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Name: hogwartsismydrug (Signed) · Date: 06/15/09 21:37 · For: Chapter 8: A Natural Phenomenon
Awwwww so cute at the end WIPES HAPPY TEARS sooooo good! One of my most favorite chaps!! Xoxo ~Alex

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it so much -- happy tears are always a good thing! :) Thanks for the review.

Name: hogwartsismydrug (Signed) · Date: 06/15/09 21:25 · For: Chapter 7: The First Day
YES!! My fav kiss! I love the last line by james LOL xoxo ~ Alex

Author's Response: I love writing this entire chapter -- it's good to know that you enjoyed it, too! :)

Name: hogwartsismydrug (Signed) · Date: 06/15/09 21:13 · For: Chapter 6: Cooties
As always very lovely more of a transition chapter but pretty major I guess xoxo ~ alex

Author's Response: Transition chapters aren't always the most exciting -- but I'm glad you enjoyed this nonetheless, as you're right, it is important! Thanks for the review.

Name: hogwartsismydrug (Signed) · Date: 06/15/09 19:47 · For: Chapter 5: What Makes Life Worth Living
YES!!!! LOVE IS AN AMAZING EMOTION!!! emmeline vance = my life she reminds me A LOT of my self!!!!!! ^_^ xoxo ~ Alex

Author's Response: It is an amazing emotion! And I'm glad you can relate to a character -- I think that always makes a story a little better for me :) Thanks, as always, for the review!

Name: hogwartsismydrug (Signed) · Date: 06/15/09 19:34 · For: Chapter 4: Itty Bitty Potters Gone Wild

Author's Response: Haha; it is, you're right! :p

Name: hogwartsismydrug (Signed) · Date: 06/15/09 19:24 · For: Chapter 3: Soap Suds and Back Rubs
i HATE ANDY LARSON!!!!1 *pushes badge* i support POTTER, the REAL gentleman! haha that was good! loved the bubbles(maybe because i just REALLY love bubble baths? idk but xoxo ~ Alex

Author's Response: I'm a huge bubble bath fan, too! ;) And I completely support Potter as well! Thanks for the review.

Name: hogwartsismydrug (Signed) · Date: 06/15/09 19:10 · For: Chapter 1: A World Turned Upside Down
CLIFFIE!!!!!!!!!!!! *in singsong teasing/mocking voice* i know who it i-is i know who it i-is!!! hahahahaha lol ^_^ xoxo ~Alex

Author's Response: Haha, this was the very first cliffhanger, you're right! Thanks for the review.

Name: hogwartsismydrug (Signed) · Date: 06/15/09 18:42 · For: Prologue
soo good i know such forshadowing...... at the end so sweet. what a COCKY james! jesus, will he ever leave her alone?!!! lol xoxo as usual ~ Alex

Author's Response: He is rather cocky at the start, isn't he? There is a good bit of foreshadowing -- but I guess that's why its the prologue! Thanks for the review :)

Name: hogwartsismydrug (Signed) · Date: 06/12/09 17:32 · For: Chapter 28: What Happens Next
I forgot to leave a REAL review! Whoops! Omg, the part at the end was sooo sweet and cute i was legit about to cry! *_* I just KNEW they were going to get back together. How could they not? Ted = Evil, though he and Emma make a REALLY cute couple. Emma REALLy seems to being going around the bend, and i'm like SO excited to see what you have planned for her. Hate the clifie, but love you(for writing this DELIGHTFUL, AMAZING,ETC STORY), Lily and james! plz update soon!!!!!!!!!
u kno u luv me,

Author's Response: I do love you -- I love all reviewers! Thank you so much. Ted isn't exactly the hero in this story, you're right, but I do think he and Emma kind of fit (poor Emma!) She has a few more twists about to hit her, as you'll (hopefully!) see soon. And of course Lily and James got back together! They have to for little Harry to make it into the world, not to mention the fact that I can't stand to have them apart for very long. . . . Thanks again for the review!

Name: hogwartsismydrug (Signed) · Date: 06/12/09 17:24 · For: Chapter 28: What Happens Next
will you be updating more since summer has come? plz!!!!!!!!!! i've stuck with you this WHOLE time! (though i may not have left reviews for every chapter.) Actually, you know what? This summer, I will reread your ENTIRE story, leaving a review for EVERY chapter! If I do that will you update quicker? Even though I already do, I'll love you forever even more!!!!!!!! ^_^ ~The Name's Alex

Author's Response: I know it seems as if it's been forever since I last updated and I'm very sorry for that! For some reason it takes FOREVER for the mods to update this story. The most recent chapter has been in the queue for about two weeks now. The last five or six chapters that I've submitted have gotten accepted by a moderator who then tells me that although its been accepted, it also has to be approved by an administrator and only then will it be updated, which is code for it not being looked at and accepted and posted for weeks and weeks. It sort of annoys me, and I really am sorry. Hopefully the next chapter will be looked at by an administrator and posted soon! I'm glad you've stuck with this story for as long as you have -- that's high praise and is greatly appreciated :)

