Reviews For Ode to a Star
Reviewer: Valentinia
Date: 01/13/08 4:11
Chapter: Ode to a Star

Poor kid. I liked your portrayal of Sirius very much though! Reckless and ... well, very Sirius! Great characterization! I also enjoyed the interactions between James and Sirius! They seemed very real and unforced! All in all, this was a really well-done fic! Your writing is amazing! :)

Reviewer: x_bewitched_x
Date: 04/04/07 11:41
Chapter: Ode to a Star

pretty good writing. But Sirius and James are best friends. You make Sirius kind of not like James very much

Reviewer: siriusluvr1333
Date: 09/16/06 14:44
Chapter: Ode to a Star

Oh I love this story so much! I've never read an interpretation of when Sirius first gets to the potters'. I can so see Sirius not wanting to use magic to leave, he's just so . . . . . .ya know . . . .Sirius! Well, as I said, I love this story and the title totally rocks! "Ode to a Star" Man, I just love Sirius (as you can probably tell) you should totally write more about him!!!

Author's Response: *blushes furiously* Thank you very much! I really love writing Sirius, and he makes frequent appearances in my chaptered fic, so I've gotten quite used to writing him already. I'm glad you liked this fic! Thanks for reviewing! :D

Reviewer: 90glassslippers
Date: 09/16/06 12:06
Chapter: Ode to a Star

Cool. Iliked it, but I think Sirius' parents were named Orin and Walbuga, not Orphos and Minelda. Also I'm not sure, but I think Sirius had a bigger grudge against his mother then father. Because in the books, it seemed that (like in OotP).

Author's Response: Eek, you're right! Thanks for pointing that out. : D *goes to change*

Reviewer: lovelilyjames
Date: 09/16/06 10:59
Chapter: Ode to a Star

Para 9 - wishful thinking, not wistful
Para 9 - where Muggles couldn't see them
Para 10- Crown prince not crowned
To come to the fun part, you have me intensely curious to know what comes next. I do wish what follows is happy - I wouldn't want Sirius to miss out on fun now in pre Azkaban times.

Author's Response: O.O THANK YOU for taking time to point those errors out. *hugs you* I went and edited all those mistakes. :) Thanks for taking time out to review!

Reviewer: welby
Date: 09/16/06 10:40
Chapter: Ode to a Star

I could absolutely see Sirius turning to muggle habits after the way his family was to him and the way they felt about anyone who was pureblood. Acting like a "muggle" is the perfect way to stick it to them being the heir of the black estate! Great job.

Author's Response: Sirius is just the HP world's favourite rebel, isn't he? Thank you for taking time out to review! :D

Reviewer: FanFicFanatic12
Date: 09/16/06 10:16
Chapter: Ode to a Star

I always love your stories--I hope you know that by now. I like James' comment at the end of the story. Very cool! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! : D

Reviewer: PhysicalGraffiti
Date: 09/16/06 0:59
Chapter: Ode to a Star

OH man. This was beautiful, Lei. Absolutely beautiful. I loved the descriptions and imagery. The entire first half had me utterly engulfed. I shed the room around me and felt myself there... could almost smell his smoke. Here's the perfect example: All he remembered was heat... incredible, scorching heat, and his father's alcohol-filled breath stinging his nose, and his mother's high-pitched screeching in the background." Not to mention, the insight on how and why he started smoking was a fitting touch. (And of course, whenever Remus makes a cameo, I get rather excited. *SQUEE*)

Though the exchange between Sirius and James was relatively brief, it was so perfect I just-- was dying for more. Honestly, I think you're going to convert me. Before long, I'll be more inclined to read Marauder-Era fics. That's especially dangerous because I'm incredibly doubtful that anyone else could pull off the Marauders as well as you. I'm very confident that JK Rowling would approve of your characterizations. Anyway, as I was saying, I literally laughed at loud at certain parts: “You snore like a fucking pig, Prongs.” *DIES* And who could forget the, "Tastes like bloody crap." I think it was the sudden, rough, vulgar humor over top the backdrop of such a morbidly realistic setting that stunned me into fits of laughter. It was simply well-executed, is the only way to describe it. Honestly. Have I mentioned how much I like your characterizations? O.o *Bows Out*

Author's Response:

*blushes furiously and huggles* That's especially dangerous because I'm incredibly doubtful that anyone else could pull off the Marauders as well as you. <-- this is probably one of the best things Mistress has said to Precious in a review. I could think of a handful of authors who write the Marauders extremely well--better than me any day-- and the fact that you deign me a good Marauder writer really, really warms my heart. *HUGS* Thank you.

Oh... you know I love vulgar humour. o.O

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