be_a_muggle (Signed) · Date: 11/22/10 9:13 · For: Chapter 26: Comfortably Numb, part 1
Hey, this is my first review but that does not mean that I have not loved your story and love you for writting it. WHAT HAPPENED TO LILY AFTER EMMA WENT UNCONSIOUS? I mean really you keep mentioning it slightly then lily can't take it anymore. I get that Lily went through an exteremely traumatic event and new things keep coming up but she really needs to have some backbone and stick to one belief and also its abou time she opened up about what happened and stop asking for people to understand when they don't know what they are supposed to understand. I am also glad that James stood up and did what he thaught he should do and he is back to being persistent. I really hope Lily doesn't really leave but it might be what she needs even though everyone at Hogwarts will be angry betrayed or dissapointed.

Name: spaceexplorer99 (Signed) · Date: 11/10/10 16:38 · For: Prologue
I must say, truely was a pleasure spending all day reading this :)
Out of most of the other James/Lilly fics the plot you envisioned was by far the best and made the most sense as of how it not only shapped James but also Lilly into the people Harry later hears about.
Again great job, and really can't wait to read the rest of your stories
Btw idk if it's been asked or not, but when Lilles running with Wormtail that early morning, and ultimately decides to Visit the graves, was it purely just a coincedense(spelling) that the four of them meet up with Ted again, or since we later find out that Ted isn't a poser DeathEater, was it Peter setting up Lilly, to later on meet Voldy?
Again great story ::)

Author's Response: Thanks very much! That's high praise! I'm glad you liked it. I don't think Peter had yet turned to a Death Eater in their seventh year, so in my mind Ted came there to run into them by his own calculations that they would find him, but I never say so either way, so you're free to think what you want :)

Name: harrypotterandbenbarnes (Signed) · Date: 09/30/10 22:35 · For: Prologue
So, I'm going to be honest here. I wish I never found your stories. And no, not because they are awful, actually the opposite. They are amazing. I love them, and i have spent so much of my time reading them. I read the, "I'll Pick You Up" and it was probably the most amazing thing ever. I have always been a HP fanatic, and it has always been hard for me to read fan fictions because many are flawed in the real details of the actual stories. Yours, however, are not. They are all factually correct and link things together. I love it. You have all the names correct, and it just really shows how much time and effort you put into your stories. Your writing is amazing, you are extremely talented. I feel like if JK Rowling herself read this she would think "These are exactly how i imagined these characters" These are so well written, i go back and think it actually happened, that this is the true story, not just made up by a fan. Your stories move me to tears. They are honest, well researched, funny and romantic. It is the perfect mixture of love and romance with action mystery and adventure. Thank you so much for helping me keep the world of Harry Potter alive for me. And i'm sorry this isn't really a review, I am just praising you for all you do. Thank you. Oh and this is on the wrong story, but the last part of the epilogue for "I'll pick you up" made me cry. It was so beautiful but I was also crying because it was over. I love this. Please keep writing.

Author's Response: Such high praise! Thanks you so much -- I'm glad you really enjoyed my stories :) I'll Pick You Up was a huge project for me, and I really poured myself into it in an attempt to characterize everyone well and make the plot all come together, so I'm happy to hear (to read!) that you liked it and appreciated it! Fanfiction has a reputation, I think, for being poorly-written, sub-par and silly imitations of another's work (and it often is!), but there is certainly good fanfiction out there, and I'm glad you consider mine among it!

Name: weasleygirl2 (Signed) · Date: 09/27/10 18:35 · For: Chapter 31: The Aftermath
wow...this is one of my favorite AU lily/james stories. and i love what you did with sirius, most of the stories have him falling in love, but this is really more in character for him. i suspected he and emma would have a thing. anyway, GREAT story

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked how Sirius was portrayed.

Name: trophyhorse (Signed) · Date: 09/25/10 13:54 · For: Chapter 2: An Emotional and Mental State
Odd. Is Harry Potter ever going to come into the story??

Author's Response: No, actually, this is a Lily/James story.

Name: trophyhorse (Signed) · Date: 09/25/10 13:23 · For: Prologue
AWSOME!!!!!Love Lily and James characters!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad!

Name: weasleygirl2 (Signed) · Date: 09/21/10 20:50 · For: Chapter 11: I'll Hold Your Hand
wow....this is amazing writing. you have amazing literary talent. one of the better lily/james fics, most definitely

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it and think it one of the better Lily/James fics :)

Name: tc100292 (Signed) · Date: 09/01/10 1:00 · For: The Epilogue
Believe it or not, this was my favourite chapter of the whole fic!
Yes, it was very depressing, bought a tear to my eye (ha ha), but what happens to the marauder's generation over the series is nothing short of a tragedy.
I believe you captured the tragedy of the marauder's generation excepptionally well, and really did it justice!
I love this epilogue! You really have a knack for this war stuff :)

Author's Response: Oh my, I wouldn't have guessed it, but I'm glad you enjoyed the epilogue so much! I do like writing the war stuff -- it's good to know I'm not terrible at it! Thanks for the review :)

Name: The_Real_Hermione (Signed) · Date: 08/29/10 3:27 · For: The Epilogue
WOW This fic is really amazing. I actually read it a while ago but only recently made an account so I've only got to review it now. I'd say it's the best chaptered fic I've ever read - the story was captivating from the start and Emmeline was a great character. Your idea of the maze and the running and all that was really creative and the way you revealed what actually happened through those memory sequences was really engaging (I always had to keep reading). I liked the way every time things got too good for the characters, something bad happened, especially with Ted turning out to be a Death Eater. I also loved how you put humour in there - like Lily and Sirius stuck in the broom cupboard at the beginning. I can't pick a favourite bit because the whole thing was amazing!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked everything Lily was faced with and found it engaging -- I was afraid some people would find the memories uninteresting in favour of events in the present. :) And I'm so happy you liked Emmeline; I ended up becoming very endeared to her, so I like to hear that readers like her, too! Thanks again for coming back to review when you got an account :)

Name: JamesAndLilyRomance (Signed) · Date: 08/12/10 20:35 · For: Chapter 2: An Emotional and Mental State
This story is so sad now and it made me cry, and I'm a BOY

Author's Response: Well, thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)

Name: animspiredwriter (Signed) · Date: 07/05/10 13:31 · For: Chapter 2: An Emotional and Mental State
I've read this story a thousand times before, and I have to say i'll read it a thousand times again- its one of my absoloute FAVOURITES, and I see j faults anywhere. It is beautifully written, and I cry I think at almost every chapter - and not many stories do that! (: The characters are perfect and I LOVED Emma, she was amazing. My ultimate fav Lily/James fan fic, like most of yours- I dont usually go for long, multichaptered fics, but this one was worth it. Truly inspiring.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much! That's such high praise -- I'm glad you consider it a favourite. I know that sometimes the long, multi-chaptered fics are hard, but it's so good to know you think this one is worth it :)

Name: AReader (Signed) · Date: 06/30/10 12:56 · For: The Epilogue
Ya know, I never review until the end, so I just have to say that YOU ARE MEEEEAN! That stay was sooo good, it was addictive. I couldn't even think about doing homework with out leaving it and reading some more, and I nearly cried when you made Lily and James break up. MEAN! EVIL! Well, I liked it. I liked the part where...well, I liked everything. :)

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad you liked it -- even if it did consume all of your time :) Thanks for the review!

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