Name: lilbells (Signed) · Date: 06/06/09 10:27 · For: Chapter 28: What Happens Next
awwwww cute
plz update as soon as your finished xx

Author's Response: The next chapter is in the queue! Hopefully it will be posted soon :)

Name: lilbells (Signed) · Date: 05/29/09 14:38 · For: Chapter 27: When It Rains, It Pours
wow that is deep
awwwww this story is so cute
but tradjic :0

Author's Response: It does have an element of tragedy to it, but don't worry, I'm a sucker for happy endings ;)

Name: lilbells (Signed) · Date: 05/29/09 14:14 · For: Chapter 26: Comfortably Numb, part 2
(this is sooo gripping!!)
that was expected but unexpected if you know what i mean?!? :0

Author's Response: Gripping is good -- I like it when I write something considered gripping! I do know what you mean, and thank you very much for the review!

Name: lilbells (Signed) · Date: 05/29/09 12:46 · For: Chapter 25: It's Over
james and lily cant break up again its so sad (snif,snif)

Author's Response: Of course, they can't stay broken up for too long . . . ;)

Name: lilbells (Signed) · Date: 05/29/09 12:20 · For: Chapter 24: And The World Spins Madly On
OMG!!! the dark mark

Author's Response: How's that for a twist! ;)

Name: lilbells (Signed) · Date: 05/28/09 10:49 · For: Chapter 21: Balance
i love judy shes so sweet.

Author's Response: :)

Name: lilbells (Signed) · Date: 05/27/09 14:48 · For: Chapter 18: Conversations and An Invitation
this story is amazing please keep writing it!! xx

Author's Response: Thanks! The next chapter is in the queue.

Name: shmalt (Signed) · Date: 05/10/09 23:23 · For: Chapter 28: What Happens Next
Ok, first I have to say this- this story pwns! it is one of my favorites and I hope you update soon. :D
Now, onto the next part pf my review, Oh. My. God. I always had a feeling about Ted and his "death-eater-edness" thing, he never really seemed Right, to me. I dunno what it is about that boy, I just don't like him. Even though ya know, he is fictional. Although the way you write, wow! You could Siriusly be an author one day! You have talent. I cannot wait for the epic-ness that's about to hit....I have a feeling that with them talking with Voldy, them graduating, getting married, yadda yadda, its all gonna snow-ball. ..."and they all lived happily ever after." Oh I wish. ok, this confusing review if over with, ahw sad isn't it? :) once again, REVIEW QUICKLY!!!!! and have a cookie! :D

Author's Response: I'm glad it's one of your favorites! Thanks for reviewing and telling me! :) Someday I do hope to be an actual author, but now I'll content myself playing with J.K. Rowling's toys -- I appreciate the encouragement, though! Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon.

Name: Passion For Prongs (Signed) · Date: 05/03/09 13:47 · For: Chapter 28: What Happens Next
Egad! I hadn't realized you updated and I haven't reviewed yet!!!

Alright, let me just say that I think you are a master at writing romance. I keep getting this tighness in my stomach whenever I read any of your romantic parts, and then my mouth starts curving upward involentarily, and anyone watching me thinks I've passed gas, or something :) But you are one truly talented writer.

~Passion For Prongs

P.S. I hope you really did mean what you said about updating quickly!!!

Author's Response: Haha, well thank you very much! I appreciate it. And yes, I definitely mean what I said about updating quickly. The next chapter is nearly finished. . . .

Name: swordfish0 (Signed) · Date: 04/21/09 12:29 · For: Chapter 28: What Happens Next
AH!! Oh my goodness. Worth the wait? Yes. I loved the feeling at the end, when they're all getting ready to go and it everything is charged and exciting. I also love how she knows that, since James will be coming with her, she is going to be fine. She knows that he's going to be there and protect her (can't WAIT for that, by the way). Pretty, pretty please update asap??
Also, stupid Ted. What the crap? I don't get it and is he really bad through and through?? Because I can tell you that I screamed when he turned up alive. Definitely. And finding out he sucks... sucks. It is my thought that he is a death eater in disguise. Or something. I don't know, I just don't want to give up on him quite yet.

Author's Response: I'm glad you thought it worth the wait -- and it was certainly a long wait! It was rather exciting to write the end of this chapter and while the next chapter is proving difficult to write (as sometimes happen) I'm super excited about it and hopefully I'll be able to finish it and submit it to the queue soon. As for Ted . . . well, I don't want to give anything away, so you'll just have to wait and see ;) Thanks for the review.

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